Partner chainsaw is not started by a carburetor.

Gasoline does not enter the carburetor of the Partner chainsaw

There can be many breakdowns associated with a chainsaw, and solving some is quite difficult. If you have been working with this gas tool for a long time, you have a problem when gasoline does not enter the carburetor or enters, but very difficult and does not allow the chainsaws to start normally. Fortunately, experts have long found the reasons for such a breakdown and therefore we have constituted the main methods of repair.

We check banal reasons, for example, the presence of gasoline in the tank. If any, we check the process of supplying fuel from the tank along the wire. To do this, just turn off the gas pipeline from the carburetor and try to download fuel. The supply of fuel through the hose with jerks will be correct, this will make sure that there are no problems with the gas tank. If the fuel is not supplied even with jerking or dripping too slowly, the reasons may be as follows:

The fuel filter was clogged with dirt and dust;

Surprisingly, even the presence of a complete tank may cause when the fuel does not come. So try not to fill the tank to the maximum. A crowded fuel tank can squeeze the pipe with a pressure that connects to the carburetor.

Poor quality of gasoline

Each experienced user of a chainsaw knows that fuel in the tank of the instrument cannot be left for a long time. The fact is that with prolonged storage inside the tank, unnecessary processes will occur with the formation of resin and polymerization of various components. Do not leave fuel in the tank duration of 2 weeks, and even if your tool starts up on such a fuel, this can lead to the formation of soot on the details of the CPG (rings, piston).

Air filter

If the chainsaw does not enter the carburetor, pay attention to the type of air filter. Due to its non-proper work, the unstable operation of the chainsaw begins, which in the future is difficult to start or stalls when working

The air enters the device and makes the mixture too rich. You can hardly start it, and the reason for this is the formation of dust.

You need to remove the air filter carefully, because if dust is stored on it, it can crumble on the carburetor. The air filter is well cleaned with water and detergent. Be sure to dry the filter before installation.

How to remove a carburetor from a chainsaw. Gasoline does not enter the carburetor of the chainsaw. methods of repair

The air-fuel mixture is mixed in the carburetor for the engine operation. Using a special piece, you can manually tilt or enrich the fuel mixture for a specific purpose. For example, for cutting deciduous rocks.

Both the motorcycle of the motor and the performance of the chainsaws directly depend on the good technical condition of the carburetor. Let’s see in more detail how the chainsaw carburetor works.

The most all.produced prerequisite for this all.fought breakage is the clogging of foam fuel filter or pipes that are responsible for the measured supply of fuel in the factory iron cylinder of the motor. Every 3rd Chinese gasoline tool is often tormented by these locks. This is due to the low quality of integrated filters and tubes that are supplied with cheap Chinese chainsaws.

The elimination of malfunctions is reduced to the removal and washing of contaminated parts.

  • Remove the lid of the plastic saw case;
  • Clean the place under it and proceed to the dismantling of hoses and filters. Pipes are attached to the initial reinforcement with clamps. To extract the hoses without damaging them, release and remove the clamps. After that, the pipes will need to be blown by compressed air and washed with unsuccessful gasoline
  • To dismantle the filter, you should first pull it out of the industrial building. After which the element will need to be placed in a container with unsuccessful gasoline. A day later, the filter can be removed and time to dry;
  • After washing, all parts should be painstakingly installed and fixed on their unique place in the carburetor.

This cleaning scheme will help painfully wash more vulnerable elements of the fuel system without the need to disassemble the entire carburetor.

Another cause of malfunction. needle. This part is glued, especially on Chinese.made chainsaws. To eliminate difficulties, it will always be quite enough to just move the needle.

If fuel does not fall into the camera, the saw owner must look at the seal of the tool. After several months of using the tool, these parts lose their density. Over time, they begin to penetrate gas, as a result of which the device stops starting. Repair is carried out by substitution of oil seals.

If the fuel does not fall into the chamber, then it is necessary to check the fuel highway. In most cases, a Chinese hose is used to end the economical class tool, which over time loses its density

In this case, it will be useful for you to change the fishing line for the trimmer, paying increased attention to the density of the seams of the channel

The algorithm for finding a chainsaw

Experts recommend that you start to make a visual inspection of the nodes in order to find the reasons why the chainsaw is poorly started. The algorithm of this process consists in the consistent diagnosis of all key elements. To do this, check:

  • The presence of a spark between the electrodes of the candle;
  • The gap between the ignition module and the flywheel with the magnet;
  • The condition of the fuel and air filters;
  • Fuel mixture;
  • The correct setting of the carburetor;
  • Sapun (small hole) of the cover of the fuel tank;
  • The performance of the exhaust system.

Spark on the spark plug

Professionals are sure that the presence or absence of a spark in a candle is a kind of indicator of the state of the fuel system, clogging of the air filter or incorrect portions of gasoline and oil when preparing a working mixture. All such malfunctions contribute to the formation on the central and lateral electrodes of the Black Nagar, which in turn leads to a decrease in the gap. To check the discharge, it is necessary to unscrew the candle from the cylinder channel and, having previously put on a high.voltage wire, make several jerks with a starter. If the spark is present, then you can simply set the recommended distance between the contacts if necessary and wrap the candle back into the cylinder.

It must be remembered that the optimal gap of the electrodes of the candle in different manufacturers may fluctuate. Basically, this distance varies from 0.2 to 0.5 mm.

