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Oil for lawn mowers with a 4-stroke engine

Lawn mowers have long taken their place among the necessary equipment from owners of country and private houses, as well as employees of parking institutions. In the summer, such a technique is operated quite intensively. For reliable and durable operation of the gas mowing engines, the quality of fuel and lubricants is important, in particular, oils. About oils for 4-stroke engines of this type of garden machines and is described in this article.

The gasoline engines of lawn mowers belong to internal combustion engines (ICE), in which the driving force transmitted from the ICE to the working bodies (cutting knives) is formed due to the energy that occurs in the combustion chamber of the cylinder during ignition of the fuel mixture. As a result of the fire, the gases are expanding, which makes the piston moved to move the mechanism of further energy transfer to the final organ, that is, in this case, the lambs of the lawn mower.

In the engine, thus, many large and small details are in conjunction, which need lubrication in order to completely prevent their abrasion, destruction, wear, then at least slow down these processes negatively possible for the mechanism.

Due to the engine oil, which enters the engine and covers its rubbing elements with a thin layer of oil film, the occurrence of scratches, nozzles and burrs on the metal surface of the parts practically does not occur on new units.

But over time, this cannot be avoided, since the development of clearances in the conjugation still occurs. And the better the oil, the longer the service life of the garden equipment will be longer. In addition, the following positive phenomena occur with high.quality lubrication:

  • the best cooling of the engine and its parts, which prevents overheating and thermal blow;
  • The engine operation at large loads and with a large time period of continuous mowing of grass is guaranteed;
  • the preservation of the corrosion of the internal parts of the engine during seasonal downtime of technology is ensured.

Features of the four.stroke engine

Gasoline engines of lawn mowers are divided into two groups: two.stroke and four.stroke. Their difference in the method of oil filling is as follows:

  • A lubricant for two.stroke engines should pre.mix with gasoline in a separate container and in a certain ratio, mix thoroughly, and even after all this is poured into the fuel tank of the machine;
  • Lubrication and gasoline for four.strokes are not pre.mixed. these liquids are poured into separate tanks and work separately, each according to its system.

Thus, a 4-stroke engine has its own pump, filter and pipeline system. Its oil system is a circulation type, that is, unlike a 2-stroke analogue, the lubricant in such a motor does not burn, but is supplied to the necessary details and returned to the tank.

Based on this circumstance, the requirement for clockwork here is also a special. It should maintain its properties for a long period when, as for a lubricating composition of a two.stroke motor, the main criterion of quality, in addition to the main properties, is the ability to burn without a trace, without leaving soot and deposits.

best oils for lawn mower

Bought a lawn mower, but do not know what oil to fill in it? Do not want to buy a brand product for fabulous money? You can always choose a worthy analogue that does not shock the price tag and is not inferior in quality. In our ranking, it is precisely such lubricants designed to work in 2 and 4-clock engines.

Oil. lubricant used in all internal combustion engines. Including installed on the lawn mower. The quality of this product needs to be paid to special attention, since it is it that forms the cargo and affects the duration of the garden tool. And the price is not always a key to high quality. Our rating included only the best options for 2 and 4-time lawn mowers from top and little-known manufacturers, but with guaranteed high quality.

Oil for the selection of oil mowers

Almost every modern manufacturer of a garden tool also produces oil to it. It goes under the same brand and it is recommended to use. It should be understood that not the brand itself produces lubrication, but a company, but, according to research and tests, it is this product that fully complies with the requirements of the company that manufactures the tool. The problem is that such oil is usually more expensive than usual, but in terms of composition and quality it is easy for him to find an analogue if you know which nuances to look at.

The most important aspect is a set of additives used. It differs depending on the type of engine, but with a slight exception the composition of the oils is the same.

It is much more important not to get on a fake, which, unfortunately, a lot in the modern market. It all depends on the brand here. Top companies pay a lot of attention to protecting their product. It can be holograms, a complex texture of the container, and so on.

As for the question of how much oil to the engine that is relevant only 2 stroke models is relevant, you always need to follow the tips of the manufacturer. He indicates them in the instructions. But it so happens that the data from the passport of the lawn mower and from the bottle of oil differ. In this case, information from the bottle will be priority. On average, the gasoline ratio is 1:50.

