Overview of Feed Through Miter Saws

Dewalt 12in Sliding Miter Saw DWS779: Setup & Review

Makita LS 1216

It copes well with cutting not only wood, but also plastic. The motor. 1.65 kW has no speed control. They prefer to take it for enterprises working with long workpieces due to the long overhang of the saw. It has a cutting depth of 107 mm. The manufacturer has established a 5-year warranty on it.

  • power 1.65 kW;
  • rotation speed. 3200 rb / min;
  • disc diameter 30.5 cm;
  • smooth speed control;
  • saw blade thickness. 36.3 cm;
  • weight 26.1 kg.
  • smooth start mechanism;
  • braking the motor;
  • spindle lock;
  • connector for connecting a vacuum cleaner;
  • removable dust collector.

Rating of the best models of feed miter saws

Among the woodworking equipment, there are a number of undisputed leaders. Manufacturing companies not only supply the highest quality equipment that meets all safety requirements, but also regularly update the model range. The rating includes the following samples of reference equipment.

Demanded electrical equipment

A miter saw with a broach in some sources is called a pendulum saw. This stationary equipment belongs to a highly specialized technique that allows you to carry out an angular cut. The capabilities of the tool are realized due to the presence of a rotary module and a moving working part with a cutting disc.

Wide possibilities of modern machines. cutting at different angles, jewelery precision of cutting, trimming, sawing

Modern miter saws are capable of processing narrow wood blanks, which include the following formats:

  • board;
  • rail;
  • bar.

Processing of artificial boards, which include brands of laminate, hardboard or Fiberboard, is allowed. Profiled plastic, which is used during construction or repair, as well as profiled aluminum or polyurethane decorations in the form of stucco moldings, lends itself well to cutting with standard installed discs.

feed, miter, saws

The wide area of ​​use of the saw with a broach is due to its positive qualities, which include the following parameters:

  • high processing speed;
  • the accuracy of the finished product;
  • simplicity and ease of use.

The scope of application of the device extends to such areas of repair and production as carpentry operations, finishing or assembly work, where there are wooden elements, furniture production.

Universal models can also cope with metal processing. It is important to use an appropriate carbide tipped blade capable of cutting steel sheets, tubes or profiles. This type of apparatus is relevant for small companies engaged in window production.

The saw can be used to work with different materials. wood, metal, plastic, etc. The main thing is to choose the right blade

It is strictly forbidden to put diamond (CBN) or abrasive wheels on professional or household miter saws.

The technical documentation contains information about the limit values ​​that are allowed when working with the equipment, for example, the cutting thickness is limited:

  • small machines are capable of sawing 60 mm;
  • medium-sized installations penetrate 70-80 mm deep;
  • professional units of large sizes are able to overcome 100 mm or more.

Varieties of pendulum saws

It is easier to classify a miter tool than, for example, an electric jigsaw, which can be mechanical or electrical. The products under consideration are divided according to the following criteria:

  • appointment;
  • the presence of a broach function;
  • saw blade parameters.

Household, professional equipment and machine tools are allocated for their intended purpose. The first are distinguished by low power (up to 1500 W), compactness, Example. Bosch GKM 18 V-LI 0 L-BOXX (battery model for 15 thousand rubles), Kolner KMS 210/1400 for 4000 rubles, domestic Caliber PTE-900 / 190M with a power of 900 W at a price of 4500 rubles.

Miter saw. equipment not for household work, used only at enterprises that produce rolled metal and are daily engaged in their cutting or other processing. Such machines cost tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles, their power exceeds 1000 W, and weigh several centners. An example is domestic-made machines TsT 10-4 (3 kW, 360 kg, 105 thousand rubles) or TsKB-40 K (5.5 kW, 700 kg, 340 thousand rubles).

Professional trimming for sheets, profiles and pipes occupies an intermediate position according to the specified parameters. For example, Makita LF 1000 (1650 W, from 60 thousand rubles), DeWALT 27111 (1500 W, from 50 thousand rubles).

The broach option gives the user a slight advantage when processing long sheets or pipes. The models have two parallel rails, on which the cutting disc is mounted and moves freely along them. The broach tool is distinguished by a large kerf width of the part, as well as extremely fine teeth on the disc. Also, the tool sometimes has a laser pointer for easy marking and process control. Trimming for metal with a broach weighs more than usual, and the presence of an option increases the cost by 20-30%.

