Overview of the Razzer Lawnmowers. Specifications. Features Of Application And Operation

The birthplace of this brand is Denmark. Razzer equipment is characterized by high quality components, a long service life, excellent technical characteristics and affordable price. In order to reduce the cost of machines, their production is carried out at Chinese facilities.

Lawn mowers of this brand began to be delivered to our country relatively recently, but now many owners are deciding in favor of this particular brand. Razzer trimmers and scythes have not been presented to date, so we offer you an overview of lawn mowers.

Overview of the Razzer Lawnmowers. Specifications. Features Of Application And Operation

Lawn Mowers Razzer

These machines are used to care for a site with an area of ​​up to 30 acres. For comparison, trimmers and scythes can only work with areas up to 10 acres.

Thanks to the high power of the Razzer lawnmowers, it is possible to process any type of site, and the design thought out to the smallest detail ensures maximum operating comfort.

Razzer lawn mowers can operate in three modes: collecting vegetation in a grass catcher, lateral discharge and mulching. The latter option is especially good in that it does not require cleaning the grass catcher and further cleaning of the vegetation. It is simply crushed and thrown to the side to fertilize the surface.

Razzer self-propelled lawnmowers do not need to be pushed. It is simple enough to direct them in the right direction, which means high productivity with minimal physical costs. Motor power is distributed not only on the rotation of the deck, but also on the wheels.


Razzer S511 VHY-X

This lawn mower is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine with a power of 5.9 hp.

  • The fuel tank has a volume of 1.5 liters and can provide long-term autonomy of the machine.
  • The diameter of the deck is 51 cm, and the volume of the grass catcher is 60 liters.
  • The Razzer S 511 weighs 35 kg, but thanks to the rear-wheel drive, this is not felt during operation.

Razzer S530 VHY-X

This model has a gasoline engine with a power of 5.9 hp. Its cooling occurs using air flow.

The Razzer S530 VHY-X lawnmower is self-propelled and has an increased diameter of the rear wheels, which facilitates the process of moving the machine along the lawn.

Unlike most Chinese lawn mowers, this is not a plastic case, but a steel one. It protects the engine from external influences.


Recently, buyers of lawn mowers have preferred electric models. This is explained quite simply: they cost less than gasoline, are more economical, easy to maintain, quieter and do not emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Most often, Razzer electric lawn mowers are used near medical or educational facilities where noise levels should be minimized.

Lawn Mower Razzer RZ5107

This is a typical representative of a light lawn mower, which is ideal for comfortable processing of a plot with an area of ​​up to 15 acres.

The weight of the Razzer RZ5107 is only 10 kg., Which makes the transportation process as simple as possible.

Video: Overview of the Razzer Lawnmowers. Specifications. Features Of Application And Operation

  • Power of the electric motor of the RZ5107 model reaches 1 kW.
  • A grass catcher volume of 25 liters is enough for continuous processing of the site for 1 hour.

How to choose the Razzer brand lawn mower?

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to answer two questions, how often will you use the device and with what vegetation?

If you plan to work on a small lawn near a private house or cottage, then for such owners a Lawn Mower or trimmer is best suited, but you have to carry them on your shoulders. And they can easily be replaced by the RZ5107 electric mower.

If you will work over a long period of time with high coarse vegetation in intensive loads, it is better to choose a gasoline model. Such machines are most often used in utility or landscape companies.

User manual


To maintain the functionality of the Razzer brand lawnmowers, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance in accordance with the schedule presented in the instruction manual.

  • Gasoline models must be filled with high-octane fuel grade AI-92 or AI-95.
  • For crankcase, it is recommended to use branded oil for 4-stroke engines or their analogue with SAE-30 classification.
  • At the end of the work, be sure to clean the lawnmower from dirt and dust. This is to prevent corrosion.
  • Every 25 hours of operation, it is necessary to clean the fuel and air filters, as well as change the engine oil.

Experience with electrical models

In leading European countries, electric models have been used for a long time, but in our country this is still a novelty. But there is nothing wrong with them and they can perform a similar range of work with gasoline.

The only negative is the availability of cable. Its standard length is not long and you can’t do without carrying it. During work, he should always be behind the device to prevent accidental collisions.

Before starting operation, be sure to check the cable for cracks and depressurization.

Razzer electric lawnmowers should not be used on wet soil after irrigation or rain, and dirt should be cleaned with a damp rag.

First Time Instruction

Before you start working on your Razzer lawnmowers or trimmers, read the user manual. It will help to understand the principle of correct and safe operation of a particular model.

Initially, it is necessary to assemble in accordance with the recommendations of the operating instructions, then pour fuel and oil into the appropriate compartments. Start the engine and let the machine run at minimum load for 2-3 hours. During this time, engine parts are carefully lubricated and begin to work as a whole.

Upon completion of this mode, be sure to replace the engine oil.

When working on Razzer lawnmowers, it is recommended to use protective clothing: a tight-fitting suit, gloves, glasses and shoes with a closed front.

Major malfunctions

Every Razzer lawnmower owner should know how to fix the most common problems. For this, in most cases it is enough to have a basic set of tools and minimal knowledge about the structure of the machine.

If the engine is not driven:

  1. Empty fuel tank (refuel);
  2. The contact on the spark plug leaves (fix the terminals);
  3. Excess fuel in the combustion chamber (remove the spark plug and wipe the electrode);
  4. The clearance in the spark plugs has increased (set the clearance in accordance with the instruction manual);
  5. Low fuel quality (drain and fill new).

The engine does not develop maximum speed:

  1. Dirty spark plug (clean or replace it);
  2. Low fuel or poor quality (top up or replace);
  3. The fuel or air filter is dirty (clean them);
  4. Incorrect carburetor setting (contact a service center).

Video review

Tips for choosing a lawn mower are presented in the following video review:

Owner reviews


“I originally wanted the self-propelled model. I have a lawn of about 10-12 acres. There used to be a Lawn Mower, but manually mowing it is still hemorrhoids. Grass constantly grows under half a meter. This model copes with this vegetation without any problems. The starter is of course hoarse, and sometimes it is necessary to twitch 5-7 times to start. During operation, it behaves stably, keeps revolutions. Fuel consumption is not large. In general, I am satisfied with the operation and I can safely recommend it.

Pros: High power, steel case, reliability, ease of maintenance.

Cons: The starter could be put better "