Differences in engines in lubrication methods

A significant point is the difference in the method of lubricating two.stroke and four.stroke internal combustion engines: the former requires refueling with not clean gasoline, but its mixture in the necessary proportion with oil. She, connecting with the air, circulates in the piston node, while lubricating the walls of the cylinder, crankshaft bearings and connecting rods, as well as the pistons themselves. Когда топливная смесь загорается, то масло, мельчайшими каплями входящее в ее состав, также сгорает. Combustion products come out in the form of waste gas. In practice, oil mushrooms with a two.stroke engine is mixed with gasoline in certain proportional ratios.

There are 2-stroke engines with a separate intake of these components of the fuel mixture, but on mowers this more perfect option is not installed.

When the engine is 4-stroke, the oil is supplied separately, without mixing with gas. Almost lubrication is implemented due to the presence of pipelines, oil pump, valves, filter. The latter is designed to clean the oil from small particles of metal formed during the wear of the parts.

It turns out that in 2-stroke engines the oil burns during operation, but in 4-stroke there is no, remaining a long period to circulate in the system. Because of this, the requirements for its operational properties differ. After combustion, two-stroke engine oil should leave the minimum possible amount of soot, and for four-stroke units it is necessary for the lubricant used for a long time to maintain its initial physicochemical indicators.

lawn, mower, kind, poured, best

Suitable oil and gasoline for refueling a 2-stroke engine

Two.stroke gasoline engines are designed to work on the fuel mixture. Oil replacement in the lawn mower is not separately produced. it is proportionally mixed with gasoline. In this case, only a properly prepared fuel composition must be poured into the motor system.

Pour oil on the principle of “the higher its price, the better for the operation of the mechanism” you cannot. Suitable for 2-stroke ICE varieties of oil compositions according to the method of their production are divided into such groups:

The lubricating properties of the material depend on the basis, its ability to remain in a liquid state when the temperature is reduced, significantly without increasing the viscosity at the same time. The composition of the lubricant includes approximately 5-15 % of a variety of additives. They are designed to increase the practical effectiveness of the tool used. The additives allow:

  • slow down the course of corrosion of metal surfaces associated with redox reactions;
  • increase the thermal resistance of the parts;
  • stabilize the viscosity of the substance at the same level when temperatures in a certain range.

Manufacturers of lawn mowers in the instructions indicate that brand of lubricant, which is the best option for the operated unit. If you get it problematic, it is possible to change the oil for a similar composition designed for 2-tact DIS. In this case, the level of viscosity must necessarily correspond to the recommended manufacturer of the product of its value.

Gasoline is the main voluminous component of the suitable fuel mixture. Its brand should comply with the lawn mower recommended in the operating instructions. The time of its combustion depends on the size of the octane number of gasoline: the larger this number, the longer the fuel burns.

If you use gasoline of a higher brand than recommended, then a two.stroke internal combustion engine will fail faster.

What gasoline to fill

Gasoline for the lawn mower. the second element of the fuel mixture. Its brand is selected taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer described in the passport to the unit. The duration of the fuel and resistance to detonation indicates the value of the octane number: the higher the number, the longer the fuel burns out. So, at gas stations you can buy such brands of oil products:

lawn, mower, kind, poured, best

AI-92 has a greater tendency to detonation.

When using fuel with a higher indicator of the octane number than stated in the instructions, in units with 2-stroke engines a motor is damaged, with a smaller parameter-a piston group.

The mixture is prepared before operation in the proportion, which is indicated on the cover of the gasoline tank:

This means that for 1 liter of fuel you need 20 ml of oil fluid.

Manufacturers of benzocystems with a two.stroke engine (for example, Patriot PT 555 or Champion T336) indicate the desired proportion for the preparation of the fuel mixture in the instrumentation instructions. For the first model, a ratio of 32: 1 is proposed, for the second. 50: 1.

The lawn mower with a 4-stroke engine does not require preliminary preparation of oil products. The equipment device provides for 2 containers. It is necessary to pour gasoline into the tank, and the oil fluid in the drain hole on the crankcase.

