Replacing the spring on the Carver chainsaw. How to adjust the chainsaw – advice to beginners

Replacing the rope on the Carver chainsaw

In some cases, the owners of the chainsaws have to solve more complex problems to fully restore the functionality of their cutting tools.

Chainsaw does not develop full power

In addition to the problem considered above with a lack of admission to the cylinder of gasoline or air, the cause of the weak power may be a clogged muffler.

Carburetor depressurization and nozzle blockage

Over time, the screws fixing the carburetor lid can weaken or gaskets become unusable. A clogged filter or its unskilled replacement can lead to the formation of a blockage of nozzles. All this also negatively affects the work of the chainsaw and reduces the life.

Basil does not hold idle speed

It often happens when, after prolonged transportation and constant use of a chainsaw, he refuses to work evenly at idle. As a rule, this problem is eliminated by the adjustment of the carburetor.

You can find out how to correctly debug the carburetor from this

If the carburetor is rebuilt like a clock, then you must check:

  • Fuel system. Start more logical from the fuel pump.
  • Muffler. It is likely that due to the abundance of accumulated soot, the engine cannot function normally.

Chainsaw loses power under load

If in the process of work the power of the saw disappears somewhere, then the problem should be sought in the following places:

Dismantling and cleaner cleaning

If the engine at low speeds works perfectly, and starts to stall at large ones, the reason can lie in the frantic sparkle, clogged with combustion products.

  • remove the muffler;
  • to disassemble (there are also non.devastated models);
  • clean from soot using detergents;
  • dry with a hairdryer;
  • Install in place.
replacing, spring, carver, chainsaw, adjust

Dry cleaning is unacceptable, since there are carcinogens in the Nagar, whose inhalation is dangerous to health. After removing the muffler, the exhaust hole is closed with a clean rag.

Merps in the work of the chainsaws signal the possible clogging of the muffler

In order not to clog the muffler, it is necessary to monitor the composition of the fuel mixture. The amount of oil should not exceed the norm recommended by the manufacturer. Poor oil quality also negatively affects engine operation.

Which class to choose

“They happen amateur, they predict periodic implementation, and their power does not exceed 4 kW. Low.profile chains are installed on such equipment, which can significantly lower the vibration level. However, in these cases, it is impossible to count on high performance, but it is safe to say that amateur class tools have insignificant weight, do not give strong load on hand, and are also convenient to use. With their help, you can carry out small construction work, trim the trees and harvest firewood. Carver chainsaws, which belong to the semi.professional class, can withstand construction. They are powerful enough, and can be used with a forest roll. Their only minus is that they are not designed for long.term use. If you saw it, you need to 10 hours in a row daily, then it is best to choose a professional model. Semi.professional options can have power from 2 to 3 kW, but mainly this parameter is held within 2.5 kW. The diameter of the barrel does not exceed 40 cm, and the weight of such tools is approximately 6 kg.

The low level of technical equipment of many service services and the high cost of their services forces many owners of faulty chainsaw equipment to repair their gadgets on their own. How to disassemble a chainsaw, replace faulty parts, and also correctly collect a chainsaw with minimal time and means?

Independent disassembly of a chainsaw suggests the presence of spare parts, the corresponding tool and locksmith skills. It is possible that for the dismantling of individual parts you will need special pullers, the manufacture of which will take more time than the repair itself.

In a number of modern models of household and semi.professional chainsaws, to adjust the carburetor and dismantling the drive sprocket of the saw chain, special keys that are not included in the attached kit are used in the attached kit.

Device and principle of operation of the starter of the chainsaw

All types of chainsaws, both Chinese and European production, are equipped with starters of the identical design and the principle of action. The universal design of starters allows you to use these devices on both brand chainsaws and on semi.official tools supplied from the Celestial Empire. It is only important to note that some distinguishing features are have instruments of domestic production.

A starter for a chainsaw is a simple mechanism consisting of:

The principle of operation of such a device is also quite simple. When stretching the handle, which is connected by means of a cable with the drum of the ratchet, its movement occurs. The drum when moving is included in the hook with slots of another drum, which is located on the shaft. Thus, manually moves the cut of the saw, which makes several revolutions. As soon as the handle returns to its original position, which is facilitated by the return spring, the slotted connection is lost, which leads to the stop of the shaft. With each movement of the crankshaft in the cylinder, the amount of fuel-air mixture increases, which ultimately contributes to its ignition.

