No gasoline in the chainsaw

Why a chainsaw won’t start causes and remedies. How the mechanism works

Almost all tools, and foreign (Husqvarna, Makita, STIHL, Partner 350), and Chinese chain saws, and domestic (Druzhba, Ural), are arranged similarly. So to find the reason why the machine does not start and stops is not difficult.

There are four elements in which problems can occur:

  • Fuel, for which the carburetor is responsible ;
  • Lubrication;
  • The air that comes in through the air filter;
  • The spark, the quality of which depends on the ignition unit.

They all depend on each other and interact with each other. If one element doesn’t work properly, the saw stops working.

To begin with, all tools start differently, hot or cold. Two often-used mechanisms are responsible for this process.

Always check what is written in the instruction manual. It says to make sure that the emergency stop brake is engaged when you turn it on. But starting a saw with a brake is much more difficult, so sometimes it’s best not to engage the brake.

As it is possible to find out from the instruction, inside the body there is a fuel tank and the engine, and outside. the saw part (the bar with the chain), the handle and the starter.

First it is necessary to find out how exactly the tool doesn’t start. For example, the saw starts, but stops immediately, or loses power, cutting quality.

It’s possible that the malfunctions are caused by problems with the engine. But I wouldn’t recommend disassembling it right away. It is better to look for a problem from the simplest variant.

It is very important to consider the quality of the fuel. If the mixture is not mixed correctly or has gone bad over time then even such reliable tools as Ural or Husqvarna 145 will not work. The manual is sure to indicate the proportions and special oil for your chainsaw.

Another common problem is that the user fills up the spark plug during the start. It should be inspected, if it is completely dry, it means that the fuel is not flowing into the cylinder.

If you see black fouling or a lot of fuel, then perhaps the carburetor is not properly regulating the fuel supply.

If your power tool starts but immediately stops, the problem is in the carburetor jets or fuel filter. Perhaps they are clogged.

To check for a damaged breather, disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor and see if the fuel mixture is leaking.

If the saw does not start on hot, the problem may be in the muffler. Sometimes it clogs up from the exhaust.

Low amounts of chain lubricant are a very common cause of chain breakage. This can be caused by clogged ducts or a leaking oil pipe.

Also check connections to oil pump fittings to see if they are leaking.

Very bad when the failure occurred in the cylinder. If you look around and see any bumps or chips, that could be the cause of the problem.

Why won’t the STIHL 180 chain saw start when hot? s

STIHL chain saw 180 will not start? Background and Solution!

Today the manufacturer of STIHL is in a leading position among other companies that create agricultural and construction equipment. The products of this manufacturer are known not only for their highest level of quality, but also, a good price policy and the power of its models. It is one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

It’s probably hard enough to find someone who doesn’t own a chainsaw of this make. But the fact that out of 10 likely 6 people definitely have them. Why a chainsaw won’t start if it won’t start. Reasons why you don’t. And it’s not mind-boggling, because STIHL chainsaws combine power with elegance in design. But unfortunately, and such giants of equipment from time to time break down and require some kind of repair. Now we will pay attention to one of the models of this manufacturer, namely STIHL 180 chain saw. The chain saw does not start badly in the cold sequence of actions when starting in the cold. Read about the STIHL ms 660 chainsaw here. Here we go.

The engine stalls

The engine stalls but stops when idling or under load. In this case, you should most often perform the same actions as described above.

How to adjust the chainsaw depends on exactly when the problems begin:

Stalls immediately after starting:

  • The fuel mixture is not mixed correctly, it contains too much oil, that’s why the fuel octane rating is lower than it should be, and that’s why the chain saw works on the suction valve only or shuts down immediately.
  • Carbon deposits on spark plug or improper gap between spark plug and wire.

No idle speed and it won’t run:

  • Muffler clogged. Need to clean off carbon deposits.
  • The carburetor settings are out of tune. I need to adjust the no-load running on my chainsaw. Adjustment is done with special bolts marked L and H. To learn how to adjust the idle speed, see this article about adjusting a carburetor.

