Protective Shield For Working With Angle Grinder

Protective Shield For Working With Angle Grinder

An electric angle grinder or angle grinder is a tool with a high level of injury risk. If the angle grinder were not used in such a large number of construction processes, it was advisable to introduce a restriction on its use. Inaccurate, sick, distracted, and especially drunk people are categorically contraindicated to use such a power tool. It is very important to be careful and use protective ammunition when starting work with an electric angle grinder.

Common protective ammunition

Various personal protective equipment are mandatory when using a power tool. First of all, this is due to the presence of shavings, sparks and other elements that are formed in the process of work and capable of harming the human body. To avoid all kinds of injuries, people have developed simple and effective protective equipment to help make the work process more comfortable and safer.

Eye protection glasses


These are more reliable protective equipment, unlike glasses, since they are able to close not only the eyes, but the whole face. Unfortunately, in order to save some manufacturers use materials of not the highest quality, which affects the level of protection. therefore it is worth choosing masks from well-known manufacturers, which look quite durable in appearance and have a protective net. Such an additional element is primarily intended to protect a person’s face when working with an angle grinder, since the cutting wheel can burst and fly into the eyes at great speed, and the mesh can stop it.

Mittens and gloves

One cannot but mention these most common, but no less important protective elements. In the process of using the angle grinder, the hands are located in the immediate vicinity of the spinning disk and therefore require high-quality protection. Conventional gloves used in construction, not in all situations, are able to cope with the assigned protective task, since they are easily flammable and therefore quickly burn out from sparks, leaving burns on the body. Working with angle grinder better use gloves, in the manufacture of which rough leather or products having a rubberized base were used.

Also, if available welding leggings, in the manufacture of which durable suede is used, you can use them when working with power tools. Due to the high base of this type of gloves, they are able to protect not only fingers and palms, but also forearms.

Different types of safety glasses

It would seem that such simple products as goggles and masks for working with an angle grinder can differ from each other. But, a person may be unexpectedly surprised by the number of criteria and features that pop up in the process of choosing high-quality, comfortable and functional glasses for protecting the eyes. And this difference is due not to the external component, which is similar to the most ordinary sunglasses, but to the characteristics of the material and the design of the protective products. All protective ammunition for the eyes used when working with an angle grinder is divided into the following types:

  • Closed glasses. the safest when working with any electric tool. They reliably protect your face and eyes from dust, crumbs, chips and scale. The only minus is the quick fogging of such glasses due to the lack of ventilation. Therefore, it is advisable to give preference to more expensive products with ventilation.
  • Glasses open performance are very reminiscent of ordinary sun-based analogues. Their main distinguishing feature is the shape and material used in their production. Such products have a space under the rim, which prevents fogging of the glasses. If it is wrong to choose such protective ammunition, the product may fall off, and chips and sparks can penetrate under the lenses.
  • Transparent glasses are not a separate type and can have both closed and open performance. Transparent lenses easily withstand external influences and are not prone to cracking or scratching.
  • Masks and glasses for working with an angle grinder. these products do not belong to any particular type of protective equipment, but rather are a recommendation for use. It is best to purchase closed products that have ventilation.

If a person does not have experience in using a power tool, then first you need to familiarize yourself with the operation documents. By observing the simplest rules, you can guarantee a safe and comfortable use of the angle grinder. It is important to learn one unwritten rule. in case of poor health, weakness, and especially AL-KOgolnoy or drug intoxication, it is forbidden to use any power tool.

Tips for choosing glasses for working with angle grinder

When choosing ammunition for eye protection when working with an electric angle grinder, it is important to pay special attention to the following points:

  • Choosing the right glasses or mask it is important to pay attention to the material, used for their manufacture. Such protective ammunition is made of glass on a mineral or organic basis or using modern polymeric material, such as polycarbonate.
  • Today, manufacturers of eye protection goggles produce products that prevent thermal, chemical and mechanical damage. Plus to everything modern models are equipped with ventilation systems, helping when working in conditions of high humidity and dust.
  • In modern goggles, the chameleon effect is often used, which allows you to protect your eyes from direct sunlight and light damage. This was achieved through the use of special filters. Such ammunition is suitable for working with an angle grinder, electric welding and other power tools.
  • Also, choosing high-quality safety glasses for working with an angle grinder, it is important to consider the possibility of modern products to prevent thermal burns. Masks and glasses of this type are able to stop the scale, protecting the eyes from thermal damage.
  • To protect your eyes from mechanical damage, it is advisable to purchase glasses made of durable plastic. The use of such a material makes it possible for the lenses to stop metal shavings, small stone fragments and other particles formed during the use of an electric angle grinder.

