Possible Engine Failures On the Patriot P175fb Tiller

Patriot Garden 6.5 is a mid-range cultivator designed to handle large areas. The machine is in demand among gardeners, summer residents and farmers who highly value this cultivator for high productivity and endurance, as well as good off-road ability. In addition, the equipment is adapted to work using various hinged options that provide faster processing of soil of any complexity. The Garden 6.5 model is very popular in many countries of the world, as it is made from high-quality components.

General information, purpose and design features

The cultivator under consideration, like any other similar technique, is able to save a person from hard manual labor. The cultivator will be indispensable for any professional farmer who appreciates not only his time, but also his health. In addition, together with Patriot Garden 6.5 you can get a lot of pleasure from comfortable work. The technique has obvious advantages, thanks to which it makes sense to expand their land holdings, since this cultivator is designed to process large areas of land.

The manufacturer of the equipment is the American company Patriot, founded in 1973. Initially, the company produced garden equipment and lubricants, and then switched to the production of more professional devices for the garden and agriculture. Now Patriot is one of the leading manufacturers of tillers and cultivators. By the way, the Garden 6.5 model can be considered one of the most successful in the history of the American brand. It has balanced characteristics, which makes it suitable for the most complex tasks.

Possible Engine Failures On the Patriot P175fb Tiller

Note that the Patriot Garden 6.5 cultivator is now available in China. The Chinese assembly allowed to significantly reduce the cost and products, and make it accessible even for economical users. The company in China meets all quality standards, and is under the control of leading American engine manufacturers.

The machine can easily cope with standard types of work, such as mowing grass, plowing and cultivating the soil, forming beds, hilling, pumping water, transporting goods, planting and digging potatoes and other vegetable crops, working with mills and other procedures. Based on this, we can make sure that the capabilities of the technology are limited only by the needs of the owner, rather than the potential of the cultivator. The more options, the higher the functionality of the product. It is important to pay attention to products recommended by the manufacturer.

We highlight the main advantages of technology

  • Permissible processing width is 800 mm, which indicates the ability to work with large volumes of work
  • If necessary, the working width of the cultivation can be reduced to 600 mm. Thus, flexible adjustment makes the cultivator universal, and convenient to use even in cramped areas with a lot of obstacles.
  • Permissible processing depth is 280 mm. This is enough to plant different crops
  • To provide the necessary power, the Patriot Garden 6.5 cultivator received a powerful 4-stroke gasoline unit.
  • The total cultivator weight of 45 kg allows you to quickly maneuver and avoid obstacles. In addition, the car is quite compact compared to competitors. Thanks to this, there will be no problems with the transportation of Gardena. over, the folding design allows you to fit the tiller into the trunk of a car.
  • The cultivator supports a large number of mounted options. Indeed, without attachments, it is impossible to appreciate the advantages of this technique. The manufacturer specifically offers the equipment from the outset without any options to give the buyer the opportunity to choose the right hanging element. This is proved by the fact that Patriot takes care of its customers who have different needs.


Consider the most popular options for the Garden 6.5 model.

  • Potato planter
  • Potato digger
  • Hardener
  • Plow
  • Ground Hooks
  • Trailer
  • Adapter with seat
  • Mowing machine
  • Cultivators
  • Water pump
  • Snow blower

Features of use

Cultivator Patriot Garden 6.5. a reliable high-performance unit made of high-quality components. But like any other mechanism, even American technology will sooner or later fail, and will annoy with its technical problems. But there is a way out to prevent frequent breakdowns caused mainly by improper operation of the device. So, the manufacturer recommends running the cultivator right after its purchase, that is, before the first use with a 100 percent load. So, the break-in procedure includes several important steps.

  • Before turning the motor on for the first time, it is important to check all internal and external connections to avoid possible troubles. It also does not hurt to add fuel and oil, as well as replace other consumables, such as filters
  • It is necessary to let the engine run first at idle, and then gradually increase to medium speed. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the gear shift mechanism. The box, like the engine, should work clearly and smoothly, without extraneous noise and vibration.
  • After about an hour, you can begin to process the soil. You can cultivate, spud, form beds, plant potatoes and perform other work. It is important that the load on the cultivator during the break-in period does not exceed 50%.
  • The approximate time for running-in is 15 hours. Upon completion, you should re-inspect the device, as well as add oil and fuel, and change consumables.
  • Now the cultivator is ready for full operation, and the load is 100%.

Video: Possible Engine Failures On the Patriot P175fb Tiller


The Patriot Garden 6.5 cultivator is equipped with a 6.5-horsepower gasoline engine. The machine is equipped with a manual gearbox, in which two speeds are responsible for the forward movement, and one more. for reversing. Once again, we draw attention to the permissible processing width of up to 800 mm, and the diameter of each cutter should not exceed 300 mm. The engine is aggregated with a belt clutch and a chain gear.

Fuel consumption

The cultivator is equipped with a 3.6 liter fuel tank, which is enough for most tasks. The duration of work at one gas station is an average of 7-8 hours. It is possible to fill in the 92nd gasoline. Fuel consumption per hour can reach 2 liters.