Stops at maximum rpm and runs only on a blow dryer

  • Clogged air or fuel filter. Seals need to be cleaned and checked.
  • The breather plug is clogged, which prevents fuel and gasoline pumping on the chain saw. Get a needle and gently clean the breather plug.
  • Gasoline pump malfunction. Remove the pump and check if gasoline is leaking from it. If it is oozing, replace gasket or pump.

Chainsaw won’t cut under load and shuts down

  • The air filter is clogged. Take out the filter, clean or even rinse it well, dry it out and put it back in.
  • Wrong petrol mixture proportion: Your chainsaw is shooting out of the carburettor. Drain the fuel and re-mix the oil and gasoline in the correct proportion.

Engine farts/sneezes

If you hear popping noises when the pump is running, there is a problem with the muffler or carburettor. How to make a chainsaw run quietly? It depends on which unit is malfunctioning.

Your chain saw is shooting out the carburetor :

  • Late ignition. the fuel-air mixture does not have time to burn through the cylinder, so you get a sound like a small explosion.
  • Exhausted air-fuel mixture. Not enough gasoline in the mix. adjust your chainsaw, or more accurately, the nozzles, to increase the fuel flow. Why the chainsaw gasses itself. for the same reason.

The chainsaw shoots into the muffler :

  • Enriched fuel-air mixture. Reasons why a chainsaw fires? There is too much gasoline in the mixture, but not enough air, so the mixture burns up incompletely in the chamber and partially burns down in the muffler. Stuffing on the exhaust is a clear sign of this. Need to clean the air filter or adjust the carburetor.

Why isn’t the gas coming out in the chainsaw??

According to reviews of owners of Chinese chain saws, machinery often breaks down and the breakdown is accompanied by a lack of fuel supply to the carburetor. If you have applied the above tips, it is necessary to diagnose the following elements:

Carburetor needle. On cheap chainsaws, the needle in the carburetor often jams and prevents fuel from flowing. Sometimes it’s enough just to move the needle and install it correctly.

Oil seals. Chinese and even brand name chainsaws can have poor quality seals with poor sealing. Fuel stops flowing when the fuel mixture starts to squeeze out through the seals. Gasoline can leak through the seals.

Checking the breather plug

Exactly the breather plays a serious role when starting a chainsaw, you can find such a detail near the gas tank lid, and more precisely in the area of the air hole. The breather plug has a simple but important role. it keeps fuel from leaking and sets the correct air pressure. It is through this air that fuel enters the carburetor, and the malfunction of this element is a frequent cause when the fuel does not come into the chainsaw. A faulty breather will create negative pressure from which gasoline will not be able to flow to the carburetor when you try to start the tool.

To check if the breather plug is working, unplug the gasoline tube from the carburetor and check the fuel leaks. If gasoline flows in a small trickle, everything is okay. If it does not flow at all, the breather plug is probably clogged with mud. If done properly, the part can be cleaned, sometimes it’s easier to replace with a new. The cleaning procedure is performed either manually or with a strong jet of compressed air.

It must be remembered that cleaning the carburetor on a chainsaw is performed using flammable chemicals. You must wear a special mask and work only in well ventilated areas.

To clean the carburetor on the chainsaw, the assembly will need to be partially disassembled. The throttle, adjusting screws, body and other parts of the carburetor will need to be washed with a tool from a cylinder and set aside until completely dry. Once all elements are dry, the assembly can be assembled and installed back on the chainsaw.

How the tool winder works?

The chainsaw is equipped with a carburetor two-stroke engine, which is practically its main element. Its power depends on the model of equipment and its direct purpose.

The bigger is the pitch, the more powerful and productive is the cutting, and thus the deeper is the cut. Therefore, the engine must not be inferior to it in power, otherwise the work of the tool will be incomplete.

The chainsaw is lubricated with a special oil directly from the second tank on the hand block. Its mass has such features that the fuel and oil intended for the engine run out at the same time.

