Petrol Trimmers Pt 535 Pt 545 Pt 555



Petrol Trimmers Pt 535 Pt 545 Pt 555


4 FIELD OF APPLICATION AND PURPOSE / SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FIELD OF APPLICATION AND PURPOSE Scope of application Trimmer. it is a convenient and effective tool for processing grass areas that require accuracy and accuracy. You can easily mow or trim grass on personal plots, along flower beds, houses and fences. The tools are easy to assemble, easy to use, and require minimal maintenance. The engineers of our company applied the most modern technologies of anti-vibration systems, control, lubrication of drives, developed a line of original engine oils and much more. Purpose The petrol trimmer is designed for mowing grass with a rotating trimmer line (or knife. Depending on the model), driven by a gasoline engine. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Before working with the trimmer, carefully read the instructions and note for yourself the main points of working with the trimmer. Use the trimmer only for its intended purpose. 2. Before starting work, make sure that the trimmer is fully and correctly assembled. Check that all tool elements, especially the trimmer coil or cutting knife, are correctly installed and securely fastened. Make sure the protective cover is installed correctly. 3. Do not leave a working trimmer unattended. If children are near the trimmer while working, you must be extremely careful. Do not allow children to be near. 4. The trimmer is not intended for use by children or people with impaired motor functions, as well as by people who are intoxicated, under the influence of drugs. 5. Before starting work, carefully inspect the area where you have to work. To avoid personal injury, remove glass fragments, stones, remains of reinforcement or other foreign objects that, if caught under a fishing line or knife, may be discarded. 6. Use ear muffs, goggles or face shield. It is forbidden to work barefoot or in open shoes; wear sturdy shoes to avoid injuries. 7. Do not immerse the trimmer in water or any other liquid. this can lead to premature corrosion of the working mechanism and the failure of the trimmer. 8. Start the trimmer only on a flat and dry surface. Use a trimmer line no larger than 2.4 mm in diameter. It is forbidden to use reinforced fishing line, iron cables and wires as a replacement for trimmer fishing line. 9. To prepare the fuel mixture, use gasoline with an octane rating of at least AI-92 and original PATRIOT oils and greases. 5

5 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS / TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS 10. If the fuel mixture spills when filling the tank, be sure to change the trigger start position, move no less than 3 meters from the spill site. It is forbidden to fill the fuel mixture with the engine running or hot. 11. Always turn off the trimmer when you leave it unattended, and also at the end of use, before cleaning or transporting. 12. Check the gas trimmer regularly for malfunctions and damage. If any damage is found, stop using the trimmer immediately and take the device to the nearest service center for diagnosis and repair. 13. Any repair or maintenance of the petrol trimmer, other than cleaning, must be carried out by an authorized service center. 14. The gas trimmer is intended only for decorative mowing in the open air. Do not use the tool in greenhouses and enclosed spaces to avoid poisoning by the products of the internal combustion engine. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Trimmer model PT 535 PT 545 PT 555 Art. PT S PT G PT S PT G PT S PT G Engine displacement, cm 3 32,6 42,7 51,7 Power, hp 1.8 2.5 3.0 Engine type Clutch mechanism Ignition 2-stroke gasoline engine Centrifugal Electronic Speed, rpm Anti-vibration system Cutting diameter, mm 2.0-2.4 Cutting diameter, mm 255 EASY START Fuel tank capacity, ml Weight, kg 7.0 7.5 7.7 6

6 GASOLINE TRIMMER DEVICE Petrol trimmer device PT 535, PT 545, PT Trimmer knife 2. Reducer 3. Protective cover 4. Fishing line cutter 5. Adjustable handle 6. Gas trigger 7. Gas trigger lock 8. Gas trigger lock 9. Mount for a shoulder belt 10. Engine of a gas trimmer 11. Fuel tank 12. Air filter 13. Starter 14. Spark plug WARNING! Appearance and trimmer device may differ from those presented in the instructions. 7

