Screwdriver 18 Volts Which One To Choose

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Which screwdriver to choose?

However, after spending just a few minutes reading this article, you will learn about a few important facts that you should pay attention to first of all when choosing a cordless screwdriver. So let’s figure it out!

Step 2.Determine how much you are willing to spend

The price range for cordless drills is quite wide and ranges from 1,500 to 14,000 rubles. Here it should be clarified that we are talking about models of screwdrivers from well-known manufacturers that produce high-quality power tools. The price of a cordless screwdriver can be below 1,500 rubles, but then with almost 100% certainty we can say that China will be the manufacturer of such a drill-screwdriver. It’s not worth talking about the quality of cheap Chinese things once again. In very rare cases, it deserves attention. The price of a screwdriver may exceed 14,000 rubles, but in this case, a significant part of the price will be the overpayment for the “fame” of the brand, great power, often rarely used in everyday conditions, and a set of various specific options for professionals.

How to choose a screwdriver at a “fair” price? Here you should focus on the average prices for each value of the battery voltage:

12 volt screwdriver 14.4 volt screwdriver 18 volt screwdriver impact drill
average price 4000 RUB 5500 RUB RUB 6500 RUB 9,000

Also, the price of a tool designed for home use may be slightly lower than the average price, but designed for professional use. Higher.

As you can see, there is a significant jump in average prices between the 12 and 14.4 volt cordless drill models. Therefore, if you decide which screwdriver to choose: with a battery voltage of 12 V or 14.4 V and are somewhat limited in funds, you may well opt for a 12-volt model of a drill-driver.

Step 3.Determine what weight of the screwdriver suits you

Cordless drill weight. Also a very important parameter, especially if you plan to use the tool on a regular basis. Screwdrivers can weigh less than a kilogram, and can weigh more than 3 kg. The heavy weight of the drill-driver, inherent in powerful models, leads to quick fatigue from work. Try holding a 2 liter plastic bottle filled with water with your arm outstretched above your head for a while. This will allow you to simulate installing curtain rods using a 14.4-volt cordless drill, which typically weighs about 2 kg. This is usually enough to choose a lighter screwdriver.

The average weight of cordless screwdrivers is shown in the following table:

12 volt screwdriver 14.4 volt screwdriver 18 volt screwdriver impact drill
Average weight 1.5KG 2 Kg 2.3 kg 2,5 kg

The correct “weight distribution” of the screwdriver, that is, the location of the masses relative to the geometric center of the tool, also plays an important role in the convenience of work. Therefore, before buying, you should hold the drill-driver in your hand for a while in order to understand whether this model of the cordless drill is convenient for you.

Step 1.Select the battery voltage of the screwdriver

Why is the choice of the battery voltage of the drill-driver so important that we talk about it in the first place? The thing is that the battery voltage directly affects the power of the screwdriver and, as a result, its price.

From the very name of the tool “cordless drill-screwdriver” it becomes clear that it includes a battery. One of the main characteristics of a battery is its operating “voltage”. The most common values ​​for this parameter. 12 volts (12 V), 14.4 volts (14.4 V) and 18 volts (18 V). At this stage, you need to select the voltage value of the cordless screwdriver. To facilitate the choice, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following table:

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User Minimum voltage Maximum voltage The nature of use
Tenant / apartment owner 9.6 volts 12 volts Small housework:
– drilling small holes and driving screws into wood
– installation of blinds and curtain rods
– wall mounting of mounts for pictures and lamps
– assembly of furniture and installation of household appliances
Private house owner 12 volts 14.4 volts Household chores:
– general maintenance of a private house
– drilling holes and driving screws into wood
– drilling holes in metal
– small homemade projects (making small things out of wood, plastic or metal)
Home master 14.4 volts 18 volts Frequent use of the tool under heavy loads:
– serious homemade projects
– decoration and repair of houses
– woodworking and furniture manufacturing
– use of drills and perks of large diameters
Professional 18 volts 24 volts Using the tool in professional activities:
– use of a screwdriver in commercial activities
– plumbing, carpentry, electrical installation and other types of construction work
– heavy loads when drilling and screwing fasteners
– critical attitude to tool durability and performance
– harsh operating conditions

If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of the technologies used in the production of batteries for screwdrivers, we recommend that you read the article “Which battery is better for a screwdriver?”

Step 4. Get more information

Now you know what to look for in the first place when choosing a drill-driver. However, if you want to choose a really good screwdriver that will suit all your requirements, you need to read the additional information that can be found in the following articles:

Also, before finally deciding which screwdriver to choose, we recommend that you read reviews of various models of screwdrivers on our website.

Which screwdriver for an ice screw is better to choose

Coming out onto the first, not yet too thick ice, most winter fishing enthusiasts take with them an ordinary ice-pick. This tool is always enough to make a comfortable hole. However, when the shell that binds the water becomes too strong, one cannot do without a more perfect adaptation. Of course, it is not difficult to acquire (if you have free funds) a powerful motorized drill, but in addition to unnecessary expenses, you will have to accept its great cumbersomeness.