The greater the power of the tool, the more jerks should be made by the starter to start the motor. The return spring is responsible for accelerating the return of the drum to its original position, the manufacture of which is carried out using steel with a high degree of elasticity.

replacing, spring, carver, chainsaw, adjust

Over time, with the constant operation of the tool, problems are observed with the launch of the engine, or rather, with the functioning of the starter. If such problems arise, then the starter can always be repaired. If the principle and device of the starter is known, then it will not be difficult to repair it with your own hands.

Typical breakdowns and repair of the chainsaw starter

Before carrying out repairs, it is necessary to find out the reasons for the breakdown. Since the product is constantly subjected to dynamic and other types of loads, its failure is not excluded. Frequent causes of starter breakdowns are: rupture of the cable, abrasion or painting several shits of the rattle drum, damage to the spring, a crack of the pulley and others. To determine why the saw does not start, you will need to conduct an appropriate revision of the starting mechanism. Consider the main types of malfunctions, and also find out how to properly repair the product.

Replacement of the cord

The starter cord is a strong rope, which is strong enough to wear, but even its technical properties do not save it from damage. The rope, at each start of the tool, rubs against the starter cover case, which leads to gradual overwhelming and wear.

If the cord is grinding, then to replace it, you need to disassemble the case of this node. After removing the cover, it is necessary to raise the drum, but only so that it does not jump out of his seats. It is recommended to carry out such work together with a partner who will fix the spring, and you will do the replacement of the cable. The remnants of the old cable should be removed, then fixed the new product in the handle and in the frame of the drum. After that, the cable should be wound on the roller, and at the end, assemble the case.

It’s important to know! Before fixing the cable in the handle, you should pass it through the corresponding hole in the starter cover.

How to replace the chainsaw starter spring

If damage to the spring is observed, which is often on Chinese instruments, then the mechanism can only be repaired by replacing it. But if its damage occurred at the place of connection, that is, the ear burst, then it can be repaired.

The repair of the spring is a heating of the destruction site up to 600 degrees, after which it is slow to cool it up to 100 degrees, in which the end is wrapped in the shape of a fragment. Thus, it will be possible to avoid loss of elasticity of the product, which will extend its service life. Although most experts simply carry out the replacement of the product with a new.

The process of replacing the spring is carried out in the following sequence:

  • The clip or drum of the mechanism is originally extracted.
  • A spring is located inside the drum. To dismantle it, you will need to fix its upper part, and then pull the starter handle aside.
  • When the old spring is extracted, you need to install a new. In this case, it is imperative to clean the body.
  • When installing a new spring, you should insert it into the starter, and then get into the groove to the groove.
  • At the end of the work, you can put on the drum and install the starter cover in place.

When you need tuning

Modern “three.screw” carburetors of the Carver chainsaw are practically not intended for manual adjustment at home. The screws are provided for factory settings, securely recorded from rotation during vibration with tenacious springs and do not arbitrarily change their position.

But the screws on the carburetors of the Carver chainsaw are available for adjustment through special holes, without removing the casing, with a conventional screwdriver. This suggests that such models constructively from time to time need to adjust the carburetor.

The reason for this from a technical point of view cannot be called accurately. Only versions are possible:

Checking the carburetor and signs of the need to adjust it

The nominal power of the engine and saving of fuel resource consumption depends on the good state of the carburetor. The carburetor of the chainsaw of a functional difference from the car does not have. He mixes the vapor of gasoline entering through the pipe and serves them further into the chamber for combustion.

  • air duct or tubes for air supply;
  • fuel pipeline or fuel tube for mixing it with air;
  • air damper.

