Preparation of a trimmer for grass for the season after winter. Types of gasoline trimmers

Trimmer care in winter and preparing a trimmer for grass for spring. Conservation of a chainsaw or motorcycles before storage storage of motorcycles

If you do not want to have problems with the launch of the lawn mower in the spring and that the equipment serves for many years, you need to produce several not difficult, but necessary procedures.

Consistent lubricant (you can use lilet).

Shplitz for filling the lubricant (if your lawn mower is equipped with special stains).

And, of course, half an hour. an hour of free time.

You can easily purchase all devices and lubricants in any spare parts store.

Wipe the body of the lawn mower with a damp cloth. Especially pay attention to the working surface of the “Snail”. When examining the “Snails”, set the lawn mower to the maintenance position, for this, unscrew the handles and put the lawn mushroom vertically so that the oil in the crankcase does not flow, see. picture. Remove excess grass and dirt from the working parts of the belt drive if your lawn mower is equipped. It is not recommended to wash the lawn mower with water from the hose and a high.pressure washing, since water can get into the filter elements of the engine, and the abrasive under pressure can get into the bearings and rubbing parts of the lawn mower.

It is not recommended to store fuel for more than 30 days, for this it is better to drain all gasoline for the winter, or use a special fuel stabilizer. It is necessary to drain the remaining gasoline from the gas tank, then make the lawn mower so that the remaining fuel in the carburetor is developed. If you use the fuel stabilizer, then it is necessary to store the lawn mower outside the season with a full gas tank.

Clean or replace the air filter and a preliminary fuel filter (if the engine on your lawn mower is equipped with it).

To prevent corrosion, the combustion chamber must be twisted and pour a teaspoon of oil into the chamber. Then, several times, without jerks, pull the starter handle so that the oil would be evenly distributed in the chamber. After you need to pull the starter’s rope until the resistance appears so that the valves are closed, this will additionally protect the combustion chamber from corrosion.

It is necessary to lubricate with consistent lubricant wheels and bearings bearings (if present).

If your lawn mower is equipped with special oils, it is necessary to fill a lubricant into them using a special syringe.

If your lawn mower is equipped with an electric launch, then it is necessary to completely charge the battery.

Check all the cables of the lawmaker drive. If they have a double device (core and braid for cm. drawing), then it is necessary to lubricate the core of the cable with liquid oil (the engine oil is quite suitable).

For storing lawn mowers in winter, room temperature is best suited. But if you do not have such an opportunity, then you should store the lawn mower in the winter in a dry, well.ventilated place.

If you have observed all points during conservation, then your summer friend will serve for many years without breakdowns and at the beginning of the season there will be no problems with launching.

If you still need to repair the lawn mower. or in front of the winter season, repairing snowbrushes. You can always count on our specialists.

Every year, summer residents are faced with the problem of conservation of equipment before winter storage. We are sure that you know all the nuances?

preparation, trimmer, grass, season

It’s no secret that the winter storage of equipment. It needs to be cleaned as much as possible and check if there are any problems with work and launch. And the more highly the apparatus, the more time it will take. Especially for saving your strength and time, we have prepared an excellent list of works on the proper conservation of garden equipment for the winter.

Basic norms of equipment training

Whether it is a single tractor or an ordinary shovel for digging potatoes, you must definitely wash the garden tool, let it dry and check all the details and connections for signs of wear before putting it in the dark corner of your garage or barn for storage in a long period of cold weather.

Maybe, There can be nothing worse than moisture. which randomly remained in the dynamic components of the motor tool. Freezing, she begins to deform the vulnerable details, bringing any technique into unusable. For personal reasons, it is also worth draining gasoline, but as for the oil, it is not worth touching it categorically. You must not allow the technique to become “dry”.

What you need to know about storage of a chainsaw in winter

Chainsaw. This is probably one of the just a few tools for the garden that can be used as effectively in winter as in the summer. True, as for the operating temperature of the chainsaw, things are worse, gasoline and oil inside are far from the best frost.resistant substances. But if the manufacturer is stated that the chainsaw can be used at a temperature (-10 ° C). This gives the right to safely use the tool. Otherwise, it is better to prepare a chainsaw for competent conservation.