Lessacle clock requirements

Engines in small agricultural machinery differ from automobile, therefore, the lubricant should differ. It is impossible to pour a mixture intended for machines or motorcycles into a mower. Even if it does without malfunctions, the lawn mower will most likely begin to work worse: the liquid not designed for this type of technology will not be able to cope well with its functions. Therefore, they recommend using special oils designed for garden equipment.

We read the label in oil

SAE number is the code used to classify oil by viscosity. Visibility is a measure of fluid resistance, sometimes called the “thickness” of the liquid. The smaller the number, the easier the liquid flows. Motor oils have a designation from 5 to 50.

The temperature can affect the viscosity of the liquid, so different oils have a rating for winter, indicated by the letter “W”. Oils of different classes (for example, 10W-30) can be used both at summer and winter temperatures, since the oil does not thicken at lower temperatures due to additives.

Types of oil mushrooms

So, what kind of oil to pour into a lawn mower? One factor to remember is the climate of the place where you are. Different oils work best at different temperatures, and not all are suitable for your equipment.

Be sure to read the operating manual to get the manufacturer’s recommendations for your lawn mower. We compiled this leadership to help you choose one of the common types of oil.


This is the most commonly used oil mowing oil variety, as it is ideal for temperatures from 4 ° C to 37 ° C. If the street is colder than 4 degrees, you hardly need to cut the lawn. In general, this is the best choice for inexpensive oil, which can be used in a lawn mower from spring to autumn.

SAE 10W-30

This oil has a wider temperature range, from.17 ° C to 37 ° C. Since this type of oil withstands lower temperatures, it can also be used in other engines. For example in snowmers. When used at temperatures above 28 degrees, oil consumption may increase.

SAE 5W-30

This oil works best at a temperature below 4 ° C. Thus, it is ideal for your snow removal, but not for your lawn mower.

Synthetic SAE 5W-30

The synthetic version of the 5W-30 oil has a wide range of temperatures in which it can be used from.28 to 48 ° C. This oil works all year round. This oil improves the engine start and reduces the consumption, but it also costs more.

Synthetic SAE 15W-50

This oil also has a range of high temperatures, from.6 up to 54 ° C, but it works best at higher temperatures. It is usually used for commercial equipment for haircuts.


Regardless of whether it is necessary to directly fill the lubricant into gasoline or in a special tank of the benzotrimer, the oil is classified simultaneously by several signs:

  • Type of basics or production technology. synthetic, mineral, semi.synthetic.
  • Type of additives.
  • The volume of the motor.
  • The degree of harmfulness of the formed exhaust gases.
  • Seasonality of application.

We will analyze each parameter in more detail.

Basic type

According to the type of oil production technology for garden equipment, they are divided into 3 main groups:

  • Mineral. Are obtained by processing agricultural products IDE Oil industry. The main plus is low cost. Minus-a manifestation of the working characteristics in a limited temperature range-10-250s. For adaptation in conditions of greater heating, additives are required, which, however, can burn out. At low temperatures, the oil thickens strongly.
  • Synthetic. Are made by direct synthesis. Advantages. the best indicators of stability and independence from temperature. Disadvantage. high price.
  • Semi.synthetic. Are a mixture of two above types of oils. In this case, the ratio of components can vary significantly.

Type of additives

Under one or another operating conditions, a tall for grass or in a gas.skill chamber is directly in gasoline, such as, for example, in STIHL models, to protect against various factors, you have to fill oil with various special additives. These are primarily such types of additives as:

60 ПАР на холодную погоду ОСЕНЬ/ЗИМА

  • Wear.resistant. increasing the stability of surfaces of interacting parts.
  • Antioxidant. protecting oil from oxidative processes and extending engine service life.
  • Anticorrosive. giving protection against rusting to the surfaces of the motor nodes.
  • Antifriction. reducing friction effect.

How To Service A Briggs And Stratton 35 Classic Petrol Lawnmower Carburettor

One or more additives with characteristic properties are added, as a rule, to oil for 2-tact engines.

The volume of the motor

On the container of products of certified brands, letter designations are often found in the framework of the API stand-up-as intended for a specific volume of the motor:

  • That. no more than 50 cm3. For a trimmer for grass, moped, etc.
  • TB. within 200 cm3. It is used for motorcycle, lawn mowers, chainsaws, scooters.
  • TC. for chainsaws, snowmobiles, motorcycles.
  • TD. for large equipment.

