Petrol Trimmer Stalls When You Press The Gas

If stalled after gas supply

Owners of gasoline scythes quite often mention that the lawn mower stalls when you press the gas. Typically, such a breakdown occurs due to a malfunction in the carburetor. Failure in its operation can occur due to prolonged storage, use in difficult conditions, significant overload of the motor. Vibrating movements of the device during operation will become a symptom of such a breakdown.

Petrol Trimmer Stalls When You Press The Gas

Sometimes the trimmer will stall when you throttle because the fuel valve is clogged. This interferes with the supply of gasoline. To fix the problem, it is enough to loosen the valves. This will restore the normal fuel supply to the carburetor.

Another possible reason the mower stalls when gas is applied is a dirty breather (check valve). This part prevents the formation of a vacuum in the gas tank. If it is clogged, air does not flow, which means that fuel does not go to the carburetor. To fix the problem, you need to clean this element.

If stalled under load

Sometimes the trimmer stalls under load because it cannot gain momentum. This means that the cable that is taut in the carburetor is loose and slack. If you have experience in repairing this unit, the cable should be tightened.

Another cause of the malfunction is that the fuel intake hose is too tight. Under load, it stretches even more, as a result of which cracks are formed, as a result, the part deteriorates. To eliminate the breakdown, you will need to replace this element.

If stalled while idling

If the lawn mower stalls while idling, there could be several factors.

  • First you need to check the prepared fuel solution when it comes to a four-stroke trimmer running on a gasoline-oil mixture. There is a possibility that it was made incorrectly. the proportions are not maintained. Because of this, the gearbox heats up, and the revolutions on the drum decrease.
  • Another likely cause is a clogged element such as the throttle valve, air filter, or carburetor. The specified parts need to be cleaned.
  • Another possible factor is misalignment or misalignment of the carburetor. You need to re-configure according to the instructions.
  • Observe this problem mono even when opening the air damper. In this situation, the lack of fuel for the trimmer is due to the air flow.

If the device does not have enough fuel, it works properly at high speeds or when they increase, but stalls at idle. If the root of the problem lies in the carburetor, the mower will shut off during cold start and hot start.

The trimmer stalls. how to fix the problem

The petrol trimmer is a useful tool for clearing unwanted grass from house areas and large lawns. The design of this technique is quite complex, therefore, if the device breaks down, there may be several reasons. The most probable factors causing the breakdown are usually described in the user manual. Knowing why the trimmer stalls, you can try to fix the defect yourself. The most common malfunctions that provoke a stop of lawn mowers, and the possibility of repairing them with your own hands. in the material below.

If stalled when heated

The lawn mower often stalls when heated. It looks like this. the tool starts up, works “jerky” (not smoothly) and quickly stalls. This situation occurs due to fuel boiling in the carburetor or an incorrectly selected valve, which should not be disc, but rotary. In the latter case, if an error is found, the part must be replaced.

Damaged ignition circuit wiring or a defective coil can cause trimmer to heat up. Broken knot will need to be replaced with a new one.

Causes of malfunction and their elimination

In order to most accurately determine the cause of a malfunction of a trimmer of any brand (for example, Echo) and find out the possibility of its elimination, you need to establish at what action the device stalls. The engine can be turned off both at idle speed and at high rpm, heating up under load or immediately after starting, etc.

Ignition problem

If the vehicle has ignition problems, the spark is very weak. If you press the gas sharply, the filling of the candles is noted. Candles are flooded, and the fading of the spark is noted.

It is not difficult to test this hypothesis. When you unscrew the candle, it will become noticeable that it is wet. If you suspect that there is a problem with the ignition, you must check the entire system.

Long service of candles can lead to such a problem as breaking through to the body.

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High voltage wires can be checked using a spare kit. If it is absent, you can start the engine at night by looking under the hood. If the wires are damaged, then current discharges can be noted.

If such a breakdown as jamming the car when you press the gas is a frequent occurrence, then it is better to seek professional help.

Worn gaskets

The design feature of the engine assumes the presence of gaskets. They make the engine more sealed. If the gaskets in the area of ​​the collector or cylinder block are worn out or have lost their tightness, then when the gas pedal is pressed, the engine may stall.

If the gasket is burnt out, coolant enters the engine in the area of ​​the cylinder block. In this situation, the engine continues to run, but the number of revolutions decreases sharply. You may notice the presence of white smoke from the exhaust pipe.

The driver, faced with the problem of engine shutdown, finds himself in an extremely unpleasant situation. In order to eliminate this complexity, you need to know the reason for its occurrence.

