Self-propelled gasoline lawn mower or not which is better

Champion LM5345BS

The best lawnmower for a large area with a relatively flat surface, although it overcomes small bumps. It has a 4-stroke American-made 6 hp engine. from. There is a grass height adjustment. You need to be more careful with this. if you put too low a height, it can get stuck on a bump. Large cutting width (53 cm).

  • Powerful and efficient, it cuts everything
  • High cross-country ability, large driving rear wheels
  • The metal body will not be damaged by bumps, stones, etc.
  • Low noise
  • Easy to start
  • Easy to clean
  • Reliable, serves for many years
  • It is inconvenient to load one into the trunk of a car and get it out (large and heavy, 41 kg)
  • To fold, you need to unscrew the screws at the handles (the main thing is not to lose them, since they can be unscrewed easily and without tools)
  • No mulching function

Husqvarna LC 141Li

A lawnmower definitely needs power, but high power also means high current consumption. And, since the possibilities of lithium-ion “cans” are not limitless (and their service life at limiting currents decreases), we can immediately say that it makes no sense to look at lawn mowers with an operating voltage of less than 36 V. as, for example, at Husqvarna “, Because at lower operating voltages it is difficult to expect a powerful motor (or it will literally” drain “the battery before our eyes).

The 20kg lawn mower works with a 41cm wide strip, easy to transport. Height adjustment. ten-position, from 25 mm to 75 mm. And the motor here is 550 W, so the fact that for mulching you will have to buy a set of parts (“BioClip set”) is not a disadvantage: believe me, mulching with such a motor cannot be called effective.

The grass catcher has a capacity of 50 liters. When it is removed, the discharge of grass is directed only back.

Ranking of the best lawn mowers of 2021

Category Place Name Rating Price
Best Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower one Makita ELM4621 9.7 / 10 21780
2 Hyundai LE 4600S Drive 9.0 / 10 24767
Best Electric Non-Self Propelled (Wheeled) Lawn Mower one Makita ELM4121 9.7 / 10 14780
2 Honda HRE 370A2 PLE 9.4 / 10 19,900
Best Power Lawn Mower one Husqvarna 54 9.9 / 10 8590
The best gasoline-powered self-propelled lawn mower one Husqvarna LC 356VP 9.7 / 10 53,990
2 Champion LM5345BS 9.3 / 10 38400
Best Non-Self Propelled Gasoline Lawn Mower one Makita PLM5120N2 9.8 / 10 33330
Best Electric Grass Trimmer one Makita UR3000 9.6 / 10 5 510
2 AL-KO 112924 BC 1200 E 9.4 / 10 8 790
Best Gasoline Grass Trimmer one STIHL FS 55 9.7 / 10 17990
2 Echo SRM-22GES U-Handle 9.6 / 10 19,200
3 PATRIOT PT 3355 9.2 / 10 10 300
Best cordless grass trimmer one Greenworks GD40BC 9.5 / 10 11,990
Best cordless lawn mower one Husqvarna LC 141Li 9.7 / 10 39,990
The best robotic lawn mowers one Husqvarna Automower 430X 9.6 / 10 239,990
2 Bosch Indego 400 Connect 8.9 / 10 71 527
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Hyundai LE 4600S Drive

Compared to the Makita with the same power, Hyundai is 6 kilograms lighter, and the cutting width and the volume of the grass-catcher are also identical. But Hyundai Makita is no match: this lawn mower has neither the possibility of side discharge of grass, nor the mulching mode. and this despite the fact that Makita is also cheaper.

As for the self-propelled vehicle, we will repeat the same thing about it as in the case of the Makita. But we also add that the wheel drive belt needs to be monitored more closely. it is poly-V, therefore, when worn, it easily flies off the pulleys, and the service life of the standard one is not so great. However, it is not a problem to find analogs. but, you know, “Makita” wins on all counts, except perhaps the weight.

best lawn mowers

Lawn mowers are originally designed to tidy lawns. But our gardeners and summer residents successfully use these devices simply for cutting grass (as well as bushes. if the power permits), sometimes processing bumpy, heavily overgrown areas. In our rating, we have collected for you the 18 best models of lawn mowers of different categories. so that you can quickly figure out which lawn mower is right for your site (lawn).

