Saber saw how to choose.

What is a saber‘s saw for: choice, rating and video reviews

The saber saw is intended not only for professional masters, but also for those who are far from this sphere. Thanks to this tool, you can quickly, and most importantly, efficiently carry out almost any work related to sharp material. In this topic, we will touch on the features of saber saws and talk in detail about the specifics of choosing this device.

Sable saw is a multifunctional equipment that resembles a drill in appearance. It has an elongated case with a handle and a workshop located at the level of the index finger. To ensure protection when using the tool, it has fuses that protect against random click on the button. The device is also equipped with a special cutting blade moving straightforwardly, capable of performing pendulum.Shaped actions (on some models). According to the principle of action and on the assigned tasks, as discussed a little lower, the saber can be compared with a hacksaw familiar to an ordinary user.

The mass of the saber saw varies within 2. 5 kg. In a sense, weight determines the power and area of ​​equipment use. Manufacturers produce a large number of files, the length of which varies from 8 to 35 cm. This assortment allows you to work with materials of different thicknesses.

The best inexpensive saber saws

Sable household saws are distinguished by low power, average technical parameters, simple layout. They cope with their tasks, but not when working with some materials should be careful. Their best use. Cutting wood, harvesting firewood, sawing metal parts, profiles, cutting bolts.

One. Interskol NP-120/1010E

Sable saw Interskol has become a model of technical superiority over competitors. It is characterized by competent balancing, low vibration and good power supply. The design is thought out. The gearbox housing is rubberized, the stop fixation and the installation of paintings is carried out without keys. According to users, the saber saw is conveniently lies in the hands due to high ergonomics, and small vibration does not tire with a long sawing. The experience of use showed impeccable cutting on materials such as wood, light metal, aerated concrete. The NP-120/1010E model is deprived of various auxiliary functions, but this is, after all, a household class technique.

  • Slight vibration;
  • High.Quality cut of various materials without edges and burrs;
  • Ergonomics of a professional level;
  • Convenient to use;
  • Solid power;
  • Easy access to coal brushes.

Hammer LZK 800 b

An electric hacksaw saw easily cuts wood, thin metal, plywood, plastic. For convenience and accurate cutting, a smooth start is provided. This will provide clean work with delicate and finished materials. The clamping of the stop is securely fixed by the key, which excludes the backlash and its displacement when sawing. The metal gearbox of the saber saw is traditionally covered with a protective rubberized casing. Lightweight and comfortable grip of the rear handle allow you to saw with one hand or on weight.

  • Revolutionary adjustment from 0 to 2800 moves;
  • Non.Clock cartridge for files;
  • Fixation button in the on position;
  • Does not heat up with long operation;
  • Installation of the working area is installed.

Elitech PS 1100EP

The tool is suitable for long.Term use. A special system of extinguishing vibration does not provide a load on the hands and long sawing does not tire the operator. An important feature of this saber saw is a handle that turns at 45, 90, 135 or 180 degrees. Two.Sided cartridge, turning the saw can easily make vertical cuts from the bottom up.

With a hacksaw, just work with any sawing. Due to the smooth start, you can make light cuts and purely cut a painted metal, a pasted or varnished tree. According to masters, the Sable saw Elitech PS 1100EP is quite successful, but exclusively everyday: during operation on a production scale, overheating is observed. There are also insufficiently high-quality joint of details, which is why fine dust penetrates inside. When working with drywall, aerated concrete should be accurate.

  • Increased power;
  • Compact design;
  • It is possible to adjust the depth of the saw;
  • Rotary handle;
  • Long network cable (3m);
  • Pure and smooth cut.

How to choose: main characteristics

Answering the question of how to choose a saber’s saw, it is worth paying attention to the main criteria on which the choice should be based.


This is the most important parameter that affects the choice of tool. The higher the power indicator, the heavier and more in size there will be a saw, and its performance will also be higher. Devices are presented on sale, the power of which is from 0.5 kW to 1.5 kW.


This option is responsible for reducing the level of load on the canvas. The function will be very useful when performing a large volume of work, as it increases the productivity of the apparatus. If you choose between the instrument that has a pendulum course and a tool without a pendulum course, it is better to choose the first option, since this function is useful.

Adjusting the support shoe

In the process of sawing, this detail plays a large role. The support shoe allows you to conveniently fix the workpiece, so the cut will be more even and accurate. If there is a supporting shoe, it is more convenient to add great strength with a cut. The presence of a mobile shoe frame allows you to adjust the outlet of the tool and make a cut at any angle.

Steel saw shoe

Blocking from random inclusion and fixation of the launch trigger

Some models have a button that protects against randomly turning on the tool. The launch of the electric motor occurs only after clicking on such a button or lever.

Also, such models have a latch, which allows, starting the electrical appliance, release the trigger. Such an option is necessary for a more convenient retention of the device and the implementation of the exact sawing.

Speed ​​adjustment

Changing the speed mode usually changes in two ways. In the first case, this happens using a slider or wheel. In the second case, the speed of the saber saw changes the degree of pressing the button. The latter method requires certain skills, so more often this method of changing the speed of work is found in devices designed for professional use.