Power supply failure

The car brakes when the accelerator pedal is pressed due to improper operation of the power system. This problem can arise for a variety of reasons. It often arises from the use of low-quality fuel. The fact is that low-quality gasoline contains mechanical impurities that lead to clogging of the power system (filter, nozzles).

If the blockage is not strong, then dips appear occasionally when the gas pedal is pressed. In case of severe blockage, accordingly, no fuel enters the combustion chamber at all. This leads to the fact that the engine becomes impossible to start.

With a working pump in one of the directions along the mowing line of fuel movement, gasoline passes unhindered. When such a process is not noted, then we can safely talk about the presence of a blockage. In this case, the pump body is disassembled and the filter diaphragm is cleaned.

If the pump is OK, you will need to flush the nozzles. Typically, this operation is performed using ultrasound. This is done in a service center. In order to prevent the occurrence of this problem in the future, it is necessary to use only high-quality and proven fuel for the car.

Note that a lack of ventilation in the fuel tank can also cause the engine to stall. Ventilation is impaired due to clogged drain tube. If fuel is suddenly supplied from the tank to the engine, a vacuum develops. It is easy to check for this problem. It is necessary to start the engine with an open petrol tank. If the drain pipe is dirty, the engine starts easily when the gas tank is open.

Can weather affect engine performance?

If the engine stalls when you press the gas pedal, pay attention to the weather. If this situation occurs in the presence of humid air or rain, it is possible that a lot of moisture has accumulated on the distributor. In high humidity or rain, water gets on the ignition distributors. This is because when the vehicle is stationary for a long time, a humid environment forms inside the distributor cap.

Often, the shape of the junction cover allows the vehicle to misfire. As a result of this misfire, electricity stops flowing to the spark plugs. At idle, this problem may not arise. This situation occurs mainly when you press the gas pedal.

The fact is that if you press the pedal, the distributor starts working much faster. Much more current begins to pass through it. If the environment is humid, the chance of misfire is greater. As a result, the motor does not receive the proper amount of "spark" and stalls.

It is not difficult to confirm the existence of just such a reason for the failure of the car. To do this, you need to pay attention to whether this problem occurs when the engine is warmed up, and the weather is dry.

If the weather is still damp, and you need to check the operation of the car for performance, then you can simply put the car in the garage for a certain period of time.

Engine stalls regularly. breakdown of the throttle position sensor

Regular shutdown of the car’s engine may indicate that the problem is a malfunction of the throttle sensor. This sensor measures the force when you press the gas. The data goes to the ECU (electronic control unit) of the propulsion system. The calculation of the volume of fuel that should be injected into the combustion chamber of the engine is carried out.

This operation is carried out unnoticed by the driver, in a split second.

If the damper sensor delivers erroneous information, the injection of the required amount of fuel may not occur. Such a moment can often be observed when the driver presses the gas pedal. Only a mechanic can perform a quality check of the sensor’s functioning. This requires special knowledge.

As an additional signal, you can pay attention to the "Check Engine" indicator. If it is on, then we can assume that there is a breakdown of the throttle sensor.

The engine stalls when you press the gas pedal. the main reasons

Often there is such a problem when the engine stalls when the driver presses the gas pedal. You can find out the reasons for this situation yourself. They can be different.

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The trimmer stalls when you press the gas

Those who have lawns on their personal plot know that a trimmer is a rather useful thing that will help you quickly and efficiently tidy the lawn or clear weeds from overgrown areas. And, like any mechanism, it also often fails due to various breakdowns. One of the most common complaints from device owners is that the trimmer stalls when you press the gas. We propose to understand the main reasons for this phenomenon and identify ways to solve the problem.

The lawn mower stalls when you press the gas

Why does the trimmer stall when you press the gas?

As you can see, there are many reasons why the trimmer can stall when you press the gas. That is why it is important to monitor the state of your assistant, check the state of all systems of the mechanism in time.

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Why does the petrol trimmer stall

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Evgeny pottery: Thank you for sure the grid is clogged, damn it suffered for a week, threw it out and all the rules!

Puppy TV: we have a problem; during operation, the mower itself gains momentum and stalls, what could it be?

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Bro dyaga: is not gaining momentum. The net is clean and without the net the same help please

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Zheka Master: I have such a problem, you jerk, jerk the starter not to start, then you make the gas to the maximum and lift the filter flap up to the end and only then start (it works at idle) by 1 cm you lower the flap down, the revolutions grow. And if you lower the damper all the way down then it stalls. The problem is precisely in the carburetor, because when I put the carburetor from another scythe everything is in order, so I wanted to know if it was possible to adjust its native carburetor.

