Replacing Viking's Lawnmower Oil

1984 is considered the date the viking lawn mower was introduced to the garden equipment market. Viking is a world-famous Austrian brand, distinguished by the release of high quality products.


Today, the entire range of lawn mowers is divided into several groups:

  1. Series 2, designed to work in areas of small area, capturing at a time about 500 millimeters of grass. In some models there is an addition in the form of a drive to the rear wheelset;
  2. 3rd series, consisting of self-propelled electrical units, which can be used to treat a plot of up to 500 m2;
  3. 4th series, which can have any type of drive, designed for use on a medium-sized area. Such lawn mowers are distinguished by a large number of slice elevation controllers;
  4. 5th series, with wheel drive variators. Differ in smooth movement of the unit. The models are presented in electric and gasoline versions, capable of cutting dense grass up to 1500 m2;
  5. 6th series having a high level of power. The size of the area they cultivate far exceeds 2000 m2. Such devices complement molded cases and shockproof motor protection.

Note. There is also the 7th and 8th series of professional lawnmowers with a processing area of ​​3,000 m2. Often, a two-cylinder engine, a three-stage wheel drive and a special blade disconnect clutch are installed on such units.

The lineup

  • electric lawn mower viking;
  • battery view of a lawn mower;
  • gas mower petrol viking;
  • lawn mower
  1. Viking MB 248, characterized in that the knife is made of a special alloy, which prevents the risk of deformation from physical influences. The body of the lawn mower is made of metal, thanks to which piles of earth or other foreign objects of plant origin will not be able to harm the device. A handle is integrated in the self-propelled unit, due to which the operation has become even more comfortable. An oil change is carried out once a year. To start the unit, just press a button;
  2. Viking 448, with a rear drive type, whose power is 2.7 horsepower. There is no speed adjustment. The unit is characterized by high productivity, is able to quickly cope with a large area of ​​the lawn. Grass accumulates in the bag. Rear waste discharge is also supported. The mowed strip is almost half a meter wide, with an adjustable height;
  3. Viking MB 545 T, rear-wheel mower designed to work with medium-sized lawn areas. A powerful and hardy engine is inserted into the unit. There are several ways to dump grass. The mowed strip is a little less than a meter wide, with an adjustable cutting height;
  4. Viking MB 650 T, a Viking electric lawn mower with a single-speed drive, processes plots with an area exceeding 2000 m2. Equipped with an aluminum case, characterized by high productivity indicators. Grass is collected in a grass catcher, the volume of which exceeds 70 liters. It has an almost half-meter wide bevel with an adjustable cutting height.
  5. Viking MB 650 V, equipped with a single-speed engine of the wheel axle drive type of the viking lawn mower, the fuel for which is gasoline. The handle of the device can be adjusted. It is possible to transport the mower with a special transforming handle. The minimum area of ​​the lawn processed by such an aggregate is 2000 m2. The collected grass is located in a voluminous 75-liter grass catcher. The width of the processed strip is about half a meter, the cutting height can be adjusted.

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Repair malfunction

There is a list of the most common causes of malfunctions and a brief instruction for resolving each problem:

  1. If the housing and bolts are loosened, you can observe the presence of extraneous sounds or strong shocks. This problem can be solved by carefully examining all the fasteners and, when loosened bolts are found, fixing them firmly;
  2. If the roller lock loosens, the mower begins to make whistling sounds. In this case, an internal diagnosis of the machine is carried out with the subsequent removal of a foreign object;
  3. A worn drive belt will stop the front wheel and cause an uneven cut of the grass cover. In this case, you need to replace the drive belt, or you need to adjust it if it is too tight;
  4. If the piston sticks, the engine starts to stop immediately after it is started. The problem is solved by checking what the oil level is in the engine: if insufficient, add oil;
  5. If it is not possible to start the unit, replace the spark plugs and check the fuel level.

The benefits of Austrian lawn mowers

The list of features that distinguish the Viking brand include:

  • the ability to adjust the height of the cut of grass using a special lever;
  • convenient handle shape made of the latest materials, preventing muscle pain due to overload;
  • grass catchers are distinguished by high capacity and high filling density;
  • Thanks to an improved lightweight design, the devices are considered easy to use.

The Austrian lawn mower Viking is a very well-sold machine in the garden equipment market. In addition to having a large number of advantages, in the event of a malfunction, they are easy to diagnose and repair viking lawn mowers yourself.

Replacing Viking's Lawnmower Oil