The degree of harmful gas

As well as various brands of gasoline, lubricants also differ in the degree of harmfulness to the environment, and therefore, before starting to fill it into the lawn mower, it is necessary to make sure of its compatibility with the surrounding conditions according to the following classification:

  • FA. leads to slight smoke formation.
  • FB. gives a small amount of smoke. Can be applied in countries with strict legislation on environmental pollution.
  • FC. forms transparent imperceptible smoke.
  • FD. blessing, recommended for dilution in fuel.

Seasonality of application

Motor oil for a gasoline trimmer for grass also varies in seasonality of use by 3 types:

  • Summer. The SAE is indicated from 20 to 60. the number characterizes the degree of density of the oil during working heating.
  • Winter. Marking W from 0 to 25. 40 is taken away from the number to find out the minimum operation temperature in the frost.
  • All.season. Characterized by two values-winter and summer indicators-for example, 5W-40.

Choice recommendations

When choosing oil for a trimmer for grass, such a number of parameters are taken into account:

  • Alkalinity. The reaction of the environment should be alkaline-within the framework of 8-9 units. The smaller it is, the faster the oil acidifies and leads to the oxidation of the motor.
  • Viscosity. The higher the parameter, the faster the product thickens when the temperature decreases. Ideally, it should be exactly picked up under the working temperature regime.
  • The temperature of ignition. Standard its value should not be below 2250C. Otherwise the oil will quickly burn out and lead to defects in the piston group.

In most cases, synthetic or semi.synthetic lubricants of the TO category and TV are used on modern models of the grass.

What are?

Before you start choosing and preparing the combustible materials of the materials, you should figure out what lubricant happens, and already based on the knowledge gained to make a conscious purchase. Depending on the type of engine installed, use the corresponding group. They are marked 2t and 4t.

Depending on the base used, they distinguish:

  • Mineral. Budget group. The basis is oil products. They are characterized by increased viscosity. Focused on low.power engines. Subject to frequent replacement. The product reveals itself well in the temperature range from 10 to 250 s. Under the influence of low temperatures, it quickly thickens. To increase operational characteristics and stability, many additives are added to the oil, but they fade over time. The main drawback is a low service life.
  • Synthetic. Get it with synthesis. Substances containing complex ethers are used as raw materials. Lubricants are an order of magnitude higher than that of mineral. The same size of all molecules reduces friction. Low viscosity is leveled by long.term operation and immutability of characteristics under the influence of temperatures. The best solution for complex equipment operated all year. The cost leaves much to be desired.
  • Semi.synthetic. Golden mean between two species described above. Manufactured by a mixture of oil products and hydrocarbons. The ratio of components varies depending on the manufacturer. She received the average indicators of smoke and reliably protects structural elements from the effects of negative factors.

It is strictly forbidden to mix oils that are different in their structure. Since they have excellent properties.

Ignoring this rule can lead to a breakdown and expensive repair of garden equipment. Before proceeding to use a substance of a different type, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the container and after pour a new grease after. Most manufacturers add dyes characteristic of a certain category of liquid (red, blue, green) to their products. This will reduce the probability of making an error.

Types of additives

To increase operational characteristics, combustible materials, various kinds of substances are added to it. Depending on their number and types, similar substances, may vary in their properties.

  • Wear.resistant. Reduces the depreciation of parts during the operation of the mechanism.
  • Antioxidant. Prevent the emergence and passage of oxidative processes. This increases the life.
  • Anti.corrosion. Protect the surfaces of parts and nodes from rust.
  • Antiflication. Designed to reduce the negative effects of friction.

API classification

American standard used around the world. It helps to choose a substance that has similar qualities and is best suitable for a certain technique.

  • Ta. For engines with maximum power up to 50 cm3 and air cooling. These include trimmers for grass, lawn mowers, mopeds, scooters, and so on.
  • TB. Combined with engines from 50 to 200 cm3. The class is compatible with trimmers.
  • TC. For technology that has increased quality requirements. Used for motorcycles, snowmobiles, chainsaws and other land equipment.
  • TD. For engines with liquid cooling (boats, hydrofaters, boats, etc.

JASO Classification

Japanese standard characterizing the release of smoke during operation. As a rule, marked with the second letter designation.

  • Fa. Minimum smoke isolation. Relevant for countries where strict requirements are imposed on this process.
  • FB. For countries where the release of smoke is regulated by a more strict legislation. The discharge is practically not visible.
  • FC. Transparent smoke not noticeable to the human eye.
  • FD. Group for two.stroke engines. Thanks to high physical and chemical qualities, they practically do not distinguish smoke. Mostly used for the preparation of combustible materials of the material for the subsequent refueling of boats, boats and yachts.

In addition to the classification described above, you can find the marking SelfMix and Premix. The latter indicates a lubricant that must be shaken before mixing, the first in such manipulations does not need.

How to choose?

In addition, the oil should be selected depending on the type of engine. Two.stroke devices are not compatible with 4t lubricants.

What is the difference between two.stroke oil and a four.stroke

Some types of motor oil are designed for four.stroke power units, while others for two.stroke. They are not interchangeable, and they should be poured in accordance with the purpose. various requirements are imposed on the lubricants for engines with different working cycle.

So, oil for four.stroke high.speed engines, where a forced lubrication system is used, is designed for prolonged exposure and is designed to provide a more stable cover of parts.

In two.stroke engines, the oil comes with the fuel and should instantly dissolve in it, freely burning with a minimum of sediments in the form of soot and ash. Therefore, a characteristic feature of two.stroke oils is their good cleaning and minimal aggressive additives.

They, unlike a four.stroke fluid, do not contain ash, anti.zadir and anti.ine additives. This allows them to burn almost completely with the fuel without the formation of soot and the toxicity of the exhaust.

A feature of oils for four-stroke engines is many metal-organic additives that are aimed at improving their physical and mechanical properties and increasing the efficiency of action.

And if you pour such a mixture into an engine with a working cycle for two tacts, this will lead to the formation of ash deposits on the surface of the piston and the walls of the combustion chamber. The increased accumulation of deposits, in turn, can provoke the appearance of various troubles, which can be eliminated only by making a complex and expensive repair of the motor, motor unit or motorized carrier.

A lot of harm is caused by soot, which clogs the air filter and settles in the grooves of the piston rings, if you use the inappropriate oil product. The accumulation of soot is fraught with the loss of the mobility of the rings, and this is a direct path to reducing the power of the engine of the walk.behind tractor, the deterioration of its operation, and even the complete failure.

Rating of the best oils for a walk-behind tractor and garden equipment (TOP-10)

We compiled a rating of the best oils for garden technology, based on the opinions of the owners, so that it is easier for you to decide on the choice. The top 10 included:

Briggs Stratton 4 Stroke SAE-30, 0.6 l

Original Briggs Stratton SaE 30 engine engine is designed specifically for four.stroke air cooling engines.

The oil was produced in the Netherlands and is designed specifically for air cooling engines. This type of oil lubricates the engine elements well and provides a long and correct service.Also, one of the differing characteristics is a set of pads that do not allow the rubbing details to collapse. The optimum ambient temperature is not lower than 5 degrees Celsius ! But it is also worth mentioning the storage temperature- not higher than 40 degrees.

Gazpromneft Moto 4 T 30, 1 liter

Seasonal mineral motor oil for four.stroke small engines is produced using high.quality basic oils and an imported additive package.

This oil is intended for use in summer, made on the basis of other basic oils.

A few words about use: used on lawnmands, generators, cultivators. motoblocks, etc.D. Again, an important point: use at ambient temperatures from 10 to 35 degrees.

Husqvarna WP 4T SAE-30, 0.6 l

Husqvarna WP 4T SAE 30 oil is used for 4-stroke engines of cultivators, trimmers, lawn mowers, motoblocks and other equipment. Providing the lubrication of all parts, the oil significantly increases the engine resource.

