Paint sprayer with his own hands from a car compressor

How to make a paint sprayer from a car compressor

Household paint sprayers can be divided into 3 groups: pneumatic, electric and mechanical (manual). There are also combined and electrostatic, but they are mainly used in industrial sectors. To perform painting at the amateur and professional level, the most suitable are pneumatic spray guns, working on compressed air supplied from the receiver of the compressor. After them, with a slight lag in the quality of the layer, go electric sprayers, working at the expense of the turbine blower or plunger mechanism. The most inefficient in performance and uniformity of painting are mechanical devices, working at the expense of the physical impact of the user, expressed in the periodic pumping of air and mixture into the tank.

To more clearly understand how to make a spray gun with their own hands, it is useful to be at least superficially oriented in the main varieties of such a wide range of models. Since we are interested in devices exclusively air type, we will briefly run through their classification and proceed to the analysis of the principle of action. Pneumatic spray guns are widely used in both domestic and industrial applications. As it was mentioned before, they give the best painting coat with high productivity. The quality of painting, efficiency and ease of use of pneumatic spray guns depend largely on its cost, which has a very wide range: from 1000 to 40 000 for the gun. The price segment separates simple, home spray guns from professional, high-precision devices. A beginner will practically not notice the difference between expensive and cheap model, but for the expert it will be heaven and earth. For daily household needs, the most budgetary devices are perfect, but their analogues cannot be made independently due to specific construction.

Electric spray guns, as well as the previous ones, have a decent price range. In some stores you can find a working sprayer for 1000, and powerful, professional models of famous brands are about 20 000. And this we are not talking about the painting stations, estimated in tens and hundreds of thousands. The price of goods determines the quality, and the airless paint sprayer is no exception to these rules.

Methods of airless spraying

A comprehensive process cycle for airless paint application means, above all, proper handling of the paint spraying unit.

The trigger on the spray gun must be squeezed until it is close to the door edge. The airless spray gun must be moved at high speed parallel to the entire surface. The trigger can be lowered when the airless spray gun

moved to the opposite side of the door leaf.

In the technique of correct airless spraying it is important the position of the unit in relation to the treatment plane. The paint strips that have already been sprayed are overlapped by half with the next spraying. During this procedure, the spray gun must be held at a right angle to the structure to be finished.

Criteria for choosing a device

When choosing a paint sprayer for home use, the owner should be guided by his or her own needs. To do this, you need to understand what functions it will need. And only after that you should proceed to the study of the characteristics of the model you are interested in.

The key parameters of a paint sprayer that you should consider when selecting one are as follows:

  • Pressure. Most compressors can compress air up to 6-8 bar. At this value, the motor automatically turns on and pumps air out. But there are devices that can maintain a working pressure of 10 bar.
  • Productivity. One of the main characteristics, which depends on the quality of work performed. It should be understood that the output of the tool is not affected by the amount of compressed air that the device can deliver in one minute of operation time. You can only determine the performance of a particular model in practice by creating special conditions for it. Therefore, each device will have a different parameter.
  • Spray Adjustment. This feature can be very useful if you are going to paint the ceiling. You can use it to modify multiple activities without taking breaks while you’re working:
  • Exit Air Metrics;
  • flare shape;
  • needle stroke.

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Necessary tools and materials

In most cases, a homemade design is created to work with water-based paint. As a rule, they require a standard set of tools, as well as a welder. As a basis are used:

The choice of materials and tools is carried out depending on the features of the created construction. The scheme is chosen based on what kind of work will be carried out, what productivity should be the equipment.

Sprayer from an aerosol can

Homemade sprayer is often created with their own hands from an ordinary spray can. Such a design is characterized by simplicity and low cost. To conduct the work will require the following elements:

  • A bicycle inner tube or a nipple. The camera itself in the case under consideration will not be needed.
  • A plastic bottle of suitable volume. It must be strong and without serious defects.
  • Spray can. When choosing them, pay attention to the quality of the atomizer, as it must last a long time.
  • Manual bicycle pump.

Spray gun with their own hands from a can

Many of the above do not need to purchase, can be found in the garage. The work of assembling the structure is carried out as follows:

  • From the selected bicycle cover will need a nipple, which is able to pass air only to one side.
  • The bottle will be used as a reservoir for storing paint. A hole is made in it that will fit the nipple.
  • A nipple is attached to the inner wall. When attaching it, it is worth taking into account that the connection must be airtight. This item will only allow the paint to flow to one side.
  • The top part of the spray can is sawn off with a metal saw. It is selected so that it perfectly matched the diameter of the plug.
  • To connect the spray can with the bottle cold welding is used. This is due to the fact that you need to ensure a secure attachment of such an element, since it will be under high pressure.

