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Lawn Mowers MTD: Review Models and Prices

The success of MTD is one of the vivid examples of the fact that specialists, even after moving to another country, are able to realize their favorite business. Today, this American brand is known all over the world by people who care for the garden, park or landscaping. The MTD Lawnmower is the benchmark for quality, reliability and consistent performance.

Success Story

The start of the future production was laid by three young Germans who moved to America in the 30s of the XX century. The abbreviation used by them in the name of the enterprise was deciphered as The Modern Tool and Die Company. High-quality industrial tools and equipment for casting and stamping laid the foundation for future production.

For lawn mowers, MTD turned out to be a successful time in the late 50s. During this period, the first motorized specimens appear. They were not self-propelled. A year later, two new petrol MTD self-propelled lawn mowers appeared. Since the beginning of the 60s, the company has been acquiring production sites in Canada to produce garden equipment there, and even a decade later it has entered the German agricultural machinery market, aggressively presenting itself in the core continental market.

The entire range of equipment is designed for simple operation. turned on and started working, but still it is worth familiarizing yourself with the instructions

Then there is an introduction to the markets of other countries, in particular, except Germany, are relevant:

Rating of the best MTD lawn mowers

Compared to other brands, MTD is not so popular in our country, but it also has a number of admirers. The priority is high quality, ease of management, maneuverability of equipment and versatility. it is equally successfully used both for mowing lawns and for harvesting agricultural land (weeds, dead wood, etc.). In the minuses. a small number of service centers. These are mainly large cities; in regional centers, one has to trust repair and maintenance to other specialists.

MTD Optima 42 E

MTD Optima 42 E

The garden tool is designed for processing 500 m2. The remains are stored in a trasonic, which is a soft bag of 47 liters. Hidden under the shockproof polypropylene case of the electric MTD Optima 42 E electric lawnmower, the 1800 W electric motor has forced cooling, which allows long-term operation without interruptions. The frame protects against external negative factors in the form of moisture, debris or mechanical damage.

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MTD Smart 46 SPO

Equipped with rear-wheel drive. Its price is 27300 rubles. Mowing a passage of 46 cm over the passage. Leaving behind the lawn, depending on the setting of 28-92 mm, out of the six proposed modes. The cut green mass is folded into a soft grass catcher of 60 liters. The mulching function is not provided in the kit, so if necessary, purchase it separately.

MTD Smart 46 SPO

It is easy to unfasten and empty the filled bag of grass at the gasoline MTD lawnmower. There is the possibility of ejecting grass during operation simply onto the lawn through the rear deflector. A four-stroke MTD ThorX 35 motor is mounted under the body, with a power of 2.3 hp. A nice option MTD 46 is to protect the motor from knives on a solid obstacle.

For a long time, working without refueling allows a tank volume of 1.2 liters. The oil supply is 0.6 liters. Maneuvering the lawn mower of the petrol MTD 46 S PO is facilitated by wheels 18 and 20 cm in diameter, equipped with a special tread that creates good adhesion to the surface, leaving no residue.

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MTD Advance 53 SPKV HW

Such an acquisition would cost 51,500 rubles. Self-propelled MTD 53s are equipped with rear-wheel drive and cut a width of 53 cm. The kit contains a spacious bag for collecting grass with a filling indicator of 70 liters. Cutting height is adjusted stepwise in 6 positions from 28 to 92 mm. The mulching function is provided in the kit. The emission can be set side or rear.

MTD Advance 53 SPKV HW

Kawasaki’s powerful motor generates 5.5 hp. with a volume of 180 cm3. The mower knife will rotate at a speed of 2900 rpm. A sufficient 1.2 L fuel tank will not distract MTD 53 S SPKV HW with frequent refueling. The wheels are 20 and 28 cm in diameter. Model weight. 44 kg. Spare parts for lawn mowers of this brand are easy to find in service centers. The company warranty is set for 2 years.

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MTD SMART 32 E (electric)

Refers to budget models, since its price is 5400 rubles. Item: 18AKCAD-600. The wheel model is powered by a network cable. The mowing width is 31 cm. The device provides for the presence of a rigid small grass catcher for 28 liters. Mulching is not provided in the kit.

You can adjust the height yourself in the range of 25-60 mm manually in three positions. The smallest model in the line compares favorably with such expensive and more bulky gas mowers like the MTD Optima 53 SPB HW. However, this model is designed to process a small area of ​​up to 200 sq.m.

Unlike previous generations, it has improved ventilation due to large interior spaces. There is a convenient handle for transferring it to any point. The diameter of the wheels is increased for better maneuverability. The case is made of polypropylene.

Built-in 100W asynchronous electric motor. Through a belt drive, he rotates the knives. This design allows you to increase the safety of work in case of possible impacts on solid objects. The replacement knife is fixed with one bolt.

