Partner oil supply on the chainsaw. The specifics of the repair of Chinese chainsaws

Partner chainsaw system

According to the instructions, before the launch of the Partner chainsaw 350, special training is underway, which includes:

Ремонт масляного насоса плунжерного типа на бензопиле.

  • installation of a saw set or checking its tension for already installed parts;
  • check of the serviceability of the brake tape;
  • Translation of the brake handle in a state of readiness as shown in the figure;

The launch is carried out on a flat surface, sharply pulling the gas cable. With cold start, open the air damper and let the chainsaws warm up. Only after that can you gain speed and move on to woodworking.

All possible nuances of adjusting the Partner chainsaw 350 with your own hands are described in detail in the operating instructions. When they are not observed, the tool is not safe from malfunctions and repair, the budget of which may be unpredictable.

Oil pump repair on a chainsaw

At least some owner is not a bad technique, experienced in business and justified himself more than once. The new technique is always amazing and alarms with its features, exceeding the properties of a very old technique, which is still in use of many.

Some masters always try to acquire the equipment of vast recognizable companies of a certain brand for their own business and include their own friends and acquaintances to this, others are guided by the cost and acquire only precious ones, and the company is not interested in them.

Where is the guarantee that it does not matter what kind of technique we have acquired by one hundred percent corresponds to the certificate of property under which it is sold? Where is the durability promised by the manufacturer if we operate their equipment in our criteria, and moreover, ‘feed’ with our fuel and according to our recipes?

Nowadays, there are a lot of equipment, which in various retail outlets can be sold at different costs. No one will say where and who collected that lawn mower or a chainsaw that you got. A recognizable brand, and the assembly can be carried out in the adjacent garage according to components, perhaps even by artisanal method.

Many owners of the chainsaw noticed an oil spot in the place where they rested or stored them chainsaw

The oil under the saw begins to leak not immediately. And with a bad assembly, more precisely, with poor assembly of a chainsaw, an oil spot may seem immediately after refueling.

Excluding mechanical damage to the oil tank and the oil supply system, the circumstances of the oil leakage is not enough.

  • Not a dense connection of the supply oil line with the entrance channel of the oil pump and the weak density between the opening of the oil tank and the highway.
  • Technical compliance of the sizes of the plunger and the injection chamber of the oil pump.
  • Not a dense connection of the supply line with the output channel of the oil pump to the lubrication site of the saw chain.
  • Violation of the density of the plunger chamber of the oil pump.

I will dwell on the latter option in more detail, because specifically in the case of loss of the density of the plunger chamber and the oil leaks, and in the structures saw, where the oil tank is placed above the oil pump, the oil flows in a couple of days of downtime of the gas station.

partner, supply, chainsaw, specifics, repair

Remove oil leakage from oil pump

it is possible and all this happens rapidly, if anyone has a great screw. If you have a small working resource, then the inconsistent is solved simply. As I mentioned earlier, the guarantee of the inappropriate operation of your chainsaw is ensured not only by compliance with the good criterion for operating and the introduction of the manufacturer’s advice, it is also ensured by the appropriate quality of the devices of parts, and most of all the self.quality assembly.

A similar oil.type oil pump, installed on most models of the economical chainsaw, is simple in design. The principle of its work does not differ from the work of certain plunger oil pumps of other categories of chainsaws.

I will briefly outline the mechanism of the operation of the plunger type of similar models in my own words, so that a little clearer when familiarizing with my method of correcting the leak of oil through the oil pump of the chainsaw.


Diagnostics should begin with the inspection and check of the oil receiver (filter) of the STIHL 180 saw. Usually, if the filter is very contaminated, oil supply may end.

Next, you need to remove the drum asterisk, and check the condition of the lead gear.

The thread on it should be true, not licked and not have any other flaws, also with the gear removed, you need to check the wire lever.

He must tightly squeeze the gear and not turn, in an unpleasant case, the gear stands still and does not transmit the effort to the pump, as a result of which the oil supply stops.

If all the methods listed above are to find and remove the malfunctions did not give results, you need to use the latest measures, t. e. dismantle the pump.

Oil pump. where is located?

To embody the repair of the oil pump, a set of screwdrivers, rags and wrench keys will be useful.

First you need to remove the chain and unscrew the bolts with which the guide chain is attached to the saw case. Removal and replacement of the disk with a circular saw; How to remove the disk change the old circle to.

Then the pump is removed specifically. Its placement is indicated by the arrow on the image below.