We can say that “The heart “any chain saw is a single.cylinder two.stroke engine carburetor type, along with the importance with which the chain is coming. It is the proper care of these mechanisms that will provide your chainsaw with durable and work.

note! About once a month, you need to do a crankshaft turn. This will allow lubrication evenly distributed between connecting rods and pistons.

  • to start, It is necessary to drain the remaining gasoline (fuel) from tank/carburetor. In order to fully make sure of its absence inside the chainsaw, start the tool idle and wait for the gasoline to end. The next step is to wipe the gas tank dry, but its metal components would not rust. This option is great for conservation for 3 months or more. But if you are facing you to work a little and in winter. In this case, the tank must be poured with gasoline to the edge and the main thing is that gasoline is of the highest quality. It will be necessary to cut down the tree. excellent, your hands will already be ready in your hands. But do not forget that gasoline inside can turn into “jelly” 2-3 weeks after consistency, which can also harm even the best, from a technical point of view, the motor.
  • Dismantle the saw chain with the bus and begin to bring it into the original appearance gradually freeing from sawdust and other garbage. After that, cover these components with protective lubrication and wrap for storage in a piece of paper or fabric impregnated with oil.
  • The last step There are trifles: cleaning the spark plug from burning and the remains of gasoline, lubrication of worm gear, and cleaning the filter-endors;

best benzotrimmers

Among the favorites for the production of professional technology are Husqvarna, Echo, Hitachi, STIHL, whose benzotrimers are reliable, the highest functionality and good technical features. It is also worth noting a nice and ergonomic design of modern products. The mentioned manufacturers also produce benzotrimers of an amateur and semi.professional class at applicable prices.

Companies (Energomash, Interskol) have good power and good technical equipment. With constant inspection and timely repair, it is designed for a long service life.

Models of benzotrimers of little.known Chinese manufacturers, although they are captivated by a low price, but often break and do not serve long. Acquisition of a couple of seasons can be justified by a small cost, however, the power of such products is small. If it is necessary to repair, they refuse to repair them in the service, arguing that it is faster and cheaper to buy a new device.

preparation, trimmer, grass, season

How to start a trimmer motor for grass or lawn mower?

The new trimmer for the grass is simple in commissioning.

  • Check the type of device motor. Trammers for grass are equipped with a 2- or 4-stroke engine.
  • Buy oil for this type of motor. Gasoline for a trimmer for grass-AI-92/93/98, is sold at all gas stations.
  • Mix oil with gasoline. Mineral oil is mixed in a ratio of 1: 34 with gasoline, synthetics. in 1: 50. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the trimmer for grass for the viscosity of the oil (see. label on the flask). often used all-season oil 5W-30. Do not use unverified car.
  • Pour a small amount (for example, 0.5 liters) of the resulting fuel in the tank.
  • Close the air conditioning by shifting the desired lever (see. instructions).
  • Turn the ignition key (or handle) to the “inclusive” position. without this, the trimmer will not start for the grass. Beginners often make such an error.
  • Skip a little fuel into the carburetor. if there is a manual “rocking” with a separate button or lever (see. instructions). 4-7 presses are needed.
  • Install a trimmer for grass on a flat surface.
  • Carefully pull the starting cord until you feel its brake. Then abruptly pull it out, but not completely. Repeat this movement before 4 times.
  • If the engine does not start, open the air damper again, otherwise the candle will flood with gasoline with further movements of the cord. Perform 2-3 attempts to start an open handbrake motor.
  • If the motor does not start, close the damper and make a few more attempts to start it.
  • After starting the engine, press the gas lever, turning on the idle.

Let the motor warm up-5-10 minutes enough. Do not start mowing grass immediately after a cold start. a trimmer motor for grass should be used.

Edging Next to a Buick Grand National

Starting the lawn mower for the first time or after a long downtime

The lawn mower differs from a trimmer for the grass in that a fishing line for a trimmer, but a mechanical gearbox or winch based on the gear equipped with a knife, acts as a cutter for grass. The knife drive is much more powerful than the forest mechanism. a powerful lawn mower is also used when cutting the bushes. Both Chinese and European law mmores do not differ in anything special when the declared capacity is real.

For lubrication of gear gears, Litol or solidol is used. Having checked the gearbox, prepare for the work and the engine itself. according to the above instructions. If the start has failed, the problem is already in the engine.