With the basic elements of the tool familiarized, now it will be easier to understand the causes for which the chainsaw can stop working and how to eliminate them.

Causes of malfunctions and ways to fix them

Nearly every chainsaw owner has faced the problem that the tool either does not start when you press the gas, or starts and stops after a while. There can be many reasons for malfunctioning of the device. Some of them are quite simple and easy to fix. So it is worth studying the main reasons why, in case of an elementary defect not to carry a tool in the service for chainsaw repair.

Why the chainsaw starts and immediately stops?

There could be several reasons for this:

  • Not enough fuel in the tank. If the tool stops working immediately after starting, the first thing to do is to check the fuel in the fuel tank. If it is not enough, you should add the fuel mix that is prepared strictly according to the instructions enclosed with the tool. Fuel for a chainsaw consists of gasoline with the highest possible octane number and oil, the brand of which must be prescribed in the instrument data sheet.
  • Bad contact between the spark plugs and the high-voltage wire. The gap between the spark plug boot and the wire must be no more than 0.5mm. If there is soot on the spark plug, it must be cleaned and dried. Experts recommend periodically renewing the spark plugs, even if the old ones are still working properly.
  • Fill the spark plug. A large amount of fuel collects between the electrodes of the plug, so if the plug is primed, no spark is formed. To fix this problem, it is enough to remove the spark plug and dry it. It will not be superfluous to make the glow with a gas burner.
  • Contamination of the carburetor nozzle or fuel filter. Clean the gasoline filter is simple enough on your own, and cleaning the carburetor is better to entrust to professionals.

Chainsaw malfunctions at idle speed

This can be caused by a dirty muffler. Therefore, to make the tool work properly, sometimes you just need to clean the muffler from the exhaust tar deposits.

Quite often the air filter in the tool is clogged, the air flow into the system is clogged and this causes the unit to stall at idle speed.

To clean the air filter, it is necessary to pull it out carefully, making sure that the dust from it does not get on the carburetor. Then the filter is thoroughly washed with detergents, dried and reinstalled.

gasoline, chainsaw

The chainsaw may stop idling if the fuel filter is defective. To check it, you must disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor. If fuel barely comes out of the hose when pumping and the fuel supply to the carburetor is weak, the filter is probably clogged with debris.

To clean it, first drain all the fuel and then remove the filter from the tank. You do this with a wire hook through the filler neck of the tank. Then the filter is disconnected from the hose and cleaned.

To ensure the chain saw operates normally, it is recommended that the air and fuel filters be changed every three months.

A chainsaw can stop when idling if its fuel line is damaged. That’s why each time before starting you should inspect the machine and its subassemblies to see if there is any mechanical damage or fluid leakage from the carburetor or fuel system.

If the tool has been stored for a long time in a damp place or exposed to temperature fluctuations, the tube could simply crack. In that case it must be replaced with a new one.

If a chainsaw does not want to run at idle speed, the reason may be that the ratio of gasoline to oil is not correct when preparing the fuel mixture. The ratios should be exactly as described in the manual. If they are not observed, the engine will not be lubricated enough, and as a result, the mechanism will start to stall.

The saw does not work at high rpm

The tool may start to stall at high rpm due to malfunctions:

To believe the gasoline pump, you need to see if the fuel is leaking through it or not. If it is damaged, it will most likely cause the chainsaw to shut down at full throttle and the pump needs to be replaced with a new one.

To check the fuel filter, you only need to disconnect the hose from the carburetor and see if gasoline comes out of it or not. If it flows in a full stream, you are fine. If not the fuel filter should be cleaned or replaced with a new one.

To clean the air filter, you just need to wash it under running water and then dry it well.

The tool engine can’t take the strain

If the chain saw stops frequently when cutting thick logs, the problem is in the air filter or fuel system.

When the engine is working hard, it can simply not get enough fuel and stops. So you can fix the problem by cleaning the air filter or changing the fuel, which should be prepared strictly according to the instructions.