The mechanism of replacing the canvas

The good quality of the connecting unit in professional models ensures the unnecessarity of additional tools in order to switch from wood to metal during the cut. When using cheaper models that do not have a “hot replacement” system of a hacksaw canvas, the necessary strength will be achieved only by the use of fasteners.

Cracking protection

This option is built into all professional models, since in case of breakdown, their repair will cost much more than installing the security unit.

Cheaper models designed for operation in everyday life are most often not equipped with this option.

Smooth start and brake

Smooth start is necessary to protect the tool from breakdown. This option also increases the service life of the gearbox and electric motor. The electromagnetic brake allows you to place the saw on the surface after work without the risk of damage to the tool and coating.

These functions can only be found in more powerful professional models.

Double isolation of live nodes

This technical solution increases the service life of an electric unit and allows the operator to work from a socket that is not grounded. Sable saws equipped with such a protection system allow you to work even on the street in raw weather.

Slack saw: rating, best models and brands

Wanting to purchase a tool so useful in the farm, the master wants to find out which model to give preference. Below is information on the topic: TOP-10 best models. The ranking contains high.Quality and convenient to use electrical.Burners.

Makita JR105DZ

A significant advantage of the tool is its compactness and light weight. Due to the presence of the rubberized coating of the handle, the safety of the work increases. The number of moves per minute is 3300. The length of the course is 13 mm. Using Makita JR105DZ, you can saw wood up to 50 mm.

Electro.Fire works from the network. The length of the cord is 2.5 m. The manufacturer took care of the illumination of the working area.

The mass of the device reaches 1.3 kg. Among the advantages of Makita JR105DZ, it is worth highlighting:

The disadvantage of the model is a slight depth of cut.

Bosch AdvancedRecip 18 0

Using Bosch AdvancedRep 18 0, you can cut a huge number of bars/metal sheets/concrete blocks in a short period of time. The model that takes the 9th place in the ranking of saber saws is capable of cutting up to 100 mm deep. The mass of the tool reaches 2.5 kg. The number of moves per minute is 3100. The voltage of the battery is 18v. The main advantages of the models are considered:

The only drawback of Bosch AdvancedRepip 18 0 is a long cut of too thick bars.

Bosch GSA 18 V-Li C 0 L-BOXX

Most masters involved in the sawing of wooden blanks began to choose for work the Sable saw Bosch GSA 18 V-Li C 0 L-BOXX. With its help, you can quickly saw wood up to 200 mm, and metal sheets up to 100 mm. The model is equipped with a saw canvas (pitch 21 mm).

Bosch GSA 18 V-Li C 0 L-BOXX operates on battery with a capacity of 5 Ah and a voltage of 18 V. The mass of the saw reaches 2.5 kg.

The weighty advantages of the device are considered:

The disadvantage is the poor.Quality color of the case.

Metabo SSE 18 LTX Compact

The model is quite compact. The length of the saw is 380 mm. The goods are received on sale with 2 batteries, the capacity of which is 2 mA/h. The master can adjust the number of moves (from 0 to 3100).

Metabo SSE 18 LTX Compact can be easily transported with you to the country. This device is convenient to use even a woman. Among the advantages can be distinguished:

  • The presence of 2 batteries;
  • The possibility of changing the canvas with one touch;
  • Equipping the device electronic revolutions;
  • The presence of a battery charge indicator.

The disadvantage of this variation of the saw is a prolonged cut of branches, the diameter of which is 20 mm or more.

Bort BRS-18LI-FD

The universal model is designed for sawing plastic products, wood, metal sheets. Bort BRS-18LI-FD-compact and light tool. Due to the presence of anti.Slip linings on the handle, comfortable work is ensured for a long time.

Battery charging lasts 60 minutes. You can adjust the speed of work with blanks of various densities. Saw height. 200 mm, number of revolutions. 3100. Bort BRS-18LI-FD is convenient to use. The saw practically does not vibrate.

AEG US 1300 XE

This model of electric hacksaw is ideal for sawing wood, metal sheets, plastic blanks and aerated concrete. The length of the course is 30 mm. The cut depth is 250 mm.

The manufacturer took care of equipping the model with a function:

The power is 1300 watts, which is undoubtedly an advantage. But the mass (3.8 kg) can be attributed to the minuses.

Interskol NP-120/1010E

What is such a saber’s saw for? Interskol NP-120/1010E is ideal for sawing wooden, plastic, metal blanks. Electro.Burning is able to cope even with foam concrete, gypsolite, brick and aerated concrete. This model is chosen by the employees of the salvation service, carpenters and roofers.

Thanks to a rearranged stop, you can choose the depth of sawing. The power of the device is 1010 watts, the depth drank 250 mm.

The advantages of intercol NP-120/1010E include:

According to experts, this is one of the best models of saber saws.

Hammer LZK 800 b

Model power. 800 watts. Why do masters need such a low.Power saw? With its help, you can quickly saw plywood, chipboard, plastic and compositional building materials.

The manufacturer equipped the Hammer LZK 800 B with a good equipment necessary for smooth operation and convenient use of the device. Electro.Burning weight. 2.6 kg.

The advantage of the saber saw is the ease and acceptable price. The noise that comes from the Hammer LZK 800 B is a disadvantage.

Caliber ESP-800

The device is designed to perform direct/curly cuts of wooden blanks, plastic and metal. The mass of the electro.Burning is 2.4 kg. Labor costs with prolonged operation are saved thanks to the soft ergonomic handle and fixation of the start button. Display depth reaches 105 cm. The main advantage of the ESP-800 caliber is the possibility of convenient replacement of the cutting canvas and good assembly quality.

Elitech ps 500

The model is ideal for cutting branches in the garden. The weight of the device is 1.7 kg, which is a significant advantage. A compact and light saw is capable of cutting wooden, plastic blanks and metal sheets, the thickness of which does not exceed 6 mm. It is possible to adjust the canvas (8 provisions).

Rating of the best inexpensive saber saws for metal

Any models of saber units are designed to work with wood and plastic. But tools that can saw metal, the spectrum of their use are of a broader interest.

Bort BRS-900

A saw with a powerful electric motor is suitable for a saw not only wood, but also soft metals. The speed of the cutting canvas of the tool is up to 2800 revolutions per minute, and the mode can be adjusted in accordance with its tasks. The handle is rubberized, additional equipment is attached to the kit. In steel, cutting canvases are capable of 3 mm, and in soft materials. By 1.5 cm.

The average price of a saber saw Bort is 3100 rubles

Interskol NP-120/1010E

Domestic saber device with a frequency of 3,000 moves per minute drinks metal to a depth of 1.2 cm. Supports a non.Clock replacement of nozzles, optimally suitable for professional use by carpenters and carpenters. The disadvantages include significant weight. Almost 4 kg, holding the unit in the hand is not too comfortable.

Sable saw Interskol can be bought for 5300 rubles

Caliber ESP-800

Another Russian.Made tool is suitable for cutting wood, metal, chipboard and plastic. The model is very light, only 2.5 kg, but is capable of producing 2800 moves per minute and cut metal to a depth of 1 cm. 2 with hacksaws are equipped, you do not need to use the keys to replace the cutting canvas. The device is equipped with a fixation of the start button.

You can purchase a caliber saw for 3500 rubles

What is good saber‘s saw

This unit is simple and understandable for any user who has at least some experience with an electric tool. Long case, pistol grip of the handle, a gashlet, a couple of switches, a working canvas. Nothing new. Even a newcomer will figure out what and will easily find a decent use of a multifunctional machine.

In fact, a saber saw is an analogue of a manual hacksaw familiar to everyone, it is sometimes called “electric knit”. The principle of operation of this tool is the same as that of the jigsaw, it is not surprising that they are very often compared. In fairness, we note that the “saber” was developed a couple of decades earlier (1927) and became the progenitor of an electrician. The working canvas makes reciprocating movements and with teeth selects the material-cutting occurs. At one time, the invention of the pendulum passage was the revolutionary, which significantly increased the efficiency of the saw. About him a little later.

Skeptics say that the saber can be easily replaced with any other cutting tool, grinder, jigsaw or a set of all kinds of saws. But is it?

Firstly, the saber’s saw is a truly universal unit, which is useful to the carpenter, plumbing, roofer, finisher, both on amateur and professional levels. It can cut wood, wood along with metal elements, steel, non.Ferrous metals, stone, plastic, foam blocks, composites, ceramics, glass You just have to choose the right canvas. We have absolute omnivorousness.

Second, this tool has a very successful longitudinal layout. A narrow elongated gearbox and a long canvas allow you to crawl into a very limited space. Imagine that you need to saw off the pipe or beam flush with the wall, neither the circular, nor the Ushm, nor the jigsaw (with its short saw, wide supporting platform and closely located housing) will help here).

The third, saber saw is great for weight work, including parts of any shape. Corners, boards, bars, pipes, specialized rental. For the same reason, the tool is very productively used for pruning trees (garden and park architecture), when you need to carefully clear the crown, cut a large branch.

The fourth, possessing good maneuverability, a saber saw with a narrow canvas will help to make a curly cut. Drinking curved parts from sheet materials, rounding blanks, making complex structures. Not a problem, especially since there is usually, albeit not a large, supporting shoe.

Fifth, “saber” is indispensable in dismantling. It is very quickly cut off by the old window frame, cut the openings, disassemble steel heating. And the ability of a saber saw to cut a wooden beam along with nails or screws clogged into it, indeed, it costs a lot.

The sixth, this tool is much safer than Bulgarians, disk and chain saws. When working with a saber saw there is no dust, you do not need to be afraid of sparks, scale, overheating of the workpiece.

Milwaukee 6538-21 15 AMP Super Sawzall

Seventh, such saws are unpretentious in maintenance, they have been serving for a very long time.

saber, choose

Those who could not make friends with a saber’s saw call on the two.Handedness of the apparatus, the absence of a support roller and a full.Fledged platform (linen departure). Disadvantages these nuances can be called conditionally, after all, this is not a jigsaw-the “saber” solves a much wider range of problems.

TOP-10 rating according to KP

One. Makita JR3050T (from 8549 rubles)

This saber saw is a universal tool for cutting a wide range of various materials, different hardness and composition. Special flat cutting canvases are used as the working body in the power tool, which can be compared with the usual beam saw. In the process of carrying out work under the influence of an electric drive, this canvas carries out progressive-reflective movements with an amplitude necessary for cutting, thereby simulating the movements of a conventional hacksaw.

AEG US 1300 XE KOSALOVKA is a powerful tool that is suitable for sawing wood, metal, plastic, aerated concrete and other materials. The hacksaw is characterized by a stroke length equal to 30 mm. The maximum cut of the tree carried out by a saw is 250 mm. It can cut steel to a depth of 20 mm. A feature of the tool is the system of quick fixation of the paintings and the ability to rotate the saw canvas by 180 °. The saw has a power consumed 1.3 kW: This indicator guarantees you the possibility of effective work with materials of increased hardness.

From the description of the manufacturer, it follows that the Bosch GSA 1100 e saber saw is a professional level tool. The reliability of the model allows you to use it in intensive mode. In the best way, the tool is suitable for working with wood, but, when installing the appropriate canvases, you can use the saw when sawing other materials. The maximum movement of the file of the file is 2700 moves per minute. Sawed the tree can reach impressive 230 mm, and drink metal. 20 mm (for the plate). An important feature is the presence of the function adjustment function. Bosch GSA 1100 E is equipped with an 1100-watt electric motor. The tool receives power from the network, to which it is connected using an inexperienced cable. Ergonomic rubberized handle guarantees a reliable grip.

According to the manufacturer, this is a universal tool for sawing almost any materials. Wood, plastic, metal, foam concrete and gasbet, gypsolite, brick, is widely used for dismantling and installation work. The saw is almost indispensable for carpenters, roofers, finishes, locksmiths, installers of frame structures, as well as salvation workers. Separately, garden work can be noted. The duration of the action provides a high.Power engine. The metal case is responsible for reliability. Rearranged emphasis will allow you to choose the depth of sawing. Rubber overlays on the case facilitate the maintenance of the tool and protect the tool from damage.

What type of saw do I need for which job?

This powerful universal saber saw is designed for sawing wood, plywood, fiberboard, chipboard, metal, plastic and compositional building materials. Replacement of saws without tools. Preliminary installation of sawing speed by adjustment. The model is characterized by good equipment, a little cost and smooth work. It is quite light, which also contributes to the convenience of labor.

Dawed Saber Zads ZPS-850 E is indispensable where you need a quick and high-quality cut of a metal profile, plastic, wood preparations, as well as solid building materials. At least so assures the manufacturer. This is a universal tool for solving not only household, but also professional problems. Among the features are quick access to brushes and their replacement, a rotary handle, the ability to carry out figure sawing of materials. A non.Clock cartridge facilitates the process of replacing the canvas. To adjust the depths of the saw, there is a rearranged emphasis.

Dawed electric saber BRS. 900. Ideal when performing work with wood, soft metal, plastic and other similar materials. As the manufacturer says, it is indispensable when performing set tasks in hard.To.Reach places. With the help of this saw, it is ideal to cut the openings in wooden walls, work with rafters, beams and a beam. High power of the saber saw allows you to do the most time.Consuming work without much effort. Turning ergonomic rear handle, fast replacement of nozzles, convenient speed adjustment. In this model everything is done so that its functionality and ease of use can be felt. An additional set of brushes and a file will become a pleasant bonus for the owner.

Inexpensive, compact and light saber saw is suitable for use in a private house, apartment or in the country. You can saw wood, metal and other materials. Elitech PS 500 has the ability to cut wood and steel to a depth of 60 and 6 mm, respectively. The maximum speed of the file is 2350 moves per minute. The manufacturer provides for the supporting fastening of the file. The knife handle has an anti.Slip coating: it is convenient in any conditions. The advantage of the model is the presence of the switch lock button. The low mass of the tool will not cause you trouble when performing work of any complexity and duration.

PSA1200-C saber saw is used for cutting wood, plastic and metal. The quality of the cut of various materials is guaranteed by electronic revolutions. The brushes of the device are easy to replace yourself, without contacting the service. As the manufacturer assures, a fast.Packed cartridge allows you to change the saw canvas in seconds. Features of saw: 1. Pendulum for high speed 2. The start key is blocked. For long.Term work 3. Double isolation protects the saw from damage 4. The accuracy of the cut due to the supporting shoe 5. The depth of the cut (wood/metal). 150/10 mm.

How to choose

First you need to decide for what purpose the tool is needed. If the priority of work in the house, garden, garden, then you can choose a model for an amateur, that is, look at the class of “hobby”. This does not mean that the device will be of poor quality, it is simply not intended for intensive work. Ordinary household tools will always need a “rest”, while a professional unit has a powerful resource.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the device, because the functionality of the model will directly depend on them. Below we will come examples of which it is more specifically to look at when choosing a saber’s saw.

  • Power. This is the most important parameter, since using it determines the performance of the device. The higher the power, the faster the process of work will occur, and the longer the canvas can be installed in the model. But there is a flip side of the coin. This is a weight, since it usually increases parallel to power. In addition, models with great weight are prone to vibration, which means that most likely you will have to fork out to acquire an anti.Vibration system. So there is a reason before buying to think about what thickness materials most often have to cut, because the largest cut depth is associated with the power of the device.
  • The depth drank. In fact, this concept is the same as the power. That is, knowing this factor, you can represent how long the canvas is suitable for the saw, without worrying about the likelihood of stucking the device in the material.
  • The maximum frequency of the file of the file. If you need to cut very solid materials, for example, a stone or metal, then a high speed of the canvas is required. If you plan to use a technique for cutting different materials, then you need to pay attention to the availability of the speed.
  • Type of power supply. There are two options. Or you will work with a constantly confused long “tail”, or choose a battery model. The disadvantages are in both versions. If everything is clear with the first, then the minus of the second option lies in the overstated price of the device and its minimum power.
  • The weight. If you plan to use the tool in uncomfortable conditions, for example, cutting the garden trees, then you should pay attention to the model easier, because it will be extremely inconvenient to hold a heavy saw “on weight”.

The best firms

Which company is better to choose a saber’s saw?

If you do not want to experiment with an unknown manufacturer, then give preference to well.Known brands, which has long been established among consumers. These are giants such as Bosch, Interskol, Makita, Metabo and DeWALT. But the primary significance is, of course, not a brand, but the product itself, so before buying it will not be superfluous to watch a video review on the Internet or read reviews.

Which saber can I buy it better

To solve household problems in the apartment or in the house, you can buy a model with a small capacity of 400-600 watts. If you need to serve a country house, and besides, numerous trees and bushes grow on the site, it is better to choose a medium.Power saw. From 600 to 900 W.

If the device is necessary for construction and dismantling. Choose a powerful professional tool with indicators over 900 W. To work on the street, it is recommended to buy a battery saw, and the network is more suitable for the sawing.

Tips for choosing saber’s saws from the rating:

  • Metabo SSE 18 LTX Compact can be bought for home and cottage, it is convenient to cut bushes and trees with it.
  • The Bosch GSA 18 V-Hic 0 L-BOXX model is better to buy for working with wood, plastic and other materials that are characterized by low density and small thickness.
  • Sable saw “Interskol NP-120/1010E” is perfect for installation work.
  • Model “Zubrov ZPS-1400 E” is better to choose for a deep cut of plastic and metal.
  • Makitajr 3070 CT saw due to a reliable and durable case is a great option for working with various materials in adverse conditions.
  • Sable saw AEG US 900 XE is recommended for purchase if you are going to work in cramped conditions, this is one of the most compact models.
  • For working with metal, a good option is the DWE3305PK model.

Wanting to buy the best saber’s saw, you need to pay attention to its power and the conditions of use. It also matters which material you are going to work with. If it is a tree or plastic, you can choose devices up to 600 watts. If you have to cut metal, then you should purchase a more powerful tool.

Battle Sable saw: how to choose (rating and review of models)

Devices that do not require a constant connection to the mains, but operating at the expense of the battery, is more convenient in terms of mobility than network analogues. But for the sake of autonomy, you have to sacrifice functionality, performance and often put up with a large weight of the tool. However, you can always choose the optimal combination of parameters. Especially if you choose the products of well.Known brands. The popularity of the manufacturer does not necessarily mean high cost. Budget class models can fully cope with the task if they choose them correctly.

Battery electrons have the same functions as their network analogues. The main plus of such tools is the ability to work autonomously, without requiring a constant connection to the electric current source. In addition, it is more convenient to work at a height with a battery with a battery with a battery, since the cord does not interfere and does not distract attention.

The disadvantages include lower power, and, accordingly, performance. It should be borne in mind that the battery makes the tool heavier, and if there are several of them, all the more. Simple weight can limit movement (after all, the tool is manual) and lead to Rapid fatigue.

Experienced experts generally believe that the term power is incorrectly applied to electroplays of this type. Correctly evaluate the effectiveness of the battery indicators. The duration of the tool depends on the battery capacity, which is measured in ampere hours.

As a rule, new tools work from removable batteries. This significantly increases the service life of the electrical.Burning, because the failure of the inconspicuous battery will lead to the need to replace the tool completely. In addition, removable batteries do not require interrupting work during recharging.

When choosing an electric wire with a battery, first of all, you need to decide whether the power tool will often be used, what volumes of work will be performed with its help. For small loads, not a very expensive saber battery saw will be made. As a rule, complete sets of basic consumables are included with such options, but very rarely such tools are supplied along with batteries. Usually batteries, as well as charging devices, have to be purchased separately.

saber, choose

If it is necessary to work in conditions of insufficient illumination, a battery electrode can be useful, having LED backlight on the front.

Another important criterion can be considered engine type. There are two options for choosing: brush (collector) and beast (blessed). The second option has a significant advantage, expressed in a longer service life of the tool.