The parameters of the cutting disc are the most important classification criterion. They have two diameters. external (at least 20 cm) and internal (also known as landing; about 3 cm). The size of the teeth determines the depth and width of the cut, and the material determines the ability to work with one or another metal.

Now. a few words about manufacturers you can trust.

Bosch GCM 8 SJL Professional

Belongs to the group of professional equipment. Does not have an engine speed control of 1.6 kW. The relatively low weight makes the device very mobile. Cutting depth. 87mm. Precision and smoothness of the cut is ensured. There is a laser for aiming at the processing surface. 3 year warranty.

  • power 1.6 kW;
  • rotation speed. 5500 rb / min;
  • disc diameter 21.6 cm;
  • smooth speed control;
  • saw blade thickness. 31.2 cm;
  • weight 17.3 kg.
  • smooth start mechanism;
  • motor braking;
  • laser marker;
  • spindle lock;
  • vacuum cleaner connector.
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The package includes a saw blade, a clamp. Price. 34,000 rubles.

  • Operating instructions Bosch GCM 8 SJL Professional

Bison ZPT-305-1800 PLR

One of the best samples of domestic production. The miter saw with a broach is designed for longitudinal, transverse, oblique, oblique and combined sawing of workpieces. The main features include a rigid attachment to the base, the ability to lock the spindle, a dust extraction system and mobility due to low weight.

  • power 1.8 kW;
  • rotation speed. 4000 rb / min;
  • assembled dimensions. 47 × 39.6 × 77 cm;
  • disc diameter 30.5 cm;
  • smooth speed control;
  • saw blade thickness. 30 cm;
  • weight 18 kg.
  • soft start system;
  • engine limitation;
  • laser marker;
  • spindle lock;
  • connector for connecting a vacuum cleaner;
  • dust collector

The package includes: 2 table extensions, dust collector, clamp, wrench, saw blade. Price. 14,000 rubles.


The saw is able to satisfy the professional who values ​​reliability, wide functionality and comfortable operation. The motor power is quite large. 1.7 kW with the ability to adjust the speed. Excellent build quality combined with structural rigidity. Belt transmission of rotation contributes to relatively quiet operation.

feed, miter, saws
  • power 1,675 kW;
  • V rotation. 3800 rb / min;
  • assembled dimensions. 47 × 39.6 × 77 cm;
  • D disc 30.5 cm;
  • saw blade thickness. 34.5 cm;
  • weight 24.8 kg.

The package includes a saw blade, wrench, dust collector, clamp. Price. 58100 rubles.

Additional functions

Dust removal. The miter saw generates a lot of wood dust and sawdust, which is harmful to the operator. Modern models of the tool are equipped with a branch pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Garbage is removed directly from the place of discharge and does not have time to spread throughout the room.

Expansion of the table top. A useful option when working with long bars, laminate flooring. Most often, the table is attached to the bed and held on two legs. Most tables are 50 cm long, you can find longer.

Broach Miter Saw Design

The device for cutting wood is simple: it is a functional module consisting of an electric motor with a gearbox, a handle with a start toggle switch and a working circle. The whole module is attached to the base.

The electric motor can be of the asynchronous or collector type. Collector brushes need periodic replacement of brushes, but they give out high revolutions. Asynchronous are quieter and more durable.

Typically, the motor is mounted to the right hand of the saw blade. But there are models with a motor behind the disc. It does not block the view, which is especially important if the design allows you to tilt the working element.

Through the gearbox, the movement is transmitted from the motor to the saw blade. The transmission can be belt or toothed. The toothed gear works without slipping even at maximum speed. But the belt reduces vibration and is quieter, which is also very important for accurate cutting. Periodically, the belt wears out and requires replacement; during a sharp change in speed, it can come off. There are also models with direct transmission. They are the most reliable, but their torque is lower.

To expand the possibilities of the saw, a broaching mechanism has been created. The functional module is located on two guides along which it moves during cutting. The feed-through miter saw will cut wider boards. During operation, the operator pulls the circle towards himself, the working edges rotate away from the operator, so sawdust fly by, and the circle presses the part against the stop.

The functional unit is installed on a base. a bed. It consists of a movable round part that moves during the setting of the angle and stop. The best bases are made from strong and light metals: aluminum or magnesium alloys.