What was there in the instructions?

According to psychologists’ research, half of us does not read instructions, even if he encounters an unfamiliar device or task. And half of those who, before the start of any business, still look into the reference documentation, views it superficially. And only 25% carefully study the user’s management before moving on to action.

Of course, each manufacturer of equipment complete its devices with exhaustive operating instructions (do not be lazy and spend time reading it), so we mention only the main points.

For everyone. according to the needs

Proper operation begins with a reasonable choice. Evaluate your needs and select the technique in accordance with them.

You should not buy a powerful unit if you need, for example, to mow only low grass on the lawn: the purchase will be more expensive, and subsequently the fuel consumption will be higher. and the noise is more. As well as trying to “cut down” tall weeds with a low.power trimmer. and the mature burdocks will remain in their place, and ditch the equipment.

How to store a trimmer for grass in winter

How to prepare a trimmer for grass for spring operation

You carefully looked after your lawn. you aeration, sowed, fed fertilizers Now you are waiting. Waiting for warm days and blue sky, and you know for sure that the grass will be green soon. You checked the list of what you need to do for the lawn. And your trimmer is ready for the grass? You know how to prepare a trimmer for grass? Your tool in the barn is configured and ready for the new season of the kosba? Let’s look at the list of what you need to do for a regular trimmer for grass, so that it is ready to do your job well (mow).

How to prepare fuel for a trimmer for grass

The trimmer engine for grass will work better and will be better ready for kosbe, if you add a fuel stabilizer (additive) to the fuel mixture. Before long storage, do not forget to drain all fuel. Then get the engine and let it work until it stalls, so that there is no fuel in the fuel system. When the seasoning time comes for the new season, it is very important to use a previously properly prepared mixture of oil and gasoline. This will ensure the proper performance of the 2-stroke engine of the trimmer for grass. Pre.prepared fuel eliminates the troubles and errors when mixing fuel immediately before the mowing. It is necessary to mix fuel so much to use it for a month, no longer, since when stored more than 1 month, oil precipitates and fuel ages.

How to prepare a trimmer engine for grass

Before the start of the season, you need to replace the spark plug of trimmer for grass, fuel filter, clean the air filter and adjust the carburetor. This will reduce fuel consumption and increase power. For a trimmer for grass with a 4-stroke engine, you need to check the level of motor oil and its freshness, as well as replace the oil filter.

How to prepare a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass

Lines for a trimmer, with long.term storage (for example, after winter storage), can become dry and brittle. To prevent this and increase the service life of your fishing line, you just need to store it in a sealed bag with a small amount of water. And before starting operation (before charging a fishing line for a trimmer into a trimmer head), it is advisable to soak a fishing line for a trimmer for several days in water. Then she (a fishing line for a trimmer) will become more elastic and durable.

How to store a lawn mower in winter

This unit is sent for “well.deserved rest” in the fall, and is extracted closer to the end of spring. Due to such a long “downtime”, the requirements for the conservation of lawn mowers are very high.

Gasoline lawn mower

The main elements have a benzogazonocoster. this is an engine and cutting parts. They should pay maximum attention:

  • The first condition for the correct storage is a room with a humidity of not more than 70%, as well as the absence of sharp temperature changes that increase humidity;
  • If you worked a lot of a mower, particles of grass, and with them moisture could get to the internal parts of the device. Therefore, be sure to wash, clean and dry the knives and other details in the reach. Remove the remaining grass from the body, exhaust pipe, engine cooling radiators, etc.D.;
  • Opinions were divided by the fuel. Some of the summer residents drain its remnants and wrapps the gas tank dry so that condensation does not form during the winter. The other half, on the contrary, fills the tank to the edges and leaves for the winter in this form. However, in this case, poor.quality gasoline can give a precipitate, which makes it difficult to launch the engine in the spring. It is still easier to remove the remaining fluids from the carburetor than to clean it from plaque and sediment, so we recommend the first option;
  • Inspect the cutting knife. does it require repair and sharpening. In any case, remove and imprison it for the winter. If necessary, consult a specialist;
  • The oil level should comply with the recommendations of the instructions for operating (for 4-stroke engines);
  • Keep the lawn mower so that its wheels do not contact with the floor, or in a suspended position, or on stands.