Sergey shchaslivy: good afternoon can your phone 0500253545

Sergey Mikheev: Probably it happens, My neighbor is trying to mow near the garage, the engine at his scythe is not spinning, I tell him why you have no smoke, electric power, a joke, he took off the exhaust and the same story, the grid is clogged, threw it out and everything went like clockwork!

BOBAH SHARAPOV: less oil in gasoline

Roman Nikolsky: Guys, tell me, I bought a hamer for a lawn mower, 2 horses, worked for an hour and began to start, then there is no feeling of lack of power, as if something interferes, well, the candle gets wet, although after wiping its motor it works, but it stalls, whether it works, but does not gain power, how to fix this problem.

Alex cherie: The instructions say that once a week you need to clean this mesh. In general, this is a very common phenomenon.

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Troubleshooting reasons and features

Why the chainsaw stalls after starting or during operation, you can find out only after performing a check. As a result of the check, you can not only find the reasons for the malfunctioning of the motor, but also possible breakdowns. To find the exact cause, you need to know in what cases a malfunction occurs. Consider such cases, as well as find out the features of troubleshooting.

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Stalls when tilted

The reason that the chainsaw starts to stall when tilted is a lack of fuel mixture entering the system. The fuel pipe is located directly at the bottom of the gas tank, so tilting the tool causes the pipe to simply sit over the fuel mixture. Actually, therefore, when the tool is in operation, it can suddenly stall.

Checking the main systems of the chainsaw

If the chainsaw stalled after pressing the accelerator, then there is a breakdown of some element. It is very difficult to determine immediately the cause of such a malfunction, since various factors can contribute to this. The search for the cause should begin with verification activities of the main systems of the instrument, starting from the smallest to the largest.

The first step is to check the presence of fuel in the tank. Craftsmen often get so carried away during sawing that they forget to add fuel to the tank. Even if there is a certain amount of fuel in the tank, and the chainsaw started up and immediately stalled, then the reason for this may be precisely the lack of mixture as a result of clogged fuel channels.

If everything is in order with the fuel, then the cause must be looked for in the spark plug. Unscrew it and inspect the contacts. If there are no signs of dampness and carbon deposits, then you need to check the size of the gap, which should be 0.5 mm, and then there is a spark. If the candle has not been replaced for a long time, then you need to change it, and then start the tool again.

It is also necessary to check the muffler, as clogging can impede the release of exhaust gases, which affects the functioning of the internal combustion engine. The muffler must be dismantled and wet cleaned from carbon deposits. If the above steps do not help fix the problem, then you will need to understand the situation in more detail, since the reason may be a malfunction of the carburetor or the need to adjust it.

Stalls at idle

If the chainsaw does not start well and stalls at idle, then the first reason is a clogged muffler. The muffler should be dismantled and then wet cleaned. This is very important, as dust can enter the lungs during dry cleaning, which will lead to serious disruption of the functioning of the respiratory system.

The second reason that the chainsaw stalls at idle is an incorrect carburetor setting. To idle the chainsaw, tighten the screw called L on the carburetor. If the tool stalls at idle speed, the screw should be turned 0.5 turns clockwise. To accurately adjust the carburetor, it is recommended to use a tachometer, and the tuning technology is described in this article (link).

Stalls under load

If the chainsaw starts to stall under load, then the reason for this is, first of all, an incorrect carburetor setting. If this reason is eliminated, then in addition to problems with the carburetor, the reason for the inoperability of the tool under load may be damage and wear of the crankshaft oil seals or carburetor gaskets, through which air is sucked into the system.

It is recommended to start troubleshooting by checking the oil seals and gaskets, and after that check the correctness of the carburetor setting. Another reason why the chainsaw starts up and immediately stalls under load may be the chafing of special hoses, through which impulse is transmitted from the crankcase to the fuel pump. But such hoses are not installed on all models of chainsaws, but only mainly on professional ones. Replacing this hose is recommended to correct the problem. How to do it correctly is discussed in the:

Why does a chainsaw engine stall when you press the gas

Despite the high performance of chainsaws, sometimes there are moments when the tool stops working normally. In particular, a common situation is the fact that the chainsaw starts to stall when you press the gas. For experienced tool owners, this problem is known, but beginners who are faced with this for the first time will have to seek help from specialists. But do not rush, in the material you can find all the important causes of the malfunction, as well as try to eliminate them.