Replacing the line oleo mak sparta 25

Changing the line on a trimmer or lawn mower

Changing the line on the trimmer

To replace the line on a trimmer or lawn mower (cord, strings), first of all, you need to know its thickness. If the remnants of the cord have not survived, then we study the passport of our garden equipment. Sometimes the information you need can be found by carefully examining the mowing reel, a range of diameters can be applied to its surface. If our searches were unsuccessful, then we simply estimate the diameter of the outlet on the coil. The line should move effortlessly in it. I do not recommend widening the holes in order to use a thicker string to increase productivity and the possibilities of gardening equipment. Line thickness is calculated by the manufacturer based on engine power.

To replace the cord on most models, it is necessary to disassemble the mowing reel by pressing the latches. Sometimes, simultaneously with pressing the latches, you also need to turn the upper part of the coil.

line, oleo, sparta

A standard bobbin is loaded with 5-6 meters of thin cutting line or up to 3 meters thick. Figures are approximate, depending on the size of your mowing head. If it overheats during the mowing process, it is best to use less line. There is a chance that it will be baked, and you will simply throw it away.

In the simplest trimmers and lawn mowers, there is a non-automatic reel with one tendril. Everything is simple there, we fix one edge of the line in the slot inside the bobbin. Then we wind as much cord along the arrow as will fit under the protective casing. We bring out 10 cm of strings through the holes in the protective casing and the coil and assemble it.

Non-automatic reel with one tendril

Semi-automatic single section reel with 2 antennae

Semi-automatic two-piece reel with 2 antennae

If the line on the trimmer has 2 antennae, then before winding the string is folded in half, shifting the edges by 5-10 centimeters. Bobbins come in a variety of designs, but each has some kind of hook to secure the middle of the cord. If the bobbin is one-piece, then there is a hole where you need to thread one end of the line and center it again. There is a cutout in the baffle in the two-piece coil.

Wind-cord and winding direction arrow

The inscription “Wind kord” and an arrow show us the direction of winding. If there is no arrow, then we wind in the direction opposite to the direction of rotation. With one hand we hold the edges of the cord, and with the other we rotate the bobbin, winding the line, each side on its own path. We lay the string tight enough, ideally exactly unnecessary, the main thing is to prevent intersections. She herself, at work, will take the right place. When 10 centimeters remain, we fix the edges in the slots. We pass the string through the holes on the coil body. Alternately, lightly twitch the line so that no loops form inside, and insert the bobbin into the spool. Then we assemble the mowing reel. Sometimes there is such a design of the coil that when collecting it, the edges of the string must be freed from the slots in the bobbin. You can check the correct assembly of the semi-automatic head of our garden equipment by simulating the tapping of the trimmer on the ground. Press the button in the center and at the same time pull the edges of the line. If everything is in order, the antennae are slightly extended.

On Oleo-Mac lawn mowers, the cutterbar does not need to be disassembled at all. We just pass the string through the holes. We center it, and by rotating the lamb in the direction of the arrow, we wind the cord. Changing the line on the trimmer is very fast, this design is becoming more common.

I hope you find useful the article on the correct selection of fishing line for your garden equipment “Trimmer line, string, cord for electric and lawn mowers”.

Video how to wind the line around the trimmer cutter head or lawn mowers with one or two pieces of line:


Oleo-Mac Sparta 38 is equipped with an E-Mak (gasoline) engine with a power of 1.3 kilowatts. Efficiency lawn mowers Sparta 38.

Petrol trimmer Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 TR; 04.1 Lawnmower Oleo-Mac BC 22 T; 06. lawn mower Oleo-Mac Sparta 44 (replacement of Sparta 42) 04.2 lawn mower Oleo-Mac BC 24 T; 05. lawn mower Oleo-Mac Sparta 38 (replacement of Sparta 37) 07. 4-stroke lawn mower Oleo-Mac ВС 260 4S.

How to wind the line around the trimmer cutter head or lawn mowers

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portable trimmer; petrol 2-stroke engine, 36 cm³, 1.8 HP; cutting width: 40 cm; included: fishing line (3 mm), knife, shoulder strap; anti-vibration system

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Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 (61039109E1)

Total propositions: 33

Learn about going on sale

lawn mowers live: gasoline dvigun pull: 0.8 kW dvigun pull: 1.1 kilowatts ryzhucha system: hair niz. Marvel at usi

The Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 lawn mower will delight you with its high productivity, bright and ergonomic design. For the reason that in Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 additional bearings are installed, and moving with a working shaft, in practice you will not be able to see the selection for an hour. Deliver a strained dvigun work on gasoline, and the lodged start system can instantly bring the tool into operation. Prior to that, in Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25, there was a polishing clutch, which allows lowering the mounting on the working shaft, so that the term of the service of this irreplaceable assistant at the lawn mowers was continued. horny horny


  • main
  • detailed
line, oleo, sparta

Item added: worm 2009 r.