A sign of the need to adjust the carburetor:

  • Strong vibrations in view of screwing screws. The engine with a working carburetor works evenly, the sound resembles a move of four tacts;
  • damage to the cap of protection;
  • wear of the piston system, which already requires a different mixture in composition;
  • involuntary drowning of the engine, the impossibility of its repeated or initial launch;
  • unreasonable increase in gasoline consumption, while the engine power may remain the same, and most often decline; repair

Not all malfunctions of the chainsaws are associated with a breakdown of the carburetor or its improper adjustment. In this case, you will have to repair the Partner chainsaw with your own hands, what to do simply on the condition of the tool. This work is performed in several stages, which depends on the cause and nature of the breakdown:

  • Fuel system problems. Most often this is due to contamination of the fuel filter or a saopon. In the first case, it is necessary to remove the fuel hose and clean it. It needs to be washed and thoroughly dried before re.installation. As a prevention, it is recommended to change the fuel filter every three months. Additionally, the floor cleaning may be required, for which it is convenient to use a needle or thin wire. Air damper is cleaned in the same way.
  • Repair of the Partner chainsaw carburetor. The adjustment does not always lead to the desired result. The cause may be blockage of channels. To eliminate the blockage, you can use compressed air. It must be remembered that the reverse assembly is allowed only if clean and dry parts.
  • The muffler cleaning. If you need to repair the chainsaw in the case when the tool begins to stall at large speeds, you will have to disassemble and clean the muffler. For this, the part is required to remove, promote all the bolts and disassemble. After that, with the help of simple detergents, remove the carpet from all surfaces, and then dry it thoroughly, you can with a hairdryer. In no case can you remove the carbon fiber in a dry way, since it contains dangerous substances for health, which cannot be inhaled.

DIY Carver chainsaw

Details: Carver chainsaw repair from a real master for

Chainsaw. a worthy replacement of manual saws and axes. Today this tool is available in almost every household. it is indispensable when arranging a personal plot, construction and repair work. Intensive operation and improper care of the tool can lead to premature failure of it. However, the owner of the chainsaw is not at all to immediately contact the workshop. many of the malfunctions that can happen to it during operation, it is quite possible to eliminate it independently.

The main condition for successful repair is the correct diagnosis. Therefore, in order to determine why the chainsaws were out of order and, most importantly, how to force it to work again, first of all you need to know the features of its design.

It should be noted that it does not differ in particular difficulty, as it includes:

In order to simplify the diagnosis of malfunctions, it is customary to distinguish them into two main categories:

Most often, malfunctions occur in engine systems, however, the rest of the tool due to intensive operation or improper care can fail at any time. How to determine exactly where the breakdown happened? Simple logic will help us with this.

If the problem is in the engine, it will be:

As for all other malfunctions, as a rule, they manifest themselves with a normally working motor.

If the chainsaw is not started, the first thing to do is check the presence of a fuel mixture in the tank. By the way, it must be prepared in the proportions specified by the engine manufacturer, otherwise the tool simply will not start.

After making sure that the fuel mixture is correct and is available, you should check the ignition system check. To do this, inspect the spark plug.

Бензопила после зимы заводится и глохнет.Замена топливного шланга Carver 38-16.

Her condition can say a lot:

It indicates that the fuel mixture does not fall into the carburetor, which means the problem is not in ignition;

It is the result of an excess of the fuel mixture, which lies either in violation of the engine start algorithm, or in the irregular adjustment of the carburetor;

This is a signal about the presence of low.quality oil in the engine lubrication system, incorrect carburetor settings or about incorrectly prepared fuel mixture.

If the candle is sprayed with fuel, after removing it must be thoroughly wiped. You should also clean the fuel supply system. To do this, it overlaps, after which the starter turns on. The candle covered with soot must be carefully cleaned with the help of an awl and emery.

Beginner Carver Tips. 5 Tips from a Chainsaw and Power Tool Wood Carving Artist, Michelle Thevenot

When checking candles, attention should be paid to the distance between the electrodes (the normal gap is 0.5-0.65 mm), as well as the state of the gasket and the presence of a spark. The damaged or worn gasket will have to be replaced, and the spark can be checked by putting on the ignition cable by connecting the cylinder and a candle nut and starting the starter.

If the discharge does not occur, the candle needs to be replaced. In that case, if the spark does not appear with a new candle, then the problem is connected with the high.voltage wire or in it.

If the fuel mixture does not enter the cylinder, but the candle works normally, this may mean that:

To clean this node, remove the fuel hose and check the stream. If it is weak, the filter needs to be removed through the pouring hole of the fuel tank and cleaned or replaced in case of complete wear.

As a prevention, it is recommended to replace the fuel filter at least 1 time every 3 months.

This is nothing more than a hole in the lid of the fuel tank, which is cleared with the help of an awl.

There may be several reasons for this:

If at low speeds the chainsaw motor works normally, but on the high ones it begins to stall and smoke, the problem can be hidden in the muffler.

To check the quality of its work, you should perform:

Dry cleaning without means of respiratory protection is not recommended. Chanc seeders present in the Nagar will be released into the surrounding atmosphere in the form of dust, inhalation of which is extremely dangerous for health.

replacing, spring, carver, chainsaw, adjust

To prevent the muffler blockage during operation of the chainsaw, you should carefully monitor the composition of the fuel mixture and the quality of its components.

If the chainsaw engine does not start or cannot develop normal power, it is likely that in the engine cylinder there is no sufficient pressure for combustion of the fuel mixture. The reason for this can be the wear of the elements of the cylinder-piston group-piston, rings, bearings, etc. In order to evaluate the state of this node, it should be carried out by a visual inspection, having previously removed the muffler.

Replacing the rope on the Carver chainsaw

Dismantling and assembly of the starter is not a serious problem; He just needs some skills to cope with a screwdriver and, most importantly, some precautions:

Turn the spring back into the groove, slowly and, holding it with your finger, start to tighten. At the same time, pay special attention to safety, since a broken metal strip can lead to injury.

It is not easy to fill the spring for the first time, this requires some experience, therefore, if you are trying unsuccessfully, this should be repeated more than once.

Continue to raise the starter after winding the spring. Gently turn the coil and insert it so that the bend of the spring clearly enters a special groove in the case.

replacing, spring, carver, chainsaw, adjust

Install a puck under the screw. Spring and washer again. Then we insert a cup with antennae and screw everything. The starter is assembled. Attention should be paid to the nuance such as the installation of the washer. This is by no means overlooked. If this happens, the spring scratches a plastic cup, which will ultimately appear on the sample, and it will be tightly tightened and twisted. As a result, you will feel that the spring has fallen and needs to be repaired. This defect can be easily eliminated by replacing the spring with a longer one or installing an additional goal. If you do not have a spring or washer at hand, you can slightly loosen the screw, and the starter will work without jamming. But this is a temporary measure, with prolonged use, the screw will weaken and lose, threatening the spring and breakdown of the starter as a whole. The next step is the tension of the spring. To do this, remove the handle from the starter cable. Then, without winding, insert the rope into the groove in a specially designed coil. Tighten the spring directly. To do this, turn the coil counterclockwise. in the direction opposite the direction of rotation of the coil when winding the rope. The number of revolutions should correspond to the value indicated in the starter model and the length of the rope. After the required number of revolutions is completed, skip the end of the rope through the opening of the starter cover, set the handle and fix it using the node. It is better to do this with the assistant so that the edge of the rope is not wound inside the starter. If after the repair the spring flew out again and the chainsaw does not start, the repair procedure will have to be repeated. But at the same time, upgrade the starter immediately. There are two ways to get rid of the spring holidays.

The first. use an additional metal strip, second. drill a coil (photo) and fix the edges of the spring with wire

How to fix a starter trimmer for grass

Repair of the starter of the gas trimmer for grass may be needed at the most inopportune time. There are two ways to solve this problem: replace a broken part or change the entire assembly. The last option will cost more. DIY device Most cases Only a screwdriver with an appropriate tip is useful from tools. Repair does not take much time and does not require special knowledge. It is enough to know the device, the mechanism of work, aspects of the assembly and disassembly of the starter on Trimmer for grass, achieve a good result.

Internal combustion engine. This is, in principle, the main part of the braid braid. Its power lies in the range of 0.5-2.5 liters.With. Movement from it is transmitted to the shaft located inside the hollow rod, and then through the gearbox, consisting of gears, already stabbed or knife (working body).

Bigorezes also have the following elements:

All parts of the lawn mower are presented in the photo below.

The starter of the trimmer for grass is an integral part of the engine start. This is shown separately in 2 photos below.

Starting mechanisms for different models of gasoline braids work according to a similar principle: when starting the engine, the protrusions indicated by the number 1 in the photo above are hooked by dogs 3. When the engine starts to work, they will return to the previous position due to centrifugal force. Delay 2 plays a similar role.

The process of returning to the initial position of the details of the mechanism is due to the presence of a spring wrapped around the axis. It turns around when the rope is pulled. After the release of the cord, it is pulled and wound with a spring assembly. When the internal combustion engine is launched, the trigger rotates its shaft until it starts to work.

