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It is interesting that even with intensive use of the chain of this brand, the carved element will not stretch. This effect was achieved due to the fact that saw chains are riveted on a heated metal. Patented oil groove system guarantees an even distribution of lubricant over the entire surface, so the chain can last longer.

Here are the most popular Stihl chains in Russia:

  • Picco micro mini.

Chainsaw Chain Types Explained

These three models meet the needs of professionals and those who use a chainsaw from time to time.


This chainsaw manufacturer also offers its own chains, but they are not of high quality. They should be used for household or semi-professional tools.


It is an American manufacturer focused on the production of chains for professional and semi-professional chainsaws. This means that the quality of the alloy is quite high. Shot blasting at the production stage allows to achieve increased metal hardness.

The cutting links have a long edge, which makes it possible to produce a large number of sharpenings.

Chains from a Russian company are quite reliable and budgetary. They have increased strength, but are recommended for use on household and semi-professional chainsaws. If you use the chain daily for several hours, then it quickly stretches and wears out. Therefore, this manufacturer cannot boast of excellent chain properties for professional devices.

But the democratic price forces users to buy these products to perform periodic work.

Popularity rating

Now it is worth considering the main models of chains for chainsaws that are sold in Russia. This will allow you to choose the best option for performing a particular job.

Choosing a chain for a chainsaw: which is better?

The chainsaw chain is critical. It depends on its quality how well the work with wood will be. It is necessary to understand what types are, how they differ and which one to choose for performing certain works. At the same time, everyone who works with chainsaws should remember that chains gradually wear out. Regardless of how carefully to treat them, over time it is necessary to replace.


This company is not a global manufacturer of chainsaw chains, but supplies several samples to the market. They usually come with branded saws. Interestingly, the chains are being developed at the Oregon factory, but under a different brand. The technology, accordingly, is also used differently: only foreign production facilities are used. Husqvarna today offers chains for household and semi-professional tools.

Thus, their cost is affordable, but the quality is not the best.

Types of chains

You can choose a budget chain and guide bar or a more expensive kit that is durable.

These are the types of chains that exist today:

  • General purpose wear resistant. They are made of carbide to cope with most of the tasks.
  • With different pitch of the cutting element. It is necessary that the chain matches the length of the bar and repeats the features of its design. The most popular pitches are 3/8 “or 0.325”. If you choose 0.404, then such a chain can be used to work using professional equipment.
  • Shank parameters (thickness) also need to be considered. It ranges from 1.1 mm to 2 mm. Medium and high grade chains have two shanks, which increases the efficiency of the chainsaw.
  • Length. This parameter must be known in order for the chain to come to the bus and be normally installed on it.

These are the main parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing a chain for a chainsaw.

Husqvarna chains

Husqvarna cannot be called a developer of replacement equipment for powertrains, however, this brand has all the patents for the production of chains, as well as all the necessary technologies. This Swedish brand develops chains at the Oregon plant. Husqvarna was one of the first companies to revamp its range of accessories for hobbyist and semi-professional sawing tools. According to this program, the products manufactured by the company can easily complement devices of different manufacturers, from “ELECTROLUX MOTORS” to “Partner”, etc.

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Oregon Cutting Systems

Chains from Oregon Cutting Systems, which is the representative of a larger company called BlountIncorporation. The latter is considered the leader among manufacturers of saw chains, guide sets, and other accessories (not only for gasoline tools, but also for electric ones). Oregon Cutting Systems is renowned for its patented steel alloy, which, due to its high toughness, is guaranteed to be wear resistant.

The overwhelming majority of the chains of this company are chrome-plated, as well as special notches that allow sharpening the chain (when it is unevenly worn) more efficiently and accurately. A great advantage of the products of this company, when compared with others, is the presence of an innovative vibration suppression system. In addition, both the drive links and the connecting links are formed so that each of their recesses, each hole is well lubricated, and the uniform distribution of the lubricant ensures that the risk of damage to the replacement headset is reduced. Popular Oregon chain models include:

  • The high profile Oregon 59AC has a pitch of 0.404 in. This model is produced with links, is 1.6 millimeters thick, and the carved teeth are of the Chipper type. This chain is ideal for those who are engaged in felling wood, as the structural features of the 59AC model make it as easy as possible to cut wood (even the densest) in the transverse plane. Among the main design features: a large chain pitch, a large sharpening angle, improved quality of cutting teeth, which will not dull longer. The latter are also easy to sharpen.
  • Low-profile model Super70, with a 3 \ 8-inch pitch, which is made for links from 1.3 millimeters to 1.6 millimeters, the teeth are of the “CHISEL” type. Such a carved element belongs to the professional one, which can provide a good result when cross-cutting. The productivity of the tool is increased due to this exchangeable equipment. Additional advantages: the presence of a vibration reduction system (due to shock absorbers), the presence of microreservoirs (recesses) for lubrication.
  • Low profile 91R chain with 3 / 8in pitch. This model features 1.3mm links and CHIPPER teeth. This model is suitable for longitudinal sawing and is easy to re-sharpen thanks to the optimal toothing. The same feature allows you to make more accurate cuts, to achieve accurate cutting. The depth gauge is slightly chamfered, which means recoil and vibration is reduced, which allows the operator to easily manipulate the tools.