Removing the valve from the spray can

Created construction is designed for a pressure not exceeding 3 atmospheres. The air is pressurized with the help of a bicycle pump, for connection of which a nipple has been placed. Such a device, made by our own hands, perfectly copes with the task of painting various surfaces with water-based emulsion composition. It is also possible to fill the can with a lime solution.

Sprayer from a spray can

Self-made sprayer is often created with his own hands from an ordinary spray can. Such design is characterized by simplicity and low cost. The following items will be needed to do the job:

  • The tube from a bicycle wheel or nipple. The chamber itself in the case under consideration is not required.
  • Plastic bottle of suitable size. It must be sturdy and without major flaws.
  • Spray can. When selecting them, attention is paid to the quality of the atomizer, as it must work for a long time.
  • Manual bicycle pump.

Spray gun with your own hands from a spray can

Many of the above do not need to purchase, can be found in the garage. The work of assembling the structure is carried out as follows:

  • From the selected bicycle cover will need a nipple, which is able to pass air only to one side.
  • The bottle will be used as a paint reservoir. A hole is made in it, which is suitable for the nipple.
  • A nipple is attached to the inner wall. When attaching, take into account that the connection should be airtight. This element will provide paint flow only in one direction.
  • The upper part of the cylinder is sawed off with a hacksaw for metal. It is selected in such a way, that it perfectly matches the diameter of the plug.
  • Cold welding is used to connect the spray can to the bottle. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to ensure a secure attachment of such an element, as it will be under high pressure.

Removing the valve from the spray can

The created construction is designed for a pressure of not more than 3 atmospheres. the air is pumped with a bicycle pump, for connecting which a nipple is located. Such a device, made by your own hands, can perfectly cope with the task of painting various surfaces with water-based emulsion composition. The tank can also be filled with a lime solution.

Principle of airless spraying

Airless painting. is the use of special equipment in the process of work, by which the paint is applied to the work surface not pneumatically, but by dispersing the flow of paint material. Crushing of paint liquid is carried out without compressed air, so the painting method is called airless painting. In simple words, airless painting of walls and other surfaces is done using a pump, which feeds the paint liquid through hoses, and at the elliptical nozzle working substance is crushed into tiny particles.

At the outlet of the nozzle you get high pressure and a strongly atomized stream, whose droplets meet the air medium on their way, slow down and cover the surface softly and evenly.

Airless painting is mainly used in industrial scale and for metalwork. Using sprayers it is possible to apply epoxy, latex, alkyd compounds, texture and fire protective coatings, primers when processing metal, wood, concrete and other surfaces.

Pitching. a paint defect or decorative effect?

On the rules of airless painting.

How to make a paint sprayer with your own hands

You can make an effective paint sprayer with your own hands for finishing the surface of the car with the help of various devices, and in several variants. The set of tools required varies depending on how the portable sprayer is assembled.

Handy tools for making a spray gun at home to paint your own car can be found directly in an apartment or garage. To create an auxiliary household accessory as a basis, you can use a standard ballpoint pen, an empty spray can, a hose from a vacuum cleaner or an extra refrigerator compressor.

Spray gun from a ballpoint pen

The easiest option for home use. The device is assembled from 3 main parts. the wide-mouth container, ballpoint pen and blank made of foam, rubber or plastic. It is inserted into the upper part of the tank with paint, while it is important to ensure that there is no gap between their surfaces.

In the workpiece with an electric screwdriver forms 2 channels, one of which must necessarily be at an angle of 90 degrees, then perpendicular to them is made an additional. It is important to make sure that they intersect with each other, then in the horizontal groove is mounted pen atomizer, in the vertical. the end of the rod.

Ballpoint pen-based device is fast. the process takes less than half an hour, easy to use. it is enough to blow out the rod for the paint to come out. Such a homemade device is effective only for processing small surfaces.

paint, sprayer, hands, compressor

A sprayer for the car on the basis of an aerosol bottle

A spray gun based on an ordinary household gas can. a practical and low-cost solution. The following materials are needed for the assembly:

  • One-piece plastic bottle of sufficient volume;
  • An aerosol can with a functioning sprayer;
  • a tube from a bicycle wheel or a nipple;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • a manual bicycle pump.