Today, gasoline scooters are equipped with trigger mechanisms of 2 types:

How to set up a carburetor on a Carver chainsaw

Holoid adjustment with a screw T always costs separately. If the Carver chainsaw engine stalls at idle, the reason for this may be:

  • poor spark plug;
  • loss of compression due to critical wear of the piston system;
  • bad fuel;
  • poor carburetor operation, not related to adjustment;
  • Paraffin filters in the tank and carburetor.

For the same reasons, the Carver chainsaw engine can work poorly not only on idle, but in general it does not pull, does not develop revolutions, stalls when the gas handle is pressed, etc.D. Therefore, first you need to try to deal with these reasons. And lastly, if the problems are not resolved, you can try to increase the idle speed by turning the screw t clockwise.

  • If the engine does not start at all on idle precisely because of the adjustment violation, the screw T is twisted at 1/2 or 3/4 revolutions and the engine is started.
  • Then they are regulated by ear with the engine, observing all safety measures. (With a strong increase in revolutions, the chain of the chainsaw may begin to rotate, and this is dangerous).
  • If the chain is spinning in idle, the screw T is unscrewed to the position in which the engine on idle works confidently and does not stall, and the chain does not spin.

Then check the operation of the chainsaw engine in all modes. If it works stable on idle, but stalls when gas is pressed. a sure sign of a lack of fuel supply to the combustion chamber. With good operation of all systems, clean filters and a nozzle, the reason is most likely a violation of the adjustment of the screw L.

  • It is also better to adjust it on the warned engine of the Carver chainsaw, screwing it for 1/4 turnover and trying to gamut.
  • If the supply of fuel is too abundant, the engine will work as in idle when the handle position is positioned. This means that the screw L is twisted too much and it is necessary to twist it back in 1/4 turnover, trying to give gas.

If, after adjusting the screw l, the Carver engine does not give out the power necessary for operation, you can carefully try to increase the maximum speed adjustment of the screw N.

It is also regulated by the engine, but in the position of “gas for the whole”. Extremely carefully, at 1/5, 1/6 part of the turning the screw is screwed and listened to the engine operation.

An increase in the ceiling of the revolutions can several extend the duration of the old chainsaw with a worn piston. Weak compression is compensated by a greater supply of the mixture at maximum speed.

In new chainsaws, experimenting with such an adjustment is not worth.

Professional adjustment of the screw N is carried out using a tachometer to determine the ceiling of revolutions and oscilloscope to control the frequency of flashes on the candle. The compression is preliminarily checked.

After adjusting the screw N, a change in work in other modes may occur. Therefore, it will be necessary to try out work in all modes and, if necessary, slightly adjust the adjustment by screws l and t.

Many recommend adjusting the screws, twisting them to the end, and then turning them at 1.45 or 1.5 turnover.

It is not always worth doing this for the following reasons:

  • With a strong twisting, the sharp end of the screw can destroy a jacket of loose powder bronze in cheap chainsaws, and this is a breakdown.
  • 1.45-1.5 turns from “to the end” may not correspond to the old position of the screws in which the chainsaws still worked until the last, and real factory settings.

Replacing the launch of the Stihl chain rosopie

The Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is considered one of the most reliable in the middle of the models of its own sector. Alas, there is a technique, and if there are malfunctions, to eliminate which it is possible to repair the STIHL MS 180 repair.

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Read more about the repair of nodes, you will be interested to know by reading the article.

Is it possible to repair a saw with your own hands?

This is the 1st question arising before the owner of the chainsaw of Stihl

180, which for some reason finished working normally. Which is absolutely impossible to answer.

It will be correct to say: of course, alas, is it necessary? It is more expensive to create a chainsaw repair in a car service than to test problems yourself, but using the services of professionals, you will receive guarantees and confidence in such a context that the chainsaws will be correctly configured and adjusted. Then make a choice to you.

There is no next small aspect regarding the choice without the help of others otherwise, this is that for the diagnosis of a chainsaw and its upcoming disassembly and repair, you need to have some special tools and certain knowledge of the construction of the saw. Otherwise, you cannot even unscrew and remove the flywheel, without damaging with all this.

Replacement of the launch of the Stihl chainsaw starter

Driving repair on their own, quite often break off the duralumin fan blades located on the flywheel.