General description of the tool

In European countries, America “Saber Saw” is a demanded tool that is available in almost every house. In Russia, why the saber saw is needed by all masters, but the electrical device does not use similar popularity. Although a hand tool can be useful both in construction and repair, and in a personal plot.

The equipment is actually an alternative to a hacksaw for wood or metal. The main similarity is an oblong canvas with a gear cutting edge. The mechanism inside the device provides reciprocating movements of the canvas with one or another speed. So that the work is not carried out on weight, in the area of ​​attachment of a hacksaw blade there is a stationary or adjustable support shoe. Some models can work in a pendulum move mode by analogy with an electric jigsaw.

The purpose of the device

The use of a saber saw is more reduced to the reverse of various kinds of building materials. It can be boards with plywood or wooden array, in which nails, screws or mounting brackets can be located. The device copes with any type of plastic perfectly. There are nozzles for working with a metal rolling of rod, profile and sheet type. Many builders using a power tool cut blanks of brick, artificial or natural stone.

Less commonly, electron.Burning is used for figure cut. This is mainly relevant when the workpieces are relief. It is more convenient to use the tool in order to form openings or eliminate protruding surpluses. Over, it is permissible to cut with a small bend of the blade, which is especially true to eliminate old metal pipes. This is how it turns out, unlike the grinder, to complete the task as close as possible to the wall or floor and without sparking. Some resourceful users cut frozen meat with bones.

Consider why an electric saber saw on a summer cottage may be needed. The longitudinal case and the compact support site allow you to work on weight in hard.To.Reach places. This is especially true during the cutting of the crown or the elimination of even large branches.

Classification of the tool

The power tool is selected according to various criteria, including, depending on why the saber saw is needed. For example, for construction, many masters prefer models that work from the energy network. So you do not have to be distracted by replacing or reloading the battery, units have good power. But for gardeners more relevant device without network cords. The reason is simple. The wires make it difficult to freely move among the vegetation.

Also significance is considered regarding the technical characteristics. Conditionally, the separation of the tool here is carried out as follows: household, amateur or professional. Here, the choice of a saber saw is carried out by power and set of functional devices, capabilities.

Another option, which saber saw to choose. By functionality: for longitudinal, transverse cutting or universal. Here the determining moment is the direction of cloves on the sawing canvas. The former has a tilt forward, the latter has a direct position. Thirdly, inclined protrusions are sharpened on both sides in a certain manufacturer in the way. Separate samples are made from groups of incisors of 6-7 pieces. Such files are useful for working with raw wood.

The incisors themselves, in turn, can be of three types in size. Small heights up to 2.5 mm high are used to form a high.Precision saw and to work with small blanks. Average does not exceed 3.5 mm, and large reaches 6 mm. The latter are relevant for rough and fast cutting or processing logs, timber, thick branches. In the international classification, it is customary to consider not execution, but the number of cloves on the blades that fit in a area of ​​1 inch. That is, the more there are, the smaller the incisors. The number is indicated on the marking immediately behind the letter identifier. For example, PPI14 or TPI18.

Types of linen for saber saw

For each type of work and the type of material, it is necessary to use the corresponding blade. Choosing a saw canvas of a saber’s saw, it is important to choose the right size, type, step of teeth and sharpening degree.

For example, canvases with diluted teeth are most effective and speed when cutting. But wait for a flat cut from such a file, of course, you should not. But the teeth of a wavy shape will be pleased with a neat even cut, but the time to saw more will take. A blade with wavy teeth and bilateral sharpening is optimal for soft porous materials: leather, rubber, foam, carpet, cardboard.

Also, the size of the teeth affects the speed and accuracy of the saw: the larger it is, the faster the sawing will be. But the quality of the cut in this case may leave the best. However, for draft work, this option is suitable for optimal. If necessary, getting a flat cut, blades with small teeth are used. Speed, when working with such a file, will be significantly less.

Canvas with polished teeth can be used when working with soft materials. Frezed teeth files are designed for sawing products from solid wood and metal. Also, teeth can be multidirectional, pointed, trapezoid, straightforward, hollow and mixed.

In the characteristics of the saw canvas, a gap for free cutting may be mentioned. This term means the difference between the width of the back or body of the canvas and the thickness of the saw itself. Thanks to the gap, the saw does not get stuck in the material. The larger the gap value, the better the canvas passes along the curve. For a curved cut with a small radius, a saw with a narrow back will be more effective.

To work with structures and products that have a decent thickness, it is recommended to cut the cut 240-255 mm, and the stake of the hacksaw-28-32 mm.

Saw canvases differ from each other and the material from which they are produced. They can be made completely from the same type of steel, or have a body from one type of alloy, and teeth from another. To make it easier to choose the right file, identification abbreviations are applied to it.

The blades that indicate the abbreviation BIM are quite popular. Files of this type are considered universal, as they are made of combined steel and suitable for processing both soft and solid materials: from wood to ferrous and non.Ferrous metals.

Bimetallic canvases are made by welding two different metals among themselves. By adding low alloy alloys to steel, HS saws are visible and, at the same time, quite strong.

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The main drawback of universal saw paintings is a fairly high cost, as they belong to the professional class of blades.

CV designation suggests that the product is made of chromovanadium steel. Such canvases have high elasticity, but moderate hardness. Typically, this type of steel is used in the body of the saw canvas.

CT reduction (Carbide Tippeed) means a hard alloy, the so.Called powder material from various components. It may include tungsten, cobalt, titanium, tantal and carbides. From such material, teeth of paintings are often made for the cut of durable products.

On wood

For cutting wooden structures, you can use a hacksaw canvas with an abbreviation HCS. These wood saw saws are made of high.Carbon steel and cope with a soft and hard tree, as well as chipboard and fiberboard. Their length is usually no more than 350-400 mm. When cutting soft wood, you can use a saw canvas completely made of chromovanadium steel.

For ordinary wood, files with the same step of teeth are suitable. But, for example, for wooden structures with found nails, it is better to opt for a blade with a variable step.

A wide step is more suitable for dry solid wood. But in a wet or fibrous tree, such a saw can start to get stuck and, in order to achieve at least some result, you have to reduce the speed of sawing.

It is important that with a cut of wood along the fibers, a long chip is obtained, and it is better to use sawy canvases having a large teeth. In the opposite case, when the cut is carried across the fibers, the chips come out short, so it is more advisable to use a canvas with small teeth. This approach will improve the quality of the saw. If the direction of the fibers in the sawed structure alternates, it will be optimal to choose a canvas with teeth combined in size.

Types of hacksaw paintings

We have already mentioned the versatility of this tool. It is directly related to the variety of paintings for different types of material.

There is the following division of files depending on the processed material:

  • – hard wood of wood;
  • – tree with nails;
  • – Chipboard;
  • – DVP;
  • – plastic;
  • – sandwich panels;
  • – fiberglass;
  • – metal;
  • – non.Ferrous metal;
  • – brick.

Fastening, that is, the tails of the files are usually unified (the type of shank as in the image) and are suitable for most models of different manufacturers. This should be paid attention to when choosing a particular model, since in the future it will not cause difficulties with the acquisition of files.

Saw canvases usually have a length of 100 to 400 mm. This is enough for most types of work, and almost similarly to the length of manual hacksaws. Yes, and it does not mean better, the optimal size of a saw for accurate cut is considered 120. 160 mm.

It is worth mentioning marking on saw canvases, such as:

  • – HCS. The material from which the high.Carbon steel is made. When buying such a file, you should know that it is ideal for soft materials (chipboard, wood, plastic, rubber, etc.P.);
  • – HSS. High.Speed instrumental steel. Its “calling”. Solid materials (metals);
  • – BIM is an interesting abbreviation that means combined production technology based on HCS HSS. That is, it is a bimetallic file that has increased flexibility and strength, which makes it universal. Differs in a long service life;
  • – HM/CT. Hard alloy, designed for solid and abrasive materials (fiberglass, steel, tile). Highly resistant to wear.

There are other types of marking, and very often each manufacturer has its own designations and classification.

Slack saw. Why is it needed? What are the saws and canvases?

I talk about saber saws, using the example of my battery saber saw Encor Akkumaster 1832. This saw went to me along with the purchase of several tools from the battery of the battery, at the sale of Encore, in February 2018, for only 1166 rubles (carcass).Over the past two years, I am not very intense, but very often I used a saw for various reasons, for the household.- When he built a new fence, he demolished the old one. Sawed the old sleepers “under the root”, the fence racks.- When he demolished the old bath, disassembled and cut boards and logs with nails.- sawed car tires used as a flowerbed.- sawed steel pipes for the fence, metal.Plastic pipes for the heating system.- sawed a beam of 100×100 and large branches and branches from the old big bird cherry.Yes, and everything is no longer mentioned.

This saw is convenient in places where there is a chance of nails in wood or the roots of the trees are in the ground. And it is simply dangerous to use other tools or it is a pity to plant a chain on a chain saw or a saw disc on the circular at a time.One of the main advantage of saber saws is that they can work relatively safely in the nickname, sand, dirt and even in water (with partial immersion under water). There are completely moisture.Resistant saws that can work completely under water and perform work that cannot be done with other tools.It may seem funny, but it is very convenient to cut ice cream meat in briquettes or ice cream fish with a saber.There is a huge variety for saber saws. There are probably no materials for which it would not be possible to choose saber canvases. I have three varieties in the farm:one. Bimetallic, on metal, with a small tooth and step.2. Bimetallic, on wood with nails, with a middle tooth and a small step.3. Steel, spring, on raw wood, with a large tooth.But, there are also canvases for sawing stone, gas blocks, porcelain blocks, etc.P.The saber’s saw is convenient where it is closely and impossible to crawl with a circular or a grinder or a chain saw.There are network and battery saber saws, different sizes, capacities and price categories.The saws are also conditionally divided into two large groups:one. One.Armed. When it is convenient to keep the saw with one hand. These are compact light saws of not high power.2. Double.Armed. When it is advisable to keep the saw with two hands. These are usually powerful large, heavy saws.

In the second part of the review, I analyze the saw, check the condition and show how it is arranged.And in conclusion of the review, several fragments of work with a saw on metal and wood. Pilya square pipe, beam 100×100 and wood, twigs.

P.With.Just in case, for those who consider this review by advertising: the battery series is discontinued and its components are difficult to find in free sale.

The pluses of the saber saw

The saber’s saw has several advantages over other similar type tools. If you compare it with a regular manual saw, then superiority is obvious. This tool allows you to perform work much faster and better, spending a minimum of effort. Comparing the saber saw with an electrician, it can be noted that the weight of the saw significantly exceeds the weight of the jigsaw, but at the same time the scope of the saber saw is much more extensive, due to its shape, it can perform work where the electrician is not possible.

Like all the tools, the saber saw is afraid of water and high humidity, so that rust does not form on the tool, you need to store it in a dry room and protect it from water from getting. You should also not subject the overload tool to extend its service life must be given timely to rest. While using a saber saw, you need to take care of protective clothes and glasses to avoid injuries. After working with a saber saw was completed, you need to clean the tool from the pollution received during operation and carefully pack the case until the next time. Each time before work, it is necessary to check the integrity of the power cord. These recommendations will allow maintaining the tool in working condition for a long time.

The best network electro.Burners

Among the saber saws that work from the electric network, 5 models are distinguished by surpassing in their qualities and characteristics similar devices presented on the market.

Bosch GSA 1300 PCE

  • Power: 1300 W
  • Number of moves per minute: 2900
  • Time: 28 mm
  • Functions and opportunities: backlight, smooth speed adjustment

The model from the German manufacturer is the leader in the rating of professional network devices due to the totality of qualities, including high performance, pendulum course and power of 1300 watts. The main difference from the analogues is reliable electronics, which gives control of a saw in any difficult jobs.

  • The handle is equipped with an anti.Vibration coating;
  • The device is injected;
  • Guaranteed work for 3 years in conjunction with the possibility of quick repair;
  • The equipment includes a case and two canvases for wood and metal, which can be purchased additionally;
  • A whole closed case with increased protection and impact resistance;
  • Weight reaches 4.1 kg;
  • The length of the course is 28 mm;
  • The ability to work with wood up to 23 cm thick, as well as metal and other durable materials with a cross section of 2 cm.

Makita JR3050T

The saber saw differs from the leader of the rating with a lower power that reaches 1010 watts. The main feature is considered universality in conjunction with the possibility of fixing any paintings. Another quality will be an elongated cable of 4 meters.

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  • Two.Handed grip;
  • A full.Fledged equipment with the ability to buy universal canvases for any materials;
  • Replacing the canvas does not require keys and passes quickly with fixing at the expense of elements;
  • Part of the case and the hilt have a non.Slip rubber coating;
  • Saw a tree with a depth of 255 mm and iron, including pipe, 130 mm;
  • Mass 3.2 kg;
  • The length of the course reaches 28 mm;
  • There is no pendulum passage and maintaining revolutions under the load compared to the rating leader, but there is a frequency adjustment and backlight;
  • There is a shoe;
  • Good safety and reliability at a small price.

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  • Power: 1400 W
  • Number of moves per minute: 2800
  • Time: 32 mm
  • Functions and capabilities: electronic engine protection, engine braking, smooth speed adjustment

The domestic model fell into the rating because of its simplicity in maintenance and reliability. The case is protected from damage, as well as dust. The warranty period reaches 5 years, since durable elements are used in production, including a cable with 2 isolation.

  • High power allows you to use a device for work with different materials, including very durable;
  • Reinforced brushes;
  • The canvas changes using a cartridge without keys, fixing is universal in nature, which makes it possible to choose a canvas for saws of any complexity;
  • There is a pendulum course and frequency adjustment;
  • The gearbox is protected by a metal case;
  • The model can be used for curly drinkers, since the thread has increased accuracy;
  • Power reaches 1400 watts, which makes the model the best option for professional activities.

Elitech PS 1100EP

  • Power: 1100 W
  • Number of moves per minute: 2800
  • Time: 28 mm
  • Functions and opportunities: smooth speed adjustment, anti.Vibration

Compared to the products of the company Zubrov PS 1100EP, it has a reduced capacity of 1100 watts. The main quality of the model will be the accuracy of work and a full.Fledged equipment. The design is characterized by safety and ergonomics, which is important in professional activities when working with metal or wood blanks.

  • Can be used for wood or metal;
  • The cut depth is 115 mm for wood or plastic and 15 mm for metal objects;
  • The possibility of prolonged work without loading on hands due to extinguishing vibration and convenient grip;
  • The model refers to professional technology, which guarantees the quality and possibility of constant operation;
  • Despite the mass of 3.5 kg with a saw is convenient to work due to good balance, which helps when working in complex places.

Hammer LZK850B Premium

A low.Power model closes the rating, which is also characterized by increased performance. The number of revolutions reaches 3000 per minute, which gives any objects to quickly and effectively saw. The main quality will be universal fixing the canvas, which expands the capabilities of the device.