The main parts of the lawn mower are knives and engine.They must be prepared for winter with particular care:

  • The first, and the most important point to which you need to pay attention is. humidity in the storage room. It should be low. The second condition is to avoid temperature jumps that contribute to an increase in humidity.
  • If during the season the braid for the grass was often used, much attention should be paid to cutting mechanisms. They need to be cleaned of the remains of grass and related particles. In the same way, all the details in the reach of.
  • With fuel, owners come in different ways. One half prefers to fill the gas mowing tank completely, and this option takes place to be. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that gasoline may precipitate over the winter, and in the spring you will have to clean the carburetor. The second option is considered more acceptable: all fuel from the tank merges, the tank wipes dry, in order to avoid the formation of condensate.
  • The knife needs to be carefully examined, if necessary, repair or replace. If this is not required, just remove it and imprison.
  • The amount of oil must be verified with the instruction manual.
  • The lawn mower should be stored without contact with the floor (can be suspended or installed on a special stand).


It should be noted that a gasoline braid for grass is controlled very simply. It is enough to see how other users use this unit to start using it fully. The performance of the main technical functions is intuitive and does not require any difficulties in practice. Correctly driving a gasoline trimmer for grass is also not difficult. over, there is almost no difference between devices of household and professional categories.

The key difference is the type of motor. On technology for professionals, it is more powerful and gives more revolutions. A two.stroke engine is more often used in household models. Four.stroke units are more reliable and give out a greater effort, so they are suitable for special conditions, difficult and overgrown sites.

In addition, we must consider whether there is a cutting device in the supply set.

How to start work?

The literacy of the first launch largely depends on how a gasoline braid for grass will show itself with further operation. Errors can lower the device of the device. The fact is that after starting the moving mechanisms of the working apparatus will be rubbed to each other. Additionally, the skills of using the trimmer are formed. This is very important in cases where they work with this technique for the first time.

Start by examining the gearbox and the quality of the coating with its lubricant. Then the fuel mixture is prepared according to the instructions.

Important: such will come in handy not only when mastering new equipment, but also when preparing a braid for grass for work after winter storage. If the gearbox is not at all or very little lubrication, the gear gear will be subject to very strong friction. Because of this, the gear begins to warm up and washed.

Having noticed a lubrication deficiency or its absence, you need to add a portion of “lithol”. The procedure is carried out very simply: a screw located on the bend of the gear housing is twisted. Through the released channel, 1-2 ml of lubricant is added by a technical syringe. With everyday work with a trimmer 1 time in 8-10 hours, you will have to lubricate the gearbox of the bar.

But the run.mowing is not exhausted only by laying the oil.

Two.stroke engines need a combustible mixture of two.stroke oil and gasoline. It is prepared in the proportion indicated in the guide to the tool or on the lubricant label. The preparation of fuel should be carried out a little so that only one mowing is enough. You need to place a fuel supply in the next container:

It is recommended to pick up oil with a medical syringe. This will more accurately observe the dosage. Sometimes another question arises. the manufacturer of the tool and the manufacturer of motor oils indicate different proportions of the combustible mixture, so it is difficult to decide which instructions to follow.

The output is simple: you need to run into a gasoline trimmer for grass with a minimum possible amount of oil. All the same, the lubricant does not burn out completely, and its excess forms a coke, clogging the piston and cylinder.

After the tests and pouring of the fuel mixture, such manipulations should be done:

  • put a trimmer for grass on a flat surface;
  • move the lever to the position “closed”;
  • pump fuel to the carburetor;
  • run the ignition system;
  • With smooth movements, pull the launching cord, waiting for resistance;
  • immediately after that make 3 or 4 strong jerks;
  • As soon as the motor starts to work, open the damper.

Cleaning the tool

Start by cleaning the lawn mower. During operation on the deck and other structural elements, mowed grass accumulates, dirt. The tool case must be wiped with a damp cloth, paying close attention of the surface of the “snail”. Remove excess vegetation from the deck, cutting elements, belt drive and other working parts. Do not use a garden mowing garden with a stream of water. In this case, moisture can enter the filters, a carburetor, on the spark plugs, in bearings, which will inevitably lead to trouble and a deterioration in the tool.

