Sharpening Band Saws with the Elbor Circle


Sharpening Band Saws with the Elbor Circle

Main technical specifications:

4026 mm long sharpening time

Elbor Disk Size

127×12.7×22 (19 or 25) mm

Cooling oil

Oil tank

The main differences between PZSL-Optima and PZSL 30/60 machine:

  • the machine case is not composite, but is made on the basis of a frame with a removable oil pan, and has a different appearance;
  • an electric motor with a power of 250 W is installed in the machine; for a network voltage of 220 V;
  • machine components are designed for long-term and high-quality sharpening of 20-30, and not 80-100 saws per day. The machine is intended for the preparation of saws only at specific one or two sawmills and is not intended, as PZSL30 / 60, for continuous maintenance of 5-8 sawmills or for round-the-clock continuous long-term work in service grinding centers;
  • only 3 support rods are installed in the machine, and not 5, and, accordingly, the maximum length of the sharpened saw is 6, not 10 m
  • friction bearings, not ball bearings, are installed in mating units
  • The control electronics of the machine is made according to another scheme.

The PZSL-Optima sharpening machine allows you to automate the process of sharpening saw blades as much as possible and does not require a qualified sharpener. The machine is designed for automatic operation and allows you to quickly and accurately sharpen the teeth of band saws without operator intervention. The automatic grinding machine is designed for small grinding volumes and is used to service 1-2 pilorms.
This machine will be a profitable acquisition for servicing a small number of sawmills in a small enterprise.


Poor sharpening of saws often gives owners of tape sawmills a lot of problems. As practice shows, about 90% of tearing of the saw blade occurs due to incorrect sharpening.

Video: Sharpening Band Saws with the Elbor Circle

There are several reasons that can lead to poor sharpening:

  • changing the shape of the grinding stone during the operation of the machine;
  • the presence of backlash in the mechanisms of the grinding machine;
  • improper supply of coolant or its complete absence;
  • improperly sized grinding stone in size and hardness;
  • human factor.

The PZSL 30/60 tool-grinding machine is an optimal alternative to the Wood tool-grinding machine. Mizer BMS. 250. It uses the same profile elbor circles with a high service life and has oil cooling in the grinding zone. The work of the machine is fully automatic, which means that even an unprepared operator can correctly sharpen the saw on it. Training on the machine takes no more than 20 minutes.

Improper adjustment of the machine can cause poor sharpening or failure of the equipment itself. Therefore, the grinding machine PZSL-30/60 is manufactured in such a way as to minimize human intervention. Using the PZSL-30/60 tool-grinding machine for sharpening of band saws you receive guaranteed high-quality sharpening of a saw.

The sharpener should only install the saw in the machine, bring the grinding wheel and after a few minutes remove the saw from the machine. The equipment will perform the sharpener in automatic mode, and at the end of the working cycle, the machine will stop.

PZSL-30/60 is a professional machine for sharpening band saws with the help of profile elbor (borazon) disks at production facilities and in service centers.

5 Saw pusher motor.
6 Elbor profile wide grinding wheel.
8 Engine grinding wheel.
12 oil pump.
29 The head of the pusher tooth saw. 39 Oil pump pressure regulator.
53 engine oil pump
60 gear block
63 Saw push mechanism

Sharpening of each tooth of the saw blade is done by the end face of the elbor grinding wheel, the profile of which ideally matches the profile of the turned tooth. Therefore, each tooth of the saw is machined immediately, and not sequentially, as is the case with conventional grinding machines that use narrow grinding stones.

After grooving, the disk rises, while all stress points that form in the sinuses are removed. At the same time, the same front and rear corners are formed on all teeth.

Due to its hardness, the Elbor boring disc practically does not grind. You do not need to follow him. There is no need to edit it. If the equipment is used correctly, more than 60 m3 of round timber can be sawn with a hot or bimetallic saw.

Main technical specifications: