Replacing Fishing Line With Champion 433 Trimmer

If you often work on a personal plot, then a trimmer will help to cope on its territory with grass. This equipment helps to mow lawns, trim the edge of the lawn and even remove weeds. However, before choosing such a device, it is important to consider that the sites can differ in the nature of the vegetation and area, therefore, choosing a tool should be for a specific task. The frequency of loads should also be considered.

Selection recommendations

Replacing Fishing Line With Champion 433 Trimmer

If you plan to work with a trimmer for a short time, and the area of ​​your site does not exceed 4 acres, then it is better to choose a battery or electric model. One of them is perfect for putting in order the front lawn, bordering the area along the fence and leveling the mowed lawn.

Electric trimmers are also called electric braids, they do not differ in high performance, therefore, they are not suitable for mowing trees. Using such a device, you can work with hard and soft grass, weeds and weeds.

If you want to become the owner of a more mobile unit, then you should purchase a battery model. It is not so productive, therefore, is not designed for continuous use. For operation, the battery will have to be recharged periodically, therefore, with an impressive amount of work, it is recommended to stock up on an additional battery.

Reviews about the features of T433S-2

This model of gasoline trimmer is characterized by increased wear resistance. It works due to the two-stroke engine, which is characterized by high performance and autonomy. Hard grass can be cut with a knife, like weeds, but for soft grass, the fishing line is perfect.

  • comfortable grip;
  • special casing;
  • hard shaft;
  • engine air cooling;
  • 2 cutting tools;
  • primer.

Reviews technical specifications T433S-2

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The power of the above equipment is 1.7 liters. pp., in kilowatts this value is 1.25. The thickness of the fishing line is equivalent to 2.4 mm. Fuel consumption at maximum load reaches 0.62 l / h. The length of the device is 1493 mm. You may be interested in the spindle speed, which for this model is 6500 per minute.

Sound pressure level is 120 dB. When using this model, consumers are advised to use personal protective equipment that will exclude damage to the auditory organs. Equipment weighs 8 kg. Buyers emphasize that the mass of the unit can be impressive if you do not use a shoulder strap. It is important to pay attention also to the capacity of the fuel tank, which provides the possibility of continuous operation without refueling. You can fill 0.95 liters of gasoline at a time.

Reviews about the features of the model T433

Consumers love the fact that if necessary, you can disassemble the trimmer thanks to the split bar, which allows for compact storage. Among the additional advantages, buyers highlight the presence of two cutting tools: a three-blade knife and a trimmer head. The design provides for the presence of a primer. Includes a hanging strap.

Reviews on the technical characteristics of the model T433

Reviews of the main features of ET1200A

Consumers like the possibility of mowing raw grass. This was made possible thanks to the upper engine. Buyers quite often choose this model also for the reason that it has a good degree of protection, implemented by a shield covering the cutting element. Departure of mowed grass particles to the operator is excluded. A person will be reliably protected from injuries that could occur during operation during contact with a fishing line or knife.

Technical Specifications Reviews

Reviews about the trimmer “Champion ET1200A” indicate that the described model successfully combines affordable price and excellent quality. The power of the device is 1.2 kW. It provides for a flexible drive shaft. Consumers like the fact that electric trimmers weigh far less than gasoline. This is also true for the described equipment variant, the mass of which reaches only 5.7 kg.


The kit comes with a lithium-ion battery, whose capacity is 2.6 Ah. Flexible drive shaft for easy operation. Only a fishing line acts as a cutting tool, this suggests that it will be impossible to deal with hard shoots. However, to solve these problems, you can purchase a more powerful model, which provides the operator with the opportunity to choose between cutting elements.