Remove Coil From Stihl Fse 81 Trimmer

Grass trimmers “Stihl”. garden tools of a famous German brand. The equipment of this brand can be used even in the most adverse weather conditions. The Stihl electric trimmer, unlike the Stihl electric lawnmower, is the most convenient, mobile and lightweight.

Description of the Stihl electric trimmer

Stihl electric trimmer has the following options:

  • weight. 4 kg;
  • the product consumes 540 V;
  • voltage. 230 V;
  • product length. 1.53 m;
  • mowing head. cutting part.

Most models have special engine protection, equipped with a convenient handle and unique speed control. This tool is perfect for mowing grass and creating lawns near curbs, around trees, paths, stairs and other obstacles. The trimmer is equipped with a support wheel that protects the plants that are located next to the working device. A special thread does not extend beyond this wheel.

Stihl Electric Trimmer

Some models include a device for completely unloading the cable from tension. It protects the plug from being accidentally unplugged by pulling on the cable.

Note! The trimmers have a special circular handle, thanks to which it is possible to easily transport the device.

Also, with its help, you can adjust the handle according to the growth of the operator. The compact size and light weight of the trimmers make it easy to transport.

The company produces various models that have individual characteristics. The above parameters are typical for trimmers with average performance.

Stihl cordless trimmer

The Stihl cordless trimmer is a type of electric trimmer. He receives power from his own battery. In terms of its characteristics, it is in no way inferior to a network-powered device. The electric trimmer is inconvenient in that it works from the outlet, and its wire greatly interferes with the work. His cord has to be constantly unwound and unwound. With an electric trimmer, you cannot move away from the outlet for a distance that is longer than the elongated cord.

Stihl cordless trimmer

Overview of the Stihl range of cordless and electric lawnmowers (trimmers)

This or that type of unit has several models that are most popular.

Electric trimmer models

trimmers have the following models:

Remove Coil From Stihl Fse 81 Trimmer
  • Stihl FSE 60. They can cut grass 36 cm long. The rotation speed of the knives is 7,400 rpm. Noise 60 dB. Power 540 watts. The case is made of plastic, the handle is telescopic. Weight 4 kg. Differs in low cost.
  • Stihl FSE 31. The cheapest device. Weight is only 2.2 kg. Knife rotation 10100 rpm. Suitable for processing small areas. Power 254 watts. The engine is down. With this trimmer, it is better to mow the grass left from the lawn mower.
  • Stihl FSE 52. Power is small 0.5 kW. The engine is down. The device has an articulated mechanism that tilts the device in any direction. It is also possible to put the coil with the cutter on the trimmer perpendicular to the ground. The device does not have ventilation slots, which is a characteristic feature of this model. Thus, water will not get inside the device. With this trimmer, you can mow grass with dew or drops after rain. The model is light and compact, has a low noise level. She has a telescopic rod that allows you to adjust the device for the growth of the operator. A special mechanism for unloading the wire eliminates the possibility of pulling the plug out of the socket during operation.
  • Stihl FSE 81. One of the most expensive appliances. Knives rotate at a speed of 7400 rpm. The engine is mounted at the top. All 4.7 kg.

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Choosing an Electric Trimmer

Cordless Trimmer Models

Among Stihl cordless trimmers, the following models are available:

  • FSA 65. Voltage 36 V. Weight without battery 2.7 kg. The device is 153 cm long. The rated current is 5.5 A. The model is one of the lightest lawn mowers. Suitable for mowing grass in large areas.
  • FSA 85. Voltage 36 V. Weight without battery 2,8 kg. Length 165 cm. Rated current 8 A. Suitable for mowing grass in small areas. She can mow lawns, flower beds, fences, etc. The engine of the device runs quietly and without harmful exhaust gases. The electric motor is resistant to wear.
  • FSA 90. Weight 3.2 kg. The mower is designed for mowing hard grass over large areas. The handle has two handles. Bevel diameter 260 mm. Noise level is low. The cutting blade has two blades. Voltage 36 V. Total length 177 cm. Rated current 25 A.

Cordless Lawnmower Models

Stihl cordless lawn mowers include the following models:

  • Lawnmower Stihl Rma 235.0. Suitable for mowing grass in small areas. It has compact dimensions. The speed is regulated automatically. The handle can be raised and lowered in height. The device can be folded so that it is more convenient to transport it. The grass catcher has a volume of 30 liters. There is an indicator of its filling. Weight is 14 kg. A handle is integrated in the housing, making it easy to tilt and lift the machine. Width is 30 cm. The lithium-ion battery.
  • Lawnmower "Stihl" RMA 339.0. Allows you to mow on a single charge up to 300 m² of area. The case is made of plastic. The grass cutting height is adjustable in a five-step system. Grass catcher capacity 40 l. Width 37 cm. Battery type lithium-ion. There is a fill indicator for the grass catcher.
  • Sthil RMA 443.0. The grass catcher has a volume of 55 liters. The width of the mower is 41 cm. Suitable for processing medium-sized lawns. The single handle can be lowered and raised to the desired height. There is an adjustment of the cutting height. The frequency of rotation of the knives occurs in automatic mode. Grass catcher volume 55 l. There is an indicator of its filling. Weight 21 kg. On one charge, you can mow up to 400 m².

Lawnmower "Stihl" RMA 339.0

Which Stihl trimmer is best for a summer residence

Consumers’ opinions about which Stihl trimmer model is best suited for a summer residence differ. It all depends on the build quality of each model. However, you can collect the general opinion of customers about a particular model.

It is more difficult to choose the most suitable trimmer with the engine at the top. In the Stihl brand, most designs are equipped with high power, has several nozzles that expand the possibilities of application. Therefore, these devices can be used for mowing hard grass.

Stihl trimmer at work

Stihl trimmers and lawn mowers are of high quality. Consumer reviews about this brand are mostly positive. There are various models of Stihl appliances. To select the most suitable option, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the model. Before use, carefully read the operating instructions.