In the absence of a discharge on a candle and, as a result, the problematic nature of the launch or unstable operation of the ICE can be determined by the following problems:

  • Excessive overflow of the fuel of the candle canal;
  • Ignitional failure;
  • Lack of contact of a high.voltage cable with a candle core.

If, with a difficult launch of a chainsaw, a cold candle floods with a fuel mixture, it is necessary to produce the following manipulations:

Let us evaporate the remnants of the fuel mixture for 15-30 minutes;

Clean the contacts from the soil with sandpaper;

This algorithm in most cases helps to launch the motor, but does not allow you to determine the reasons why the chainsaws are not started after the ignition is turned off. In the absence of contact of the ignition wire and candle, it is necessary to check the reliability of the connection. For these works, you can use the usual tester. However, if the diagnosis of the wire and the candle did not show deviations, then most likely the problem lies in the ignition module. The reel is not subject to repair and restoration, so it will require a complete replacement.

The fragment of the fuel of the chainsaw

The distance between the ignition coil and the magnet directly affects the quality of the spark of the Electrodes of the candle. When diagnosing malfunctions, it will not be superfluous to check this gap, the value of which depends on the manufacturer of the chainsaw and model. If it is deviated from the norm, it is necessary to loosen two screws of the yard, and by means of the probe to establish the correct distance.

Fuel system

If the diagnosis of the ignition system did not show deviations, and the chainsaws are started and immediately stalls, then it is necessary to pay attention to the fuel supply system. First of all, you need to check the presence of the mixture in the tank and the tightness of the joints. When disconnecting the hose from the carburetor, we produce several strokes of the primer. The norm will be considered intermittent supply of the mixture recommended by the manufacturer.

One of the reasons for the unstable operation of the engine can be the low quality of the fuel mixture. Experts recommend, with prolonged breaks in the work (more than 2 weeks), drain gasoline from the tank. This is due to the fact that the fuel mixture can react with plastic, the result of which can be the formation of soot on the spark plug.

Checking fuel and air filters

Filter elements can have a direct effect on the quality of the air fuel mixture. When clogging one of two, the recommended process of mixing air or gasoline may be violated. To diagnose the fuel filter of the chainsaw, you need to disconnect the pipe from the carburetor and swap several times. Weak pressure may indicate clogging directly in the filter tank. It can be removed with a regular wire or screwdriver, and then replace it with a new.

When contaminating the air filter, unstable operation of the internal combustion engine is possible at both idle and high speeds. To clean it, it is necessary to carefully disconnect the cartridge and rinse it in water with detergents. With strong wear, specialists are recommended to replace the filter. When dismantling and installing it, you need to be extremely careful and careful, since even a small speck in the carburetor gets into the future, which is the reason why the chainsaws are poorly started or stalling with increasing speeds.

Fuel tank cover valve

Sapuns located near the gas tank cover are used to level the pressure necessary for the optimal fuel flow, and prevents its flow from the tank. Over time, this small hole can be clogged due to high dustiness, small sawdust, and dirt. As a result of this, a vacuum (negative pressure) is formed inside the container, which does not allow the fuel mixture to flow.

A regular sewing needle will be required to clean the soundtress, with which you can extract dirt from the hole. After you can remove the remaining particles with a strong stream of compressed air from the compressor.

Examination of the exhaust system of the chainsaw

Often, one of the reasons why the chainsaw is not launched is the formed blockage in the muffler or in the exhaust channel. In addition to difficult launch, this malfunction is accompanied by a significant drop in the power of the unit. The exhaust system is clogged most often due to poor-quality fuel or excess of a portion of oil in the fuel mixture. To restore the functioning of the release system, you will need to carry out the following work:

  • We dismantle the muffler with a sealing gasket;
  • Unscrew the sparking and disassemble the resonator body;
  • We place the parts in a washing solution for several hours;
  • We dry and collect the chainsaw release system.

If it starts and stalls

Когда бензопила заводится и глохнет, это связано с карбюратором или другими деталями. Causes of malfunction:

  • Fuel does not enter the engine. This is due to the blockage of the saapun.
  • Not enough fuel in the tank. Tilt the tool sideways, the remaining fuel flows to one place. Because of this, the saw stops working.
  • Poor quality fuel.
  • The candle insulator is overheated when poor contact is installed between the cap and candles. The contact between them becomes worse for a halter or a mechanical shift.
  • The spark plugs are faulty.
  • Fuel does not enter the carburetor through the fuel filter or pump. As soon as the tool begins to increase speed, he immediately stalls.
  • If the air filter is contaminated, the engine does not withstand high loads and stops.
  • Not enough or completely absent lubrication in the chain.

The chainsaw is not started on hot

In cases where the chainsaws do not start hot, you need to conduct a visual inspection of all the main nodes of the chainsaw. Inspection should start with the spark plug. Check the spark, inspect the surface of the candle electrode, these actions will help establish the direction in which you should look for the problem.

Malfunctions in the ignition system

If, when examining a candle, it is found that it is wet and sparking on the contacts does not occur, this means that the problem should be sought in the ignition system, inspect the coil, check the gap between the flywheel and contacts of the coil. You can also check how tightly the cap of the high.voltage wire sits on the candle, and the candle itself. Try to replace it with a new.