If you are interested in models of chains for chainsaws, then you can service your saw element by reading the article. How to sharpen a chain on a machine?

Best Chain for STIHL Chainsaw. Chains for Fast Cutting Chainsaw

Rating. which chain is better for a chainsaw?

Not sure which chainsaw chain is best? To deal with this issue, you need to consider their varieties, to understand the main distinctive characteristics. In addition, you need to understand that even in the hands of careful operators who use the tool carefully and devote a lot of time to preventive maintenance measures, the saw sets wear out, which means that sooner or later the issue of replacing the carved element becomes an edge.

In the modern market for power units and accessories, you will find many types of removable saw equipment, which have different configurations of cutting links, pitch, length and thickness. All this must be taken into account when choosing a carved element for a specific saw model.

Stihl chains

STIHL develops not only power units, but also separate saw chains, which are often used interchangeably for tools from other brands. This company develops the bulk of the replacement equipment on a production line in Switzerland, using the highest quality raw materials, including high alloy chromium-nickel steel, which allows Stihl products to be as strong and reliable as possible. It is interesting that even with intensive use of the chain of this brand, the carved element will not stretch (and this usually leads to the loss of all standard features), since saw chains are riveted on heated metal.

All the recesses of the connecting links are machined with rivets made of hardened material. The uniform distribution of oil along the STIHL chains is ensured by the company’s patented oil groove system, which are located in the profiles of the driving teeth. Top sawing accessories.

  • High profile Rapid Micro model with 3/8 inch pitch with 0.325 inch links. The links are different in thickness, within the limits of 1.3-1.6 millimeters. All links are of the Chipper type. Such chains have proven themselves well on construction sites and in the agricultural sector. All the cutting edges of this replaceable element are high enough, due to which the cutting performance is increased. The chain wears out slowly, but when it comes time to sharpen, do it simply by using special notches.
  • Low-profile Picco Micro model with 3/8-inch steps. Such an element was created under the CHIPPER links with a thickness of 1.3 millimeters. Note that the chippers on this headset have different cushioning lugs. This chain is good for all kinds of jobs. She, like others in the Stihl line, has notches with which it is easy to control the level of wear of the carved element, as well as to re-sharpen when the need arises.
  • Low-profile Pico Micro Mini chain with 3/8-inch pitch. This headset is designed for links with a thickness of 1.1 mm, cutting teeth type. “CHIPPER”. Please note that this type of teeth is slightly rounded, due to which the movement of these elements is smooth, this allows you to carry out a number of sawing operations as comfortably and efficiently as possible, and also guarantees a neat cut. Such a chain is installed on one or two-handed tools, lightweight models. Vibration is reduced by the beveled cutting depth gauge.
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Varieties and main differences

A chain with a guide bar is a replaceable equipment, which means, for example, when deciding which chain is better for a Stihl chainsaw of a budget class, you can also consider carved elements of a different class. In other words, owners of budget gasoline chainsaws can choose a durable saw set for their tools, which is more wear-resistant.

Important! Considering all of the above, we can conclude that by changing the saw headset, the performance of the power unit increases. In a sense, this is true, but only if initially your equipment, or rather its main unit, has a power reserve, a good torque potential. Only then will you be able to work with a longer headset, a high-quality carved element, without fear of engine damage, which usually results in expensive repairs.

  • the quality of the material from which the chain is made;
  • chain length;
  • chain pitch;
  • the thickness of the replaceable headset;
  • groove features;
  • features of the links (there are two types in total).

For a number of characteristics, branded and budget chains differ significantly. Nevertheless, some operators of fairly powerful budget gasoline saws manage to combine the unit with a perfect saw set produced by Oregon, Husqvarna, Stihl. If you believe unofficial data, recently, Hammer models, as well as Power Sharp, have taken the leading positions in the ratings of consumer demand for such products.

The higher the price range, the more likely it is that the proprietary chain compensates for the technical imperfections of the tool by improving work results even when performing complex sawing operations, due to an increased repair resource, due to the stability of a number of operational characteristics.

Which chain to choose for a chainsaw?

Not sure which chain to choose for your chainsaw? Rely on this rating.

