Overview of Submersible Saws with Guide Bar

To work with wood, a wide variety of electric and hand tools are used, including submersible saws. This type of saw equipment appeared on the Russian construction market not so long ago, but it has already managed to gain popularity and fairly stable demand among specialists.

Overview of Submersible Saws with Guide Bar

Submersible Saw Design

The main difference between these woodworking hand tools and circular saws is the presence of a mechanism that allows you to adjust the immersion of the cutting disc in the material.

Submersible saws with a tire, the price of which is slightly higher than conventional circular saws, allows the user to make a tie-in anywhere.

The saw blade is inoperatively closed by a protective cover and is located flush with the mounting sole, which ensures accurate positioning of this tool on the surface of the workpiece.

All controls of the submersible saws are compactly located, therefore it is convenient to work with such a tool.

Features of submersible saws

Depending on the design, the submersible circular saw may have the following features:

  • the presence of the tilt function of the cutting part. Used for the manufacture of wooden blanks of complex shape;
  • number of disks. 1 or 2 (in the second case, boards can be made of different widths, two cuts can be made simultaneously);
  • the lower base is spring-loaded, which allows you to adjust the degree of clamping of the saw part, and if there are foreign elements in the workpiece (for example, nails, etc.), stop work in time;
  • the presence of additional devices, such as guide lines of various configurations and sizes.

Most models of submersible saws, to prevent clogging by chips and wood dust, have a special bell for connecting a chip vacuum cleaner to it, which forcibly removes the cut products.

Tool selection options

Due to the wide range of this equipment, it can be very difficult to choose the best model.

When choosing a submersible saw, the general technical specifications must be taken into account. They may differ slightly from each other. The reason for this is the design of a particular model and its operational properties. First of all, you should pay attention to:

  • electric motor power;
  • ease of use of the tool (to determine this, it is enough to hold the submersible saw in your hands and, if possible, make several cuts);
  • revolutions and their adjustment;
  • diameter range of cutting discs;
  • Is there a soft start system?
  • difficulty setting depth of immersion (the easier it is to adjust, the faster the work will be completed);
  • tool weight in working condition;
  • the cost and configuration of a particular model

Electric motor power

As a rule, woodworking tools of this type are designed to be connected to 220 volts to the mains, which allows performing various work at home. Engine power has a direct impact on the processing speed of wood products. Additionally, the hardness of the workpiece, its moisture content and the depth of cut should be taken into account.

Benefits of operating submersible saws

Submersible saws have a very wide range of applications. from the in-line production of wood products and furniture to various works in the home workshop. But in order to identify the relevance of the purchase of such a tool, it is necessary to identify its positive aspects of operation.

The main advantage of this manual woodworking equipment is its multifunctionality. Submersible saws allow precise cutting to form workpieces, trim the edges of furniture panels from chipboard or fiberboard, and the presence of additional components allows you to form a curly cut.

The main advantages of using this tool for wood include:

  • the accuracy of material processing, which is much higher than that of other types of saws. This is achieved due to the specific design and accurate positioning of the saw blade in the place of the future cut;
  • uniform distribution of weight in the design, which significantly reduces the complexity of the work and positively affects its quality;
  • the ability to perform all types of cuts. transverse and longitudinal. An exception is figured machining with a small radius of curvature.

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Despite the many advantages, submersible saws have some disadvantages, the main of which. their high price compared to conventional models. The second minus is the possibility of difficulty when cutting parts that are small in width, the minimum dimensions of which are limited by the size of the supporting part of the submersible saw.

Key Specifications

These include:

  • maximum depth of cut; it depends on the following indicators: the diameter of the saw blade, the parameter of the feed unit, the angle of inclination of the cut;
  • parameters of a submersible saw. minimum and maximum diameter, thickness, landing size;
  • tilt angle. 45 °.90 °;
  • installation power;
  • distance from the edge of the support platform to the blade;
  • the diameter of the pipe intended for connection to a system for removing wood dust and chips;
  • construction weight.