Types of breakdowns

Most often, a breakdown of the chainsaw occurs due to the wear of moving nodes or for reasons that you have to understand on the spot. Before starting repair, it is important to correctly diagnose the causes of the faults that can be divided into the following groups:

  • the failure of the weakest link of the structure (this can be an engine or clutch of a chainsaw);
  • damage to a number of auxiliary nodes (brakes or circuit lubrication system);
  • random breakdown or deformation of individual parts of the chainsaw structure (handles of the holder, tire or stars).

Depending on which group the identified breakdown will be attributed to, the corresponding approach to the repair of the damaged mechanism will be selected.

The engine malfunction can be associated with several reasons, among which the failure of the elements of the electronic ignition scheme of the chainsaw and the malfunction in the units of the combustible supply system. Repair may also be required for violations in the work of the piston group of the chainsaw.

The main breakdown of the oil pump

The oil pump consists of several parts connected into a single whole, namely: housing, tank with oil lubricant, hose and gaskets between two parts of the device. The most vulnerable place is the gasket that is deformed over time or with improper operation of the chainsaw and begins to pass the lubricant.

Due to the leaky gasket, part of the oil flows through the gap, and therefore much less lubricant enters the chain. This increases the wear of the chain and the guide tire, which in the future can lead to their failure.

Also in the risk zone are hoses and nozzles of the oil pump, which, with prolonged use of the saw, can be salted, and therefore the oil pressure decreases. The holes through which the oil enters the guide tire are also susceptible to this misfortune.

Basic properties

When deciding what oil is poured into a chainsaw, first of all, it is necessary to consider the required characteristics taking into account the specifics of its functionality. First of all, this is the next set of properties:

  • High adhesion.
  • The presence of ingredients that prevent the formation of bullying and fast consumption.
  • Subsequent decomposition in natural conditions.
  • Compliance with the ambient temperature. At plus temperatures, mainly mineral compositions are used, and with negative. synthetic with frost.resistant additives.

Adhesive qualities of lubrication are perhaps the most relevant among other. Since it will largely depend on how long the lubricant will linger on the metal elements of the chain. In addition, low adhesion oil will not envelop the entire surface of the chain. and according to inertial forces, just fly off it, bypassing the lower part.

The chain with a properly greased chain has high productivity

With active operation of the chainsaws, a huge fraction of the oil used will simply fly out, getting into the ground. Remaining the chips in the soil cover, it will contribute to the deterioration of the environmental environment. Therefore, many manufacturers today produce rapidly generated compositions that do not harm nature.

In addition to these criteria, there is a rule. to use the lubricant components of the manufacturer who manufactured and launched the equipment itself for sale. Such an example is the branded oil for Makita electric saws.

Device and principle of operation

The oil pump is installed on the side surface of the engine crankcase closer to the gear of the chain tool drive. The pump is a plastic or metal case, inside which is a cylinder with a plunger.

The pump is attached to the engine card by several screws, has a hole for installing a drive shaft. There are structures with separate protective lids.

The rotation is transmitted from the drive gear of the chain or directly from the sock of the crankshaft of the engine. If the transmission is used from the asterisk, then the pump works only while moving the circuit. At idle, the oil is not supplied to the rubbing surfaces. If the pump drive is installed on the crankshaft, then the lubricant is supplied continuously, regardless of the speed of rotation.

When operating the engine, part of the torque is transmitted to the plunger, which is a steel rod. Part of the part installed inside the cylinder has a millstone bald. 2 holes are made on the cylinder case, which serve for fence of oil from the tank and subsequent discharge into the channel. Also on the body of the plunger there is a beveled groove that is in contact with a fixed pin on the crankcase. Due to the interaction of the nodes, the progressive movement of the plunger is ensured.

The plunger device includes a drive gear made of metal or plastic. In the design of the drive, one of the gears is made of soft material. When jaming the node, the teeth are cut off, protecting the other element from damage.

When the part rotates, alternating openings on the cylinder wall occurs. In this case, pressure fluctuations occur. Due to the reduction in pressure, the portion of the oil into the cylinder cavity occurs, which is then pushed into the lubricant. Since the speed of the crankshaft is 5-12 thousand. about./min., then the pulsation of the lubrication flow is smoothed out, the supply becomes continuous.

In professional saws, a pump with an adjustable supply is used, which differs in the shape of the teeth of the drive gear and an additional pressing spring. The design allows you to change the size of the plunger in the cylinder.

Diagnosis and detection of faults

The effectiveness of the repair also depends on the correctly carried out diagnostics, because the rapid definition of the problem will save time on repair work. If the Partner chainsaw does not work, then the diagnosis is performed in three stages:

Most often, the chainsaws of the chainsaw are associated with the fact that there is either nothing to burn or there is nothing to set fire to. Therefore, first you need to check the candle, for which it must be removed, and the wire is attached to the cylinder, and then pull the starter. The spark may be absent due to the defect of the candle, the wiring in the power circuit, the malfunction of the ignition button or the absence of the gap between the flywheel and the reel (a tint of the flywheel from the crankshaft is also possible). Due to the lack of a spark of chainsaws, it can be started, but immediately stalls when pressing the gas.

If there is a spark, then the fuel system requires checks, especially if it was found that the candle is dry. Diagnosis is as follows. Through the candle hole you need to pour 5 ml of fuel, and then start the saw. If the launch is unsuccessful, then the wear of the CPG is possible, the entering a foreign body into it. If the saw started up, then the problem may consist in improper operation of the carburetor or fuel line.

Partner chainsaw diagnosis includes a check of the gap of crankshaft bearings. For this, the flywheel must be moved in different directions. If there is a gap, then the bearings need to be changed.

Other malfunctions are possible, which you can solve with your own hands. For example, the saw does not gain momentum or the chain is not lubricated. The first problem is associated with improper adjustment of the carburetor, and the second. with the clogged hoses or insufficient oil in the fuel mixture.

Design features of the Partner 350 chainsaw

A reliable and convenient to use saw of this model has a gasoline engine with a power of 1300 watts. It is characterized by a light launch, which is carried out due to the professional fuel pump and the electronic ignition system.

The chainsaw is equipped with a protection system, which automatically activates the double inertial chain brake. The lubrication of the chain also occurs automatically. It is very easy to change the tension of the chain of this unit with the help of only two keys.

The chainsaw is equipped with a fuel primer, so it easily starts at any time of the year. The instrument starter drum is equipped with a special impeller with which it is cleaned of pollution.

The CCS filter is able to detain all residual particles. In addition, such a system allows you to use an air filter for a long time, while saving fuel consumption.

Partner 350 chainsaw manufacturers equipped the walls of the piston group cylinder with a chrome coating, which significantly increases the life of the instrument.

Principle of operation

The main node of the system is the pump. The principle of its work is as follows. With an increase in engine speed, the gear installed on the main shaft, through the worm gear, the pump shaft drives in motion. In turn, the rotation of the shaft creates a certain pressure in the oil line, which makes the oil move along it towards the tire.

The end of the oil channel is located at the place of contact of the tire with the tool card, where there is a longitudinal groove on which its oil channel gets when installing the tire.

The groove is necessary to ensure the supply of oil to the tire, regardless of the degree of tension of the chain of the chainships. Simply put, no matter what position the tire is at the time of operation, the oil will fall through the groove through the groove.

Then a chain is included in the lubricant process, on the links of which, depending on the model of the circuit, there is either a groove or a hole through which the oil is accelerated over the entire bus. With an increase in engine speed, the oil supply speed also increases.

Some models of the chainsaws are equipped with pumps, which additionally have the adjustment of the bandwidth, and if necessary, the amount of oil supplied by the lubrication system can be increased or reduced.

This function is satisfied with convenient, t. to. allows you to save and not spend excess oil.

We eliminate the malfunctions

If the oil is supplied to the chain in excess amounts, not only during the saw, but also at idle, manual adjustment should be done (if the pump design provides such an opportunity). This is done using a screw, which is located on a case near the guide tire, usually from below or from the side. Powering the screw supply of the oil is reduced, weakening. on the contrary. If the adjustment does not help, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the pump, as well as inspect the tire. perhaps at the place of its connection to the body formed a gap through which the oil flows past the circuit.

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The lack of oil can be caused by several reasons, for each of which there is a solution:

  • A malfunction of the oil pump. As a rule, it consists in unsuitable laying. In order to replace it, it is necessary to carefully disassemble the pump so as not to damage its mobile parts. Then a new gasket is installed, after which the pump is assembled and installed in place.
  • Damage to the oil wire hose. If the pumping of the pump is working, or its replacement has not led to the result, the tightness of the hose should be checked. If it is faulty, you need to replace. Otherwise it will not be superfluous to clean it and fix it with sealant.

If the reason lies not in the breakdown of the pump, it is necessary to inspect all the holes and channels for blockages for blockages, and if necessary, clean them of foreign objects. This can be done with a stream of compressed air.