Problems in the fuel system

If during the examination it was found that there is a spark, and the candle is dry, it means that the problems are in the fuel system. Its check should start with the fuel filter. Next, you need to inspect the fuel hose and its fastening to the carburetor, pay attention to, on the fuel leaks from the carburetor and the presence of gasoline in the air filter housing. It is advisable to start removing the carburetor only if the visual inspection did not allow determining the cause of the breakdown.

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A characteristic feature of the problem in the fuel system is an excessive amount of fuel in the engine cylinder. As a rule, the signs of this are an overly wet spark plug and the presence of a spark on the contacts of the candle. In this situation, it is necessary to turn the chainsaw so that the candle hole is directed to the bottom. If gasoline will flow from the cylinder, then the reason that the chainsaw does not start, it is transferring fuel to the engine.

“Floods” with fuel, sometimes due to improper adjustment of the carburetor, or its malfunction.

The process of adjusting the carburetor can be found on the example of the Champion 254 saw, watching the video instructions.

How to get a chatever Partner

The question of how to start a chainsaw can be divided into two parts:

Information from the first part will be useful to those who have lost the annotation, or to those who have an uninformative annotation.

The 2nd part will say what needs to be done if you did everything right by annotation, but the chainsaws still do not start. It will also be useful to those who have a bad chainsaw start.

one.Start a chainsaw according to the instructions

In various chainsaws, the factory can be carried out in different ways. We will analyze two more favorites that are used in order to start a chainsaw available today. For example, take the Stihl MS 180 and Echo CS-352ES chainsaw. If you have a different brand, then just try to start by analogy, because most likely you have the same or similar mechanism.

Before starting a description of the factory process, you will like to see that some chainsaws have written in the annotation that before you start a chainsaw, it is necessary to turn on the brake of a critical stop. Like it is safer. But with a fixed brake, it is more difficult to start a chainsaw, so it is better to correct it. If everything is done in mind, then the chainsaws will not do anything for you during the start. If you are afraid that without fixing the brake of the chainsaw, when you are trying to get it, it will be able to harm you, then it is better not to take on this tool at all.

  • The 1st that must be done before you start this chainsaw is to translate the lever of adjustment of the damper to the lower position ( Keep in mind that this lever moves on a chainsaw to the bottom of the bottom only if the gas button is pressed. Therefore, clamp the gas button and translate the lever down. Thus, we close the damper in the carburetor and fix the gas in the pressed position in the chainsaw.
  • After you did it, then to get a chainsaw, you begin to pull the starter handle with an energetic movement, until you hear that the chainsaw was tried to start and died here. Then we translate the lever for adjusting the position of the damper at the chainsaw one step upward (rice.2). Rice. 2
  • In this position, we again pull the starter handle until the time until the chainsaw is started. With all this, if it came out, it is due to the fact that the gas handle is fixed in a pressed position, it will immediately work at large speeds.
  • Then we click once and release the gas button on the chainsaw. the lever of adjusting the damper automatically will stand up to the working position. And the revolutions of the chainsaws will subside. Now you can work. Rice. 3
  • If you need to start a heated chainsaw, then you just need to put the lever in the position, as in rice. 3, and you can start.
  • To stop the operation of the chainsaw motor, we raise the lever of adjusting the damper to the upper position of the rice. four

Now we will analyze the 2nd 2nd mechanism that allows you to start a chainsaw.

As to start a Partner chainsaw

.Repair of the carburetor.Carburetor adjustment.

2.Why the chainsaw is not started?

If you did everything according to the instructions, and the chainsaws will not start, then something is wrong with her. This may be the fault of several of the most common reasons: there is no spark; fuel is not supplied; Air filter is closed. So, below we offer the procedure that will help to identify the reason why the chainsaws are not started.

Procedure if you don’t start a chainsaw

The first thing I would like to note if you don’t start a chainsaw is not twisting any screws on a carburetor. If you are not a specialist, then you still can’t set up something yourself and start a chainsaw will not work.

The following actions necessary, in order to start a chainsaw, take in the indicated order, starting to take action under the next number only if the previous one did not help.

  • For starters, just just leave the chainsaw at rest for 5-10 minutes. Perhaps during the factory she got a candle. this happens. Then try to get it according to the instructions again.
  • Remove the case cover on the chainsaw, remove the air filter and try to start without it. If the filter is contaminated, then it should be washed in soapy water and dried or replaced with a new.
  • Twist a spark plug from the chainsaw. Check the presence of a spark. If there is no spark, then try to put a new candle. If the spark never appeared, then this means that the ignition unit is damaged and the saw must be carried for repair. True, the visual observation of the spark does not mean that the ignition unit is working. If there is a spark, but the chainsaw did not work out, do the following on the list of action.
  • If there is a spark, but the candle is wet, then turn the chainsaw to drain excess gasoline from the cylinder if it accumulated there. Tighten 10-15 times a starter without a candle to ventilate the combustion chamber. Procate the candle and twist it back, or better change it to a new one, if there is. Try to start again according to the instructions.
  • If the candle is dry, then pick up one or two cubes of the gas mixture in the syringe and pour it into the cylinder. Try to have a chainsaw. maybe a small snorinka got into the carburetor, which prevents the fuel from getting into the combustion chamber. This synchill will quite possibly eliminate the stream formed after the launch of the chainsaw by adding fuel directly to the cylinder.
  • Unscrew the muffler and remove it, trying not to spoil the gasket between the silencer and the engine. Try to get without a silencer and air filter. With the muffler removed from the chainsaw, you can inspect the piston from the inside. If there are burrs or bullying on the walls of the cylinder or piston, or the ring on the piston is clamped with burrs, then it will have to be very upset, as this means that the piston is damaged or worn out. This usually happens with underfilling in the fuel mixture of oil. With such a malfunction, you will have to contact the service, and it is possible to think about buying a new chainsaw, since replacing a piston is a fairly expensive operation.