Homemade paint sprayer for car painting is assembled as follows:

  • A nipple hole is made in the plastic bottle that acts as the paint reservoir.
  • It is fixed on the inner wall and the tightness of the connection is checked.
  • It is necessary to saw off the top of the spray bottle to the size of the bottle neck.
  • The parts of the structure are cold-welded, which is important for the stable fixation of its components.
  • The reservoir is filled with paint and air, using a compressor with a pressure gauge or a pump. It is important not to exceed a pressure of 2.5 atmospheres.

Important! When filling an aerosol bottle during the assembly of a homemade paint sprayer for painting a car should be careful. the excess of internal pressure when filled with air and paint can lead to an explosion of the container.

Paint sprayer by hand, using a hose from a vacuum cleaner

If you need to paint large areas, a hand-held spray gun is ineffective and will take too long to spray. In this case, you can make an effective spray gun for painting cars with your own hands from an old vacuum cleaner, preferably made in the USSR, as the old models provided the presence of two hoses. output and input. The hand-built device can be used with water-based types of paints, it is not compatible with powder paints.

Self-made paint sprayer with high performance for painting cars with their own hands is going as follows:

  • Prepare a standard plastic bottle with a neck that is larger than 2-2.5 mm and a capacity of less than 1.5 liter, as well as copper or aluminum with a diameter of 4 mm and a length of 20 cm.
  • The metal container is attached to the bottom part of the vacuum hose in a bent condition.
  • The upper part of the rod is ground to achieve a cone shape and equipped with a brass nozzle, the lower part is mounted in the connector like a plug.
  • To the tube is added a holder, screwed down with screws or bolts.
  • Sawed out steel bracket matching the size of the socket with a hole, it is important to pay attention to its width and location of the nozzle and the end of the suction tube at the same level.

Self-made paint sprayer without a compressor before starting work for painting cars is recommended to test on a separate surface in order to avoid unpredictable results when using. Pressure adjustment during assembly is made by increasing or decreasing the tightening force of the rod; when the optimum level is reached, it is fixed into the connector glued to the tank lid with assembly foam.

Spray gun for painting cars from a refrigeration compressor

An additional way to increase the speed of painting the surface of the vehicle. the use of a compressor from an old refrigerator as the basis of the atomizer. Similar to the device on the basis of a vacuum hose, in a similar homemade design you can use only water-based paint materials.

Make in a garage or at home homemade paint sprayer for treating the car with protective mastic or paintwork is quite difficult, but such a device. the most durable and productive of the above modifications. It can be used to coat and seal the sills and underbody of the vehicle.

Note! Diameter of the nozzle of the homemade device should be more than 2 mm. with a smaller size, the paint will not come out of the sprayer due to the high viscosity.

Before you begin, you need to create a drawing of the future device. An alternative. download the scheme on forums or sites on auto topics. An additional important point. finding an object to be used as a receiver, a used fire extinguisher or a tightly closed hollow metal container will be ideal.

Instructions for assembling a homemade paint sprayer for painting:

  • The compressor is fixed on a wooden base according to its original orientation in the refrigerator.
  • The compressor outlet pipe is installed.
  • Two holes are drilled in the object, which serves as a receiver, and hoses are attached to them, the smaller one to the outlet pipe and the bigger one to the inlet pipe.
  • A manometer is mounted on the machine to check the created pressure level.
  • Connect the air reservoir and the base structure of the unit; use a hose to connect the two parts together, and attach the second hose to the filter to clean the air from foreign particles.
  • Connect the sprayer, if necessary, attach the wheels.

The holder for the spray gun with his hands

Homemade device for the treatment of the body surface is more convenient to use with a special handle. The car owner for self-made holder will need a square of plywood, 25 x 25 cm and a hacksaw.

The assembly process does not take long and involves sawing a hole suitable for the diameter of the paint reservoir. After that, a handle is inserted into it, the contour is sawed off according to the dimensions. The stand is equipped with feet, which play the role of guides for the correct orientation of the hose.

If necessary, you can use an aluminium screwed wire to fix a debris-filtering funnel to the holder.

paint, sprayer, hands, compressor

Tools and materials needed

To make a paint sprayer for painting without a compressor, you will need:

  • Two plastic or metal tubes. The diameter of one is 1-1,5 cm, the second. from 0,3 to 0,5 cm. The length of the large one is about 20 cm, the length of the thin one depends on the size of the paint container;
  • a plastic container for the paint.

For a vacuum cleaner paint sprayer you need:

  • Vacuum cleaner with blow out function. Suitable special construction models or old Soviet devices with the ability to connect a hose to the blowing air duct;
  • spray nozzle.