7 ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES Backpack belt Canister for preparing the fuel mixture (the measuring scale on the canister allows you to prepare the fuel mixture in the required proportions)

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8 ASSEMBLING A GASOLINE TRIMMER STEP 1 Align the clutch cup housing with the front of the engine. Tighten the four bolts. STEP 2 Install and fix the handle on the main rod so that the open part on the right side is without the handle. Screw the handle; do not tighten the bolts to the end for subsequent adjustment. STEP 3 Set the control handle so that the throttle trigger is facing the trimmer head. Securely tighten the mounting screw. Fasten the control cable clips to the handle. Take the shoulder strap and snap the snap hook into place on the trimmer main bar. ATTENTION! To prevent damage to the hands, always wear protective gloves when assembling and using the trimmer. Attention! The handle mounting design may differ from the instructions provided. 9

9 GASOLINE TRIMMER ASSEMBLY If you decide to use the fishing line STEP 4 Screw the protective cover onto the bottom of the boom. The metal plate for attaching the casing must be additionally fixed to the gearbox. STEP 5 Install the protective flange on the splined shaft of the gearbox so that the technical grooves on the gearbox and flange match. STEP 6 Insert the hexagon into the process hole between the protective flange and the gearbox. While holding the hexagon, turn the trimmer head counterclockwise until it stops. ATTENTION! Never operate the trimmer without a protective flange. If you forget to install the protective flange before installing the trimmer coil, then after finishing working with the trimmer, you will not be able to remove the trimmer coil. 0

10 11 ASSEMBLY OF THE GASOLINE TRIMMER If you decide to use the knife STEP 4 Screw the protective cover onto the lower part of the boom. Install the protective flange on the splined shaft of the gearbox, so that the technical grooves on the gearbox and flange match. STEP 5 Install the cutting knife on the protective flange. Install a clamping washer on top of the knife, then tighten the nut all the way. Insert the hexagon into the process hole between the protective flange and the gearbox. Tighten the nut with a wrench. STEP 6 Insert the safety cotter pin into the hole on the gearbox shaft, if supplied. If the working surface of the knife becomes dull, turn the knife over on one side and continue to work. ATTENTION! It is forbidden to sharpen a cutting knife. A dull cutting knife must be replaced with a new one.

11 PREPARING THE FUEL MIX PREPARING THE FUEL MIX When preparing the fuel mixture for two-stroke engines of gasoline trimmers, only original PATRIOT engine oils should be used. We recommend the use of high-quality, high-purity unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least AI-92. In the set of optional accessories, take a special canister for the fuel mixture. Fill gasoline to the mark, then add the required amount of special oil for two-stroke engines to the level. Shake the can several times until a uniform fuel mixture is obtained. If there is no special canister for mixing the fuel mixture, use special canisters for storing gasoline. The fuel mixture of gasoline and special PATRIOT oil for two-stroke engines is mixed in a 32: 1 ratio. It is forbidden to prepare the fuel mixture directly in the tank of the gas trimmer. Refuel the trimmer fuel tank with the engine turned off, and also away from an open flame. The mixture should be prepared based on one refueling; the mixture should not be left in the fuel tank of the gas trimmer. ATTENTION! It is forbidden to smoke while preparing the fuel mixture. 2

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12 STARTING THE GASOLINE TRIMMER STEP 1 Pour the fuel mixture into the tank. Move the choke lever up to the “cold” position. On the control handle, set the ignition to the “on” position. STEP 2 Press the primer button 5-7 times to fill the carburetor with fuel mixture. Place the trimmer on a stable surface at a safe distance from surrounding objects and people. The trimmer head or cutting knife must not touch the ground. STEP 3 On the control handle, press the trigger and lock it. Hold the trimmer with one hand, with your free hand pull the starter handle until it "engages". Gently pull the starter handle a cm long until the first start. Then release the starter handle. ATTENTION! Trimmers are equipped with the EASY START system, which provides a simple and smooth engine start without jerking and kickback. Strong jerking, pulling the cord all the way can cause the starter mechanism to break. thirteen