Thus, we made out in this article how to start a chainsaw “according to the instructions”, and also what to do if the chainsaw is not started. We hope that these tips were useful to you.

How to make sure that there really is no spark

To make sure there is a spark on the chainsaw or not, you need to perform a simple procedure:

  • The upper cover on the case is removed.
  • Gently, with a capture under the very bottom, so as not to tear off the candle wire, a cap is removed from the candle.
  • The 19th end key included in the kit, the candle is unscrewed counterclockwise.
  • The cap is put on the place, on the candle.
  • The thread or nut of the candle is “closed to the mass”, that is, pressed to the metal head of the cylinder. To provide confident contact, the candle is pressed to the cylinder with electric pliers, a screwdriver with insulated handles or a hand in dielectric gloves. This should not be done with a bare hand. With a broken cap, you can get a painful blow of a high.voltage discharge (up to 40,000 V with a slight current of current up to 80 milliamps).

The chainsaw is placed on the ground, pressed to the ground and slightly pull the starter cord slightly. At this time it will be seen whether there is a spark or not.

Why there is no spark on the chainsaw and what to do

If there is no spark on the chainsaw, then do not be upset, the malfunction is diagnosed and eliminated on its own very simple. The serviceability of the ignition system and the fuel system is equally important for the non.resistant operation of the chainsaw engine. But the symptoms of malfunctions, both ignition and carburetor are often very similar at first glance. In order to correctly find and eliminate the cause of malfunctions precisely in the ignition system, in particular the lack of a spark, you need to know the principle of its operation, device and diagnostics.

It is important that sparks on a chainsaw may not be due to a malfunction of the fuel system. In order not to look for a malfunction in good ignition, this question must be dealt with immediately.

partner, chainsaw, started, carburetor

The carburetor of the chainsaw can “shift”, that is, to throw too much fuel into the combustion chamber. Inside the candle there is a Faore insulator from which a metal core comes out. On it, under the plate, will be stagnated with a “mass” (minus) and a spark arises.

But if the space inside the candle between the round insulator and the mass is flooded with excess fuel, especially with the conductive contamination, the closing (spark) can slip inside the candle. Where necessary, there will be no sparks.

However, if there is no spark on the chainsaw, the fuel does not burn, and the candle simply must be wet from the fuel when the carburetor is working. Determine visually, the candle is overly filled and therefore there is no spark, or not excessively, almost impossible. Therefore, for the exact diagnosis of this “nodal moment” (the carburetor or ignition is faulty), it is necessary to have 2-3 guaranteed candles under your hands.

The working candle is screwed into place, the engine is tried to start. If he started working normally, the problem is solved. If not, the candle is turned again and watching a spark. There are no sparks. put the next dry working candle.

There is a spark, put a candle in place, try to start. If you do not start again, they turn the candle, look at the spark. If the spark on the chainsaw is gone again, and the candle is flooded, almost 100% probability that the cause of fuel transfusion.

Good afternoon, dear readers are not subscribers of my blog! At one inappropriate moment, you can easily find that your chainsaw

does not start. Alas, do not rush to immediately hand over the tool for repairs, you will not present your job not to eliminate this breakdown yourself. I will tell you what to do in cases where a chainsaw is not started, not how to find the right solution to this problem.

We analyze the possible causes of breakdown

Find why the tool is not started of course in the instructions itself. However, the instruction is not necessarily there.

Although each model has its own characteristics, but in general what remains to make our client similar. Therefore, I will tell you possible reasons

breakage is not possible ways to eliminate them for different tools.

How does the mechanism work

All tools that are not foreign (Husqvarna, Makita, Stihl, Partner

350), not Chinese chainsaws, not domestic (friendship, Urals), are arranged the same. Therefore, to find the reason why the device does not start does not stall very simple.

There are four elements where problems happen:

  • Fuel for which the carburetor is responsible;
  • Lubrication;
  • The air that enters the air filter;
  • Spark, which quality is depending on the ignition unit.

They depend on each other do not interact with each other. If any element works incorrectly, then the saw stops working.

The first question is what remains to make our client tools in different ways-to hot on the cold. Chainsaw is not if there is no spark, perhaps the reason for the unemployment of the chainsaw. Two frequently used mechanisms are responsible for this common hearing.

Be sure to see what is written in the user’s instructions. It indicates that when turned on, it is necessary to make sure that the emergency stop brake is recorded. However, it is much more difficult to start a saw with a brake, so it is better not to turn on the brake.

The most from the instructions, the fuel tank is not an engine inside the case, but from the outside. the saw part (a tire with a chain), the handle is not a starter.

First you need to figure out how exactly the tool does not start. Nettle, the saw starts, alas, it immediately stalls, or loses the power of work, the quality of the saw.