Among the favorites for the production of professional technology are Husqvarna, Echo, Hitachi, STIHL, whose benzotrimers are reliable, the highest functionality and good technical features. It is also worth noting a nice and ergonomic design of modern products. The mentioned manufacturers also produce benzotrimers of an amateur and semi.professional class at applicable prices.

Companies (Energomash, Interskol) have good power and good technical equipment. With constant inspection and timely repair, it is designed for a long service life

Models of benzotrimers of little.known Chinese manufacturers, although they are captivated by a low price, but often break and do not serve long. Acquisition of a couple of seasons can be justified by a small cost, however, the power of such products is small. If it is necessary to repair, they refuse to repair them in the service, arguing that it is faster and cheaper to buy a new device.

Final check

Gasoline lawn mowers are more difficult to prepare for winter, since internal combustion engines are more demanding on maintenance. As for electrical tools, everything is much easier here. If the mower is working from the network, make sure the integrity of the network wire. Gently fold it and fix it on the case. If a battery mowel, charge the battery completely.

preparation, trimmer, grass, season

At the final stage, a gasoline mower must be checked for damage, chips, scratches and other defects. Having completed all of the above events, you can send a tool for storage. The work is quite troublesome, especially for those who preserve equipment for the first time. You have to spend a lot of time on this task. If you want to simplify your life, use the services of a service center.

Bracket for storing motorcycles

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What will happen if the storage conditions are violated?

Typically, all storage conditions of the device are indicated in its instructions. Therefore, you need to carefully read it, and not throw it right into the garbage bucket. If, for example, a trimmer is ethnic for grass in the cold, it can owe, and when defrosting, the contacts will shorten due to accumulated moisture. Such a breakdown is difficult to fix even in the service center. A gasoline trimmer for grass is a surprisingly useful tool on how to store fuel correctly. The metal parts of any trimmer for grass can be rusted due to humidity, they will have to be changed, or even buy a new trimmer for grass.

If a benzotrimer is stored near the stove that is often drowned, an explosion of residual gasoline vapor is possible when the spark enters, or ignition. Not only a trimmer for grass can suffer here. but the entire garden house or cottage. After all the options for storage are considered, and the most suitable one is chosen, a logical question arises.

Better, of course, in the factory. If inside is polystyrene, then you are very lucky, it absorbs water. It is not worth storing a trimmer for grass in a plastic film, it causes condensate accumulation. In the case when the factory packaging is irrevocably lost, you can store a trimmer for grass in the size of a box of cardboard, plywood or boards. You can wrap the tool with a “breathing” fabric. for example, from natural fibers. Transport trimmer for grass also needs to be in packaging.

Weed Cutter or Power Weeder or Brush Cutter

We have already mentioned the packaging. If the trimmer for the grass is folding, it should be folded. From a carburetor and a benzotrimmer motor before transporting in the trunk, you need to drain gasoline and oil. The trimmer is an ethletric for the grass to check for the presence of a static charge of electricity, if you touch a light shock when touching, laying an electric car on the first seat of a car is not worth.

And, finally, good advice: if you have purchased an expensive device and do not want to spend money down the wind, buying a new trimmer for grass every year, be kind to observe all the rules of storage and safety precautions.

With a manual tool, everything is simple: pitchfork, rakes, shovels, tramps clean from adhering land and plant residues. If the blades are dull, imprison them with a file or bar, wipe the metal parts dry, treat with machine oil. And your manual inventory is ready for storage. It is best to keep it on special racks or; shelves in a barn or another closed room.

At the end of the season, free the working part of the lawn mower from the ground and grass. Clusted residues can lead to corrosion of metal parts. But in no case do not wash the metal parts, under a strong stream of water, having hit the mechanism, it can bring it into disrepair. Shake and carefully clean the grass collector, grease all the nodes with machine oil and a jack of lawn mower.

After the completion of all work, drain oil and gasoline in models with a gasoline engine, clean the spark plugs, and then fill the fresh machine oil. If the lawn mower operates on batteries, they must be reloaded, and in the electrical check all the contacts and the connecting cable.

The cultivator also needs winter conservation. First of all, clean all the details and nodes from the ground, oil spots.

It is best to clean the dried earth with a milling and gearbox with a wooden stick, since rust can form in the places of scratch, or under a stream of water (1).

