Overview angular grinding grinder with revolutions adjustment. Advantages and features

Corner grinder 125 with speed adjustment and a smooth launch of the top 10 best

Few will do without a corner grinder. its uniqueness is that you can not only cut, and not only metal, but clean, grind and polish concrete, stone, brick, plastic, sometimes wood and ceramics. For these works, an angular grinder 125 is perfect.

In view of the various characteristics of the processed material, various discharge frequency is required. speed adjustment.

TOP 10 of the best 125 angular grinder with revolutions and a smooth starting start.up customer

Corner grinder 125 with revolutions (angular grinding machine, folk name. corner grinder) is one of the best tools for a locksmith or just a home master. The ability to adjust the speed of rotation of the working body of a grinding device is a valuable property of the power tool.

Corner grinder: Military AG900VS

This corner grinder is intended for cutting and removing the layer of material, as well as for grinding metals around with a diameter of up to 125 mm.

For any task, household or professional, there is a protective casing. Power. from the mains. The handle has 3 installation positions, the spindle is fixed to change the circle. There is a rotation frequency adjustment, the start button has a lock. The configuration contains the key.

Power. only 0.9 kW, rotation frequency. up to 12,000 revolutions per minute. Mass. 2.2 kg.

Corner grinder: Bosch PWS 1000 125 CE

Corner grinder of 125 mm from Bosch is a compact model for cutting and processing surfaces.

The characteristics with reduced vibration, electronic rotation settings and a smooth launch have been worked out. There is protection against unintentional start and, if necessary, blocking the spindle. The corner grinder of 1.0 kW is supplied in a plastic case with a plastic case. There is an additional pen, under the 2nd position positions.

Revolutions. up to 11,000 per minute, mass. 2.1 kg.

Corner grinder: bort bws 905 r

Bort brand offers a convenient and reliable angular grinder under 125 mm.

Good ergonomics and the 2-position ability to install the handle allow you to perform a long cutting without fatigue, the switch is fixed reliably and is not discarded. There is a revolution regulator and the ability to fix the spindle. Power. 0.9 kW.

The kit includes a spare set of brushes, a protective shield and a key. Revolutions. up to 11,000 per minute, the mass is small. 1.95 kg.

Corner grinder: DEWALT DWE4257

The angular grinder with Dewalt adjustment is designed for cleaning and cutting materials, as well as grinding. The case is made in a minimum profile and size.

There are protection systems from an unplanned engine start by a capacity of 1.5 kW, overload and overheating. The safety coupling will cut off the working body when it is suddenly stopped.

Revolutions: 2800-11000 per minute. Mass. 2.6 kg. Ergonomics. at the highest level, the surfaces of retention are rubbed.

Corner grinder: bison 125 1100 TM3

It is used for cleaning and grinding of various surfaces, cutting materials (except concrete).

Corner grinder-125-1100 TM3 from the bison has a power of 1.1 kW, has electronic speed adjustment (3000-11000 per minute) and protection against unplanned launch. The spindle is blocked for quick replacement of the circle. Easy access to brushes has been implemented. you can replace them yourself, without contacting the service center.

Complete. standard: casing, handle, keys and instructions. Mass. 2.6 kg.

Corner grinder: Makita 9565CVK

Corner grinder from Makita 125 mm has a power of 1.4 kW. The best use is metal cutting.

The casing is shifted without special tools. There is a safety coupling, the spindle is blocked. Automatic shutdown is performed, which significantly increases the service life. The case is made of metal, interesting by roundings that increase the convenience of work.

The laying of the kit is in the case (the total mass is 4.63 kg), the equipment is standard, but it pulls to the level of Pro.

Corner grinder: Sturm AG9512P

The Sturm brand can also offer an excellent model for cutting and peeling solid materials. Corner grinder with a capacity of 1.0 kW has a lot of reviews about the long service life.

Revolutions (4000-11000 per minute) are regulated electronically. The protection against random launch has been established. There is a smooth start. The protective casing is not regulated, but allows, coupled with the body, work in hard.to.reach places. This enhances the 3-position installation of the handle.

Carpet.box. Machine mass. 2.5 kg.

Corner grinder: Hammer USM 1200 E

Classical angular grinder from Hammer. work around up to 125 mm with an additional handle and on network power supply.

The optimal work is supported by speed adjustment (up to 11,000 per minute) and the stabilization system. The position of the handle is possible in 3 positions. Engine. brush type. For security, protection against overloads and the possibility of fixing the working shaft were implemented. Packaged in boxes, the kit has a key.