Basic equipment

Partner chain chain chainships similar to other modifications: Partner saw tire, universal key, cover, fuel mixture container, protective cover, gear emphasis, warranty obligation from the manufacturer, operating instructions.

Partner P340S chainsaw: Basic configuration

Partner P340S chainsaw is produced at Husqvarna factories in China, Sweden, USA, Italy. The cost of the instrument in the market varies quite in large limits. from the budget version of the production of PRC 40 to offers 120.

Chinese assembly sometimes causes many complaints of owners. But recently, you can also find positive reviews about the technique produced by China. Obviously, there is still a modern orientation of the Chinese economy on the quality against the quantity that prevailed 10-15 years ago.

However, it should be borne in mind that the original Partner P340S chainsaw is better in quality, it copes more efficiently with high loads, but more costly in maintenance. If the loads are planned moderate, then you can purchase Chinese assembly.

Chainsaw stalls when pressing on gas. How to adjust the carburetor

Problem: a chainsaw stalls after starting

A common situation: Partner chainsaw stalls at large speeds, although it starts before and works without problems on medium gas. Sometimes on average it also works with interruptions. but it immediately stalls on full gas. This problem is faced with many users who save on high.quality fuel.

Poor.quality gasoline easily pollies the details of the breeder. In this case, checking the filters (air and fuel) will not hurt). over, a muffler suffers from poor fuel and the fuel formed by him.

Dirty fuel combustion products simply clog it, forming an impenetrable cork from Gary. This traffic jam greatly reduces engine power. At the same time, gasoline is consumed in large quantities, but there is no result in power. Check and clean the muffler:

  • Remove the remaining fuel from the tank.
  • Remove the muffler and disassemble it to pieces.
  • Do not leave the exhaust opening open. cover it with a napkin or lid.
  • Clean the entire carrier from the muffler using a cable and/or detergents. According to reviews, “Mr. muscle” for pipes or similar household chemicals proved to.
  • A clean washed muffler must be dried. For the speed of the process, you can make this hair hairdryer.

After implementing the recommendations for the elimination of breakdowns, set the muffler in place, season the saw with high.quality (!) fuel and run it.

Primary diagnosis of Partner 340S-360S.

By tradition, we cannot but mention at the beginning of the article, it would seem about small, but very important details of these units, which periodically need to be cleaned and replaced. We advise you to start diagnostics better with small and not to immediately go deep into the mechanism.

The fuel filter must have good throughput to ensure the supply of fuel to the carburetor. Needs periodic cleaning or replacement

Air filter. Pollution of this filter will entail a violation of the proportions of the fuel-air mixture. And a large number of pollution on the filter will entail their hit in the carburetor.

Spark plug (Z7C marking) relatively rare type of candles for chainsaws. Control of the gap of the electrode and the absence of soot, to ensure a good spark.

The chains are torn during sawing. wear of the teeth of the leading star.

To replace the leading star, you need to remove the side brake cover (p.63).

Remove the air filter casing, unscrew the spark plug.

Stop the movement of the piston with a special stopper. Unscrew the clutch (p.61), pay attention. left thread! Unscrew clockwise. You do not need to disassemble the clutch, remove it to the side. Remove the protective puck (p.60) and leading asterisk (p.59) with a bearing. Install a new one and collect everything back.

No oil is supplied to the chain. malfunction of the oil supply system.

Made of plastic, over time it is possible to erase the “threads”, as a result of which the lack of rotation of the plunger of the oil pump.

To replace it, we remove the saw set and asterisk (see. above)

Next, remove the oil pump drive (p.57), examine the landing slots under the leading asterisk and thread for the oil pump plunger.

In case of damage. we change the drive to the new.

The plunger is directly responsible for supplying oil to the tire and chain. It is made in the form of a plastic gear, during operation it is possible to “erase” the teeth. The plunger can be replaced as separately, so the oil pump assembly.

To remove the pump, it is necessary to remove the saw set and an asterisk, the oil pump drive (see.above). Unscrew 2 screws (p.29), disconnect the hoses and remove the oil pump.

To remove the plunger. you need to unfasten the bracket and extract a plunger.

Husqvarna itself offers to buy only an oil pump assembly. However, you can still buy a plunger separately.

Also the cause of oil leakage can be hoses from the oil tank and supply to the tire and chain. The replacement process is not complicated. Especially often problems arise with a hose that connects oil tank and oil pump. Another reason can be a clogged oil filter in an oil tank. You can remove it for cleaning or replace it.

Malfunction. air leaks into the engine.

It is worth noting that many owners drank, confuse air leaks with a malfunction of the carburetor. Symptoms of air leaks Engine. strong oversuance of revolutions, both short.term and constant. Or the saw just refuses to start.

Ideally, check the saw saw with a special tool, but the cost of such a tool is very high. We will talk about the main “sources” of the air into the engine.

One of the main causes of air leaks into the engine are crankshaft oil seals.

Crankshaft oil seal (12325 large). from the leading star

Crankshaft oil seal (12227 small). from the side of the flywheel

I would like to say that bearings and crankshafts in these saws are installed high quality and under good operating conditions they serve for quite some time.

The clogging of the sapun

The sapun in the presented model clogs when low.quality fuel is used. In such a situation, the repair of the piston chainsaw “Partner 350” should start with the inspection of the carburetor. In order to see it, you will have to remove the top cover of the device. Next, the ignition module is twisted. After that, it is important to disconnect the crank immediately. In this case, you will have to use the keys. The next step is disconnected by the drum.

