Saw sharpen to become sharper

Proverbs and sayings about learning, knowledge and ignorance

Proverbs and sayings about knowledge and learning for children

Proverbs and sayings about learning and knowledge for elementary grades

Science gives wings to the mind.

A scientist is dear to everyone.

The world is illuminated by the sun, and man by knowledge.

The pava is red with the pen, and man with the mind.

They sharpen a saw to become sharper, a person is taught to become smarter.

The root of the doctrine is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Live and learn.

Learning is never too late.

Learn until the cartilage has grown together.

Learn from a young age. useful in old age.

A spoon is needed to slurp the soup, and a letter. to draw knowledge.

Learning is always useful.

No one was born wise, but learned.

Not ashamed not to know, ashamed not to learn.

Be treated by a doctor, and learn from a smart one.

Saw sharpen to become sharper

Teach others, and you will learn.

He who loves science does not know boredom.

Do not be proud of the title, but proud of the knowledge.

Znayka understands everything at a glance, but a dunno knows only to open his mouth.

Dunno lies, and the znayka runs far.

Skillful hands are science assistants.

The more science, the smarter the hands.

Science does not ask for bread, but gives bread itself.

Learn good, so bad will not go to mind.

Repetition is the mother of learning.

He who wants to know a lot needs little sleep.

It’s not enough to have a diploma, it’s necessary to understand the matter.

Illiterate. the same blind.

Видео: Saw sharpen to become sharper

He learned to read and write, and learned to sing and dance.

Do not surprise with clothes, surprise with knowledge. (Mong.)

The gap lies between ignorance and knowledge. (Japanese)

Learning is the same as rowing against the tide: you just stop and you are driven back. (Whale.)

Wisdom is the least heavy burden on the road. (Dat.)

Studying at sixty is not too late. (Japanese)

Every day of life adds a particle of wisdom. (Vietnam.)

A wise person has long ears and a short tongue. (Whale.)

You will defeat one with your hand, and your head with a thousand. (Kazakh.)

Learn science. there is no old age. (Kalm.)

Knowledge makes the heart of an old man younger. (Taj.)

The knowledge is endless. (Whale.)

Knowledge is a treasure that follows its possessor everywhere. (Whale.)

Great knowledge is great wealth. (Whale.)

Knowledge that is not replenished daily decreases every day. (Whale.)

Those who study the past know the present. (Japanese)

Whoever does not share his knowledge is like the light in a barrel. (Ethiopian.)

When you learn, you will learn how little you know. (Whale.)

The eyes are of little use if the mind is blind. (Arab.)

The knife cannot be sharpened. it will rust, the person cannot learn. fall behind. (Whale.)

He who does not honor his teacher will not recognize happiness. (Azerb.)

The hand works, shows the head. (Azerb.)

Whatever you gain in childhood, you will rely on old age. (Arm.)

And the mind weakens without application. (Japanese)

Anyone who moves forward all the time will overcome any hill. (Uzbek.)

Good parenting is the best inheritance. (Azerb.)

The best legacy is good breeding. (Tat.)

Food satisfies hunger, knowledge cures ignorance. (Whale.)

When you ask, you will cross the mountains, and in silence and in the plain you will be lost. (Azerb.)

The ignoramuses are like tambourines, which make a big noise due only to their emptiness. (Ind.)

You will begin with the teaching of small, comprehend and large. (Japanese)

Than ten times to read, it is better to write once. (Japanese)

Proverbs and sayings about literacy

He who is literate is not to be lost.

With a letter jump, without a letter even cry.

Literacy to learn. always come in handy.

Do not save money, but teach children to read and write. (Korean)

The letter is a second language.

A spoon is needed to slurp the soup, and a letter. to draw knowledge.

Who learns to read and write, then he rides in a carriage. (Beng.)