Screwdriver Or Wrench, Which Is Better


The screwdriver is a classic tool found in almost every home. This is an electric unit for twisting (unscrewing) screws, bolts and screws, drilling holes, impacting the surface.

Automation speeds up the procedure, for example, assembling a rack or dismantling a wall manually will take a lot of time. With a screwdriver, the task is completed in a matter of hours.

At the same time, the quality of work is noted in the form of a strong fixation of fasteners. Among the pluses it also stands out:

  • Battery operation for stand-alone application;
  • Versatility, as there are many attachments;
  • Additional functions (depending on the model) such as backlighting, screw depth adjustment, etc.

In everyday life, the tool can easily replace the drill. A plus is the power adjustment. Minus. limited resource of work, excluding professional use.


The wrench is characterized by high power and several versions. It comes in different types:

  • Hydraulic;
  • Fuel;
  • Pneumatic
  • Electric.
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The difference with a screwdriver is expressed in the absence of a cartridge. Instead, the design is represented by a special nozzle (nut head). It fixes the bolt or nut.

The impact wrench is widely used in auto repair shops, installers and equipment assemblers. It is actively exploited in production. The main plus is power, the ability to do an unlimited amount of work well.

The mechanism easily unscrews rusted or oxidized bolts without damaging the structures of the fasteners and connected products. The disadvantages are the bulkiness, weight, limited tasks.

Differences, pros and cons of a screwdriver and a wrench

The difference between a nutrunner and a screwdriver is associated with the specific use of each tool. The impact wrench is mainly used in a professional environment. The screwdriver assumes daily use in everyday life. The direction of action of each mechanism also stands out from the name, but their work has its own characteristics.

Which is better to choose

When deciding to choose a wrench or screwdriver, you need to focus on the specifics and scope of tasks. If this is a daily use at home, in a garage or in an office, then the power of the screwdriver is sufficient.

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If the owner’s activities are related to car maintenance, repair work, it is better to stop the choice in favor of a wrench.

Some tools have impact mode, but the specialization of the impact wrench is narrower. You cannot use it as a drill, or you will need an adapter to fix the drill. The fixing of fasteners (nuts, bolts) by means of a wrench is much stronger. This is critical in many situations, such as when changing a wheel.

Screwdriver Or Wrench, Which Is Better

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