Refueling a Motoblock with Gasoline: Do I Need to Add Oil to Gasoline

In suburban areas, garden petrol four-stroke or two-stroke equipment is widely used, for example, walk-behind tractors. In order for the devices to help for a long time on the site, it is necessary to properly care for and operate the walk-behind tractor. Manufacturers in the operating instructions indicate the basic rules for refueling and the intricacies of using modern fuel.

How to understand whether to dilute fuel

Refueling a Motoblock with Gasoline: Do I Need to Add Oil to Gasoline

Before performing the first refueling of your walk-behind tractor, you need to study the operating instructions and technical specifications. First of all, determine the type of engine. Gardening equipment can be equipped with push-pull or four-stroke.

If a two-stroke engine is installed in the walk-behind tractor, you will need to dilute gasoline with oil. When diluting gasoline with oil, they adhere to the strict proportion specified by the engine and fuel manufacturer.

But for a four-stroke device, adding oil to gasoline for a walk-behind tractor is not worth it. They work exclusively on clean gasoline.

It is important to correctly determine the type of engine, since the use of diluted gasoline for 4-stroke devices will lead to complex costly damage.

How to dilute fuel for a walk-behind tractor

The main difference between the two-stroke motoblock is that it does not have a separate lubrication system. For this reason, the oil is mixed with gasoline. Such an oil-gasoline mixture during operation of the device forms a special fog, and he, in turn, processes all the details of the walk-behind tractor on its way.

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Types of lubricants possible for motor blocks

Oil is no less important component than gasoline. Stable operation of all components of the equipment depends on quality. The main objective of lubrication is to eliminate unnecessary friction. A good product should meet several requirements:

  • when burned out, a minimum of ash should be formed;
  • it quickly decomposes upon contact;
  • quickly dissolves in gasoline;
  • good fluidity (relevant for engines with separate supply of oil and gasoline);
  • anticorrosive, temperature, antiwear properties.

When choosing oil also pay attention to seasonality. Means for lubrication is:

  1. Summertime. It has high viscosity, provides a good cultivator in hot weather.
  2. Winter product. The manufacturer marks the products for the winter with a conventional marking in the form of the letter “W”. The viscosity of the product is lower, which ensures comfortable work in cold weather.
  3. All-season type. A very popular type of oil, as it can be used at any temperature.

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How to mix gasoline and oil

Proportions used for mixing. The classic proportion of a is the ratio of 1 part lubricant to 4 parts gasoline. Specific values ​​are indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions.

To assemble a mini-tractor from a walk-behind tractor with your own hands without making mistakes, you will need a step-by-step instruction and.

The fuel mixture is diluted in a separate container. The container must be dry, gasoline-resistant and clean. First, pour gasoline into the tank, and then add oil. Only after thorough mixing is the resulting composition poured into the tank of the walk-behind tractor.

For motoblocks, gasoline up to 92 octane is used. When mixing the tank is not completely filled, leave a gap of 2-3 cm (when mixing the fuel expands).

Do I need to fill oil in the gearbox of the cultivator

The gearbox is responsible for transmitting torque in the motoblock from the motor to the wheels. The components are very susceptible to wear, so they need constant high-quality lubrication. Not every oil can be used for such purposes.

The ideal option for gearbox lubrication is gear oil. It perfectly lubricates moving parts.

In order not to harm the device, you need to clearly determine how much oil you need to fill in the gearbox. Check the need for replenishment of the substance in the gearbox using a long wire. The wire is pushed into the filler hole until it stops. Then they pull it out and see how much of it is wet:

  • if the wet area is 30 cm, then do not add lubricant;
  • if the rod is soaked less than 30 cm, then the substance is added to the mark of 30 cm.

Is it possible to fill 92 gasoline instead of 80 in a walk-behind tractor

AI-92 gasoline is an order of magnitude higher than the 80th. But do not experiment and refuel garden equipment with better fuel if the engine is not designed for this.

If you change the fuel dramatically, then simple models of walk-behind tractors simply will not start. Even if the equipment starts, the use of fuel with a higher octane number will cause breakdowns:

  • the main elements will quickly fail;
  • the gearbox will stop working;
  • if the walk-behind tractor starts, then it will be necessary to change the seals and filter much more often;
  • fuel demand is increasing.

Before you start using AI-92 gasoline instead of AI-80, you should prepare the technique. There are two ways to solve the problem:

  • increase the degree of compression of the engine;
  • adjustment of the lead angle of the ignition system.

If there is no knowledge and skills to repair such a technique, then it is better to contact professionals. They will accurately and accurately solve problems.

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Is car oil suitable for a walk-behind tractor?

Many farmers mistakenly believe that automobile motor oil can be used for walk-behind blocks, as there are no differences in them. And this is a big mistake. Since the product for cars does not have the characteristics necessary for a motor cultivator.

The result of using oil for the car will be:

  • acceleration of the wear process of the piston group and cylinders;
  • difficult breakdown;
  • replacement of the entire engine.

For refueling motoblocks use special engine oil. It is two- and four-stroke. The type of oil is selected depending on the engine used in the walk-behind tractor.

For the normal operation of the walk-behind tractor, you need to monitor not only the condition of the engine and gearbox. Each component requires attention and care. Periodically, it is necessary to disassemble and lubricate all moving elements, as well as keep the garden equipment in good condition.