2-stroke, 25.4 cm cube

2-stroke, 25.4 cm cube

Primer for pumping palyva, coupling for welding

Cinnamon tips about Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 (61039109E1)

Lightweight, comfortable, good power, European manufacturer, comfortable handles.

So far I have only used a knife. I cut the weeds like a chopper. I even took a growth of trees up to 2 cm thick (I didn’t risk it anymore). I liked the fact that we managed to cut even the lodged grass.

  • Chi buv tsei vidguk is brown for you?
  • So

Good value for money. There is a network of representatives in Ukraine, in case of repair, problems should not arise. Power of Italy! The presence of both a knife and a fishing line. There is no perceptible vibration. Starts up with half a turn. The power is sufficient even for a thick handicraft.

Like any other. noisy, you need to get used to. The gas runs out quickly. Be sure to pour oil for two-stroke engines into benz and periodically (see the instructions) lubricate the main gear with special grease (a gear that transfers torque from the cardan to the knife). You need to work in tight pants and boots. chips / pebbles from under the knife can really hurt, but even only from grass, irritation to the legs is ensured. For the same reason, glasses are desirable, although I work without. Be sure to take both fishing line and steel knife. Fishing line. for smooth, soft grass only. I constantly work with a knife, and the thicker weed cuts and bushes. The fishing line is useless in the conditions of domestic dacha realities. Mow with this machine. pure pleasure! During the summer season, no problems arose.

  • Chi buv tsei vidguk is brown for you?
  • So
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Well assembled, not heavy.

line, oleo, sparta

Заклинило мотокосу Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 полный разбор, диагностика (часть 1)

An excellent assistant in private farming. Reliable. For six years I changed the tank (a crack after falling back on wet grass) and the mowing head (only because of walking on gravel and hard objects). The line from the heads as a whole pops out well. Very rarely there are sticking lines.It’s not a disadvantage. Starts without problems. I rarely use a knife. The fishing line can handle everything and this is forty acres. If you regularly take care of the site. I have to put a knife less often. I put 5 out of 5.

  • Chi buv tsei vidguk is brown for you?
  • So
line, oleo, sparta

high-quality assembly
good technical characteristics
the weight

line cutting drum wears out in a year

I chose a braid for a very long time, considered options from Husqvarna, Al-Ko, Stihl (Stihl), Alpina, etc., however, in some I did not arrange the weight (Al-Ko), in others it was functional.
I took this braid on the recommendation of a neighbor who has been using it for two years already. According to him, the only negative. wear of the spring of a drum with a fishing line, but you can always find an analogue, and its price is not cosmic.
Initially I thought that there would be little power for my jungle, but in fact. more than enough power.
While mowing only with a disc. impressions are pleasant, vibrations are negligible. The main thing is not to pour oil into fuel, because begins to smoke and spit clots.
The delivery set is decent. keys, screwdriver, screws, nuts, washers. The quality of the materials used also left a pleasant feeling.
Generally. I recommend, a worthy choice.
Yes, and about the expense. for three hours of work, a liter of the mixture took. Over time, you stop “re-gas”, accordingly the consumption becomes less.

  • Chi buv tsei vidguk is brown for you?
  • So

original price spare parts. even bearings are more expensive than leading companies.
There is no piece of paper with the name of the spare parts and the article number, I think you need to put it, because in the village people change them themselves, it will be expensive in the SC.

from a friend in the village, Sparta 25

2007 Uncle took it to use, I generally do it a little bit, since I live in the city.
In my opinion, the most minimal braid for the village. Uncle already wanted to be more powerful, bought him a 38th, in 2014. And chose Oleo-Mac, because 25 did not break anything except the gas tank.
Mow grass for hay for horse and cow, vegetable garden.
Prosint oil (mainly), air filter washer, oleo-mac grease in the gearbox, two-blade knife / some line.
? years, well, maybe 3-6, exactly the very first, a crack in the gas tank.

10 years replacement of the bearing in the gearbox (at the end of the rod). 2019 ended clutch pads.
The gas tank was sealed at the beginning with a super clasode. then in my opinion they bought a new one. But it can be soldered with similar plastic, there are already special rods, and they also write with a nylon cord (threads).
In the village, the fashion has gone, making a knife from an old tire, lawn mowers, a hand saw.

  • Chi buv tsei vidguk is brown for you?
  • So

I have been using it for 6 years, no complaints. There is also an electric braid of the same company, I recommend it to everyone.

As for me, there are no shortcomings. Well, if the motor is more powerful))))))))))

  • Chi buv tsei vidguk is brown for you?
  • So

price-quality ratio
sufficient power
presence of a knife
easy start
keys included

automatic line feed does not work well

an excellent mower, even mows stiff bush, it has enough power. It is better to mow with a disc than with a fishing line, the automatic line feed jams. Lightweight, not noisy, good start-up, more than satisfied with the purchase.