The best gasoline-powered self-propelled lawn mower

Greenworks GD40BC

Battery powered grass trimmer / brushcutter with gentle operation (less heat and wear) thanks to the brushless motor. The cutting head is combined: there is a line for cutting grass and a knife in the form of a disc for shrubs with branches up to 5-10 mm thick. The width of the single-pass cut strip is 356 mm / 254 mm when mowing with a fishing line and a circular knife, respectively. The rechargeable battery is lithium-ion, during the work keeps the charge up to 30 minutes. Country of origin. China, the birthplace of the brand. USA. Warranty. 24 months.

  • Versatile lawnmower: Blades and line for cutting almost all types of small to medium vegetation.
  • Mobility, no tangling wires.
  • Indicative on any type of grass, from wilted to hard.
  • When turned on and lightly hitting the ground, the line is partially renewed.
  • The rotation speed of the cutting tool is adjustable.
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Any lawn mower, due to its design, is source of increased danger, therefore we will only compare technically sound devices in which there are no hidden defects.

Electric vs Gas Mowers

The main danger of gasoline vehicles is its high flammability, so smoking while refueling can lead to a fire.

Best Gas Lawn Mower in 2021 (Cheap & Self Propelled)

The main danger of electrical devices is the cable getting under the rotating knife, after which it breaks and short circuits, but this does not lead to a fire, because the fuses (plugs) are triggered in the house. Therefore, electrical devices are safer.

Electric or gasoline: which lawn mower is better and which one to choose?

Lawn mowers are designed for mowing well-groomed green areas when the height of the grass above the cutting level is several cm.

self-propelled, gasoline, lawn, mower, which, better

Sometimes they are used for mowing grass tens of cm high, but structurally lawn mowers are not designed for such use.

After all, for mowing thick tall grass, you must use grass trimmers or hay machines.

Electric models do not require maintenance, with the exception of replacing or adjusting the belt tension, and in the event of an engine breakdown, they change it entirely, without trying to restore. Liquid-fueled devices are much more demanding to maintain, and the entire engine is rarely changed due to its high cost.

We talked in more detail about the maintenance and repair of gasoline vehicles here:

By this parameter, electrical devices win, which are much easier to maintain and repair.

Large lawns

The main differences between mowers used to service large areas are:

  • maximum cutting width;
  • maximum engine power.

The maximum working width provides fast mowing of grass, because in one pass such a device cuts a strip of grass 1.5-3 times wider than models with a minimum value of this parameter.

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The wider the mower’s swath, the higher the load on the engine, which means the higher the power requirement. If the motor power is not enough, then it will work in overload mode and quickly break down.

The power of electric motors is limited by the capacity of the household power supply and the extension cord that connects the device to the outlet, therefore the maximum value is 3 kW.

With this power, the current consumption is 13.6 A, so good wiring and an extension cord with a core diameter of 2 mm can withstand it quite well, but if you increase the power, then plugs can be knocked out or a short circuit caused by insulation melting can occur.

All this allows us to make an unambiguous conclusion. for large areas it is better to use gasoline devices.

Which is the best for use on areas of different sizes and types?

Here are the main sizes and types of territories:

  • small;
  • large;
  • with tall grass;
  • located next to the house;
  • remote from home.

Plots located next to residential buildings

The main requirement for mowers operating in such areas is a low noise level, because the louder the sound the machine makes, the more it annoys residents and neighbors.

Push Vs Self Propelled Mowers. What’s Better?

Gasoline devices are not suitable for such use, because the growl they emit can be heard at a distance of hundreds of meters, so it is better to choose electric lawn mowers, because they make a sound dozens of times less loud.


It is extremely difficult to determine the reliability of the type of mower, because for one it works for a week, after which it requires repair, while for the other it serves 10-15 years without any problems.

Therefore, we will not evaluate abstract reliability, but the survivability when mowing grass, the height of which is 10 cm or more higher than the maximum mowing height.

This mode of operation implies the maximum load on the engine, therefore the type of mowers that has a greater power reserve will be more reliable, which means that gasoline devices win, because the maximum power of electric analogs is much less.