This happens because when disassembling it is not used by a special lock of the crankshaft, but they try to fix the screwdriver by installing the saw between the saw housing and the flaps of the flywheel, which leads to sad consequences.

The flywheel nut has a harsh tightening moment, and the blades are fragile and are not even able to withstand such efforts.

Stihl repair tools 180

To carry out relatively high.quality repair of the Stihl chainsaw

MS 180 without the help of others, you will need to have:

  • air compressor (for cleaning the chainsaws and purging of the main nodes and assemblies);
  • vacuummeter, is needed to check the density of the crankcase and carburetor, also to identify defective oil seals;
  • piston stopper to limit the crankshaft stroke;
  • electric tachometer, for the opportunity to correctly configure the carburetor of the chainsaw;
  • T-shaped key STIHL Torx 27 or analogue;
  • Kilen shaft bearings.

Only with these tools there are repair of the chainsaw of the Stihl 180 chainsaw in artisanal conditions, you will like it quite perfectly.

Common breakdown of Stihl 180

All.produced malfunctions on the chainsaw of STIHL include:

  • Starter cord cliff;
  • Wear of the leading star;
  • Leaks in the oil supply system for lubricating the chain;
  • Wear of the worm gear of the oil pump;
  • Air leaks through the seals to the motor crankcase;
  • Lack of spark on the spark plug;
  • The lack of fuel supply for defects in a carburetor (for them we will not stop here, because the repair and adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor, the issue will be quite wide and will be considered in a separate article);
  • Cutting the eye of the landing site for the engine control lever.

Now let’s see the malfunctions in more detail and start by repairing the oil pump.

Oil supply system repair

In the absence of oil supply for lubrication of the chain, it is necessary to diagnose the entire accounting (software) that allows you to keep accounting and find the reason why the oil is not supplied. You will like a few main circumstances:

  • Blocking the oil filter in other words of the oil accounting system;
  • Lack of thread on the worm gear of the oil pump;
  • Blockage or malfunction of the pump itself;
  • Depressurization of the oil accounting system (there will be oils for oils on the bottom of the chainsaw).

To check the thread on the oil pump worm drive, it will be necessary to remove the driven star of the chainsaw and spin the clutch. For this purpose, you turn the spark plug in its place installed a piston stopper, the reliable fixation of the crankshaft of the tool from turning is provided.

Then the cover of not familiar tires of the Stihl 180 chainsaw is removed, and with the help of a screwdriver a stop ring is removed, holding the driven star, then the star itself is removed.

Such a makar is also replaced by the stars of the chainsaw of the STIHL 180 if desired.

The clutch is spinning with the help of the head on 19 and the gate. Spin the clutch must be clockwise, t. to. Left thread. A reflective plate has been installed behind the clutch, it also needs to be removed.

Subsequent detail, this is a worm oil pump drive. Having examined and finding the absence of plastic threads, you can safely throw away the part and install the latest t. to. Its restoration is unrealistic.

The assembly of the Stihl 180 chainsaw is carried out in a flip sequence.

Replacing the starter cord on the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw

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If the passage if the gear is in the usual state, the saw disassembly lasts, for this purpose, a corkscrew is removed from the shock absorbers, the rear handle is spinned and the throttle control thrust is disconnected, then the handle block is removed from the shock absorbers if there is a strong slotted screwdriver.

Remove the handles to ensure access to the bottom at the place of installation of the oil pump

Next, the oil hose coming from the oil tank is removed from the landing site on the case and the trunk is checked to the blockage if the air is supplied through the oil hose to the oil tank case. If the blockage is detected, it must be cleaned, if this is an unrealistically faulty hose, you need to change.

Then the oil pump is removed from the body of the chainsaw of the Stihl 180 chainsaw and washed in gasoline.

Usually, STIHL oil pumps occasionally become unusable and require substitution. Mainly the reason for the lack of oil supply in the blockage, therefore, by washing and checking the gears of the pump for scrolling, it can be not not not noted that after the reinforcement assembly of the STIHL 180 chainsaw, difficulties with oil supply will disappear.

If the chainsaw does not start, the cause of ignition may be an engine block and engine start. If there are no deviations between the module and the flywheel when measuring the gap between the module and the flywheel, check the spark plug. They pull it out of the shaft and measure the gap. If the fuel enters the combustion chamber and the ignition system does not break, the carburetor is faulty.

