Protective Shield For Working With Angle Grinder

How to use an angle grinder?

  • How to use an angle grinder?
  • Existing remedies
  • What circles are allowed to use?
  • How to fix the processed materials?
  • How to use the angle grinder: rules that must be observed
  • How to grind and cut an angle grinder: recommendations

Angle grinder is a traumatic tool. Despite this, this tool is used quite often, because the angle grinder is an indispensable tool for many types of work.

Scheme of the device angle grinder.

How to use an angle grinder?

Elements that will be needed for work:

  1. angle grinder with the right wheel.
  2. Protective cover.
  3. Safety glasses or mask.
  4. Mittens or gloves made of thick material.

Recommendations for safe operation with angle grinder

angle grinder. an indispensable tool in construction and installation works. Knowing how to work safely with an angle grinder, observing the rules for using the tool, injuries can be avoided.

Protective Shield For Working With Angle Grinder

angle grinder # 8212 Photo 01

angle grinder (angle grinder or angle grinder) is one of the most traumatic hand tools. The reasons for this:

  • high rotation speed (more than 10 thousand revolutions per minute),
  • lack of circular protection of the cutting disc by the casing (a sufficiently large part of it is open),
  • lack of the possibility of hard mounting of the tool

Working with angle grinder # 8212 Photo 02

The probability of getting injured at any moment is high, but knowing how to work right angle grinder and observing these rules, any woman will successfully cope with the angle grinder.

Protective equipment

When working with an angle grinder, protection # 8212 Photo 03 is required

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Checking tool health and availability

Before how to work an angle grinder. Always check the condition of the tool beforehand:

Protection of surrounding surfaces from damage and ignition

If the tool is used indoors for cutting water pipes, plastic or finishing materials, before how to work an angle grinder. flammable objects, adjacent walls and floors should be protected from sparks with a dense, damp cloth or asbestos cloth.

Using a special disk for each type of work

Operators get the most frequent injuries when using the angle grinder if the disc breaks into pieces or breaks off the spindle. Parts of it can fly out at a tremendous speed along an unpredictable trajectory.

Professionals who know how to work angle grinder safely. pay great attention to the selection of working disks. On each of them the purpose of application is indicated.

The correct position of the cut parts of materials

Before how to work an angle grinder. It is necessary to prepare the place and pay special attention to possible interference.

Reasons for the rebound angle grinder # 8212 Photo 07

Attentiveness and teamwork at work

Any little thing is important in using an angle grinder, so recommendations on how to work right angle grinder. should be observed strictly.

Face guards when working with angle grinder

Personal protective equipment

general characteristics

Every welder needs good protection, because his work is one of the unsafe. Depending on the purpose, the protective equipment is divided into: special shoes (boots, boots), designed to protect, clothing (suits, overalls, aprons, sleeves), head protectors (helmets, hats), respiratory protection devices (respirators and gas masks), face protection (face shield, nbt-1 shield and masks), hand protection (mittens), hearing protection devices (these are special headphones, anti-noise helmets), devices for safe operation (knee pads, hand grips , manipulators). The worker must be provided with protective equipment (protective shields) without fail, in accordance with industry standards, at the factory or enterprise.

Each welder is obliged to go to work in special clothes: a durable canvas suit, leather boots, durable canvas gloves, with a shield, and a belt for builders, which protects against a possible fall.

The part of the body that is most at risk is the head. Welders are required to wear helmets, sometimes combined with a protective device. a protective shield NBT-1, because they perfectly protect the eyes from bright flashes, and also cover the neck and face, protect against falling metal elements or cinder. A dust and dust respirator should be used when working in an environment in which the dust level is above normal, so the airways remain safe. And if work is carried out with hazardous gases, then there must be a breathing device with oxygen supply.

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