Do not want to mess with a chainsaw, but need to adjust the oil flow? Contact our specialists who will diagnose and repair the chainsaw, and if necessary will carry out repair work and adjust the lubrication level. Your saw will be like new!

Fuel supply problem

Such a malfunction of the chainsaw will be obtained by studying the candle. The cylinder cannot receive fuel for various reasons:

petrol chainsaw repairing petrol tank replace

  • The fuel filter installed in the tank is strongly clogged.
  • The hole in the tank cover is clogged, which prevents gasoline leakage.
  • There is little fuel from the carburetor or not.

In the absence of the correct ratio or insufficient fuel consumption between gasoline and mixing air in the carburetor, it is necessary to check if the channels and the carburetor air filter are clogged. In addition, you may need to configure it.

Before cleaning, the filter is thoroughly removed. washed with a detergent, after which it is dried. Then put in place.

Carburetor adjustment is usually performed using screws. maximum and minimum revolutions. When conducting it, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions for the repair of the chainsaw, otherwise you can ruin the motor. Sometimes manufacturers leave only one adjusting screw to prevent inexperienced craftsmen to interfere in the carburetor.

If the debugging is not fixed, then there is a cleaning channels and the filter grid, as well as check the integrity of the membrane.

Do not forget that the carburetor. one of the complex chain mechanisms, so you need to approach it responsibly to clean it and disassemble.

It consists of many small elements that can go quietly, and it will be difficult to find them. Often, after disassembling this device, some users cannot collect it.

partner, supply, chainsaw, specifics, repair

Semi.synthetic oil of the stihl brand

Very often the owners of such chainsaws are wondering which oil can be used for saw. It can affect her work:

For such a problem to be solved, a universal semi.synthetic oil was developed at the STIHL enterprise. It is suitable for all high.speed chainsaws. Under any conditions, such oil can be lubricated with chains. The tool will work flawlessly.

Since the STIHL semi.synthetics is designed for chains, it is made of special high.quality materials, does not contain various toxic substances that can cause cancer. The oil fully meets the most stringent environmental requirements.

The climate is quite harsh. There are areas in our country where frosts often overcome values ​​in.20 ° C. The latest oil chains for chains STIHL was specially designed to work in cold conditions. With this frost, it demonstrates excellent fluidity.

Special additives that are part of the oil do not allow to make the cutting of the cutting headset, they will extend life and other lubricated details. A saw with such butter easily starts even after long.term storage.

The use of such chain lubrication reduces the wear of the saw chain. Due to the high endurance of the oil at high temperature, the cutting headset is under perfect protection. Such oil is not afraid of a peak temperature load. Almost never appears smoke.

Chainsaw. a hand tool designed to work with wooden material. It is equipped with an internal combustion gasoline engine. Is a complex constructive device. During operation, a violation of factory settings occurs, therefore, it is periodically required to carry out such a procedure as adjusting the chainsaw.

Partner 350 chainsaw oil. how to choose?

To extend the operating life of the engine and other working mechanisms of the garden tool, it is necessary to use high.quality motor oil for the preparation of the fuel mixture. When burning in the cylinder, it should form as little ash as possible, which settles on the walls of the muffler and on the spark plug.

The engine oil used for refueling should be quickly dissolved in gasoline and be carefully cleaned of harmful impurities, which, over time, settled in narrow channels of the Partner plant carburetor.

In addition, the Partner 350 chainsaw oil should have high lubricants and anti.corrosion properties, and also resist the wear well.

It is best to use for the preparation of fuel mixture of oil for 2-stroke engines of Stihl and Husqvarna brands. They lubricate the operating nodes of the Partner garden tool and, when combined, do not distinguish a large amount of ash.

Characteristics of the chainsaw

This model is in significant demand among consumers, but most often it is bought by gardeners to work in their areas. Use a saw not only to prepare firewood, but also for construction.

In general, they differ in compact dimensions. They are equipped with a sufficiently powerful engine. Their main advantages are: simple launch and reliable work performed thanks to a qualitatively manufactured electronic ignition system and fuel pump.

It is completely safe to use this chain saw. It has a security system, which automatically launches an inertial brake for the circuit. In the same mode, it is also lubricated.

With the launch of a chainsaw, a partner will not have problems even in winter, since it has fuel soil. The starter’s drum is equipped with a impeller to clean the dirt. In addition, manufacturers put the device in the CCS system. This design retains residual particles and is also used when the air filter is used for a long time.