  • High.quality oil
  • Complete volume of containers and profitable price
  • Original oil
  • I have been buying this oil for more than 10 years, I use in 4 tons. engines

It is used for 4-stroke engines of cultivators, trimmers, lawn mowers, motoblocks and other equipment. Providing the lubrication of all parts, the oil significantly increases the engine resource. It has high anti.corrosion properties, a specially designed package of additives prevents the destruction of rubbing surfaces.

lawn, mower, kind, poured, best

Huter 10W-40. 1 l

Huter 10W-40-all-season semi-synthetic motor oil for four-stroke engines. Designed for the use of modern electro.generators, motor.cultivators, snowball players, motorcypts and other equipment operating in a wide range of rotation modes in gasoline engines.

This oil is already all.season, unlike other above. Designed for use only in gasoline engines of various equipment operating in a wide range of rotation modes (revolutions). It is also worth noting good thermal stability. And of course, thanks to the purifying additives, the engine valves are always clean.

Liqui Moly Universal 4-Takt Gartengerate-Oil 10W-30, 1 liter

For all-season operation of 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines, various garden and power equipment with air and water cooling.

  • Convenient packaging. a tube is pulled out with the lid and nothing is additionally required for the bay
  • Very high.quality oil
  • The same.based tractor works well in this oil

Suitable for use all year round. Interesting point: this oil in some points exceeds the requirements of such manufacturers as, for example, Briggs Stratton and others.

Gazpromneft Moto 2t, 1l

GAZPROMNEFT MOTO 2T. motor oil designed to use in two.stroke gasoline engines of vehicles (motorcycles, motorliers, mopeds, snowmobiles), garden equipment (lawn mowers, cultivators, generators, motorcycle, snow.miners) and manual motor.instruments).

  • This is not the first time I buy, I use it in the boat motor, everything suits, clean candles
  • Original oil
  • Quality product that is not inferior to imported analogues

This oil is intended for use only in gasoline engines of various vehicles, garden equipment and manual motor tools. It has anti.symbolic properties that protect the engine and exhaust system from various deposits (carbon and t.e).

lawn, mower, kind, poured, best

Liqui Moly 2-Takt-Motoroil, 1 liter

Semi-synthetic motor oil for 2-Takt-Motoroil 2-Takt-Motor. Highly efficient 2-stroke motor oil for air and water cooling engines. Provides excellent lubrication due to the formation of a stable oil film.

In this case, we are dealing with semi.synthetic oil of all.season operations with two lubrication systems, namely separate and mixed. Designed for engines of various equipment with water and air cooling.

-with a separate lubricant system: pour the necessary number of oil into the oil tank

-with a mixed lubricant: add accurate number of oil to the fuel tank

This oil can be confidently considered one of the best among competitors in the market, therefore the price is appropriate.

Patriot G-Motion Garden 2T, 1 L

Patriot G-Motion 2T Garden motor oil for two-stroke engines.High.quality motor oil is designed for use in two.stroke engines with air cooling and preliminary mixing of fuel and oil.

Mineral oil, which was designed to lubricate the engines of such technology as motorcycles, chainsaws, trimmers, motorcypts, etc. with an air cooling system. A distinctive feature is low.sound additives, which ensure the operation of equipment even in conditions of prolonged downtime.

Sintec Garden 2T. 1 l

Semi-synthetic motor oil is specially designed for 2-stroke agricultural and garden coolering vehicles.

Al-ko zweitaktmotorenol

Semi.synthetic oil for a two.stroke engine. Al-ko zweitaktmotorenol. Produced in Germany, which immediately speaks of good quality production. The volume of packaging in 1l has not the most expensive price in the sales market. Which also cannot but please when buying. Honda gas mower oil mushrooms. Definitely worthy candidate in our column.

AL-KO 2 Stroke Zweitaktmotorenöl oil technology oil

Husqvarna WP 4T SAE 30

And the best oil for four.stroke engines Husqvarna completes our review. High-quality mineral motor oil for 4-stroke gasoline engines. Viscosity class. thirty. Provides lubrication of all parts, oil significantly increases engine resource. Motor oil for four.stroke engines is characterized by high anti.corrosion properties, a specially designed package of additives prevents the destruction of rubbing surfaces. Oil is intended for use in the summer. Can be used for construction equipment and garden equipment.


And on this we bring our heading to conclude. Today we learned which oil will be more practical to choose for garden equipment, including for the lawn mower. We looked at what are the pros and cons of this segment, and also compared brands in price/quality category. And we hope, helped you choose what is suitable for you!