VIDEO: Overview of the electrical SMART 32 E for small areas

Lawnmower MTD-46 smart po. Parameters, specifications, purpose of the device

Petrol Lawn Mowers Mtd 46 Browse Popular Models

The petrol lawn mower MTD-46 smart po optimum is a small lawn care technique, using this machine you can get high quality cuts with minimal time. It is recommended to use the mower in areas up to 800 sq.m.

The MTD smart 46 po is equipped with a ThorX 35 four-stroke gasoline engine. Engine power is 3 hp. (2200 W), such power is enough to perform any work in the garden and in the country, namely:

  • trimming small bushes, thin branches;
  • a cut of dense weeds and reeds;
  • mowing grass in open areas or under trees;
  • mowing tall grass for harvesting hay.

Of the attractive options in the model there is:

  • soil mulching option;
  • adjustable grass cut height;
  • large grass catcher;
  • manual starter for easier starting;
  • 36 months warranty from the manufacturer;
  • easy to maintain engine (air cooling);
  • light weight, taking into account the power of the mower and the capacity of its grass catcher.

There is another modification of the MTD-46 smart po optimum mower. the MTD smart 46 Spo spb. The functional differences of this device compared to 46 po are many. For example, 46 Spo spb is equipped with two knives, and not one, has rear-wheel drive, a larger compartment for cut grass, moreover, this mower is self-propelled and does not have a mulching function.

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For electronic enthusiasts, there is an analog of the MTD.46 smart po lawn mower. electric 46e. The power of this technical tool is 1600 W, which is approximately equivalent to the gasoline mower model. Among other things, 46e refers to medium-sized aggregates, also has an adjustable cutting height and a large compartment for mowed grass.

Basic equipment

The mower smart 46 po mower comes with the following components:

  • plastic wheels (4 units);
  • control knob;
  • lawn mower housing with engine;
  • instructions for the owner of the equipment;
  • fasteners (set);
  • soft tissue grass collection;
  • tools for assembling the mower.

The equipment for the 46 Spo spb from MTD is similar.


Technical Parameters of MTD-46 smart po optimum gas mower:

  • refueling fuel. gasoline;
  • refueling oil. for four-stroke engines, semi-synthetic or mineral;
  • cut width. 46 cm;
  • manual start;
  • adjustable bevel height. from 20 mm to 90 mm;
  • six cutting positions;
  • each wheel is attached separately;
  • waste compartment capacity. 60 l;
  • steel case;
  • if necessary. the possibility of mulching;
  • the diameter of the wheels is the same and is 180 mm;
  • mower weight. 34 kg;
  • number of knives. one;
  • front-wheel drive;
  • central haircut system.

Features of operation and maintenance

According to the instructions, the mower should only be operated on a dry surface. After the rain, let the grass dry slightly and only then begin work.

Terms of use:

  • keep children away from the mower;
  • the cutting element rotates at high speed. make sure that there is no debris, glass, stones in the area that will be processed by the lawn mower, since when rotating the knife all foreign objects fly away at high speed;
  • use high-quality fuel, for example, 92nd gasoline;
  • gently push the mower forward while mowing the lawn, do not try to exert force. direct the device by setting the trajectory of movement;
  • monitor the level of gasoline in the tank, add fuel only when the engine is off.

Terms of Service:

  • after work, clean the hull, grass catcher, the outer parts of the mower;
  • change the oil every 100 hours or more often if necessary;
  • if power is reduced, check how full the grass compartment is.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of MTD smart 46 po:

  • spacious compartment for grass waste;
  • quick and easy launch;
  • attractive cost;
  • long term warranty service;
  • steel case.

Disadvantages of MTD 46 po:

  • noise during operation;
  • there is no fishing line, only one cutting part. a knife.

Video review


Gene, Saratov:

“Mowing so fast that I don’t have time to throw out the grass!” Joke. Good equipment for moderate money, the best option if you have not accumulated on European monsters. There are no complaints about the work, and I heard from a friend that MTD rarely breaks at all. Well, check, time will tell. ”

Lawn Mowers MTD 46. An Overview of the Utility Model Line

Lawn mowers are on the market with a wide range. Such utility equipment is used to maintain park lawns, sports fields and garden areas in good condition. These devices facilitate the work of man and allow you to perform the maximum amount of work in the shortest period of time. Lawn mowers differ in size and type of component power unit. They have a gasoline or electric design.

Lawn Mowers MTD 46

Lawn mowers MTD 46 delivered to the conveyor production by an American company of the same name. This company is positioned as one of the largest enterprises specializing in the production of garden equipment. MTD has been operating since 1960. Over time, the company’s product line has tended to grow. Continuous modernization of the production process qualitatively distinguishes MTD from competitive firms.