Developers to extend the service life of the chain saw on the piston group cylinder made chrome walls. This model also has an ergonomic handle and anti.vibration system.

Partner 350 chainsaw. model characteristics

The high efficiency of the Partner chain saw on the garden plot was achieved thanks to good factory parameters.

Technical characteristics of the garden tool include:

  • Power of the factory ICE. 1.8 liters. With./1.3 kW;
  • the volume of the standard forged cylinder. 36 cm3;
  • the speed of the motor at idle is 4000 rpm;
  • The capacity of the tank for fuel is 400 ml;
  • the volume of the tank for oil. 200 ml;
  • The recommended tire length is 40 cm;
  • The step of the saw chain is 3/8 “;
  • Weight. 4.7 kg.

During the operation of the chainsaw, Partner creates minimal noise and vibration. The sound pressure on the operator when operating the engine at maximum speed does not exceed 108 dB.

The chain is an important element of this type of equipment

The chain plays a very important role in the chainsaw, because it is it that carries wood. It is made of special steel. Chains are of different sizes and with different steps. Although the chain is made of special metal alloys, sooner or later it is blunt. How do we understand when the chain swept? Most often, the chainsaw user notices that the chain has swept too on time. This leads to a deterioration in performance and reduces the life of the chainsaw. The first signs of a dull is excessive vibration. Next, you can pay attention to too slow cutting. In fact, you can even simply look at the teeth of the saw and you can easily determine that it has become dull.

Before you start setting up the standard carburetor of the Partner model, you need to carefully clean it of dust, dirt and soot accumulated on the walls. In addition to the carburetor, you need to rinse and dry the fuel and air filter. Otherwise, the operator will not be able to accurately set the required engine speed.

In the left of the upper part of the protective plastic case of the Partner saw, holes are located, inside which the manufacturer provides bolts for adjusting the carburetor. Having found them, you can proceed to the base setting of the node. For this, the left and right screws responsible for the number and quality of revolutions, respectively, must be installed in a fully twisted position. Immediately after that they must be loosened for 1/5 turnover. The third adjusting bolt indicated by bean ts must be left in the position in which it is established.

The final configuration of the Partner 350 chainsaw carburetor is performed in the following order:

  • First, the saw needs to be started and allowed to work it for full heating;
  • After 5 minutes, you can start adjustment. At first, the left bolt must start turning along the hours of the clock until the time the engine does not gain maximum speed. Then the left bolt must be turned into 1.4 turns in the opposite direction. After performing these actions, the Partner chainsaw engine should work confidently at idle speeds;
  • If, after manipulations with the left adjusting screw, the chain on the tire began to rotate, then it must be stopped by turning the bolt t;
  • Then you need to proceed to setting up the quality of the fuel mixture. To do this, the right adjusting screw will need to turn along the clock of the watch. As soon as the motor reaches the maximum permissible revolutions, the screw must be unscrewed by 1/4 turnover in the opposite direction.

When setting the maximum speed of the Partner 350 saw engine, it is better to use a tachometer connected to the motor. As soon as the device shows the same speeds that the company’s proprietary instructions are indicated, which means that the rotation of the screw must be stopped.

Principle of operation

Before identifying the malfunction and repairing the chainsaw “Stihl 180”, the principle of its action and what constructive elements it consists of. The chainsaw of the chainsaw must have its main element. a two.stroke engine. It is he who is responsible for the reliability and performance of the device. The engine is involved in the launch of the chain drive and maintaining its movement under the influence of centrifugal adhesion. In addition to the electric motor, the chainsaw includes:

  • starter;
  • flywheel, he is also a cooling knot;
  • ignition unit;
  • clutch and brake mechanism;
  • carburetor with STIHL compensator;
  • air filter;
  • fuel and oil tank;
  • muffler;
  • Anti.vibration system.

The fuel from the tank enters the carburetor, where air is mixed to it that gets from the cleaning unit. From a carburetor, a mixture of air with fuel enters the engine. The saw carburetor has one building screw that controls the work of the idle. All the settings of the device are made at the factory and provide the optimal supply of fuel-air mixture.

In the motor cylinder, the mixture is set on fire, and with the help of the starter the engine is launched. Under the influence of the piston, the shaft, which is part of the crooked-shaped mechanism, begins its movement. There is a star on the shaft, on which the links of the chain are put on.

The chainsaw uses a single.cylinder motor. As a protection mechanism, a coupling is used, which, if the circuit is jammed, convert the electric motor into the idle mode. At the initial speeds, special overlays located in the radial direction are pressed by springs to the middle of the shaft, thereby not allowing it to rotate. At high speeds, the centrifugal force increases, which leads to compression of the springs. The pads are squeezed from the center of the shaft, the asterisk rotates and the chain starts. The electrical circuit of the device is involved in the ignition system. Due to the use of a flywheel with magnets during rotation, an electric motion force (EMF) occurs, which leads to the appearance of current in the electronics block. The block directs the signal to the candle, provoking the appearance of the spark on its conclusions. This spark falls a mixture coming from a carburetor. After a successful launch occurred, the chainsaw begins to repeat all the work processes in the cycle.

The device circuit is typed from teeth and connecting elements. To protect the user from the reverse impact, the device is equipped with a brake system. The oil supply occurs in automatic mode under the action of the pump.

Types of malfunctions and methods for their elimination

If you do not start a Chinese chainsaw or it works, but does not effectively, with interruptions, conduct diagnostics in order to accurately identify the reason before disassemble the tool and look for details for replacement.

If the engine is silent after starting the starter mechanism, the reason may lie in:

  • malfunctions of the main units of the engine (improper supply of fuel or exhaust, problem with the ignition system, with the cylinder and its piston group);
  • malfunctions of the lubricant, the mechanism of the circuit brake, problems with the clutch (its coupling) with the bus, etc.D.

The same reasons can lead to such “symptoms”:

  • The engine stalls a couple of minutes after starting;
  • The main node works with interruptions;
  • The engine works well only at idle, and with increasing speed it stalls, sharply losing power.

Faulty ignition system

When Chinese chainsaw stalls, inspect the spark plug. If it is completely dry, then this indicates that the fuel was not received in the cylinder, which means that the reason for the faulty operation of the tool should be sought in another node. If the candle is flooded with oil, then you need to adjust the carburetor.

In addition, you need to thoroughly clean the candle, block the fuel supply, ventilate the chamber after removing the traces of fuel, after which the starter system is launched. When the candle is installed in place, the engine is checked.

If you notice a black color, change the oil to high.quality or adjust the ratio of consumables. In this case, the candle is also cleansed (in some cases you need a needle or awl), as well as its cleaning using the electrode skin.

When you install the candle in place, do not forget to correctly install the gap between the electrodes. Optimal width. 0.5 millimeters.

Fuel system malfunction

There may be several reasons for this problem:

  • Polluted fuel filter. It is easy to identify the reason when examining the fuel system after dismantling the hose. A weak stream of fuel indicates the need to cleanse the fuel filter. If cleaning did not help, a new hose is installed in this node.
  • The saapoon installed on the tank cover was clogged. You can clean it with a needle of suitable diameter.
  • Too rich fuel mixture. Helps to cope with this problem again, cleansing the fuel filter.
  • Incorrect tuning of the carburetor. You can configure it yourself, relying on the instructions presented in the operating manual for your power unit.

Failed muffler of the chainsaw

This problem is indicated by the shutdown of the engine in working mode (at the same time, the engine works fine at idle). Check the sparking that can be cleaned of fuel mixture combustion products. For this, the muffler is dismantled, and its seat is plugged with a clean rag. You can remove the carcass from the silencer with detergents. Before installing this part, it is thoroughly dried.

Faulty cylinder and its piston group

You can suspect a problem when the engine does not work at all power. In addition, he may not start, since small pressure will be formed in the cylinder. In order to accurately identify the cause of the malfunction, check the crankshaft bearings, cylinder pistons, the cylinder itself. All these details can be worn out. To study such parts of this node, a muffler is previously removed. The review will be limited, but it is enough to understand in what condition are certain details.

Faulty lubricant of the chain

  • Oil subtexts, you will notice with the naked eye. In this case, it will be necessary to check the junction of the pump tube and its fitting. Perhaps the reason for the problem of depressurization, which is indicated by cracks. You can eliminate the malfunction by replacing the tube and sealant.
  • The supply of insufficient amount of oil, which can be preceded by clogging of the lubricants of the channels. The problem is solved by cleaning them.
  • The presence of cracks on the oil pump, its body. Only replacement will help.

Broken brake system of the chain

The brake system may work incorrectly or not function at all, causing problems in the operation of the power unit due to clogging of the surface hidden under the protective lid. Another possible reason is a worn brake tape. The tape can be replaced, and when clogging, carry out thorough cleaning.

In order to encounter various problems in the work of the saw, check for wear and tear different details of the device, including an anti.vibration node, directing, all stars, including the main.