Corner grinder: AEG WS 13 125 XE

Corner grinder with a smooth start from AEG by a 125 mm with a capacity of 1.3 kW is designed for difficult working conditions for cutting and grinding metal and concrete: cut depth. up to 40 mm, there is protection against overheating.

The handle is two.position, the surfaces are rubbed, the protective casing can be established in different positions without the use. You can change the working circle or organ without the key: fastening fastening. There are options for smooth start and speed adjustment.

Revolutions per minute-2800-11500, weight-3.27 kg, warranty-6 years.

Corner grinder: Metabo Wev 15 125 Quick

The angular grinder from Metabo is characterized by excellent vibration damping during cutting metal and stone.


What is the angular grinder of Dewalt DWE4257? For all! Use its functionality to the maximum: Cut the steel reinforcement, concrete, ceramics, brick. With a universal petal circle, clean the surfaces from rust or old paint. Corner grinder will cope with complex tasks thanks to a powerful engine of 1500 watts. Test it in full!

The DWE4257 corner grinding machine will become a reliable assistant during construction work and large.scale repairs.

Do not use the tool in wet conditions or in the presence of easily igniting liquids or gases in the surrounding space.


Electronic speed adjustment from 2800 to 11,000 rpm serves for the convenience of managing and accounting for the characteristics of the material. You can cut thin tin or aluminum at minimum speeds, and to work with solid metal type and steel, turn on the full power.

The side handle is rubberized and reliably held by the hand.

Installation of the side handle angular grinder Dewalt DWE4257. Photos all tools.RU

Smooth start. yes. Using the function of smooth starting the frequency (speed) of rotation of the grinder electric motor occurs smoothly, without jerking. This function is especially convenient when working in a limited space.

Maintaining constant speed under load. yes.

Adjustment of the position of the casing without a tool. yes.

Shutdown when voltage drops. This function will turn off the tool without subsequent starting when disappeared or strongly lowering voltage.

Spindle blocking when jaming a disk. no.

Reviews about the main operational features of the model

If you are interested in the corner grinding of Dewalt, you should pay attention to the model described above. According to consumers, it has many positive features, among them it should be highlighted:

  • high performance;
  • small coverage of the case;
  • the ability to adjust the casing without using the key;
  • Self.disconnecting brushes.

Consumers quite often choose this particular model for the reason that it is equipped with a dust system, while the engine is cooled by purified air.


angular, grinding, grinder, revolutions, adjustment

Technical characteristics DWE 4215

Quite often, modern consumers are chosen by angular grinding grinder Dewalt. This is not by chance, because they have outstanding technical characteristics. The DWE 4215 model is no exception, the diameter of the disc is 125 mm. Weighs equipment only 2.2 kg. The number of revolutions per minute reaches 11,000.

You must consider that this model does not provide for some functions. Among them:

The manufacturer was not provided with the model and protection against engine overheating. However, the consumer will be able to enjoy a rather high power, which is 1200 W.

th place. Corner grinder Number One AG1100/125: characteristics and price

Power consumption 1100 watts
Max. Disk rotation frequency 10,000 rpm
Max. disk diameter 125 mm
The weight 2.0 kg
Price 3 121 ₽

Corner grinder Number One AG1100/125: Advantages and disadvantages

The presence of engine dust protection;

Replacement of brushes unprotected;

The possibility of blocking the spindle;

The presence of a two.position handle;

J & S Fluid Motion Diamond Wheel Dresser Setup

angular, grinding, grinder, revolutions, adjustment

The possibility of speed adjustment;

Suitable for small household needs;

angular, grinding, grinder, revolutions, adjustment

High.quality assembly and the same assembly materials;

th place-Lepse MSU-2,0-230 004.598: characteristics and price

Power consumption 2000 watts
Max. Disk rotation frequency 6600 rpm
Max. disk diameter 230 mm
The weight 5.4 kg
Price 7 000 ₽

Lepse MSU-2 ,0-230 004.598: Advantages and disadvantages

High.quality assembly;

High power of the model;

Positive reviews of the owners;

Simplicity of disk replacement;

A soft wire that does not blow in the cold;

Large selection of spare parts;

th place-Lepse MSU-2,0-230 004.598: characteristics and price

Power consumption 2000 watts
Max. Disk rotation frequency 6600 rpm
Max. disk diameter 230 mm
The weight 5.4 kg
Price 7 000 ₽

Lepse MSU-2 ,0-230 004.598: Advantages and disadvantages

High.quality assembly;

High power of the model;

Positive reviews of the owners;

Simplicity of disk replacement;

A soft wire that does not blow in the cold;

Large selection of spare parts;

Corner grinder Bosch Gws 9-125 S

The carrier-grinding machine Bosch GWS 9-125 S is a professional class model that is able to satisfy the needs of a master of any qualification level.

