Reviews Hitachi Cg27eas

Reviews Hitachi Cg27eas

Long shoveled the Internet. Since mowing on an industrial scale was not expected and the spit is needed for domestic needs and easy to transport, he was inclined to a compromise of 27-30 cubes, but a good brand and a reliable model.

The car (class C-D) in a fully assembled state enters without problems with one folded back of the rear seat.

– trimmer head "Husqvarna" T35 (holds more fishing line, easier to refuel)
– lightweight milling cutter with tv. teeth D230 mm. (perfectly mows small overgrowth of trees with a diameter of up to 5-7 cm.)
– safety helmet with mesh "Champion" (flies from the braid strongly, so the mesh covering the face to the chest is what you need)
– 90 m. Husqvarna Whisper fishing line 2.4 mm. (really silent compared to the fishing line from the kit and mows perfectly)
– Liquid Moli oil for 2-stroke engines (art. 3958). By the way, it may be due to good oil (gasoline 95th Ecto from Lukoil) that the smell is not felt at all at work.

For work:
Scythe is ready to go. Everything is oiled, just collect, season and go. Started up without any problems. I don’t take off the suspension on a hot one: it starts easily and immediately. Conveniently.
Start (starter) is very soft, do not lie in the description. The sound of work is pleasant, but with a long work the ear plugs / headphones will not be superfluous.

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There is enough power for everything. The main thing is to keep the revs (in addition, it is necessary for 2-stroke engines, to cool them) The tank is small, but since it is better not to store the scythe with gasoline and always fill the fresh mixture, this is it. And she eats very moderately: 0.5 liters is enough for an hour of measured work.
The native 3-blade knife works well on weeds and overgrown, less than a finger thick. Where the thickness is greater, the milling cutter works great.
Scythe really like.

I have been using a scythe for 4 years, I bought for mowing a plot of 20 hundred. Very satisfied, the feeling of use is only positive. The start-up is light and elastic, starts from 1-2 times even after winter. Vibrations are minimal, mowing comfortably for 2-3 hours in a row. Calm F55, loses a lot in all respects (though Calm is a bit more powerful) In general, I recommend this model for purchase.

And now I’ll tell you how to get rid of the problem of twisting the spring:
This year, he himself was faced with turning a spring in the starter (the cord stopped returning). Service trips did not solve the problem. They confirmed that this is a massive sore of this model. They suggested simply replacing the spring and waiting for a new turn.
Rummaging through the Internet, a solution was nevertheless found. precisely, as many as two:

1st METHOD: Cheap solution to the problem. We throw in the spring, glue the ratchet to the drum with glue. Degrease and strip with sandpaper, and glue. Glue is required on an epoxy basis. For example, poxipol or mannol is two-component. Everyone who did, did not see more problems with the starter. The only drawback of this method is the complexity of the subsequent replacement of the lace. Well, I do not consider it a problem, the lack of elastostart.

2nd METHOD: correct, but requires straight arms and 600 rubles. We buy for 600 rubles. repair kit ratchet / pulley. Here is his number: 6699691 (the number is easily looked up in a search engine). We take out the old, put the new one and use it! There will be no more problems with the spring at all. Why services do not know about this repair kit and do not install it, I do not know, but I guess;)