Popular interchangeable headset models

Model H25 belongs to the profile class. Main characteristics: pitch. 0.325 inches, links of the “CHIPPER” type, their thickness is 1.5 millimeters. This saw element provides high performance of the device if it has a cylinder with a volume of no more than 60 cm cubic. In terms of application, such a chain can be called universal due to the beveled “heel” and the innovative Low Vib technology, a system that not only reduces vibration, but reduces the level of chain elongation.

The H30 Pixel is a high profile model with a 1.5mm thick link. Teeth type “CHIPPER”, chain pitch 0.325 inches. This headset is ideal for semi-professional powertrains and hobbyist tools. Its configuration is rather unusual, allowing this carved element to be universal in terms of use. Each cutting tooth of this chain alternates with thin shanks, due to which such a chain can be easily installed on a thin-profile guide bar, thereby achieving a decrease in cutting thickness with increased productivity.

H42 high profile 3/8 “pitch, all teeth of this set are” CHISEL “. The main feature of this replaceable element is that it can be installed on a tool, the volume of the cylinder exceeds 60 cubic centimeters. The “heel” of the chain is chamfered, the anti-vibration system is well implemented here. Re-sharpening the model is simple.

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Based on the main characteristics of the power unit and on the features of the guide rail, it is easy to choose the perfect carved element using such a rating.

Stihl chainsaw chain which is better

Like the chainsaws themselves, the chains under them differ: purpose, quality, shape of the cutting surface, link size and pitch, and other parameters.

Stihl chainsaw chain. which is better?

The short answer to this question is the one that fits your particular saw model and has the best cutting force among other things being equal. For example, a hardwood chain is said to be a Stihl Picco Duro (these are Stihl victorious tacked chains). They last at least 4 times longer than conventional chains. This was tested by sawing a log with concrete inserts, where the Stihl super tooth of the Stihl chain fully retained its performance after 10 cuts of such wood-concrete material, while a regular chain failed without even mastering 3 full cuts.

How to choose a chain for a Stihl chainsaw for periodic work in a private house / in the country? For the most popular models like MS 180, 0.375 ″ P Picco Micro (1.3 mm) with 50, 51, 55, 56 links are suitable. There may be a different length. if you buy a coil in a coil, which is then riveted into the chain with a Stihl riveting machine of the length you need.

Which Chainsaw Chain Brand is Best? Let’s find out! Stihl vs Oregon, Husqvarna, Carlton, Forester

What chains are the best for chainsaws for pruning bushes and generally comfortable cutting? The same 0.375 ″ Picco Micro will do, only 1.1 mm thick (used on MS 170, 180, 211, 230). Be careful. for a narrow chain, also purchase a tire of the appropriate narrowness so as not to wear out the headset, bar and seat.

Which saw chains are the best for felling trees? 0.375 ″ P Picco Super (1.3 millimeters). This is the choice of the logging professionals who cut trees every day, year after year. This chain’s teeth are ideal for harvesting even thousands of cubic meters of wood per month, because:

  • made in the form of a bit;
  • provide a smooth ride;
  • give a reduced level of vibration;
  • do not generate bounces due to the smoothness of cutting into a tree;
  • give a clean cut surface.

What chains are best for oak, and, in particular, for making a figured cut? It is no secret that it is oak that is the favorite material for making wooden products because of its strength, elasticity and natural resistance to drying out. For this purpose, use a 0.25 ″ Rapid Micro Spezial (1.3 mm) which has a shortened top edge of the teeth to minimize plunge forces.

Everyone, even the best chainsaw chains, needs lubrication. Lubrication is carried out with a chain oil specially formulated for chainsaw chains. “Adhesive” means that it has a high surface adhesion coefficient (“stickiness”). in this case, this is necessary so that at high chain speeds, the oil remains on it, rather than splashing around due to centrifugal force. Chain lubrication is required:

  • to reduce the friction of the chain with the driving and driven sprockets;
  • to maintain the qualities of free rotation of individual chain links;
  • to avoid overheating of the metal, which in this case completely or almost completely loses its main working properties.

Since oil facilitates sliding, it is categorically impossible to use machine “working off” for lubrication. it contains a large amount of small fractions of metal, which only leads to increased friction and rapid failure of the moving parts of the saw (this can be hazardous to health).

Sharpening the chain

Even a chain with a carbide tooth will wear out, not to mention ordinary chains made of relatively soft metal. Professional lumberjacks know that the current sharpening of the chain should be optimally carried out after every 2-3 completely used up gas tanks (this does not mean full sharpening, just the current sharpening). For this, there are both special hand files for saw chains and Stihl machines, which make automatic cuts when manually feeding and fixing the chain. Chains with hard pads on the teeth are best sharpened on machine tools, because manual sharpening is long and requires a lot of effort.