The tool will help you carry out abrasive processing and cutting different materials. Freedom of choice of work is limited only by the choice of the installed equipment.

Maximum disc diameter. 125 mm. The speed of rotation can reach 11,000 revolutions per minute. The optimal performance mode helps to ensure a system stabilization system. Engine type. brush. High (900 W) electric motor power guarantees the high efficiency of the tool. Power supply is also useful in terms of providing a significant resource of the model.

The housing of the angular grinder gearbox is 40% less than that of similar models. Thanks to this, working in hard.to.reach places is even more convenient. The tool is equipped with a rectangular spindle fixation button. A large area allows you to easily press the button even in gloves and change the equipment without leaving the workplace. In the under consideration model, the flange is made of metal and has high strength. Coal brushes have an increased resource increased by 30%, which will be less likely to resort to their replacement.

The noise and vibration in this model is the angular grinder is reduced due to the braids of the gear of the gear, so the tool will last much longer than its analogues. On the back of the case is a rotor adjustment tolerance, which allows you to select the necessary speed of the disk for a certain type of work performed.

Corner grinder bison angular grinding grinder-p125-1400 EPST

Angle-grinding machine bison angular grinder-p125-1400 EPST is designed for cutting and grinding products made of metal and wood, for smoothing welds.

The device consumes 1400 watts and is able to disperse to 11 thousand revolutions. The maximum disk diameter used with this angle grinding machine is 12.5 centimeters. The adjustment of revolutions with the stabilization system makes the device control easier, as well as a two.position handle.

Also, the corner grinder-p125-1400 EPST can be used as a polishing machine when installing the appropriate equipment, since the machine has small revolutions (3000-9500 rpm).

Zubble corner grinder-p125-1400 EPST operates on the network, for which it is equipped with a 3-meter cord. The tool is equipped with the following functions that distinguish it: spindle fixation, protection against random inclusion, restriction of starting current and protection against overload. Angle.grinding machine weighs 3.5 kilograms and equipped with a protective casing.

Why is it worth buying a corner grinder Dewalt

The Dewalt tool is constantly being improved, new consumer properties are added for its convenience to use it. Being a professional tool from the American concern, the angular grinder of Dewalt is characterized by high performance and endurance. Some Dewalt corner grinders are equipped with a patented dusting system, which was developed by the internal engineering department of the company. The essence of the technology is that getting into the collector part of the garbage, a special system of grooves with obstacles blocks the road, taking off dust and sand to the side of the engine angular grinder. At the same time, even if the angular grinder of Dewalt is falling into the depths, dust does not immediately cause critical damage to the anchor. After all, the winding of the stator and rotor in each corner grinder of Dewalt is perfectly protected from aggressive exposure, by covering with a protective composition that excludes direct contact with external stimuli.

Choosing products from Dewalt, you make a choice in favor of quality at a favorable cost. The brand began to supply its tool on sale back in 1923, over time the requirements for the product increased, and the products were modernized for the better. Now there is an opportunity to buy a professional angular grinder of Dewalt in our online store Dewalt-Ukraine.

angular, grinding, grinder, revolutions, adjustment

Each master should be armed with all the necessary tools for qualified repair work. On our site, each client can choose and buy a grinder of various modifications. Depending on the needs, you can purchase household, professional or industrial corner grinder. The household model is suitable for removing corrosion from a metal workpiece, cutting fasteners, cutting brick and other things. To replace a circle (or other accessory), this device is equipped with a spindle stop, and an original protective casing contributes to a high level of safety during the operation of the product. Professional grinder is designed for large.scale intensive use. A special design of gearbox gears helps minimize the vibration of the product during operation and low noise level. Due to the specifics of operation, such grinder are equipped with an effective cooling system. The unit also has a powerful motor and an ergonomic handle that contributes to a reliable fixation of the product in the hands. Industrial.type grinder is equipped with a function of protection against involuntary start during malfunctions in electric networks. The original design of the brush holder allows you to extend the duration of the brushes as much as possible. The long service life of the unit is provided by the installation of only ball bearings. A special configuration of the gearbox body allows you to work in places with difficult access. The motor winding is reliably protected from the external environment with a layer of glue based on epoxy resin.