To assemble a paint sprayer from a car pump, you will need:

  • An electric motor pump;
  • airtight container. receiver to prevent pulsation of compressed air: expansion tank for heating of suitable volume, metal siphon for carbonated water, etc. п.;
  • air hoses and adapters of different diameters;
  • 12 volt power supply.

To fix the elements we need wooden, plastic and metal parts of appropriate size, glue, duct tape, etc. A soldering iron or welding machine may be needed.

The rules of painting

Let us briefly formulate the basic rules for working with water-based paints, mainly used for interior and facade works.

  • Painting is carried out at the temperature of the air and the base not lower than 5 ° C. Manufacturer’s indicated drying time is valid for the room temperature (18-22 degrees), at its decrease water-based emulsion can dry up to 4-6 hours.
  • The motion of the atomizer is similar to a paint roller: each new strip is placed in parallel with the previous one, flush with its edges.
  • Each new coat is applied with the movement perpendicular to the previous one.
  • The spray gun for water-based emulsion paint should have a nozzle with a diameter of no more than 2 millimeters. Going too far will cause excessive paint release and streaking.
  • All waterborne paints are to be diluted with water before application. How to thin the paint for the spray gun? Water is added in an amount of approx. 10 % of the paint volume and mixed thoroughly. The final consistency should be about the viscosity of heavy milk.
  • The preliminary priming with a penetrating acrylic primer considerably reduces the paint consumption. The effect is achieved by filling in the largest pores of the surface with primer.

The primer improves the adhesion of the paint and reduces the paint consumption.

Homemade sprayer

How to make a paint gun with their own hands. Is it possible to make such a sprayer yourself?

Recording from 2011. Changed from time to time. Now, in 2016, back to it again. It takes a long time to fix, some of the video is lost, but at the end of the post posted a link to the page where I will deal with the details.

2011 and t.д. Three years ago I would have written that it is possible and it makes sense, but now there is a reason to write differently. There is absolutely no point in doing it, now there are inexpensive ready-made paint sprayers that will greatly simplify the entire process of amateur painting. The only disadvantage with purchased sprayer. it still needs a compressor, and more powerful than for pumping paint wheels. Now is the time that everything is for sale and everything is relatively inexpensive.

It’s probably the purchase of a compressor for a one-time paint job that stops many. compressor will need hoses and, of course, electricity. Paint sprayer must be bought, a compressor must also be bought, etc.д. Then there is again the idea of not spending money and do “by their own means.

If you have exactly this approach (not to spend), then there is no need to dissuade anyone from what. Exactly for the reason, let’s call it, “one time painting”. If you do not want to spend money. make a kind of spray gun. Then you do not need electricity, a garage, a powerful compressor with gauges and hoses

There is another entry on this topic, but a little differently titled. The recording gives an even better idea of this “spray gun”.

From this video you can understand that such a device can even paint something big, door, fender. Personally, I can do it. But that doesn’t mean that everyone can do it just as easily and the first time. Still need to understand what it is to paint with a spray, not paint with a brush. It’s not the same. You can practice “spraying” with an aerosol can. The main thing in the first phase of “learning” to avoid smudges. And for this you do not need to “pour the paint” on the surface. Rather, the point here is to gradually fill the part with the right layer of paint, and get the part to just shine. And to repeat this process (in 15 minutes) two or better three times. That’s two or three coats of paint. There is no sense to pour a lot of paint in one pass or so-called layer ( once again it is worth repeating separately only to make it shine) Distracted. Another attempt to discourage homemade paint sprayer. But. The next part is the fun part. If you do not have a problem with electricity, have the desire and ability to spend a minimum of money (in the amount of 6-8 tons).p) and more), then you do not need to think about a homemade spray gun, not homemade airbrush, not a homemade compressor. These experiments are long a thing of the past, it used to be a problem to get them. No need to hope for a miracle. Yourself you own hands do not do anything good (at least do not invent). A simple example. you can spend a lot of time on a homemade compressor, and you can buy “semi-ready” for 2-4 t.р. Т.е. Buy from it the most important part. the engine and the compressor. In addition, it leaves the wheels of the compressor. pressure gauges. compressor. Buy a motor-compressor can be, for example, in Ashan. Where sells a ready-made compressor, it also sells an engine for it. And then “improve” the design as you like. Most likely, again you will spend money and again you will lose time. As a receiver can really use any container (such as a cylinder from the car’s gas equipment). Only again, the question. but you need it ? It is better to save up and buy any cheap ready-made compressor, with a manometer, etc.д. Further removed unnecessary.