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If working with a power tool involves the presence of chemical components such as lubricants, then it is advisable to give preference to goggles-masks, tightly fitting to a human face, repeating its contour. For the manufacture of linings in such products, the manufacturer uses special foam rubber or rubber. hypoallergenic materials that do not cause skin irritation. Well, plus to everything, manufacturers do not forget about the design of their products, supplying them with rubberized arms and bright frames.

Overview of the best models of glasses

The modern market for power tools is full of various protective ammunition, which allows to protect a person from various injuries.

  • Lucerne’s transparent protective products are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate grades. Such light and comfortable glasses will protect not only the eyes, but also the area around them from small chips, while sparks without blocking the visibility of a person. Due to the wide and well-modeled ventilated arches, such products do not slip when working with an angle grinder.
  • Protective ammunition for the eyes "Master" smoky shade, characterized by convenience and original design. This model of glasses lens darkening, at the same time it does not distort color at all. Products are recommended for use in bright light or in sunny weather. Thanks to the wide transparent arches around the eyes, additional protection is provided. In the manufacture of such glasses, only high-quality types of polycarbonate from the world brand MITSUBISHI are used.
  • Stihl Light. safety glasses of very high quality, reliability and efficiency. They are equipped with a convenient rim shape that prevents falling during use. Only high-quality polycarbonate is used in their production. Such a modern model has a high degree of wear resistance and impact resistance.
  • Protective ammunition for eyes Bosch GO 2C is a high-quality product that has a modern design and is not dusty when working with an angle grinder and other power tools. In the manufacture of this model is usedtransparent polycarbonate, which is coated with a special film that prevents fogging and withstands mechanical effects on lenses. The glasses are well ventilated and have a wide viewing range.
  • FIT safety glasses, with an indirect ventilation method, protect the eyes when carrying out not only work with an angle grinder, but also other construction events. Thanks to special valves, an anti-fogging effect is achieved, which is very convenient during operation.

Before you start working with an angle grinder

Getting started with any power tool, including an electric angle grinder, you need to concentrate as much as possible. You can not take up work without being prepared. Fatigue is the first cause of negligence, which can lead to unpredictable consequences.

The presence of a protective casing and glasses. prerequisites, without which it is impossible to start work. Sparks, flying particles of abrasive material, metal and scale all the time accompany any process that uses an angle grinder. Serious health problems can occur if these particles get in your eyes.

It is advisable to use glasses or a mask replacing them with a closed design. Sparks and metal chips spread along an unpredictable trajectory and you can never predict whether they will fall under the mask or not, if it is open. It’s good if there is a protective net on the mask, since shocks from fragments are so powerful that they can penetrate plastic.

The presence of a casing on the tool provides the first protection that stands between the person and the rapidly rotating cutting wheel. over, the destruction of the latter is a frequent phenomenon. Most people who are constantly using an electric angle grinder have repeatedly encountered this problem. Most often the circle breaks when jammed in the resulting slot metal workpiece.

The main purpose of the protective cover is exclusion of sparks and other particles in the direction of man using an angle grinder. In this case, the casing is fixed so that it does not spontaneously rotate or shift to the side. And no matter how many builders would like to remove the protective cover in order to simplify work with the tool, doing this is strictly contraindicated. Neglect of this rule can lead to unpredictable consequences for human health.

Safety features when working with an electric angle grinder

In the process of using an angle grinder adhere to safety regulations. Even though they do not relate to the direct use of a power tool, neglect of them is unacceptable. First of all, it is necessary to get rid of all flammable and combustible materials. It is impossible that in the immediate vicinity of the workplace there should be paints, varnishes or any kind of fuel.

It is important to get rid of all the valuable things on the desktop that could be damaged by sparks. First of all it is dangerous to work near windows and other easily breakable items. If it is not possible to change the place of work, it is advisable to protect the windows with a wet cloth.

If the work takes place in high humidity conditions The angle grinder should only be connected to the power supply via a circuit breaker, to prevent the possibility of electric shock. Do not trust work with a power tool to unreliable people. It is important to prevent the presence of children in the immediate vicinity of the work site.

Adhering to simple rules and using safety glasses, a person will be able to solve all repair issues that involve the use of an angle grinder without turning to specialists for help. Independent work will save on the services of a professional master and be sure of the quality of the events. Protect yourself with the appropriate ammunition and all work will be quick and easy.