Replacing the Oil Pump On a Partner 350 Chainsaw

The Partner 350 chainsaw is a “relative” of the famous Husqvarna brand, as Partner is a subsidiary of Husqvarna. Light and convenient, reliable and simple, Partner 350 has been widely used in cottages and in private households. Cutting of knots, branches, felling trees is far from a complete list of work that is performed easily and easily by a saw. A brief overview will help you get acquainted with this in more detail.

Replacing the Oil Pump On a Partner 350 Chainsaw


According to its data, Partner 350 belongs to the type of household (amateur) and fully satisfies the needs of any consumer. For a general familiarization with a chainsaw, just look at its main characteristics.

For those familiar with chainsaws, one glance is enough to determine the character of the 350 Partner. A sufficiently powerful engine and a decent tire length indicate that it will be an indispensable assistant in the economy, but it hardly fits for a professional felling.


The general device is made in a traditional style. It is characterized by simplicity, which means high reliability of the unit.

The scheme of the general device of the Partner 350 chainsaw clearly confirms this.

Starting the engine is simple and reliable. This was made possible thanks to the presence of electronic ignition. The primer (fuel booster pump) plays an important role during start-up.

The air filter is equipped with a double air purification system. As a result of equipping the starter drum with an impeller, large particles of debris do not reach the filter at all. Due to this, its service life is increased, and the degree of air purification is increased. In general, this favorably affects the operation of the engine.

The safety of handling a working saw is achieved by the presence of a chain brake operating in two modes. manual and automatic.

The oil pump is turned on only during sawing. This means that the chain lubrication system is in automatic mode. It must be borne in mind that different types of oils are used to lubricate the chain and prepare the working mixture. Learn what oil is used for Partner 350 chainsaw video will help

Saw chains. An Oregon 91P052E 3/8 ″ 1.3 mm 52 chain link is installed on the Partner 350 saw. Valid replacement analogues: Stihl 39970000052s and others. For example, Husqvarna 5776151-22. Make sure that with a chain pitch of 3/8 ″ and a groove width of 1.3 mm, the number of links does not exceed 52. Less (46. 50) is possible, more is not desirable.

The anti-vibration system on Partner 350 works somewhat harshly. Given that this saw is not intended for professional use, the system as a whole can be considered satisfactory. By the way, on subsequent models in this regard, significant improvements have been made.

Recommended components, parts, mechanisms and fuels and lubricants are not subject to replacement by analogues.

Preparing the saw for operation

Before starting work, it is necessary to set up the Partner 350 chainsaw. A properly prepared saw with a well-engineered engine does not cause any complaints from users. Unit configuration is simple. Before starting the engine, it is checked:

Видео: Replacing the Oil Pump On a Partner 350 Chainsaw

  • tire mount;
  • chain tension;
  • ease of rotation of the chain;
  • brake operation;
  • refueling and oil.

After that, the engine starts. Warming it up, you can get to work.

Pros and Cons of Partner 350 Chainsaws

Like any chainsaw mechanism has its pros and cons. The main positive will be the following:

  1. The product is a product of a well-known manufacturer. This indicates the quality of the saw and a developed service network.
  2. The engine is equipped with a primer, which makes it easier to start, especially in the cold season.
  3. The piston and engine cylinder are additionally treated with chrome, which improves their characteristics and helps to extend the life of the whole.
  4. The 350 partner’s light weight and relatively short tire make the saw easy to control.

Disadvantages, of course, exist, but they look insignificant against the general background. Somewhat difficult access to the air filter and the lack of visual observation of the level of weather lubrication do not. Those who installed an extended tire note low engine power. It `s naturally. It should be so. The triple violation committed. a design modification unauthorized by the manufacturer, additional engine load and a direct violation of the requirements of the operating instructions will certainly not improve the operation of the unit.

Major malfunctions and their elimination

The main malfunctions that can be fixed independently and methods for their elimination are described in detail in the “Operating Instructions”.

Engine does not start

In this case, check the gap between the spark plug electrodes. It should be 0.5 mm. At the same time, the electrodes must be cleaned of carbon deposits. In most cases, this is enough for the engine to start working again. To the same extent, the start-up is affected by the contamination of the carburetor, fuel and air filters. After washing them, the engine, as a rule, stops acting up. On the pages of the site and the Internet there are many photos and videos on the restoration of the engine.

The engine does not develop power (stalls under load)

To the previously listed reasons, one more is added. you need to adjust the carburetor or clean the muffler. Adjustment is made by adjusting screws. Detailed information on this issue can be found on the site. The video shows the process of detecting and repairing chainsaw failure.

Starter cord break

Partner 350 is quite common on the chainsaw, and on all chainsaws, so Partner 350 is no exception. This malfunction is not difficult to fix on your own. After watching the video, it becomes clear how the torn starter cord is replaced.

Open circuit

Mostly due to its overheating during operation. The cause of overheating is the lack of lubrication or the clogging of oil channels with dirt. First of all, all oil channels are cleaned, the inside of the chainsaw in the area of ​​the drive sprocket and tire groove is cleaned of debris (sawdust). Only then can a new circuit be installed. If a problem is found in the operation of the oil pump, the saw must be repaired in a specialized workshop.

User’s manual

The instruction contains recommendations, following which the owner of the Partner 350 chainsaw will not encounter problems when handling it. The safety measures and operating rules of the product during operation are described in detail. The issues of repair, maintenance and care of the Partner 350 chainsaw are highlighted.

Types of chainsaw repair that are allowed to do with your own hands are determined by the instruction manual. All other malfunctions are fixed in a specialized workshop.

The instruction manual should always be at hand, especially if this is your first chainsaw and you just bought it. First of all, be sure to read it, and resort to its help when questions arise in the process of handling the tool. Download and print the instruction manual for the Partner 350 chainsaw at the link below.


Particularly conquered all the advanced Partner 350s chainsaw. She absorbed all the best from the base model and became a little more powerful, which positively affects its application. It has proven itself when used in subsidiary and farming enterprises.

The technical characteristics of the Partner 350 chainsaw and its budget price, along with the simplicity of design, have provided it with widespread use in personal households. Convenient and economical, safe to use, it has all the qualities of world brands in its line. In addition to its main function, when using additional nozzles, the saw can cut metal, be a water pump, a drill and even a boat motor.