The saw is a dangerous cutting tool, therefore a protective cover is provided in its design to prevent injury. During downtime, the folding part covers the circle, during operation, the cover is removed using a special lever or automatically when the console is moved to the working position. Additional safety is provided by an electrodynamic brake, when the power supply is interrupted, it smoothly stops the electric motor.

Devices of increased power are equipped with a soft start, during the replacement of the circle, the torsion mechanism is blocked, and when the circle is stopped, the engine stops. Any model is equipped with protection against breakdown of electricity to the case.

Electronic and laser equipment

A feed miter saw rarely contains electronic components. But there are models with electronic speed control. This option allows you to more accurately control the progress of work, as well as adjust the mechanism for sawing various materials.

Individual manufacturers have gone further and equipped their mechanisms with the ability to maintain a stable speed. A useful option if you need to quickly cut a lot of workpieces, because when pressing, the speed of rotation of the blade usually decreases significantly. On modified saws, the electronic controller will return the speed to the required range. This will ensure a fast and even cut.

Laser aiming is another expensive, useful, but optional option. The laser clearly indicates the line to be cut, this is very convenient for inexperienced craftsmen who have not yet developed automatism.

The purpose of the miter saw

Often, during finishing work, it is necessary to perform diagonal cutting of materials with great accuracy. This is a rather difficult task in the absence of a special tool. A special device will cope with wood of various species, soft metals, polymers, laminate. The miter saw helps you get the job done quickly and cleanly, such as when laying out baguettes, skirting boards or working with clapboard.

The miter saw belongs to the category of highly specialized tools. She can cut narrow bars, boards, slats. With its help, it will not work to dissolve along the board. The presence of a broach somewhat expands the capabilities of the tool, allowing you to cut wider workpieces.

Criteria for selecting a broached facing

In order for the money to purchase a wood saw to be spent for good reason, you should consider:

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Appointment of the tool. A feed saw is essential for professionals who often work with wide workpieces. If the tool is used from time to time, ordinary trimming without bells and whistles, household class will be enough. Professionals are skeptical about combination tools that combine cross-cut and circular saw capabilities. As a rule, the performance of one of the functions (or both) suffers. Therefore, combination saws are not bad for hobbyists, they will save space by getting two tools in one case. The rotational speed of a professional saw blade is the same as that of a household saw. But the power of the first is higher, so more power consumption.

Safety. A protective cover is a must, even for the cheapest device. The function of blocking accidental start is also useful.

Saw weight and dimensions. Professional, powerful tools are larger and heavier. But trimming is a portable device, so its weight should be within reasonable limits. In addition, you should pay attention to the maximum free movement of the working head.

Working disc diameter. Discs smaller than 0.2 m in diameter are only suitable for children‘s play. The wider the saw blade, the more comfortable it will work.

The choice of a miter saw with a broach, its device and features

The miter saw is designed for sawing wooden blocks at any desired angle, inclination or cutting wood. Broaching tools have a number of advantages over conventional trimming. Leading manufacturers offer many options, and economical DIYers design it themselves.

feed, miter, saws

Consumables selection

Cutting quality depends on the characteristics of the tool and the tool, in this case the saw blade. All miter saw blades for wood are different:

  • outer diameter;
  • inner diameter;
  • tooth shape.

The inner diameter of the disc or the bore is available in two sizes, 25 or 30 millimeters. The size is indicated on the face of the circle and in the saw specifications. The outer diameter is also selected depending on the capabilities of the tool. It is more difficult to understand the geometry of the cutting surfaces:

  • the more teeth on the wheel, the coarser the part is processed. For example, you should not choose this consumable for cutting laminate, painted or varnished wood. Fine-toothed circles will do. There is a classification of saw wheels for miter saws with a broach: for cross cuts, longitudinal and for finishing (universal);
  • slotted discs are good for long run. Slots prevent the wheel from deforming during heating, and also reduce noise during operation.

The main manufacturers of professional saws with a broach on wood Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, Metabo, DeWALT.

TOP-10 best models rating

In this rating, we have collected for you the best models in terms of price, quality and reliability.

Metabo KGSV 72 Xact

Hand-held miter saw for working with wood and metal. The user has the opportunity to use the feed function and the symmetrically exposed stop system.

Also, to achieve precise work, a double-line laser is provided, a saw blade from the “multi cut” series with flat trapezoidal teeth.

The sawdust is discharged through the built-in funnel, which simplifies the subsequent cleaning process. The support is easily adjustable, the protective cover eliminates the risk of injury to the operator.

Such features were able to increase the functionality of the hand tool.

  • power. 1.8 kW;
  • cutting height. 7.2 cm, width. 30.5 cm;
  • disc diameter. 21.6 cm, bore. 3 cm;
  • tilt angle. 47 °, rotation. 50 °;
  • rotation speed. 6,300 rpm;
  • included disc, 2 table extensions, clamp, tool for changing the accessory, cable holders.
  • hardy engine;
  • smooth speed control;
  • high build quality;
  • perfect cutting of wood and metal;
  • two-line laser;
  • safe operation.

Hammer STL1800 / 305PL

Table miter saw for straight, bevel, bevel and combination sawing wood at home.

The broaching system allows you to work with wide workpieces, and the hard alloy disk cuts them instantly.

The robust hood protects the operator from injury and swarf. The guide from the laser shows the line, but according to users. it is not accurate.

An accidental start blocking system increases safety when the device is idle. A special mount on the base allows you to fix the saw on the workbench, and the presence of a branch pipe is necessary to connect a vacuum cleaner.

  • power. 1.8 kW;
  • cutting height. 11 cm, width. 31.5 cm;
  • disc diameter. 30.5 cm, landing disc. 3 cm;
  • tilt angle. 47 °;
  • rotation speed. 5,000 rpm;
  • set includes 2 workpiece support extensions, dust collector, clamp, disc, keys;
  • weight. 22 kg.
  • endurance;
  • high-quality cut;
  • stable rotation speed;
  • reliable assembly;
  • safety of use;
  • good equipment.

Bison ZPT-255-1800 PL

Table miter saw with single speed and dynamic motor brake. It helps to cut wood, plastic, thin aluminum with perfect precision.

A smooth cut is achieved by a disc with an increased diameter and number of teeth.

Plus, the laser pointer guides the line as accurately as possible for subsequent cutting. To set the desired angle, you need to adjust and fix the table, fix the workpiece with a clamp.

A protective cover, a motor brake are responsible for the safety of operation.

Dust box and vacuum cleaner adapter help keep your work area clean.

  • power. 1.8 kW;
  • cutting height. 7.5 cm, width. 30.5 cm;
  • disc diameter. 25.5 cm, bore. 3 cm;
  • tilt angle. 45 °, rotation. 47 °;
  • rotation speed. 5000 rpm.
  • good indicators of power and endurance;
  • high-quality and clean cutting of wide workpieces;
  • assembly reliability;
  • convenient angle setting;
  • motor brake;
  • safe use.
  • chips scatter;
  • Rotary table.

Metabo KGS 254 M

Tabletop, single speed miter saw. Sawing is quick and easy thanks to precise angles adjustment via fixation points, built-in laser and bright illumination.

Table extensions slide out smoothly, and high stops move apart.

This increases the operator’s safety during work. Saw head tilts to the left for additional angular range.

The disc is replaced without dismantling the casing due to the spindle lock. The sawdust is discharged through the built-in funnel, and the dust collector simplifies the subsequent cleaning process.

  • power. 1.8 kW;
  • cutting height. 9.2 cm, width. 30.5 cm;
  • disc diameter. 25.4 cm, bore. 3 cm;
  • tilt and swivel angle. 47 ° each;
  • rotation speed. 4 500 rpm, at nom. load. 3,150 rpm;
  • cutting speed. 60 m / s;
  • cable length. 2 m;
  • includes a disc, 2 table extensions, a crosscut stop, a clamp, a tool for changing a disc, a dust collector, a cord winding;
  • dimensions. 79×51.5×51.5 cm;
  • weight. 16.3 kg.
  • high-quality manufacturing;
  • clean and smooth cut;
  • performance;
  • vacuum cleaner adapter;
  • good equipment.
  • no soft start;
  • poor disc quality.
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Bison ZPT-305-1800 PLR

Tabletop miter saw with belt drive. It is a powerful tool for fast and accurate sawing of wood products, synthetic materials.

The saw head rotates freely in both directions, which allows you to work at the desired angle.

Thanks to the belt drive in the drive, the motor is protected from heavy loads.

The protective cover closes automatically, so the operator is protected from injury and damage.

My journey to find the Best Miter Saw 2021

The turntable can be easily locked into position, and the convenient bed adjustment makes it easy to choose the cutting angle.

  • power. 1.8 kW;
  • cutting height. 9 cm, width. 34 cm;
  • disc diameter. 30.5 cm, bore. 3 cm;
  • tilt angle. 45 °, rotation. 47 °;
  • rotation speed. 4,000 rpm;
  • includes 2 table extensions, dust collector, clamp, key, disc;
  • weight. 18 kg.
  • increased cutting width;
  • high-quality broaching result;
  • effective dust extraction;
  • safe and comfortable operation;
  • adjustable design;
  • good power;
  • performance.

Design features

The miter saw is characterized by a simple structure, which consists of a solid base, including a mechanism, a working disc and an electric motor. In some models, the motors are collector, and in others. asynchronous. The first type is more high-speed, it only requires timely replacement of brushes. The second is durable, works quietly, but costs more.

The saw base is mounted on a special table with a thickness of 305 to 400 mm. Its disk is driven by a belt or gear drive. In this case, the supply of rotations through the belt is considered the best, since the machine is less noisy, slippage on the pulleys is excluded.

If it is necessary to expand the functionality of the tool when processing blanks, the working unit is fixed on two strips placed in parallel with each other. This makes the disc move free.

Additionally, the tool set also includes a bed. It looks like a movable round base made of magnesium or aluminum compounds. In the process of cutting, the bed has the ability to move, for this, the angle and stop are preset.

An equally important element of the saw is the protective cover, which minimizes the risk of injury while working. For safe sawing, manufacturers also equip the machine with an electrodynamic brake, when the power supply is cut off, it smoothly stops the engine. Semi-professional and professional models are equipped with a soft starter mechanism. Each type of saw has a body protection against power interruptions. Since the miter saw is usually small in size, it is compact and easy to place. A wardrobe for her can be made with your own hands from improvised material, or purchased ready-made.

Hitachi C10FCH2

Unlike other models, such machines have a high accuracy of cutting parts at an angle of up to 47 degrees. The tool is well suited for the installation of skirting boards, wood and plastic trims, for the production of window frames. The main advantage of the modification is that it is capable of simultaneously sawing and facing edges. The manufacturer produces saws with an electronic saw control system and a laser pointer.

During operation, it is possible to carry out not only an angular, oblique, but also a combined cut. Since the disc in this type of saws tilts only to the left, then during the cut you can turn the table in both directions. Despite good technical performance and reasonable cost, this manufacturer’s detachable saws are not suitable for working with metal.


The device is designed to work with both wood and metal. The model is equipped with a modern XPS system, thanks to which it is possible to project the shadow from the disc onto the product, creating conditions for a more accurate cut. The unit motor power is 1.65 kW. In addition, there is the possibility of adjusting the speed, they can be independently set depending on the hardness of the material being processed.

Sliding miter saws: top 10 best models

When performing carpentry work, it is often necessary to cut the workpieces at the chosen angle, observing a high degree of accuracy. This can only be done using a special device. a miter saw with a broach. This attachment is easy to use and allows for fast diagonal cuts.

How to use a Miter Saw. A complete beginner’s guide

Rating of the best models

Utool UMS-12L

This model is designed for cutting any material at the desired angle. It does not make curvatures and gaps. The power of such a saw is 2000 W. The device is equipped with a convenient extension bar, a sturdy base and a dual laser pointer. Minus tool. medium quality cutting wheel.

All of the above models of miter saws have proven themselves excellently on the market as a reliable technique. Therefore, choosing one or another modification, one should take into account not only the characteristics of the tool, but also the tasks that it will perform. The performance and service life of the device will depend on this.

“Interskol” PTK-216

This saw features a user-friendly design, which consists of a sharp blade, base, motor and handle, where the start button is located. To cut at an angle, either the base or the disc must be rotated. In this case, the disc has the function of turning in different directions. Such equipment is characterized by an affordable price and is suitable for processing parts from any material. Since the diameter of the saw blade is 216 mm, the tool can be used to make complex cuts in both directions at angles of up to 45 degrees.

The maximum cutting width does not exceed 133 mm, the depth is 58 mm. Since the equipment has a powerful motor (1.1 kW), and the disc speed reaches 5000 rpm, this device can create a smooth cut. Additionally, the saw is equipped with a braking system, which increases safety during operation.