Official warranty on all angular grinding dishes of Dewalt

The volume of official sales of the Dewalt Bulgarians in Ukraine constantly demonstrates a high and stable indicator, thanks to the popularity and trust that the black and yellow instrument won from consumers. An important factor in this struggle for the trust of people was the distribution of an absolutely unconditional guarantee for a period of 12 months and 3 years of warranty from the manufacturer for the entire Dewalt tool.

This warranty proposal implies free diagnostics, prevention and repair during the first year of use of the tool, except for physical damage, as well as independent repair or outside the official service network Dewalt. Fast and high.quality repairs are the main criteria for the work of the Dewalt service centers, it is also worth noting the constant availability of spare parts and consumables for the current model range of Dewalt peorators.

The only question that you should ask yourself before buying a corner grinder of Dewalt is what kind of model it is worth buying so that it becomes an indispensable assistant in the hands of the master. In this matter, we will help you.

Design and appearance

The key feature of the novelty, of course, is an best.handed engine. We have long been accustomed to them on a battery tool, but here we have the first case we know when an engine of this type is used on a network tool. Such attempts were made earlier by some companies, but it did not come to serial production.

The case is very thin, at coverage the fingers almost close. Only in the rear there is a ledge, in it there are air intakes closed with fine.masculine metal nets. The speed controller is located in the rear of the case from above, the wheel adjustment is large, it is convenient to twist even in gloves. Next to it on the case is a sign that indicates what revolutions the machine develops in each position of the regulator.

Rotation frequency regulator. Nearby. a table with information, what speed corresponds to each position of the adjusting wheel

Air intake slots are closed with fine.mesh metal nets

Near the regulator is a green LED indicator. It shows the network connection and the readiness of the tool for work (burns green). Red lights up in emergency situations, for example, when jaming a circle in the propyle, when you need to turn off the tool and then turn it on again. It would be logical to expect that the red indicator will light up during overload, but in practice we could not observe this. True, we have never overloaded the engine until the protection against overheating is turned on. there was a spindle to stop, and more than once, but if you reduce the load, it began to rotate again. The logic of the protection of protection here seems to be the same as on the batteries corner grind.

White rectangle. LED indicator of connection to the mains and overload

Another interesting feature is the presence of the Perform Protect system. This is a protection in case of a rebound or the fall of the tool. with any sharp movement, the engine immediately turns off and the disk stops almost instantly. Run (rotation of the engine by inertia) here is very short, which is characteristic of it precisely for the best.sized engines.

The protective casing is fixed with a spring.loaded lever, a tool for setting up its position is not needed

The flange nut is fast.sounding, but prone to self.tightening, periodically had to use the key to unscrew it

Testing methodology

The power consumption of the novelty is 1700 watts. We decided not only to conduct a test, but to compare it with the Bosch GWS 19-125 model, with a power consumed 1.9 kW. So far, it remains the most powerful angular grinder in the class of 125 mm, the new angular grinder from Dewalt “does not reach” 200 watts, but at the same time, the Boshevskaya machine has a collector engine, and here it is an best. So compare. And we will compare on grinding when the load is maximum. Cutting both cars will be fine, it was obvious and without testing. The detachment disk does not give such a large load that they can fully show their power and performance.

We decided to test the new corner grinder of Dewalt for grinding welds, and how this power affects the cost of metal processing. In the test, only two types of abrasive circles were limited: Totflex and 3M Cubitron II. over, Cubitron we took 6 mm thick, in the previous test we did not use such circles. There were 4-mm, universal-they can be cut and grind them. However, comparing such powerful cars, I wanted to choose a more difficult task for them. It is logical to expect that the load when working with grinding circles with a thickness of 6 mm is higher than from 4 mm circles.

Corner grinder for 2

Acquired a corner grinder DWE 4015 in November 2020 to work in a car service. After 3 months, the stop button pops up. After another 4 months, the rotor is covered, t. to. One of the coal brushes crumbled. Passed under the warranty in.

For the past seven years I have been using this corner grinder and only a couple of times over the entire period I had to change the brushes! Very reliable, and most importantly comfortable thing. For the entire service life, she repeatedly had to cut many metals.

Corresponds to quality

I liked the corner grinder. Minimum wires, maximum efficiency. The power corresponds. I use a month of complaints. It costs your money.

Smooth start (implemented due to 2 short-term engine starts). Cuts stably, the speed does not fall during the cut

A random start fuse is not very conveniently implemented, but it is possible to skill. It would be closer to the main switch, otherwise you have to intercept after starting.

I bought immediately with a disk with diamond spraying. On the same day the first launches. I immediately warn, put on the headphones, t. to. With a long work, a ringing in the ears passes for a long time. And this corner grinder can be excellently scared by girls.