We start to choose the basic requirements for screwdrivers

The selection of the right screwdriver is based on the specifics of your region and the general challenges facing the angler.

First of all, pay attention to the operating voltage of the device:

  • Recommended (minimum) parameter 18 volts;
  • If you have enough money, we advise you to purchase a tool that works from 36 volts.

Another important nuance is torque. The speed of work will depend on it. A very simple principle should be followed here: the higher the value, the better. The lower limit is 50 to 70 Nm. However, for more comfort, we advise you to look for screwdrivers with parameters ranging from 80 to 90. Such a device will easily cut through very dry and thick ice.

Among the basic requirements for a power tool (regardless of the method of use), also important are:

  • Strength;
  • Reliability.

For this reason, when choosing, first of all, pay attention to products sold under well-known domestic and foreign brands. Of course, many new brands from China are now practically not inferior to them, but it is better not to risk your money.

For your own safety, we recommend choosing only those models that have an additional handle on the side. This will allow:

  • More reliably hold the working tool;
  • Avoid wrist injuries and other unwanted consequences.

Another parameter is the type of battery. The wrong choice can ruin all the fun of ice fishing.

Today manufacturers supply screwdrivers with three types of batteries:

  • Lithium-ion;
  • Nickel-cadmium;
  • Nickel metal hydride.

The first type has the following advantages:

  • Small size;
  • Fast charging.

Disadvantage one cannot stand the cold. Thus, after making the hole, the battery will have to be removed and hidden in the heat (for example, in the inner pocket of the jacket).

Nickel-cadmium batteries are not afraid of frost at all, but they are heavy, and, therefore, the total weight of the ice screw will increase significantly.

Nickel-metal hydride is considered the most optimal choice for ice fishing enthusiasts. In fact, they are a cross between the above types.

Finally, the last important parameter is the battery capacity. Do not even look in the direction of screwdrivers that have a corresponding figure below 2500 milliamperes per hour. It is best to buy for 3000 mAh. Such batteries will allow you to drill several dozen holes in an autonomous mode.

  • Power supply lithium-ion battery (1,500 milliamperes);
  • Torque up to 60 Nm;
  • Voltage 18 volts.
  • Charging time no more than an hour;
  • The cost is about 10 thousand.
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Disadvantage one is the lack of an extra handle.

This is followed by the Makita DDF441RFE. This tool is equipped with:

  • A fairly powerful motor with a torque of up to 70 Nm;
  • Quick mounting chuck;
  • Reverse function;
  • Lithium-ion 14-volt battery at 3000 milliamps / hour;
  • Additional handle.

On average, this product will cost the buyer 20 thousand rubles.

The third position is given to the Metabo screwdriver (model BS18LTX). Its main parameters:

  • Powerful removable battery up to 5200 milliamps per hour;
  • Voltage 18 volts;
  • Weight 2000 grams;
  • Torque is neither more nor less than 110 Nm;
  • Additional handle.

The cost is very pleasant, about 12,000. The disadvantage is the presence of a shock function. Because of this, ice drilling is not always easy.

Makita. This manufacturer of power tools is widely known throughout the world. The 6337 DWDE screwdriver has very good characteristics:

  • Nickel-metal hydride battery 14 volts (capacity 2500);
  • The torque is pretty decent 65 Nm;
  • Weight 2.1 kilograms;
  • Charges in 1 hour;
  • Rotates in both directions.

The cost is comparable to that of the previously described ZUBR approximately 10,000.

The Bosch screwdriver (model GSR 18VE) is a quality hammerless power tool with:

  • Lithium-ion battery for 18 volts and 2.5 thousand milliamps;
  • Additional side handle;
  • Torque up to 75 Nm;
  • Reverse;
  • Smooth control of rotation speed.

It will cost the buyer 17-18 thousand.

General recommendations

To save yourself the trouble of quickly discharging a lithium-ion battery in cold weather, it is recommended that you immediately purchase two batteries and take them with you on a fishing trip.

Do not place a heated instrument on the snow, it may melt, and then water will enter the case through the ventilation holes. Needless to say, electricity and moisture are not compatible?

Interskol DA-10 / 12M3

Screwdriver 18 Volts Which One To Choose

Keyless drill / driver with rechargeable Ni-Cd battery. The Interskol DA-10 / 12M3 tool is sold together with a special case, which immediately solves the problem of storing both the screwdriver and the charger for it. A compact and laconic screwdriver with good illumination is convenient to use also in poorly lit conditions, for example, under a table or when assembling a cabinet.

Hitachi DS14DCL

This screwdriver entered the top three of our TOP-10 screwdriver rating of 2019 2020 and has proven itself perfectly both as a drill and a screwdriver. It has a reverse and electronic speed control, well-thought-out ergonomics and a storage case. Smooth power torque control, fast battery charging and long retention of charge all make Hitachi DS14DCL one of the best in its niche.