13 STARTING THE PETROL TRIMMER 4 STEP 4 Set the choke lever to the middle position. Pull the starter handle several times until the engine starts. Let the engine warm up for 5-10 seconds. Move the choke lever down, then pull the trigger to unlock. STEP 5 Gently pull the trigger, bring the engine to maximum speed and get to work. Mowing hold the trimmer firmly with both hands on the ergonomic handles. STEP 6 If the engine is warm, turn on the trimmer and follow the same procedures as with a cold start, just do not press the primer. The air damper must be in the lower position. ATTENTION! Your trimmer is equipped with a semi-automatic line feed system. While the trimmer is operating at maximum speed, lightly hit the pressure head on the ground. The length of the cutting line will increase by approximately 25 mm. Attention! The design of the control handle may differ from that presented in the instructions.

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14 STOPPING THE GASOLINE TRIMMER STEP 1 STEP 2 Release the gas trigger. engine speed will fall. switch to stop position. Stop the engine by turning on- Commissioning information and recommendations on the operation of the gas trimmer. ATTENTION! After working in the fuel tank, the unused fuel mixture may remain, drain it into the canister. Do not leave the fuel mixture in the trimmer tank for more than 12 hours. This can lead to unstable engine operation. Use only original PATRIOT certified mineral and semi-synthetic oils for 2-stroke engines. It is forbidden to use oil for 4-stroke engines when preparing the fuel mixture for 2-stroke engines. Use the PATRIOT multifunctional spray grease to maintain the trimmer. The break-in period is 5-8 fuel tanks. During running-in it is not recommended for a long time to work at maximum speeds, and also to use a trimmer knife. The mode of operation of the gas trimmer must combine work under load with a short-term “rest” at idle. ATTENTION! Use the fishing line recommended by the manufacturer. The diameter of the fishing line should not exceed 2.4 mm. Attention! The design of the control handle may differ from that described in instruction 15.

15 MAINTENANCE Air filter Spark plug Remove the air filter cover. Remove the air filter and rinse it thoroughly first in a soapy water solution, then in clean, warm water. Dry the filter at room temperature. Before installing the filter, soak it with 2-3 drops of engine oil. Check the condition of the spark plug regularly. Regularly clean the spark plug and check the gap between the electrodes. The clearance should be 0.5 mm. ATTENTION! When working with a trimmer, it is forbidden to lean with a pressure head on the ground. 6

16 17 MAINTENANCE Cooling system Reducer If the cooling holes are contaminated with mowing products and oil sludge, use a brush and / or compressed air bottle to clean. Dirty ribs on the engine cylinder can cause it to overheat and break. Clean cylinder fins regularly with a brush and / or compressed air. Check lubricant in gearbox once every three months. If necessary, change the lubricant or contact an authorized service center. The original PATRIOT Arsenal lithium grease can be used to lubricate the gearbox. Before servicing the gearbox, flush it with the Arsenal Universal Cleaner.

17 MAINTENANCE Winding the fishing line STEP 1 Grab the trim reel. It is required to combine the two marks on the pressure nut and coil housing. STEP 2 There are holes for refueling the fishing line on both sides of the reel body. Measure out 3.5-4 meters of trimmer fishing line. Thread the line into one of the holes on the reel. STEP 3 The line should exit the hole on the opposite side of the reel body. ATTENTION! The design of the trimmer coil in the instructions may differ from the original. 8

18 19 MAINTENANCE STEP 4 There should be an equal amount of fishing line on both sides of the reel. STEP 5 To wind the line, turn the pressure nut clockwise. STEP 6 Winding is required until there is no fishing line left on both sides. ATTENTION! Do not use a fishing line of a larger diameter, this can lead to destruction of the coil and overheating of the engine.