The average price of the new Patriot Garden 6.5 cultivator is 25-30 thousand rubles for the basic configuration. The necessary set of attachments, which will reveal all the capabilities of the machine, will increase its cost by 10-15 thousand rubles.

The cultivator is very popular in the supported market. The machine in good condition will cost about 20-25 thousand rubles.

Competitors: Aurora Gardener 750, MTD T 240 B 500, Pubert Nano 40B, Al-Ko MH 4001 R, Sturm GK8360M, Prorab GT 55 T.


  • Alexey, Tomsk. The cultivator was acquired in 2013 to replace the Soviet tiller Neva. I immediately bought several options for the new product, but most of all I appreciated the soil hooks and the potato digger. Especially useful hooks when processing complex and hard lands to great depths. The machine is equipped with a 6-horsepower engine, which is enough for most tasks. For four years of active operation, only consumables were changed, as well as several sets of tires. They quickly wear out and become clogged with dirt, although at first they have good characteristics when driving on the road. Patriot consumes 1 to 2 liters depending on the load.
  • Anatoly, Tver region. The car was bought in 2017. About Bosch to me in 30 thousand in a basic complete set. I use with a dirt hook, an okuchnik and mills. He immediately removed the wheels, as they quickly become clogged with dirt. The car is quiet and easy to drive.
  • Leonid, Ekaterinoslavl. Bought a Patriot Garden technique with a 6.5 liter engine. with. The machine is branded, has a high quality workmanship. Americans know how, with the help of the Chinese, to present a good product to the client in an expensive wrapper, and even at an affordable price. The cultivator helps me out for eight hours a day. That’s just enough for one refueling. By the way, gasoline consumption per hour does not exceed 1 liter. In addition, the engine is adapted for low-octane fuel, so you can fill in at least 92nd gasoline. The machine perfectly cultivates and plows the soil, quickly planting and forming beds. I also use Patriot to transport goods.
  • Boris, Stavropol Territory. I liked the car, I use Patriot almost at the limit of its capabilities. I have a garden of 38 acres, enough work. The equipment is reliable, for three months the engine has never overheated and has not stalled. Let’s see what happens with him next. And then I’m already afraid to strain it like that. By the way, he consumes only 1.5 liters of 92nd gasoline.
  • Daniel, Krasnoyarsk. Patriot Garden 6.5 copes well with cleaning icy snowdrifts, though for this you need to use dirt hooks for better stability, since the tiller is light. But it is convenient to carry it in the trunk of my VAZ-2104.
  • Nikolay, Yaroslavl. Decent unit at an affordable price. He is reliable and unpretentious, for two years not a single serious damage. True, the high cost of spare parts is a little annoying. But on the other hand, all the details are very durable, and they last for a long time. I use the cultivator mainly for transportation of goods and cleaning of territories. The machine consumes up to 2 liters per hour.

Motor-cultivator Patriot

Motor-cultivator Patriot Garden T 6.5 / 700 FB PG Dallas is one of the most popular models in Europe. That is because after all the success the model uses is also used in Ukrainian bazaars. In the process of researching this model, configurations were made for the best addiction to solid operation and to Ukrainian conditions.

When designing FB PG Dallas were taken due to the research base of Russian professionals. All the main components of Russian manufacture are selected in accordance with the principle of the best proportion of property-value. The highest property of details will give the longest working life and easily accessible service. T 6.5 / 700 FB PG Dallas has a working width of 60 cm. The number of revolutions is 3000 rpm, and at overload 3600 rpm. The largest engine capacity of 6 liters. with. The wheels have a caliber of 15 cm. The finish area reaches 1,500 square meters. m. The fuel figure Patriot recommends grabbing the highest properties, for example, AI-92. The fuel tank is quite large. 3.6 liters. It probably means that now you don’t need to often load your cultivator, but act in your own pleasure.
Personalities of the Patriot Garden T 6.5 / 700 FB PG Dallas motor-cultivator:
1 1. gears that will help you in your work, pulling the cultivator, adjusting to the set pace;
mills only 4, caliber of any. 30 cm;
the steering wheel is comfortably adjustable, and will begin to maneuver in accordance with the site;
the transport wheel 700 FB PG Dallas will comfortably rise up when working.
The Patriot Garden T 6.5 / 700 FB PG Dallas motor-cultivator is probably the best cultivator, which is literally noble of your interest. Easily accessible cost will allow everyone to purchase it. The engine is frugal and completely win-win. The exhaust momentum is reduced by the minimum amount.
We got this cultivator 2 years back, the first difficulties started more closely in production, the annoyance is terrible, there is not enough fastener in any way. at 1 work with a cultivator, the engine began to gouge (motor revs floated), then smoke came from the front of the casing, after where the belts were, the reverse belt turned out to be burned out more closely due to manufacturing defects by the Chinese. the most fascinating one is like the first one had a cogar cultivator, while the other hyundai T850, on the outside, was very similar to mine, but they used it more closely for 4 years in the absence of troubles, and I dig a pancake from the shore and dig with a shovel, because Patriot has a guarantee nothing goes in any way.