Do not go too deep. We just need to replace the use of a can of paint (entry level user of homemade spray gun) or sometimes paint the whole part. We expect to repaint it in a year at the service (or someday later), or maybe not repaint at all. There are cars that don’t want to get it repainted at all. For these, using a homemade paint sprayer is an easy solution to all problems.

Why it’s better and more economical than can.

The spray can runs out of paint very quickly. And there’s another thing. You might have noticed that the shade of spray paint often does not match the shade of the original paint. Different manufacturers get different shades of paint. Buy a can of your own color at once. Check the color chart. choose either Mobichel, Vika, Sikkens or other colors. But our good spray cans are made by Motip company and its paint colors are very diverse. What is the difference between spray cans and can paint application : 1. The paint in the cans is always nitro-based. Т.e is washed off or spoiled later with solvent or just time. There is no hardener in it, which is usually used and makes the paint more resistant to environmental influences. No hardener, because otherwise it would not have been stored in the can for a long time. A normal paint or varnish always comes with a hardener. 2. The paint in the can is always very liquid. otherwise it will not fly out of the can in the cold, when there is no normal temperature of 12-20 degrees Celsius. 3. You always need a lot of spray paint to paint a part. I believe that 2-3-4 cans on the hood and 1-1.5-2 on a regular part, This is so that the part has a shine and deep color. If you just want to give the part a little color (“powdering”), that’s enough for one. 4. The advantage of the can is the ease of use. There seems to be no other advantage. Who tried it, he realized that it is still not very good and expensive (the question of bad is debatable. there are already professional). the can in a store costs 180-300 and 400-600 refilled at the firm). 5. Liter of thick paint in a can at us costs 600-1000r. That’s a volume of 7-10 (or maybe more. no one checked) cans. And the paint in a can has a separate hardener. There was a time when I tried to paint a spray can with glitter, two coats of paint hood Moskvich 41. Five spray cans I was not enough (and good thing the cans were a gift, otherwise we get a completely unreasonable cost).

The way

This option of making a spray gun is more complicated and time consuming. It will take more time, but the device will be more reliable and functional.

We are going to make a paint sprayer out of an old refrigerator.

  • compressor from an old refrigerator;
  • Any container with capacity from 3 to 10 liters;
  • Hoses: the first. 400 mm, the second and third. 100 mm;
  • clips 1.5 or 2 cm;
  • car or fuel filters;
  • wire;
  • wooden board and self-tapping screws.
  • choose an old fire extinguisher, canister, jerry can or other tightly closed container as a receiver;
  • at first it is necessary to fasten the compressor to the basis: wooden or metal;
  • there are three tubes on the compressor: two open and one sealed;
  • switch on the compressor in a socket and bring a hand to these pipes, the one from which air leaves will be our exit, and the one in which it enters. will be an input, to an input and an output we fasten two hoses, one of them leads to the receiver, and another. to the gasoline filter;
  • it is better to cut the sealed tube at once and drain it of the used oil;
  • use a syringe to pour new oil into the compressor and screw a bolt into the tube for periodic oil changes;
  • drill two holes in the receiver, fix hoses in them, one longer and one shorter, the first hose. the input and the second. the output;
  • to measure the pressure. install a pressure gauge, it is mounted only on a metal receiver;
  • we mount the receiver on the base to the compressor;
  • Connect the hose from the receiver to the compressor, the second hose on the receiver connected under gasoline filter, whose main purpose. cleaning air from dust and small particles;
  • On the hose that comes out of the receiver, install a diesel filter, which removes water from the air;
  • put on the clips, connect the sprayer;
  • Wheels are attached to the base, for easier movement.

Tips for using the spray gun

Once the homemade tool has been assembled, you can get to work. To make it a success, use a few tips from professionals:

  • While spraying paint do not linger in one place, otherwise there will form a thick layer, which will look bad, and over time will peel off.
  • the paint jet should be directed perpendicularly to the surface to be painted. If it goes at an angle, some of it will not hit the target, but will fly in the air and eventually settle on the surrounding objects.
  • To get the most even layer of paint, you need to move the sprayer in a circular motion.
  • apply the second coat of paint only after the first one is completely dry.
  • The surface to be painted must be cleaned before the work begins, otherwise debris and dust particles will create under the layer of paint unsightly roughness.

If you decide to try making a paint sprayer, the video below will give you a better understanding of the process.