Poulan 2150 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

A household or semi-professional class chainsaw is available in almost every private or private farm. The presence of such a tool allows you to effectively mechanize most of the time-consuming work on the pile of decommissioned dead wood, harvesting firewood, erecting wooden building structures for various purposes.

In the market of household tools in a small assortment are American Poulan chainsaws, successfully competing with similar products from leading European brands. Manufacturer. a well-known company from the United States, producing annually more than a million units of modern, reliable and affordable chainsaw equipment.

Poulan 2150 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

Design features

Without exception, all Poulan chainsaws differ from similar analogues in design and purpose:

  • a combination of light weight and stable performance parameters of power drives;
  • operational reliability and comfort of sawing work of different levels of complexity.

Developed on the basis of the classic layout and modern industrial design, the Poulan chainsaw of any series is characterized by:

  • comfortable grip;
  • excellent body balancing;
  • high performance;
  • requirements of operational standards, as well as the relevant section of safety regulations.

High Demand Criteria

The budget-priced saw Poulan is equipped with full-fledged quick start and fuel supply systems, effective filters of regular air intakes and devices for urgent stopping of the saw chain. The high level of maintainability allows you to eliminate the malfunction, to replace worn parts, to adjust the Poulan chainsaw in a workshop equipped with a minimum.

Routine repairs help to realize inexpensive branded spare parts and consumables presented with a wide selection.

In the list of advantages of the corporate lineup:

  • affordable selling price for moderate-income buyers;
  • economical fuel and oil consumption;
  • simplified access to internal systems and refueling tanks;
  • the possibility of using motor and chain oils of the European range.

Information support

The instruction included with the saw contains a wide range of recommendations:

  • to prepare the tool for work;
  • independent maintenance of component systems and assemblies;
  • features of winter start-up and operation in non-standard conditions of low temperatures and increased loads.

Effective search algorithms for possible failures and malfunctions are also presented. If, after completing all the preparatory operations, the chainsaw does not start or, in another version, starts and stalls, the cause of the failure may be the influence of external factors.

Most often it takes place:

  • the use of fuel and oil-motor surrogates;
  • low-quality filter cleaning of the air intake device;
  • water or debris getting into the carburetor, a spark plug malfunction or a short circuit in the wiring;
  • Poulan’s unattended chainsaw stalls under load after improperly configured fuel systems or when the headset chain is overtightened.

The nuances of self-service

The electronic ignition of Poulan chainsaws is maintenance free. The main requirements are the correct selection of the spark plug, the integrity of the high-voltage wire and the serviceability of the noise protection resistor located in the spark plug cap.

Self-adjustment of the carburetor involves knowledge of the work process and the presence of certain skills. Fine tuning of fuel supply can be performed using special equipment in a service center.

Comparison of technical and operational advantages of different models

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The Poulan brand chainsaw engine deserves a separate review.

Chainsaw Poulan 1950

In its category, this inexpensive model is the lightest and most compact. A carburetor engine with a displacement of 36.3 cm3 and a power of 1.3 kW is used as a power drive. The weight of the tool with the saw set installed does not exceed 4.7 kg.

Despite belonging to the budget category, the tool is equipped with a full-fledged automated lubrication and cooling system for the saw set.

A standard tire with a length of 400 mm and a universal, in a 3/8 inch pitch, saw chain, ensure the proper performance of various types of sawing operations.

Reliable in everyday use, an oil pump with adjustable capacity delivers liquid lubricant to the tire in a dosage that is determined by the engine speed. The complexity of the design is offset by economical, up to 50% consumption of chain oil.

Poulan 2150

This model is in high demand in the private sector. The reason for the popularity of the tool is in the extension of the engine resource. The wear resistance of the piston group is enhanced by applying a special silicon-nickel coating.

The significant advantages of this development:

  • widespread use of shockproof and temperature-resistant plastic;
  • simplified maintenance of the nylon filter of the intake device;
  • reinforced crankcase design;
  • Efficient vibration damper and side access mechanism for the chain tension mechanism.

Consumption and traction characteristics of the engine are identical to the previous model.

Poulan 2250

The model is distinguished by a 1.4 kW carbureted push-pull drive with an increased capacity of up to 45 cm3 and a branded guide rail extended to 450 mm. The headset is supplemented by a reliable inertial brake, more comfortable indicators of engine vibration and noise background of the exhaust take place.

The tool with improved power parameters and a large margin of torque is focused on the implementation of labor-intensive and complex work, in particular associated with the cutting of dense and frozen wood.

The characteristics of the 2250 Series saw are as close as possible to the operational capabilities of European semi-professional class models.

Poulan 2550

The most powerful saw in its proprietary line of Poulan 2550 series is equipped with a carburetor engine, a working volume of 40 cm3 and a power of 2.4 hp. The range of application of the tool includes a dump and bucking of wood dead wood with a diameter of up to 400 mm.

It is also possible to carry out large-scale sawing operations for the preparation of firewood and the preparation of wood building materials for the installation of log structures such as log houses or retaining walls.

The list of indisputable advantages of this model includes the ability of continuous operation of the engine and the saw device at working speeds, the stability of performance over the entire time of the assigned resource.

Carb adjustment

Power units operate on a fuel-oil mixture, which is produced by a carburetor in a ratio of 16: 1. The operation of the drive on a poor or rich mixture adversely affects its thrust, efficiency and operational resource.

At the factory, the carburetor is adjusted according to standard averaged parameters, without taking into account air temperature, atmospheric pressure, workloads and other external factors. The sequence of tuning the fuel systems of the saws of the entire company range is not significantly different.

By rotating the screws of quality and quantity, the composition of the gasoline-oil emulsion is displayed at a predetermined proportion, which ensures good throttle response and stability of idle speed.

Advantages of Poulan Chainsaws

The presented model range with respect to the Chinese-made models of similar power and cost has more advanced technical and operational characteristics.

All Poulan brand models are equipped with economical and reliable power units, high-quality removable equipment, there is no shortage of spare parts and branded consumables.

The design of the entire model range laid the foundation for safe operation. In particular, the response speed of emergency stop devices is at the level of the best professional-class models.


According to many owners, Poulan chainsaws lack visual control of fuel and chain oil levels in refueling tanks, and there are many complaints about the quality of plastic components for wardrobe trunks.

Owner reviews

Four years of low-cost operation of the Poulan chainsaw positively characterize all the products of this manufacturer. Concerns about the strength of plastic parts turned out to be unfounded. The engine thrust for all the time of operation has decreased by no more than 5-7%. However, much can be attributed to the quality of bad gasoline.
Fedor Vasilievich

The desire to save the resource dear Huskvarna, realized the acquisition of a budget Poulan chainsaw. When choosing, a significant role was played by the small cost of the instrument, low weight and the absence of Chinese characters on the packaging. The Poulan 2150 series chainsaw is lightweight and easy to operate with homework, including wood fuel preparation, in full.