Your new chain saw does not want to work

Generally there shouldn’t be any problems with a new machine, but if it still fails to start then it is most likely a factory defect or you haven’t followed all the instructions.

To correct this problem you should first check that everything is hooked up and ready to go, as required in the instruction manual.

The cause of the malfunction can also be an improperly prepared fuel mixture. The chainsaw can be affected by low-quality ingredients used to make the fuel. It is best to choose an oil from a reputable manufacturer so that you don’t run into any problems later on.

If you’ve done everything according to the instructions, but the chain saw still doesn’t work, you need to call a service shop.

A chainsaw is not a necessary tool in the household, but it makes life a lot easier in various situations. It is easy to use and easy to care for, but sometimes the saw can stop working.

I had problems several times. The first time I, an inexperienced technician, mixed gasoline and oil in the wrong proportions and filled the spark plugs. I had to replace them completely because I had bent the pins while cleaning them. The second time, the chainsaw suddenly stopped when heating up. We had to check the muffler and carburetor, then review all the gaskets and seals, replace one of them.

I would like to give a little advice to anyone who is just starting to work with a chainsaw. If you have a problem, it’s a good idea to check the oil and gasoline levels and the proportions of the fuel mixture before you go inside. It is also important to store the tool properly (be sure to drain the oil and gasoline for the winter) and to check it regularly before working.

What’s in it for you?

The performance of this saw is source of pride for the German manufacturer. The unit is a small but powerful tool, ideal for light work. The machine is for domestic use, which confirms the intensity of its operation, which should not exceed 20 hours per month. With such a machine at your disposal, it will not be difficult to keep order in your garden, to make firewood for the winter, as well as to clear areas. At the same time it can help you in solving other problems, where there is no need to perform complex manipulations.

Main features

The STIHL chain saw is a space-saving option, weighing in at only 3.9 kg. At the same time, it has a large oil and fuel tank. A two-stroke engine helps the device to perform its working functions, and its power is enough for simple tasks. In addition, this tool does not produce much noise during operation, the level of which does not exceed 98 dB. For easier understanding it is enough to say that a human speech generates noise at the level of 76 dB.

  • The STIHL 180 chain saw has a power rating of 2.6 watts. This is basically enough, keeping in mind that we are talking about a tool for domestic use.
  • The oil tank capacity is 0.145 liters, the fuel tank capacity is 0.25 liters.
  • The bar provided in the design has a size of 350 mm, with a pitch of 0.325 inches.

Clockwork device

The carburetor is the main starter, just like other bandsaws. Considering in more detail the carburetor, which is equipped with a STIHL 180 chain saw, it should be noted that it has a single tuning screw. In other words, it is a sort of no-load adjustment screw. In this case, the nozzle, which has the full load, does not move all the time.

In other words, adjustment is not possible. In turn, there is no way to influence the full load. It is also necessary to pay attention to the factory settings, because of which the air-fuel mixture is fed directly to the engine. And the principle is the same regardless of the conditions in which it is used.