Immediately behind it is the carburetor. You do not need to remove it for inspection. First of all, the throttle is checked. In some cases, the problem may consist in it. If the throttle is in order, you need to look at the tire. When she is damaged, her sides are slightly knocked down. Cracks can also be observed in the central part of the tire. If the part is deformed, it will have to be replaced. It is better to purchase spare parts for a chainsaw “Partner 350” in specialized workshops. It is quite difficult to put the tire on the carburetor independently. In such a situation, it is more advisable to contact a specialist.

Tips for eliminating faults

Fuel transfusion and filling of the chainsaw candles can be single and random. For example, the “perry” with a cap of the pump (primer): the engine did not start right away, the operator presses his finger on the cap again and again, tries to start, pumps up again.

In this case, the reason is not at all in the carburetor. You need to turn out the candle and blow the combustion chamber, pulling the starter cord several times, as when starting. They wipe the candle, dried on the flame of a gas burner or burner, or use another. Check the spark, put the candle in place. Try to start first without suction.

If you do not start after 3-4 jerks, press the pump cap 2-3 times. Try again. That is, after overflow, it is first better not to pump fuel, but to pump it on an increase in. Until the engine starts.

Candles sometimes require their maintenance and care.

  • Inside, around the insulator, there should not be a carbon or dirt categorically.
  • Contact of the electrode and records from the body of the candle is cleaned with sandpaper “nulevka”. Neatly, without twisting the end of the electrode.
  • You need to know the recommended candle clearance indicated in the instructions for each chainsaw model (from 0.5 to 0.65 mm or more).
  • For accurate adjustment of the candle clearance, special probes are used. a fan set of plates of different calibrated thicknesses that are folded in the handle, like a folding knife. Sold in auto tools and spare parts.
  • When working in winter and store a chainsaw is better at low temperature. When removing from heat to the frost from a sharp temperature difference, condensate can form everywhere, including in the ignition system, which is harmful.

One of the reasons for the lack of a spark in the chainsaw is told in the next video, where they also say how to fix the breakdown:

Modern ignition systems of chainsaws are quite compact and reliable. It is only necessary to protect them from direct moisture, strokes, exposure to extreme temperatures. And then there will be no problems with the lack of a spark during the launch. Also, obviously serviceable 1-2 spare candles will not be superfluous.

Every year, the technique is becoming more perfect and smarter, more difficult in design and easier to operate. They cannot help but keep up with the time and manufacturers of chain saws: special vibration suppression systems, light launch, automatic lubrication of the chain, non.conductive tension of the chain But no matter how additional functions the model was endowed, it is not safe from faults. For a chainsaw of any price range, the vast majority of breakdowns can be avoided with proper care and use.

What to do when floods a candle on a chainsaw

Before going to the service center, it will be useful to independently try to eliminate the current fault of flooding the candle on the chainsaw. Of course, this is relevant only in the presence of “straight” hands, since, otherwise, it is likely to increase the cost of repair work.

Poor.quality fuel

The chemical composition of low.octane gasoline includes various alcohol components. It takes more time to complete combustion than when using high.quality fuel, respectively, this becomes the main reason for the failure of the chainsaw candle.

Unfortunately, many citizens naively believe that the fuel with the inclusion of alcohol has a positive effect on the consumption of gasoline and acquire fuel surrogates. In some cases, economy really takes place, however, such fuel negatively affects the chainsaw engine, reducing its service life.

Incorrect launch

As a rule, during the first launch of the chainsaw, inexperienced men miss “cotton” with a closed air damper and continue to pull the starter. Because of this, a large amount of fuel accumulates in the combustion chamber, but there is not enough air. The candle is poured with excess gasoline and there can be no question of any spark.

The clogged filter

Due to the strong pollution of the paper filter of the chainsaw, a sufficient amount of oxygen does not enter the fuel chamber. The fuel mixture does not have time to ignite and gasoline fills the candle. If the filter has already developed its resource (this will be noticeable in its appearance), then it must be replaced. If the new filter is not at hand, but it is still necessary to work, then you can try to blow the filter in the back air flow.

The chainsaws of various manufacturers and model rows differ from each other. To clean or change the filter, it will be useful to initially see the operating manual. Well, or look there if you can’t extract a filter without tips.

Ignition system failure

Perhaps this is one of the most difficult problems that will need to be overcome for the further use of a chainsaw. The causes of the malfunction here can also be several.

The wrong gap

For the most part, the gap on the lighting candle of the chainsaw should be within 0.5. 1.2 millimeters (more accurate data should be reflected in the user guide). In order to check if this is, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • Using a screwdriver or special keys, the bolts are unscrewed that fix the chainsaw cover.
  • Having gained access to the flywheel and the magnetic circuit, the level of gap is checked.
  • If it does not correspond to the characteristics declared manufacturers, then with the help of a special laying or improvised means (an ordinary A4 sheet, folded several times) is perfect).

Problem in the ignition coil

To make sure the ignition coil is in good condition, you must be able to use a multimeter. This device allows you to measure the degree of reel resistance. There will be resistance in the good coil. In the burned out. cliff or short circuit.

If the coil is in good condition, then the gap between the coil and the flywheel may be broken. To configure it, you need to perform a number of simple actions:

Бензопила Partner.Карбюратор ремонт,регулировка.

  • Dismantling the saw case and the weakening of the bolts on which the ignition system is recorded. To the coil itself, you need to bring the magnet (magneto) of the flywheel.
  • The adjusting plate is inserted between the magneto.flywheel and the coil itself. The gap should be within 0.2 mm.
  • After tightening the bolts, the plate for adjustment is obtained.
  • It is necessary to completely and several times (2-3 will be enough) scroll the flywheel. While he should not cling to the coil.
  • The final stage is the assembly of the chainsaw building.

Carburetor adjustment failure

Often the candle on the chainsaw flies due to the incorrect operation of the carburetor. For greater clarity, we recommend watching this video

If you first set up the carburetor yourself, then pay attention to the following factors:

  • The presence of compensators and other automatic control elements makes it impossible to adjust without special equipment. In this regard, you will have to contact a specialized service center.
  • In the absence of the proper effect of adjusting the carburetor, the cause of filling the candle will be, there is a freezing of the float or the lack of tightness of the valve.

What to do if a chainsaw does not work

As can be seen from the above, not any reason can be eliminated with your own hands. So, for example, change fuel, air or fuel filter, change the spark plug and even clean the muffler with the appropriate desire and with your own hands. Work with more complex nodes, such as magneto, carburetor, cylinder-piston group, requires not only special skills, but also the necessary conditions and tools. In addition, the qualified repair of the saw requires spare parts and strict adherence to the rules of safe operation. Therefore, if your chainsaw is not started, then trust the solution to this issue to professionals. In our service center you can order diagnostics and repair of chainsaws of leading brands of garden technology.

All chainsaws are equipped with the main and inertial (emergency) brake. The latter is turned on only when a reverse blow occurs. The main brake is intended to stop the circuit when operating engine speeds. Why is the chain on the chainsaw and it does not stop? There are two options:

  • The brake tape is strongly worn out and does not provide a sufficient stopping effect. It is necessary to replace the brake tape.
  • Pollution of the tape. When working in the cover space, garbage can be clogged: chips, sawdust, dirt, etc.D. Garbage blocks the operation of the brake mechanism, so if the brake does not work, it is necessary to clean the brake mechanism.

The carburetor of the chainsaw is an element that is responsible for mixing the air fuel mixture. Not only the stability of the engine, but also the speed of the entire chainsaw depends on the state and serviceability of this important node. In this regard, each owner of the garden tool must study the design of the carburetor, as well as get acquainted with the rules for its maintenance and repair.

Stages of diagnosis

When the chainsaw refuses to start, it is necessary to diagnose all nodes. The correct sequence of verification is the key to timely eliminate the problem.

Quality and proper fuel supply

If gasoline is at the bottom of the tank, check whether the fuel-drive is lowered into it. On some models, the “disease” is the disconnection of the supply hose, so first check it.

The quality of the fuel is of considerable importance. Manufacturers recommend the use of AI gasoline. 92 and a special two.stroke oil. It is contraindicated to pour into engine oil or practice.

The ratio of oil and gasoline manufacturer indicates in the instructions. Violation of proportions reduces the resource of work and prematurely disables the chainsaw.

Gasoline-oil mixture for refueling the tool can be stored for no more than 15 days. Then the oil precipitated and the canal and jettings are clogged.

Spark on the candle

Fuel ignition is impossible without the supply of a quality spark, so the second stage of the launch diagnosis is the ignition checking. The components that have developed their resource give a weak spark, so the saw is started poorly.The procedure for checking the node:

  • They are twisted with a candle, put on a cylinder and connected to a candlestick.
  • Turn on the ignition and pull the starter.
  • If the sorcerer is continuous, the candle is working.
  • If the carriage with interruptions or it is not completely, the part must be replaced.

At the same time check the gap between the contacts. Its value should be from 0.5. 1 mm. In this case, the specific size of the clearance is indicated in the instructions.

The main information about the state of the candle is obtained in its appearance:

  • Black Nar. incorrect carburetor adjustment. The reason is the lack of air and an excess of fuel in the cylinders.
  • Wet candle. the entire ignition system is faulty or too much fuel enters the cylinder.
  • Red Nar. in gasoline an excess of additives.

The brown color of the candle indicates the serviceability of the ignition and the correct adjustment of the carburetor. If a new element gives a weak spark, then the coil is faulty and it needs to be replaced.

The condition of the filters

Clean filters, the bail of a long.term chainsaw service is a common problem in the operation of the chainsaw. clogging of the air filter. Manufacturers recommend cleaning this knot regularly using the compressor. The clogged filter prevents the supply to the air carburetor. As a result, excess fuel leads to the fact that the candle is poured and stops giving a spark.

Fuel filter in a gas tank can also clog. With a breakdown, it must be replaced. The service life of the fuel filter depends on many factors. But the main one is the quality of fuel and oil.

How does the Sapun saw plant affect the plant

One of the important details of the chainsaw is the pressure regulator in the fuel tank. Sapun. It is a passing air in one direction valve. When the outlet of the part is clogged, the air does not enter the tank and the pressure increases inside.The diagnostics of the saapon will be taken in the following sequence:

  • Unscrew the gas tank cover. If the air exit, the pressure regulator is faulty.
  • Twist the lid and start the saw. If the motor starts up and stalls right there, you need to clean the soundtress.

One of the options for checking the operation of the node is to control the fuel flow from the detached hose. If gasoline flows continuously, then the part is in good. Weak, intermittent stream speaks of clogging.

Small blockage is eliminated with a needle without dismantling. If the saopan is thoroughly clogged, you will have to remove it and carry out thorough cleaning.

Fluffer or exhaust canal

Feast is systematically laid on these nodes. You need to clean it regularly, but most owners forget to do it. As a result, during the operation of the tool, the combustion products have nowhere to go, and the engine does not start or suddenly stalls.

The following factors contribute to the increased deposit of the breach:

If the just acquired saw is not started when using high.quality fuel, the tool should be immediately returned to the seller. Most likely, there is a factory marriage in the saw, and independent diagnostics will lead to a loss of warranty.

Start a chainsaw according to the instructions

In different chainsaws, the factory can be carried out in different ways. We will analyze the two most popular mechanisms that are used in order to start a chainsaw that exist today. For example, take the Stihl MS 180 and Echo CS-352ES chainsaw. If you have a different brand, then just try to start by analogy, since most likely you have the same or similar mechanism.

Before starting a description of the factory process, I would like to notice that some chainsaws have written in the instructions that before starting a chainsaw, you need to turn on an emergency stop brake. Say so safer. However, with a fixed brake, it is more difficult to start a chainsaw, so it is better to correct it. If everything is done according to the mind, then the chainsaws will not do anything to you during the launch. If you are afraid that without fixing the brake of the chainsaw, when you are trying to start it, you can harm you, then it is better not to take up this tool at all.

  • The first thing to do before starting this chainsaw is to transfer the lever of adjustment of the damper to the lower position ( Keep in mind that this lever moves on a chainsaw to the bottom of the bottom only if the gas button is pressed. Therefore, clamp the gas button and translate the lever down. Thus, we close the damper in the carburetor and fix the gas in the pressed position at the chainsaw.
  • After you did this, then to get a chainsaw, you begin to pull the starter handle with an energetic movement, until you hear that the chainsaws tried to start and immediately stalled. After that, we translate the lever for adjusting the position of the damper at the chainsaw one step up (rice.2).
  • In this position, we pull the starter handle again until the chainsaw is started. At the same time, if it turned out to be started, it is due to the fact that the gas handle is fixed in the pressed position, she will immediately work at high speeds.
  • Next, click once and release the gas button on the chainsaw. the barbell adjustment lever will automatically get into the working position. And the revolutions of the chainsaws will subside. Now you can work.
  • If you need to start a heated chainsaw, then you just need to put the lever in the position, as in rice. 3, and you can start.
  • To stop the operation of the chainsaw engine, we raise the lever to adjust the damper to the upper position

Now we will analyze the second second mechanism that allows you to start a chainsaw.

  • First, before trying to start, turn on the ignition, transferring to the corresponding position a toggle switch or a chainsaw switch
  • Then we press the swing of the swing several times (rice.6). Gasoline will download it to it and after that we click on it another 3-5 times. If you have a chainsaw without a primer, then proceed to the next step.
  • Now on the chainsaw, we pull the lever for adjusting the position of the damper at one chainsaw, in order to start it, this lever can be stretched only with a gas button, while the gas button itself will be fixed in a pressed position. Others do not need to press the gas button. True, in this case, the gas on the chainsaw is fixed automatically or is not fixed at all.
  • Next, pull the starter handle until the chainsaw makes an attempt to start and stalls. After that, we push the lever for adjusting the position of the damper on the chainsaw to the stop and pull the starter handle again until the chainsaw is started. In some cases, in order to start a chainsaw, the lever of adjusting the position of the damper needs to be pulled only half, and it must be pulled to the end after the chainsaw is started.
  • The chainsaws with a fixing gas after the factory are high. Where there is no fixation. low speeds. In the latter case, due to low ruptures, a chainsaw usually, having not worked long, stalls for long. In this case, without adjusting anything, we start a chainsaw again and can be several times, until the chainsaws are a little warm and can already keep the momentum and not stall.
  • To start a hot chainsaw, just turn on the ignition by moving the corresponding toggle switch, and you can pull the starter handle.

Disadvantages of the saw

On the market you can find not very high.quality fakes of the Partner 350 chainsaw, which is not only an additional evidence of its popularity, but also harms the brand as a whole. And other models of this brand are successful with summer residents and farmers.

If you are ready to consider Partner 350 as your home tool for sawing non.weed trees, cutting of branches and other not very voluminous works, then the disadvantages should also know that more often than others called their owners:

Not a very high.quality system of extinguishing vibration, as a result of which hands get tired quite quickly. But, given the fact that this is a household tool that requires a 15-20-minute rest every 20-25 minutes of work, you can come to terms with this drawback.

Oil leakage from the chain lubricant system, which, however, suffers from the majority of the chainsaws, including it, including the more eminent relative of the Partner chainsaw. Khuskvarna.(link)

Lack of visual control over the level of oil, which is not very convenient to work, and the operation of a saw without lubrication will lead to rapid stretching, overheating and wear of the chain.

partner, chainsaw, started, carburetor

Of course, you can use this saw to dump a tree with a thickness of up to 30. 35 centimeters, but its main purpose is working on the site. Therefore, we offer you the most objective video review of this model:

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