Hitachi DS14DVF3

Another member of our top with ergonomic design, battery operation and stable power. The battery is of the Ni-Cd type, which means that it must be completely discharged. But the Hitachi DS14DVF3 comes with a second, spare battery, so there is no need to take a break from work.


  • The presence of a replaceable battery (while one second is being charged).
  • Equipped with a flashlight.
  • Power button lock function.
  • The rubberized handle does not slip in the hand.

Interskol DSh-10 / 320E2

The product of the Russian manufacturer definitely deserves attention, at least due to the fact that it opens our rating of the best screwdrivers in 2019 2020. This 320 kW drill / driver has a stylish design and a clean design. The only model in our rating that works on the network, which means that it will not fail at the most difficult moment (cable length 2 m). Another advantage of the screwdriver is the maximum torque is 35 Nm.


  • The tool is massive (all parts are metal).
  • Slight play of the cartridge is possible.
  • There is no battery discharge indicator.

DIY screwdriver alteration

Consider the option with an external power supply.

We build in a ready-made power supply

To do this, you need to purchase a ready-made block with suitable characteristics and dimensions. There is enough of this kind of stuff on the radio markets.

Take the body with you and go to the fitting. When the required power supply is purchased, carefully separate it from the case.

We place the screwdriver in the battery box. All components must be securely fastened.

If necessary, extend the wires between the control board and the transformer. If the circuit touches the metal parts of the transformer during operation, a short circuit will occur.

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Since the space in the case allows you to separate the board and the transformer for better cooling. Whichever quality power supply you choose, the load will be high, and overheating is possible.

It will not be superfluous to fix additional radiators on the power control microcircuits. Operate the screwdriver for a long time, disconnect it from the mains and touch the radio components on the control board.

You yourself will understand which elements need heat dissipation. Holes for air circulation can be made in the housing.

Redesigning the power supply unit with your own hands will not take much time, and the cost of the purchased module is incomparable with restoring the battery’s performance.

Using a power supply from a personal computer

On the radio market for a small cost, you can purchase an old power supply from a personal computer. We need a variant of the AT format, which had to be turned off with the key after exiting the operating system.

Experienced users remember such system blocks. The advantage of such a power supply is also that it indicates an honest power. If it says 300W, it means you can safely remove 15-16 amperes from the 12-volt output (again referring to Ohm’s law). This is enough to power an average screwdriver.

Such blocks have a power button in the kit. Another advantage is the presence of a cooling fan and an advanced overload protection system.

If you will hide the power supply in a beautiful case, do not forget to leave a hole for ventilation.

The connection is very simple. Black wire (-), yellow wire (12V).

Limitations A screwdriver with a supply voltage higher than 14 volts will not work.

Making a homemade power supply

If you are familiar with the principles of building electrical circuits, you can make your own power supply. Diagram giving general concepts in the illustration.

The transformer can be picked up from an old tube TV, or other household appliances. Power 220 volts 250-350W. The main thing is that the donor power supply should not be pulsed.

The voltage on the secondary winding is 24-30 volts. The secondary winding is made of a wire of the corresponding section.

However, if the output winding current is at least 15 amperes (see transformer specification) there is nothing to worry about.

After the losses on the diode bridge (1-1.5 V on the diode), you will get the required output value.

If you have an electrical engineering education, make the calculation yourself. Or in a practical way: by connecting a 220 volt 100W incandescent lamp as a load, measure the output voltage. E

If it exceeds the needs of the screwdriver, reduce the number of turns of the secondary winding of the transformer.

Conversion of a screwdriver from battery to mains supply

  • Battery Disadvantages
  • The way out is a rework of the screwdriver in the network
  • External power supply
  • Battery case power supply
  • DIY screwdriver alteration
  • Using a power supply from a personal computer
  • Using a car battery charger
  • Making a homemade power supply
  • AC adapter for screwdriver in battery housing
  • We build in a ready-made power supply
  • Homemade power scheme

Those who have used a cordless screwdriver have appreciated its convenience. At any time, without getting tangled in the wires, you can crawl into hard-to-reach niches. Until the battery runs out.

Battery Disadvantages

  1. Needs regular recharging. Sooner or later, batteries will use up their cycle life.
  2. The cheaper the tool, the faster the rework time will come.

There is nothing wrong with that, but you should be aware that the manufacturer saves as much as you do. Consequently, the most expensive unit (namely the battery) will be the cheapest when bundled.

As a result, we get an excellent tool with a serviceable motor and not a worn gearbox, which does not work due to a poor-quality battery.

There is an option to purchase a new set of batteries, or replace faulty batteries in the unit. However, this is a budget event. The cost is comparable to buying a new screwdriver.

The second option is to use a spare or old battery from the car (if you have one). But the starter battery is heavy, and using such a tandem is not very comfortable.