  • Chi buv tsei vidguk is brown for you?
  • So
  • Chi buv tsei vidguk is brown for you?
  • So

The presence of a fishing line and cutter included
light weight, grandfather at 80 mows normally

We have been using the scythe for about 6 years, everything is clear. If used properly it will serve faithfully. Oblique is more than satisfied. For all the time they lubricated the gearbox and recently changed the melted filter for 100 UAH, I decided to pull out the shaft to check the lubrication, everything is also normal there (the lubricant from the gearbox flows onto the shaft), rubbed it, lubricated it and further into battle.

  • Chi buv tsei vidguk is brown for you?
  • So

Low noise

I don’t know, leave everything vlashtov

Having already mowed the dilyanka twice, having run in the dvigun, sklavne the enemy about the scythe, yakim having turned the axis to change.
Mowing to tsho with a scythe Lithuanian. Mustache according to the class: riveting, mantachiv, etc. Ale dilyanka is big. mow ten hectares on grass, in order to give signs, I wanted to do it.
Thinking of a spatka to take an electric one, ale zreshtoyu grabbed up to gasoline. The price of a lawn mower, too, is torn, but the spit is just like it. Lightweight, balanced, easy to wind up, easy to swindle, low noise, productive, economical. Last year, I just whistled a liter of gasoline to mow down the dilyanka. On another occasion, having prepared a second year, a little more, my mainstay has grown up, but by putting a hair of 3mm to replace 2mm, it was included in the kit, and it was already in the kit, but it was a bit of a scythe for a little while and it still needed to finish, and gasoline didn’t run out of ice. One liter of gasoline is really whistled for three years of robotics. Do not burn with gas and put the hair 3mm. the productivity of the shalena, only the need for small trees and telegraphs of the stove, bosse (often stoov. zhart). Nіzh, what is it in the kit, it’s scary to set it up.

  • Chi buv tsei vidguk is brown for you?
  • So
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lawn mower Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 (61039109E1)

Goods at the ready Goods for the delivery to the date

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Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 (61039109E1)

Similar models

lawn mower Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

  • Manufacturer: Oleo-Mac
  • Class: Home Plus
  • Engine power: 1.0 HP.
  • Cylinder volume: 25.4 cc
  • Handle: Bicycle
  • Cutting element: Knife / Line
  • Engine type: 2-stroke
  • Tube diameter: 26mm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.75 L.
  • Model: Sparta25
  • Warranty: 24 months.
  • Weight: 6.2kg.
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Rating:

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. lawn mowers with high performance, quality and ergonomics. In particular, I would like to note the fact that the installation of additional bearings, as well as the articulated connection of the engine and the working shaft, provided a significant reduction in vibration, which could not but affect the productivity and quality of labor. A knapsack strap is used to hold the lawn mower, in order to control the process, a twin bicycle-type handle is provided. The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 model takes into account all the comments from its predecessors, namely. a primer for fuel injection was installed and a lightweight start-up system was implemented. In addition, the clutch has been improved, which has significantly reduced the load on the working shaft. Standard equipment includes a mowing head with automatic line feed, a 3-pronged blade and a protective shield to prevent branches and grass from being thrown out to the side.

Advantages and features of Sparta 25

Powerful and reliable motor (1 HP / 0.8 kW).
Compact and lightweight engine with nickel chrome plated cylinder (fig. 1). Forged steel crankshaft and connecting rod.
Electronic ignition guarantees high performance, easy starting and long service life (fig. 1).

The Sparta 25 hedgecutter is easy to get started even for the less experienced user. The presence of “PRIMER” (“A” Fig. 2), which resembles a carburetor mixture, allows you to start work with less effort (Fig. 2).
Easy access and maintenance of the air filter: the operation does not require the use of tools, but is carried out by pressing the convenient latch (Fig. 3).
The spark plug, despite being protected to prevent breakage from impact, remains in sight: only the spark plug key is required for cleaning and replacement.
The large tank for the fuel mixture allows for long autonomy and easy operation (fig. 3).
lawn mowers comply with the current regulations: the ergonomic handle integrates all the controls: the throttle lever, the start and stop switch (fig. 5), have an accelerator lock safety system (“B” fig. 4), which prevents accidental acceleration.
Centrifugal clutch with sliding blocks coated with anti-friction material, designed to withstand extended operating conditions (fig. 5).
Transfer tube (Ø26 for SPARTA25), all-aluminum, guarantees excellent resistance to low weight.
The fuel tank is protected against accidental collisions (“C” Fig. 6).
Reducing vibrations to a minimum thanks to: five self-lubricating bushings located inside the transmission tube (“D” Fig. 7). anti-vibration on the engine cover. anti-vibration on the handlebar support (only SPARTA25) “E” Fig. 8)
Flexible transmission shaft (SPARTA 25TR) made of steel with a special sheathing along the entire length (“F” Fig. 9) prevents irritating vibrations from the operator and increases the life of the machine.
Adopting a transparent tank makes it easier to visualize the fuel level.
There is also a cable harness holder on the handle (optional for SPARTA25TR).

lawn mower Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 | Video review