After that, wipe them with a dry cloth. Be sure to clean the engine cooling ribs, muffler. Plastic parts, protective casings and control handles can be wiped with a damp sponge (2).

Wipe the cutters of the cultivator and gearbox on the outside with a napkin moistened with machine oil. The oil will create a protective film that protects the metal from rust. If in addition to the milling cutters you have additional nozzles, they also grease their metal parts with oil, then place in a wooden box, shifting with thick packaging paper.

Remove the switching cable, otherwise it can stretch over the winter.

Having finished with a cleanliness, you can proceed to conservation of the engine. Wash the air foam filter in warm water with a detergent. Then dry dry, and soak slightly with machine oil. In those models where there is a paper filter, replace it (3). Drain the gasoline remaining there from the fuel tank. After that, turn the candle, ignition and pour approximately 15 ml of oil into the cylinder (4). Cleam the candle (better with a wooden stick, to avoid damage to the insulator), rinse it in gasoline, dry and put it back, checking before this the valve clearance. Then turn the engine shaft with the starter so that the oil filled into the cylinder is evenly distributed along its walls. If your cultivator model has a trunk fuel filter, then clean it and.

And now you can drain the oil from the engine crankcase and pour new (5). On this, the conservation of the cultivator for the winter is over. It must be stored in a dry ventilated room, far from heating devices.

As in the case of another garden technique, clean all parts and nodes from dirt, grease them with machine oil. Wipe the trimmer head (it must be removed) with a damp cloth, grease the metal knife with oil, pack everything in thick paper. It is better to store all spare parts and nodes in one place so that in the spring they can easily be found. Add lubrication to the gearbox gear. Clean the corner gear nest, lubricate and put on a plastic bag on top to protect the knot from dust during storage.

So that the engine does not fail in the new season, clean it from dirt and dust, drain gasoline from the fuel tank and start the engine to develop all the fuel in the carburetor. For motorcycles, this is very relevant, since the gasoline mixture is prepared with the addition of oil, and during storage it can be divided into fractions, which will negatively affect the further operation of the mechanism. After that, turn out the candle, pour 5-10 ml of oil into the engine, cranes the crankshaft several times, rinse and wipe the candle and put it in place.

Before putting a motorcycle on storage, make sure that the plastic hose that goes from the control handle is not pushed, since there are wires and due. It is best to store motorcycles in a dry place, far from heat sources.

Where is it better to store a lawn mower?

During the spring and summer season, the mowing of grass and weeds is carried out several times, and the maintenance of grass is to clean the parts of the parts and change gasoline and oil.

When the season of using this tool goes, it comes to think where it is better to store the lawn mower, so that after the winter it is in the same good condition, does not neighing and does not require repairs!

In order for your unit, which is a modern and complex, and as a rule, not a cheap device, and after the winter it was whole in working condition, you first need to study the instructions for the operation and maintenance of the acquired lawn mower, which must also have a rule Storage of the lawn mower.

From compliance with the rules of use, proper maintenance, timely prevention and repair, using only original spare parts, and proper storage, the quality work and performance of your lawn mower depends.


The weather is getting warmer and the season of kosba / sawing is already very close. We remind you that customers, children, spectators, assistants, animals, etc.D. For safety purposes, should be at least 15 m at a distance of at least 15 m. from a working trimmer for grass or chainsaw! (Care for a trimmer and leaving a chainsaw should be fulfilled in full).

Read warnings from the manufacturer of your trimmer for grass, which says that children (and adults) can be injured by crushed stone, glass, garbage, etc.D., as well as an unexpectedly unfolding benzocosa from recoil in a collision with a motionless obstacle.

The Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children be at least 16 years old to work with a trimmer or chainsaw. Make safety the main priority!

How to use a trimmer?

Before you start working with the trimmer, you must carefully inspect the territory on which you are going to produce mowing. Regardless of what trimmer for grass you use (electric, gasoline) you need to remove large garbage and stones. In the process, they can be thrown aside and injure to others and the operator himself. In addition, solid predicates can damage the cutting element.

It is also worth paying special attention to the study of the instructions, which describes the stages of launching the unit. It is there that you can find the correct answer to the question: how to start a lawn mower or an electric unit? Depending on the engine, the trimmer for the grass can start in two ways.