No saw starts: causes and solutions

  • Speaking of the STIHL 180, there are many strengths that this tool possesses. At the same time this unit is not without its disadvantages. And we will pay attention to them.
  • It is a common situation that many owners find themselves in when their STIHL chain saw does not start and fills the spark plug. Usually it is said to be caused by oil that is used for chain lubrication. This happens, however, for the reason that over time the area where the oil pump hose and the oil tank are joined loses its former tightness.
  • In principle, the problem is solvable, but to do everything correctly, you need to consider the design of the saw in question. The process itself involves certain nuances, first of all, it is necessary to disassemble the unit, and without this it will be impossible to get to the necessary place.
  • For many owners of this saw is a pressing question as to why the STIHL 180 chain saw will not start? Experts give the following recommendation on this matter: the first thing to do for those who have encountered such a problem is to open and then close the cap, located on the gas tank. There is another solution. it is necessary to remove the candle and let it dry out. It is also possible to create an artificial ventilation effect for the combustion chamber. Most often the above recommendations are enough to bring the device back to working condition. However, this is not always sufficient to get your STIHL chain saw going again.
  • If there is a spark, but attempts to start the chainsaw do not lead to anything, in this case it is necessary to check the gasoline supply, the air filter, and then make sure that the spark plug is working. The reason for this is that such problems are most often caused by a contaminated breather valve. And if a plug is formed in it, then, of course, a vacuum environment will be created in the gasoline tank, due to which the fuel will not come. Such a problem can be solved quite simply by simply removing the contaminants using a needle.
  • Some owners are faced with such a problem when the saw itself started, but immediately begins to stall. The carburettor is the reason why the chain saw will not start. Most likely, it has had time to clog and therefore does not allow the tool to work properly.
  • To make sure that the cause of the malfunction is not the breather, and it is in working order, you must first disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor, then find out whether there is a fuel leak.
  • Please keep in mind that a tight and steady stream of sparkling gasoline is normal and normal for a chain saw. Also, it is quite common to see STIHL 180 chain saws that don’t start when hot and then stop right away, either immediately or after a short period of time. Such a malfunction is usually attributed to the muffler. Most likely, it has accumulated a lot of sediment associated with prolonged use of the tool, which is usually accompanied by the formation of exhaust.
  • At the same time, it can also stop starting if the chain of the tool is poorly lubricated. Can be contributed to this by ducts having a plug, or the cause should be looked for in the oil line, which has a leak.
  • A serious problem could be leaks in the connection pipes or where the oil pump fittings are installed.
  • It has been known to go flat on the STIHL 180 chain saw for some time now and then because of a defective cylinder. To see if this is really the case, it is sufficient to inspect. If you find bumps and chips as a result of the inspection, this is a clear sign of failure.

Faulty spark plug: troubleshooting methods

  • Sometimes during the inspection it is possible to find out that the problem lies in a faulty spark plug. In this case, it is removed, then let it dry. Some owners may try to ignite it, but you should not do so, because otherwise this element will be spoiled and after that it will only remain to be thrown away. During troubleshooting, you will have to remove the excess fuel by draining it through a special hole.
  • You should also keep in mind that the duration of drying should be at least half an hour. After such an operation, you can put it back in place, and then try it out.
  • In some cases, the spark plug may fail because it has reached the end of its service life. Usually, when this is confirmed, the only option left to solve this problem is to find a replacement for it. In this case, it does not hurt to have a spare spark plug, and even better, when you have at hand a set of such elements. In that case, you can always put a new spark plug in place of the one you have and see if the fault is caused by the plug not working.
  • At the same time, the inability to start the chainsaw may be caused by a weak contact provided by the high-voltage wire and the end of the spark plug. The problem with starting the chainsaw may be due to the failure of the ignition unit. In such situations, the only solution to the problem is to replace the faulty unit, because it is not repairable.

Other malfunctions

  • Relevant for many owners is the question regarding the correct idling after emptying the fuel from gasoline tanks. According to experts, it is not particularly worth worrying about this. However, if you have to face such a problem often, it is enough to make manipulations with the carburetor, reducing engine revolutions, in order to restore normal operation of the tool.
  • In some cases, the owner may need to perform muffler cleaning, since this part may be the cause of the malfunction. To perform this operation is quite simple. It should be remembered that many owners are faced with problematic operation of the chainsaw due to a faulty carburetor.
  • Although in some cases it can be quite simple to fix the problem, but it is preferable if this equipment will be repaired by specialists. After all, not all of us have the necessary knowledge and skills, and it is fraught with the fact that during independent troubleshooting there is a risk of completely disabling the tool.

Restrictions in self-tuning of the warranty instrument

Even with an easy-start system, it is relatively difficult to start new machines that are not in service. It is not recommended to disassemble the manual starter before the end of the warranty service and repair period.

  • For service departments, such a refinement can become a reason to refuse free replacement, failed more valuable equipment.
  • No penalties apply if you correct minor faults, such as “no gasoline” or “loose air intake fasteners” on your own.
  • Practice shows that problems with starting the chainsaws of the budget range appear after 2-3 years of operation. In such a situation, the owner has to put up with the additional cost of repair or rely on their own locksmith skills.

Due to the higher quality of materials and factory assembly, the start-up problems with branded models are much less. However, the tips in this article may be helpful for owners of medium- and high-end chain saws.

The information obtained will prompt the direction of the solution to the problem when the Chinese chain saw does not start. Almost all Chinese imported chainsaws are developed on the basis of European models, so the design and operational differences are insignificant.

Chainsaw does not start

If the tool stalls and won’t start, the first thing to do is check the fuel level in the tank. Strange as it may sound, but many people forget about it and, when a similar situation arises, immediately try to repair the tool, which can lead to serious damage.

In the situation when the saw stalled and there is still gas in the tank, it is necessary to assess how the saw worked up to that moment. Maybe while working at the last moment an unusual noise, rattle, ringing occurred, there was a loss of power or the tool stopped abruptly. All this allows a preliminary assessment of the situation.

Engine is jammed

It is quite common that the saw is running and suddenly stops when the engine seizes up, which is the result of a ruptured piston skirt, crankshaft bearing failure, piston pin corkscrew out, or a broken piston ring.

Engine stalling is easily determined by pulling the starter cord. If the starter does not turn, it is likely jammed and can only be repaired in a service center.

Fuel line breakage

If the chain saw is running, it vibrates and can cause damage or a rupture in the chain saw’s fuel line. If this occurs, the chain saw stalls and cannot be started. To diagnose a malfunction, it is necessary to inspect and determine the presence of fuel leaks.


If the engine overheats while running, it can cause the chain saw to stall and not start. Overheating is dangerous enough, as it can cause melting of the piston in the cylinder and engine seizure. At the first cases of overheating, it is worth to diagnose the tool on the presence of extraneous air in the engine, and carburetor adjustment.

gasoline, chainsaw

Air intake and improper carburetor settings can reduce the maximum engine speed and lubrication, which in turn causes the tool to overheat and seize.

How to check the operability of the fuel pump

There is a diaphragm in the pump housing that supplies fuel to the carburetor and engine while it is in motion. If the STIHL MS 180 chain saw will not start, the diaphragm may be ruptured. You can check its integrity by removing the pump cover. If inspection reveals any defects, replace the diaphragm.

STIHL 180 chain saw repair

Specifications of the STIHL MS-260 chainsaw

What to do if the radiator leaks

Review: doesn’t start, starts up and shuts down: how to fix it?

“My Chinese chainsaw won’t start, in general you could say it won’t start, because it just shuts down. I start it by quite complex manipulation, at full throttle it works and saws for a while. However, after a short time begins to sneeze and stalls. it is impossible to work. I had to do it myself for a long time, then took it to a mechanic. Turns out the magneto came off. I never would have guessed that, I always thought it was the carburetor.”

gasoline, chainsaw

Ivan Vesnin, 33, Solnechnogorskiy district

“After the winter I decided to take my chainsaw out for a walk in the garden. At first it was going well, fairly quickly managed to start, after warming up even cut one apple tree, and then it began to stall. Will run for 8-10 minutes and then just shuts down. And not only under load, but also at idle. I was already scared. figured it was time to change the piston.

Yakov Baulov, 59, Siberian Federal District

“After a long downtime (whole winter without going near it) gasoline began to stall at high RPM and when a sharp startup. Seems to start gaining, but when you add gas at some point it stalls. It didn’t start very well to begin with, but I adjusted the carburetor and it seemed to work fine. Anyway, I was looking for the problem for a very long time, until I got into the gas tank and found out that my chain saw is not equipped with a fuel filter. there is just the edge of the fuel line sticking out.