The American brand has its own representative office in many countries of the world. In particular, MTD plants are located in the USA, Canada and some European countries. Gradually, the geography of the company’s presence is expanding. The company specializes in the production of various garden equipment. However, it should be noted that the production of lawn mowers is a priority.

A distinctive feature of American MTD lawnmowers is the simplest search for component parts for such equipment. As a result, failure of an individual element will not be a big problem for the owner of the equipment. Repair work does not involve significant difficulties, so it is quite possible to resolve this issue without involving a specialized specialist.
Photo lawn mowers MTD 26 PB


The MTD 46 is capable of operating in three different modes. With one of them, the mowed grass mass is ejected backward or to the side. Grass mowing is also possible with its subsequent collection in the grass catcher. As the tank is filled, the operator can carry out cleaning work. The sufficient capacity of the grass catcher eliminates the need to carry out such work at too high a frequency.

In addition, MTD 46 mowers are able to function in mulching mode. In this case, when mowing, the grass is cut into very small parts and poured out onto the surface of the lawn already as fertilizer.

The engine of such an aggregate is started by pressing a button. At the same time, the compressed spring gradually unwinds the flywheel, which brings the lawnmower engine to working condition.

MTD lawn mowers have a very convenient and functional control handle that can be folded. As a result of this, the space during storage and transportation of the unit is significantly reduced. Bearings are installed on the wheels, providing the easiest ride and the ultimate reliability of the entire structure during operation.

A capacious lawn mower grass catcher is made using materials of increased strength. The tank is equipped with special holes that provide free movement of air masses. A variation of grass catchers made of soft materials is installed exclusively on the gasoline version of lawn mowers. In this way, airflow power loss is compensated. When cleaning the grass catcher from the spent grass mass there are no difficulties.

Powerful enough power plants provide high performance gasoline and electric models. With their help, the device is able to perform a large amount of work in a minimum amount of time.
Photo of the MTD 46 E Electric Lawn Mower

Advantages and disadvantages

Lawn Mowers MTD 46 are characterized by increased productivity. Wide wheels of large diameter exert minimal pressure on the ground, as a result of which the quality of grass cover always remains at a fairly high level. Depending on the characteristics of a particular model, the size of the front and rear wheels may be different or identical. In the first case, we can talk about the good stability of the unit and its good maneuverability.

The deep mower deck has high sides. This design feature ensures clear mowing of grass in the grass catcher. Thanks to this operator, there is no need to additionally remove the beveled material manually. The deck itself is made of aluminum, so its negative corrosive effect is not scary. Such a material is characterized by maximum strength at minimum weight.

The rotary knives of the MTD mowers are equipped with large blades that provide high power to the air flow. They act as the main functional element.

At the same time, MTD gasoline mowers are characterized by an increased noise level during operation, which can cause some discomfort. Such models are slightly more expensive. Their high cost is also manifested during operation, as they constantly have to spend money on fuel.

Device and principle of operation

The electric and gasoline versions of MTD Lawnmowers have some design differences. The first is advisable to use when caring for a small lawn area. Such models are aggregated by electric power plants of different capacities. The power limit ranges from 1 to 1.3 kW.

The bevel width can also be different. If we take into account the Smart 32E and 38E models, then this figure in this case will be 32 and 38 cm, respectively. In most cases, electric lawn mowers are equipped with a rigid grass catcher installed in the rear of the unit. Mowed grass mass gets into it after cutting with a rotary knife.

Gasoline lawn mowers are equipped with motors, the power of which varies between 3-6 hp. Through their use, you can process a large area of ​​a personal plot for a minimum period of time. The used power units have a four-stroke design, so there is no need to pre-mix gasoline with oil. The proposed motors are manufactured by well-known manufacturers from the USA and Japan, so they can work for a long time even in heavy use.
Photo of the MTD 46 SPB Benizova lawn mower


Lawnmowers MTD 46, presented in a self-propelled gasoline version, are equipped with a spacious fuel tank. As a result, there is no need for frequent refueling. When using one tank, you can tidy up a large area. To avoid possible problems during further operation of the device, it is recommended to resort to the use of high-quality fuel.

The line of power units includes engines of own production, as well as power plants manufactured by the American company ThorX 35 OHV. In any case, we can talk about the minimum number of exhausts and moderate fuel consumption during operation.

The weight of the product varies between 22-40 kg. These figures can not be called too low, but at the same time, all MTD lawn mowers are characterized by maximum practicality.

Such high-quality equipment does not require special personal care. It quite easily tolerates frequent operations without a subsequent decrease in operational potential. Through the use of such aggregates, it is quite easy to cope with excess vegetation in the yard, garden or in private gardens.

Technical characteristics of the MTD 46 lawnmower and its modifications: