patriot et 1200 grass trimmer replacing fishing line

patriot, 1200, grass, trimmer, replacing, fishing

Patriot ET 1000 Grass Trimmer for Grass How to Remove the Reel

If your spool is designed to work with only one tendril, then everything is simple. You need to unwind 2-4 m fishing line (depending on the size of the coil), find a hole on the inside of the coil fixing the line for the trimmer, put it in one end of the line and start winding line for the trimmer in the direction opposite to the direction of rotation of the coil on the trimmer. On the inside of the spool usually indicate with an arrow in which direction to wind the line for the trimmer. After winding the line for the trimmer, we leave a small piece of it uncoiled to expose it outside. This piece is fixed in a special groove, located on the same inside of the spool and is designed to ensure that at the time of gathering the spool line for the trimmer is not unwound. If there is no such groove, you have to hold the line for the trimmer with your finger to prevent it from unwinding during the further assembly of the spool. Next, take the outer part of the spool and thread the outer piece of fishing line through the available hole, assemble and put the spool back on the grass trimmer.

If the spool is designed to work with two tendrils, do the following. On the inside of the spool we see how many grooves are there for winding the line. There can be one or two. If there is one groove, it means that both tendrils wind on that one groove. If there are two grooves, each bar winds in its own groove. A spool with one groove should have a through hole, into which the line for the trimmer is threaded. Unwind 2-4 m of fishing line, put it through this hole so that each side of the line would stick out equally. And wind both tendrils of the fishing line at the same time in one direction, opposite to the direction of rotation of the spool on the trimmer and coinciding with the direction indicated by the arrow on the inside of the spool. Leave some fishing line unreeled, fix the ends in special grooves, and if they are not present, hold them with fingers. Thread both ends through the existing holes on the outer casing of the spool. Assembling the spool and attaching it to the trimmer.

If you have two grooves, a piece of 2-4 m long fishing line fold in half, the resulting place of the bend loop put into the groove between the two grooves, and wind both ends of the line at the same time, each in its groove. Further actions are similar to the previous version.

There are also spools that have a line for the trimmer through a hole on the inside of the spool. After that, the ends of the fishing line, without winding, pass completely through the holes on the outer body of the spool, assemble the spool and start turning the button, which is usually pressed, in order to release the line for the trimmer during operation as it wears. Turn the button. the line for the trimmer winds up inside. It will not be possible to spin it in the “wrong” direction, as it can only spin in one direction. If you get used to it, you can wind the line for the trimmer on such a spool, even without disassembling it. you just need to combine the through hole of the inner drum with the holes on the outer body of the spool, and then put the line for the trimmer through them.

That’s all on the subject. Have a good winding!

How to remove the spool from the grass trimmer and extract the line for the trimmer

Initially, before you tuck the line for the trimmer into the grass trimmer reel, you need to remove it from there. The reel or spool is a device that is inside the mowing head, spool or reel. There are different kinds of mowing heads (depending on the manufacturer), but the principle of changing the line on the reel is the same for all. The first thing to understand is how to remove the head from the tool, as well as how to get the drum with a fishing line.

This is interesting!The harness can be replaced directly on the tool, but if you’re doing it for the first time, it’s still recommended to remove the head and learn the detailed winding process. Once you have mastered the technique, you can carry out the replacement work on the brushcutter or petrol mower.

The instruction on how to untwist the manual head on the trimmer is as follows:

  • Turn the tool upside down and, if necessary, clean it from dirt. Grasp the cover locks (on the mowing head) symmetrically with two fingers of one hand. After gently pressing them in, remove the protective cap from the reel
  • Next, from the shaft of the drum should be removed from the spool for the fishing line. It is planted on the shaft without fasteners, so it is dismantled with one hand
  • The main part of the drum is secured with a screw that must be unscrewed with a screwdriver and a suitable bit
  • to unscrew it, you must hold the base of the drum with one hand and use the other to unscrew it counterclockwise with a screwdriver
  • After that, you can proceed with the disassembly. To do this, do not pull it with all your might, but slowly wiggle it sideways to disengage it from the metal shaft on which the drum is seated
  • When reinstalling, place the head in the square shaped slots

This process is not difficult, and as you understand, there is no need to dismantle the entire head if you know how to perform the replacement. Keep such nuances in mind when disassembling:

patriot, 1200, grass, trimmer, replacing, fishing
  • It is advisable to periodically remove the head to prevent corrosion of the threaded joint. If you never unscrew the screw, it can be difficult or even impossible to remove it, if necessary
  • If the screw has a square bore head, you should select a screwdriver or bits of the appropriate size for unscrewing, to avoid slipping of the facets on the head
  • When reassembling the unit, the threaded seating should be treated with a lubricant, such as solidol or machine oil
  • If the facets on the screw have slipped off, you can use special tongs to unscrew it
  • There are drums that do not require prior disassembly. To remove them, take hold of it, and rotate it in the opposite direction of the clockwise direction

How to open the self-winding spool (bobbin) of a brushcutter.

Knowing how to disassemble the drum, you should continue to figure out the process of replacing the grass trimmer line. The video below shows a detailed process on how to open the grass trimmer reel and disassemble it.

Remove the spool from the grass trimmer

On small electric trimmers with a bottom-mounted engine (when it is located when working on the ground), the spool usually has two keys on the sides. Push down on them and disconnect one half of the coil body from the other half, which remains on the trimmer. Together with the first half, the inner part, on which the trimmer line itself is wound, is removed. When parsing, be careful: there is a spring inside that can fly out and get lost.

On electric and gasoline trimmers with a curved bar (on such trimmers it is not yet possible to place a knife) you need to wrap the body of the reel with one hand, and with the other hand you have to start turning counterclockwise, lambasting on it. It is the one that secures the spool to the trim bar. After unscrewing the lamb, carefully remove the entire spool, trying not to lose the spring inside.

On electric and gasoline trimmers with a straight rod and gearbox on the end (we can also install a knife in addition to the line), we look for a hole under the spool, put a screwdriver in it, for example, screw it in until the spool is deeper, and the spool is locked. Now turn the entire spool clockwise (since the thread is left) and remove it from the grass trimmer. Then we disassemble the reel. It can be assembled with snaps or twisted with a lamb. If the spool is snapped, then we press on the sides of the base of the latches so that they bend backwards and release one half of the body of the spool from the other. Lamb is simply twisted. There can be a third type of connection between the two halves of such a reel: with it you have to grasp the lower part with one hand and the other. top and start turning them in opposite directions. When decoding such a coil, you must also make sure that the spring inside is not lost.

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What kind of lines are available?

A common type of fishing line that fits virtually all types of round cord reels. This is a common line for trimmer, suitable for mowing succulent grass, but it is much more difficult to cut the dead wood, and even more so it can not cope with shrubs.

Usually, the cross section that you can mow young grass does not exceed 1.6 mm. The thicker the string, the rougher the grass it can cut.

There is a line with sharpened facets in the form of a star or a square, this version is more adapted to mowing dry grass just by having a sharp edge, but the disadvantage is its greater wear and tear and on the strength it concedes round cord.

There are lines with improved aerodynamics with appropriate indentations, scales and notches, such a product makes less noise, but use it only on benzocosa, because the output of such a thread from the spool is difficult, using it in most cases with discs, which are inserted segments. The disadvantage of such a product is its fragility.

Changing the filament on a brushcutter

How to wind the cutting filament on the brushcutter reel (grass trimmer)

Hand-held gasoline mower. Change of line spool

In this video I show how simple and easy it is to wind the line for the trimmer on the spool of the hand-held mower without the help of others.

In most cases, the gasoline trimmers with an engine more than 1.5 liters of power.с. Use cords with an iron cord inside. Such filament is perfect for mowing dry grass and small bushes. The presence of the core, positively affects the durability of this material. The disadvantage of this cord is its price, which is significantly higher than the above-listed opponents.

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– 2. The data is hidden

Pros: Powerful, price
Cons: reliability
Review: Died in the second season, the collapsible rod is very thin metal = all fasteners loosened and broke as a result. Bought for 3500, regretting the purchase. If you want to fully work on a country site, you should consider something else.

– 2. data hidden

Pros: Enough power to cut the grass
Cons: Assembly on 1 point: remove screws fixing the small shroud. Sorry for the error. 2 screws were left without slots after 40 minutes of unscrewing, though the screws were unscrewed, and the third one needed to be drilled. The rest came together fine. The work: it takes a long time to get a turn and often it is necessary to clear the grass, the grass may be high.
Testimonial: I regret for buying it. As always killed by greed.

– 2. Mike592007

Pros: Powerful enough for cutting grass
Cons: 1 point assembly: unscrew the screws securing the small shroud. After 40 minutes of unscrewing, 2 screws were left without splines, though they were unscrewed, and the third one had to be drilled. The rest came together fine. Operation: takes a long time to gain momentum and often has to clear the grass, maybe the grass is tall.
Review: I regret that I bought it. As always ruined by greed.

– 2. data is hidden

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, powerful, inexpensive.
Cons: Buying Chinese. it is a lottery
Review: We bought our first one 5 years ago. Car. the beast. Mowed an overgrown plot of 18 acres with a knife in 5-6 hours (we come to the cottage in spurts, the grass grows to the waist, including burdock 2 finger thick). If the area is not very overgrown. We mowed it with a fishing line, it was much faster. Part of the area was overgrown with spirea bushes. Mowed with a knife no problem, only a face shield is needed. Doesn’t warm up, only if very high grass. winds up on the spool, but you can adjust to not let this happen. In general, we were very satisfied with the purchase. This year turned on after the winter. Worked for about 10 minutes, started to smoke and died. It makes no sense to repair it, it is cheaper to buy a new one. I bought the same one. Heated up tremendously in ten minutes of work, took 4 hours to cool down. Didn’t use it again, afraid it would burn out. In the end we had to take it to the service. If we have to fix it for money and not under warranty, throw it in the trash. If it is a factory defect. We will try to get our money back.

– 2. kwilks

Pros: Really powerful, mows well, has blades included.
Cons: 1. Claimed minutes of rest are not enough to cool the motor. 2. Unreliable. 3. Repair costs like a new trimmer for the grass.
Review: Purchased a grass trimmer of this model in May 2016. After a month and a half it broke and was repaired in the Service Center. And now in June 2017 broke again. The ASCs write a report that the case is non-warranty, natural wear and tear. That’s what’s fun was! I only mow 10 acres, not industrial scale, I leave it to cool down for half an hour, but apparently it is not meant for grass mowing. Wrote a letter to the manufacturer asking for help with repairs, they are silent at all. In short, the machine is thin or so lives only as long as there is a guarantee. I WOULD NOT ADVISE IT TO ANYONE!

– 2. Alex L.

Pros: Good equipment, easy assembly / disassembly. Ability to replace the fishing line with blades. Powerful.
Cons: The main drawback. item quality. Noisy. Non-latching “fuse” button creates an uncomfortable grip and makes the hand fatigue faster.
Review: Purchased approximately 2016. In a season I’ve cleaned the grass twice. Serviced correctly, cleaned, grease changed. In the third year, the first failed protective cover, then the connecting tube (inside which the rope rotates) cracked. Metal is soft, “powdery”.

– 2. data is withheld

Pros: Shoulder strap, disc/knife, folding handle with adjustable height
Cons: It takes a long time to change the spool with the fishing line on the disk/blade
Review: I turned it on just two times, on the third time the motor smelled burned and the rpm dropped. The service did not look for a long time and said it was a factory defect, I guess I am not the first.

– 2. Tolkachev Dmitry

Pros: 1. Powerful. 2. Quite well made. 3. The construction is very similar to that of the “more serious” companies.
Cons: 1. The line feed is absolutely atrocious. precisely, almost completely does not work. As a result, after the released part of the line is exhausted, I have to disassemble the head almost every time and 2. The process of setting the fishing line is very confusing and bothersome. It took me about an hour and a half to figure it out. 3. Broke down once under warranty. The plastic part in the head is broken. As a result all the lower part was replaced along with the housing and the shaft.
Review: When I brought it to the warranty repair shop, they fixed everything, but asked the right (as I now understand) question. “And why do not you want to get a normal” Boshevsky “machine? It will work better than that.”. The thought crossed my mind, but for about another year I agonized with the line. Blago requires me to trim the grass in the countryside only a few times a year. As a result, now I bought a model Bosch Art37. For the price of. about a thousand more expensive than this model. And the layout is actually one in one. BUT: the Bosch grass trimmer has no problem with the line feed. Bottom line: I did not like the grass trimmer PATRIOT ET 1200, which every ten minutes you have to disassemble and reassemble.

– 1. Igor

Pros: Powerful enough
Cons: The pins that fix the bar in the body broke the second day and the bar fell out. No warranty High vibration Not comfortable ergonomics, my hands get tired, especially holding the button
My opinion: I wouldn’t recommend buying it for the world, it has multiple damages and it’s not covered under warranty.

– 4. Oleg

Pros: Strap, comfortable handle. Protection against accidental start-up. Almost no heat.
Cons: The speed regulator is baffling, it doesn’t turn on in the right way. Tight trigger handle
Review: I have been using it for 6 years. I mow 4 acres 4-5 times a year. Works fine. I think I have a couple more years. I oil it regularly. Already mowed two heads.

– 4. data hidden

Pros: Very powerful trimmer!
Cons: Weak protection.
Testimonial: Dural cover broke, it flew off the gearbox at the root! Only 1 mm thick. not enough for that power. If of course one grass to mow, that’s enough. I have with bushes. Apparently the shocks cracked and broke.

– 4. data hidden

Pros: Powerful for an electric mower, handy, with spool and blade
Cons: when mowing high grass, it winds up under the gearbox and clamps the spool and has to be unwound, to continue mowing the grass occasionally breaks the line for the trimmer and has to unscrew the spool and pull out the line for the trimmer, is treated by replacing the spool (about 500)
Review: After two years of use, the blade stopped rotating, but at the time the motor worked!The metal element connecting the electric motor and the square shaft broke! We couldn’t find this part in the tool stores! Asked to cut a new part and it fit as native and is still working today (about a year)!It’s not a bad mower but it’s not for mowing large areas!P.S. To turn on the turbo mode, all you need to do is to increase the trimmer’s line)

– 4. Victor R.

Pros: Power 1100W, not a big price
Cons: The factory line for trimmer is not good, the strap is flimsy, it has a vibration. Loud engine operation
My feedback: Basically for 4100 not a bad trimmer for the grass. Before that was Bosch, burned out the armature after 3 years, replacement is only a complete set, 6000tr. I hope that the Patriot will last longer.

– 5. data is hidden

Pros: Powerful, simple design, detachable boom, build quality. Included knife
Cons: No power on lock button, after a long mowing session, my hand gets tired of holding the button
Review: I had to choose between gasoline and electric mower. I used a gasoline (took from my father-in-law) is good, the company Echo-but a lot of trouble gasoline oil, etc.д. I have not mow a lot, so I decided on the electric mower. I read a lot of reviews and bought the wrong tool. So: 1. Powerful enough for more than. 2.Build quality at the level. 3. comfortable spool with a bobbin than on the ECHO benzo. A line for a trimmer cannot get tangled, those who write about it probably did not fill it up correctly 4.The high grass should be mowed in parts, then it will not get tangled (this is written in the manual), although I mowed the high grass did not get tangled. head design. 5.Easy gearbox design. The ECHO gasoline mower is easy to clean (there is a nut for the grease reservoir). 6.Even young growth has been mowed with a line.The standard line for the trimmer is not very good, I advise to buy a normal line, I bought 2.4 Oregon Gold Star. chops for sure. 7. Neither gearbox, much less engine warmed up not once. After mowing, the gearbox is slightly warm, the motor in general was cold. I mowed without following instructions: I mowed for 15 minutes, rested for 10 minutes, mowed as I had to. In 2 hours I mowed hundreds of hundreds of acres.Separately about the cover: I have not seen a better design, I like it very much. 9.I thought that the cord on the back would be bothersome after the lawnmower, but I didn’t even notice in the end. In general, I bought it better than I wanted to, for 3190 p. I am very satisfied.

– 3. Lo Walter

Pros: Price was the best 3 years ago, and it was a collapsible shaft. Power is good, mowing is great.
Cons: I had to cut a piece of water pipe in half lengthwise and fasten it with 4 clamps. Also, the next summer the line for the trimmer from the spool stopped feeding, and on the 3rd summer the spool fell apart at all. Switched to the knife, but the efficiency of the knife is not the same as with the fishing line.

– 5. Michael

Pros: Bought the Patriot-Garden ET 1200 electric grass trimmer knife. At first glance the build quality and sturdy. It mows with a line on hurray, cuts everything and such feeling that the line for the trimmer is eternal, for the mowed 3 hundred square meters and only 2 times extended the line for the trimmer. Power enough to cut even thick grass near the pond. Previously mowed patriotom 0.95 kW failed, had to several steps! The new ones would have been cut off at the root!
Cons: I got tired of holding the button, they should have made a catch like on the drill!


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The warranty period for PATRIOT gasoline, electric and cordless tools is 2 years (24 months) from date of purchase. Exceptions are: vibration, submersible, vortex and centrifugal pumps. Bottom-mounted electric grass trimmers. power tools series THE ONE. welding machines of the MaxWelder series. MaxPower series gasoline generators. welding masks with automatic light filter.


The warranty period of the PATRIOT gasoline, electric and cordless tools of THE ONE, MAXPOWER, MAXWELDER series, PATRIOT electric grass trimmers with bottom mounted engine, PATRIOT pumps is 1 year (12 months) from the day of sale. If the product, designed for household (non-professional) use, was operated for commercial purposes (professional), the warranty period is (one) month from the date of sale. Defects of the tool assembly, admitted through producer’s fault, are eliminated free of charge within 45 (forty five) days from the date of presenting by the consumer the claim on elimination of defects of the product, after carrying out of diagnostics of the product by the technical center. The warranty repair is subject to the following conditions: 1. A warranty card with the factory (serial) number of the tool, date of sale, buyer’s signature and company’s stamp. 2. The faulty tool in a clean condition. 3. Warranty repairs are made only within the period specified in this warranty card.


Filling out the warranty card incorrectly and unclearly; 2. For a tool with an illegible or altered serial number; 3. For consequences of independent repair, disassembly, cleaning and lubrication of the tool during the warranty period (not required by the operating instructions), as evidenced, for example, by fractures on the slotted parts of the housing fasteners; 4. For replacement of worn or damaged cutting equipment; 5. For malfunctions resulting from failure to report the original malfunction; 6. For a tool that has not been operated in accordance with the instruction manual or for its intended purpose; 7. For damage, defects caused by external mechanical effects, influence of aggressive means and high temperatures or other external factors, such as rain, snow, high humidity, etc.; 8. Failures caused by foreign bodies in the tool, negligent or poor maintenance, resulting in tool failure; 9. Failures caused by overloading, resulting in failure of the motor, transformer or other components, as well as due to mismatching the parameters of the power grid to the nominal voltage; 10. For malfunctions caused by the use of low-quality gasoline and fuel mixture, resulting in failure of the cylinder and piston group; 11. For malfunctions caused by the use of non-original spare parts and accessories; 12. The use of engine oil that is not qualified, which causes damage to the engine, o-rings, fuel lines or the fuel tank; 13. For defects and damages caused by the use of improperly prepared fuel mixture; 14. For product defects caused by operation with unrepaired other defects; 15. For product defects caused by maintenance and design modifications by persons, organizations that are not authorized service centers; 16. Failures caused by operating the chain brake, which causes the housing to melt; 17. For natural wear and tear of the product and components as a result of intensive use; 18. For work such as adjustments, cleaning, lubrication, replacement of consumables, and periodic maintenance and other care of the product as stipulated in the Operator’s Manual (Operating Instructions); 19. The product is not warranted to be incompletely completed which may have been discovered when the product was sold; 20. Failure of parts as a result of short-term blockage during operation.

The warranty does not cover consumable, wear and tear parts, which include: saw chain and band, saw bar, couplings, drive and idler sprockets, bolts, nuts, triggers, trimmer heads, guide rollers, protective guards, drive belts and pulleys, flexible shafts, impellers, mounting flanges, knives, cutter tensioning and mounting elements, rubber dampers, rubber seals, starter mechanism parts, spark plugs, chain brake band, air and fuel filters, tank lid, ignition switch, air damper lever, clutch spring, carbon brushes, worm wheels, cables, power wire, trigger button, nozzles and tips for semi-automatics, gaskets, rubber gaskets and seals, hoses, guns, nozzles, lances, nozzles, foam kits, batteries, etc.

PATRIOT ET 1200 electric grass trimmer

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Rated based on 58 customer reviews

Specifications grass trimmer electric PATRIOT ET 1200

Overall specifications


patriot, 1200, grass, trimmer, replacing, fishing


Additional information


Complete information about the product, manufacturer, equipment, technical features and functions can be found in the technical documentation.

AdvantagesComfortable to hold in hands

Disadvantages1. Two-part boom, began to loose after a week 2. The design of the filament spool is not correct. The grass gets under it, on heavy grass you spend more time cleaning the grass trimmer than you do working 3. Incorrect design of the protective cover. Small cover (for the disc) is not removable, it is mounted on a large cover (for the fishing line) During operation, the line for the trimmer occasionally clings to the small cover and comes off. again wasting time. 4. Declared power. fantasy. The trimmer has a regulator that increases the power when the load increases. Naturally, the grass trimmer gets terribly hot. Of course, it raises the power late and inopportunely (the regulator is not by RPM, but by load).

CommentaryOh, it sucks. Only good for American lawns 5×5 meters. In our conditions. wasted money.

Advantages1. the price. for 3900 best for this money option 2. Versatility. it is possible to use a line for trimmer and a knife. 3. Excellent cutting width of the line. 46 cm. 4.power.I mowed a patch of 15 acres of land in one day !

DisadvantagesIf the grass is tall and thick. winds up on a reel.

CommentaryI am very satisfied. Before that, I used a regular trimmer for grass (trimmer line 1,6 mm). the difference is just phenomenal! For my money.Best.

DisadvantagesFrom May to August, mowed five times as a result cracked gear housing and burned out the engine repair costs in the garage shop !12001450р. Warranty only 2 points in the warranty card the other 15 at the expense of the buyer ! would know.did not buy.

AdvantagesAllow power to mow the grass

DisadvantagesAssembly on 1 point: unscrew the screws fixing the small shroud. After 40 minutes of unscrewing two screws remained without splines, even though they were unscrewed, the third had to be drilled. The rest came together fine. Working: takes a long time to pick up and often has to be cleaned from the grass, it is possible that the grass is high.

CommentsI regretted that I bought it. As always, it was greed that killed me.

CommentaryI used one day, or rather a couple of hours, large loads are not given, the second day after a couple of minutes of work in the engine popped, the speed increased sharply, a couple of times twitched in agony and alleoeo. Nearest service center in r.Vladimir, I live in the Nizhniy Novgorod region. All in vain for 4000 roubles.

Advantages collapsible boom set trimmer line drive power

Disadvantages. weight, heavy for my wife, for me normally winds long grass on the spool

Комментарии и мнения владельцев- electronic regulator, if you mow much tall grass, then set the grass trimmer in the maximum power mode, it will feel.And it is possible to mow a small amount of heavy grass. but not long. I am very happy with it, it’s the best grass trimmer for the money I bought for 3200

Advantages. weight 7 kg, good cooling. Iron disc includedBig diameter of the mowing line. 46 cmRemovable boom (Still a plus for logistics, when you need to carry this machine to the country house).Huge “power “Lack of noticeable vibration (comparing with Oleo-Mac)

Disadvantages-unusual (At first) start button under the palm of the handSmooth start (mowing at low revs is excluded).The high grass is constantly hammered under the gearbox.

CommentaryBought specially to mow weeds from the site.I had a choice between the gasoline and this one, but I just couldn’t get the gasoline, and besides, it is hard to get fuel for it in our area, and there is always electricity. Easy enough to assemble, but some of the screws that were tightened at the factory still had to be tightened by myself. I installed the disk at once and everything began to fall perfectly, but the grass still, no matter how hard you tried, clogged under the gearbox. But compared to my last mower, that pales in comparison. After a short period of time mowed 12 acres of half-meter grass, no overheating, no cracks, nothing to complain about except the grass under the gearbox. So if you have already decided to buy an electric mower, take the “Patriot”, but you have to check it in the store, otherwise you might miss something.

CommentaryBought 2 days ago. The price was appealing! Assembled according to the instructions without any problems. Mowed 12 acres with a fishing line in 3 hours with 1 hour interval. Only one problem. My right hand is tired from the vibration. In a couple of weeks I will add an opinion on the operation.

Advantages powerful, simple design, detachable boom, build quality. included knife

Disadvantages: There is no ON/OFF button, after a long mowing period my hand gets tired holding the button

CommentFor a long time I had to choose between gasoline and electric reel. Used a benzo (borrowed from my father-in-law) is good, the company Echo-but a lot of trouble gasoline oil, etc.д. I don’t have much to mow, so I went for the electric one. I’ve read a lot of reports and bought the wrong tool. So: 1. Powerful enough for more than. 2.Build quality is good. 3. convenient spool with a bobbin than the benzo ECHO. A line for a trimmer cannot get tangled, those who write about it probably did not thread it correctly 4.The high grass needs to be mowed in parts then it won’t get tangled (it is written about it in the instruction manual), though I mowed high grass and nothing got tangled. head design. 5.Simple gearbox design. easy to maintain (the nut for filling the grease) on benzo ECHO was not such a thing. 6.I even mowed young growth with a fishing line.Standard line for the trimmer is not very, I advise you to buy a normal one, I bought 2.4 Oregon Gold Star. chops for sure. 7. Neither the gearbox, nor the motor was ever warm. After mowing, the gearbox was slightly warm, the motor was generally cold. I mowed without following the instructions: I mowed for 15 minutes, 10 minutes rest, I mowed as I had to. For 2 hours, mowed hundreds of hundreds of 3.8.Separately about the hood: I haven’t seen a better one, I liked this design very much. 9.I thought that after the lawnmower, the cord on the back would be bothersome, but I didn’t even notice in the end. So I bought it better than I wanted to, for 3190 p. I am very satisfied.