Rotation does not develop

If the file does not support the waiting mode, the following happened:

For independent repair, follow the following actions:

  • Rinse or replace the fuel hose.
  • Clean the filter.
  • Check the quality of gasoline and oil.
  • Check the carburetor and spark plugs.

When the stihl chainsaws are repaired, they will work correctly.

If the saw does not rotate, this can lead to:

  • faulty engine;
  • cylinder wear;
  • the failure of the piston rings;
  • breakdown of the spark plug;
  • reel malfunction;
  • Carburetor imbalance screw.

If defects are not detected after testing, the carburetor is checked.

How to disassemble, repair and assemble a stihl chainsaw

To restore the device, you must first disassemble it. Remove the side cover, saw and tire. Then clean the tool, blow it up with a compressor and clean all the nodes with a brush. Then remove the pen. To do this, remove the plugs from the shock absorbers using a screwdriver. Shock absorbers and pen are then removed.

Then remove the starter. Remove the body cover and unscrew the starter screws. Delete the element. Then they remove the flywheel, unscrewing the nut that holds it, unscrewing the nut of the flywheel. Turn left. Remove the flywheel. Clutch, oil pump drive and carburetor are then removed.

Clutch replacement

When replacing clutch, we do not recommend using metal or plastic objects as a stopper. The former can scratch the cylinder, the latter can litter it.

  • We turn on the brake of the circuit stop, remove the protective cover and dismantle the saw headset;
  • We remove dirt, sawdust, dried lubrication, if any;
  • Remove the air filter and the nursing;
  • With the help of a candle key, remove the candle;
  • Rotating the crankshaft, we bring the piston to the top point, then take it by 6-9 mm;
  • Rope, with a diameter of 7-8 mm, stop the piston in the upper position;
  • We unscrew the nut on the clutch with a special key-shooter.

Most of the moving parts of the chainsaw have right.sided rotation. Therefore, in the nut on the clutch, the left thread is provided. Remove the lid, you need to rotate the key by clockwise. It is forbidden to carry out this operation with a hammer and a chisel. you will have a limit!

  • Remove the lid and leading star. Diagnose the malfunctions and evaluate the wear of the details. We evaluate the condition of the needle bearing;
  • If necessary, we replace the parts with new ones (the leading star needs this most often);

The installation of the clutch system of the chainsaw is carried out in the reverse order, however, you should pay attention to some features.

Nuances when installing a clutch system:

  • On some models of the chainsaws between the leading star and the clutch, there may be a puck. Pay attention to which side it costs to the engine;
  • Some oil pump drives are equipped with a special spring (mustache), which is responsible for the transmission of rotational movement from the leading star to the oil pump. It is important to adjust the spring so that it falls into the appropriate groove on the stars’ body with a free end (mustache). Otherwise, the saw set will not be lubricated;

Important: after dismantling and assembling clutch, be sure to check the operation of the automatic oil supply system.

A review of the replacement of the burned clutch of the chainsaw

Владимир Хлестов, 44 года, Армавир

“After six months of operation, the chain on the chainsaw began to spin constantly. I decided that the problems with idle. No carburetor adjustments helped. They dismantled the workshop. it turned out to be bursting the spring on the clutch. Changed everything in 10 minutes, and I could not find a malfunction for two months. The main thing is the correct diagnosis of a malfunction.””

Yaroslav weekly, 31 years old, Vinnitsa region

“I can drink mainly solid wood of wood. Quite often you have to sharpen the chain, and the leading star wears out. The first time I took off the clutch. I had to sweat. The metal tightly seized. not unscrewed. He sprayed with kerosene. did not help. Only after use in the kids managed to disrupt. And all because the oil flowed somewhere, so the coupling was welded to the asterisk. I think so.””

Andrey Kosuglazov, 23 years old, Primorsky Territory

“After three months of operation of the chainsaws, a longitudinal groove appeared in the asterisk. everything works, and the chain does not rotate. Said that the problem is in the clutch. It is not at all difficult to make it out, the main thing is to find a puller and not forget that the nut of the coupling has a left thread. In short, unscrewed and changed everything without problems. It works fine, and there was nothing complicated there, only carefully needed.””