19 TIPS FOR PRACTICAL USE OF A GASOLINE TRIMMER 0 TIPS FOR PRACTICAL USE OF A TRIMMER 1. The gasoline trimmer of this class is intended for domestic use only. It is not recommended to use the trimmer when carrying out professional / industrial works. 2. The gas trimmer is equipped with a 2-stroke engine running on a fuel mixture of gasoline with an octane rating of at least AI-92 and special oil for 2-stroke engines. Using gasoline with an octane rating less than AI-92 can lead to detonation, overheating, and serious engine damage. 3. It is forbidden to use gasoline containing lead in the preparation of the fuel mixture. Be careful when working with the fuel mixture and directly with gasoline. 4. When using a gas trimmer, we recommend the use of safety glasses or a mesh, earphones, mittens and rubber boots or other shoes with a protected toe. 5. Do not use the trimmer without a protective cover. 6. The gas trimmer is equipped with an anti-vibration system that reduces the vibration level of the drive and motor. Fasten the spool or cutting knife to the stop; with poorly fixed cutting tools, the vibration level increases. 7. Before mowing, check the condition of all elements of the gas trimmer. When mowing, do not apply excessive force and do not touch the working plane of the earth coil. Excessive load on the trimmer coil or knife can cause damage to the trimmer mechanisms. 8. When starting the engine, do not pull the starter cord sharply and do not lower it from the fully extended position, this may damage the starter mechanism. 9. Check for damage to the trimmer body, trim tab and protective cover. If damage is found, replace the trimmer spool or cover; if other damage is found, contact an authorized service center. After finishing work, clean the trimmer coil and the casing of the remaining crop. Criteria for limit states. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the reel with fishing line, cutting knife (depending on the model), trimmer bar, gearbox. If the coil elements break down or cannot be assembled, it is necessary to replace the coil. At the end of the supply of trimmer fishing line, refill the reel with a new fishing line. If deformation of the cutting knife is detected leading to vibration of the product, replace the knife. If deformation of the transmission rod is detected, contact an authorized service center. If defects are found and the gearbox is deformed, contact a service center to repair or replace it.

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20 21 POSSIBLE MALFUNCTIONS AND TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM Problem The engine does not start The engine does not accelerate The engine runs unstable at idle The engine does not develop the required power and stalls The engine runs unstable at high revs Extraneous sounds in the gearbox Coil does not feed the fishing line Possible solution Check the position of the switch on the handle management. Check the spark plug, clean or replace if necessary (see page 16). At the first start, the primer button is not pressed enough times. We recommend that you press the primer button 5-7 times. The carburetor pours fuel. It is necessary to fully open the air damper. Check fuel mixture level. Check the position of the air damper. Check the air filter; it may be clogged. Clean or replace with a new one (see page 16). The carburetor is not adjusted. Contact your nearest authorized service center. Check the air filter; it may be clogged. Clean or replace with a new one (see page 16). If the old fuel mixture remained in the fuel tank, drain it, rinse the fuel tank with gasoline, and fill in the fresh fuel mixture. Pump up fuel with a primer. Perhaps the old fuel mixture remained in the fuel tank, replace it with a new one. Check the air filter; it may be clogged. Clean or replace with a new one (see page 16). Check the spark plug, clean or replace if necessary (see page 16). Grass wound around a shaft of a reel or knife. Free the tree from the grass. Check the air filter; it may be clogged. Clean or replace with a new one (see page 16). Adjust the spark plug clearance (see page 16). The grease may have run out or water has been spilled. Flush the gearbox with the Universal Cleaner and lubricate the gearbox with Arsenal Lithium Grease (see page 17). The fishing line is over, you need to rewind a new one (see page 18). The fishing line is tangled on a bobbin. Unwind and untangle the fishing line or replace the bobbin. The fishing line stuck together during heating. Remove the reel and rewind the line (see page 18). The fishing reel clogged. Clean the spool housing and bobbin. FOR ALL INTERESTING QUESTIONS, CONTACT THE SERVICE CENTER OR THE NEAREST DEALER OF THE TRADEMARK.