It also takes into account the cutting speed, which depends on the density of the part and the parameters of the saw blade.

Guide rail

It may be included with the tool or may be offered as an additional option. For different manufacturers, tire lengths can range from 1 to 3 meters. Due to the use of the butt nozzle of the connector, it is possible to assemble a structure of the required length from several guides. When choosing a guide bar for a submersible saw, choosing the same brand as the tool itself is not necessary. Most tires are interchangeable.

Submersible saw "Makita SP6000"

In addition to the configuration of this model there is something to brag about. The tool runs on a household electrical outlet, has high power, and has a large number of adjustable parameters.

The Makita SP6000 submersible saw with guide rail has a smooth start function that allows you to perform high-quality cuts without much effort and operator effort. The design of the tool is endowed with an excellent sawdust removal system, which can be used even without connecting a vacuum cleaner.

Maintenance on the Makita SP6000 is so simplified that it can be done on its own. Users can easily cope with the replacement of carbon brushes and saw blades.

This submersible saw with a tire has a fairly compact and ergonomic design. The surface of the handles of the holders is rubberized, which makes the tool safe to use.

Guide rail

A feature of the Makita SP6000 saw is that its design is initially adapted to work in tandem with the guide rail, which also has a special design. It is made of aluminum profile and has special longitudinal rubber inserts that serve to prevent slipping.

There are two options for guides. They have the same design, but vary in longitudinal size. The length of one guide rail. 1.4 meters and the other is 3 meters. As necessary, their design allows them to be interconnected using a special liner. It is installed in the corresponding groove and secured with built-in screws.

Together with the guide, a special set of adapters can be used, allowing it to be used not only with a submersible saw, but also with other tools, such as a jigsaw.

In addition, specially designed staples with screw fastening can be used for reliable rail mounting. They are able to tightly fix the tire without damaging the surface of the product being cut or the guide itself, since it has a special groove for mounting brackets.


Hand saws from Festool

Submersible saw "Festul". an indispensable tool for repair work, in carpentry workshops, on construction sites and wherever it is necessary to cut material quickly, accurately and accurately, cut through grooves.

Before buying a circular saw, you need to decide what kind of work it will be used for. For example, if you need to work with thin or medium materials, then you can choose a TS 75 model submersible saw with a cutting depth of 75 mm or TS 55 R with a cutting depth of 55 mm. The weight of these tools is only 6.2 and 4.5 kg, which is very pleasing. In use, they are very simple and convenient.

For more complex jobs, Festool offers the HK 132 E hand saw. This tool has a cutting depth of 50. 132 mm, weight. 18 kg It is worth noting that the power consumption of the model is 2300 W, which indicates high performance and cutting of complex materials.


Owners drank brands "Festul" they value this tool for accuracy of operations, reliability, ease of setup, versatility and durability. Experienced craftsmen noted the ability of many models to quickly rebuild in the process of servicing products of different formats, which is affected by regulatory equipment. In addition, the manufacturer introduced modern technological innovations, such as, for example, a dust removal system, which is very useful when working with drywall or wood.

The main drawback that such a submersible saw with a guide bar has is the price. So, an average model can be purchased on average for 35-40 thousand rubles, which is quite expensive by the standards of the segment.

Also, owners of some models note small ergonomic miscalculations. For example, many note that a submersible saw of this brand has an insufficiently effective noise reduction system. The sound of engine operation and cutting requires the use of headphones.

As for the majority of users, as a rule, there are practically no complaints about working functions.


Submersible saws with a tire, the price of which, although significantly higher than conventional hand circulars, is an indispensable tool when performing:

  • roof and floor repair;
  • cutting expansion joints;
  • work with plywood, solid wood, chipboard and other sheet construction materials;
  • performing various kinds of pruning.

The average price of submersible saws is 20,000 rubles.