Sharpening chains for chainsaws with your own hands with an angle grinder

Chainsaw Cutting Edge Wear Signs

The performance of a chain saw is largely dependent on the condition of its chain. To use your chainsaw efficiently and safely, the chain must be sharp. The importance of sharpening the chain correctly is greater than the importance of using a powerful motor. Intensive use of this tool leads to rapid chain wear. In some situations, the chain needs to be sharpened several times over the course of one day. The more often blunt teeth are sharpened, the less metal has to be removed during it, thereby prolonging the service life of the saw chain.

To determine the moment when the corners stop responding to the most effective parameters, it is necessary to take into account several signs:

  • The chain starts to stretch and sags slightly. As a result, the performance of the tool is impaired and the sawing process slows down. To achieve the desired result, you have to make additional efforts.
  • Sawing workpieces of the same size is slower than before. There is a significant decrease in performance. Work that was previously completed in two hours now requires four hours.
  • The type of sawdust changes. They become smaller, sharper and more uneven. The sawdust chains are indistinguishable from each other, rectangular elements in proper condition.

How to sharpen with an angle grinder

When sharpening a chainsaw with an angle grinder, it is necessary to constantly monitor the level of chain sharpness, treat the drive sprocket with machine oil. At the same time, this method has one significant advantage. it is not necessary to remove the chain set from the saw, you can visually select the sharpening angle.

Although many owners of chainsaws and chainsaws believe that this tool can damage the cutting teeth of the chain, if the work is done by an experienced specialist, then the risk is minimal.

Only a special disc is suitable for working with metal. Its diameter must be at least 2.5 mm. It is recommended to select an already used disc with rounded edges.

Before you start sharpening, you need to insert a wedge of wood between the chain and the bottom of the bar to prevent the headset from moving.

Sharpening on the machine

Do-it-yourself machine for sharpening chainsaw chains copes with the task without any problems. There are various options for using such a tool. automatic sharpening or manually. In addition, you can make a homemade chain sharpener.

Electric sharpening machines involve installing the saw into a special hole in the device, after which you will need to choose the optimal angle for sharpening the teeth and turn on the chainsaw. After that, the chain teeth are self-sharpening against the emery stone. But the best sharpening machines are not cheap, so they are rarely purchased for home use.

It is simple to use the machine to sharpen chains by hand. The actions will have to be performed in the following sequence:

  • Loosen the screw that secures the chain.
  • Adjust the appropriate level of sharpening, while it is necessary to determine the maximum degree of sharpening after visual inspection of the bluest tooth. The angles of sharpening on a manual machine are also selected. You can use special tables that are presented in the instructions for the saw.
  • Sharpen according to all selected parameters.
  • Treat the chain with clean machine oil.

There are 2 ways to use a hand-held machine for this purpose:

  • Serial implies the impact on each tooth one after another, while it is necessary to periodically change the polarity.
  • Sharpening every second tooth, that is, the right tooth is sharpened first, and then the left. This does not require polarity reversal.

Using a hand-held machine

When the cutting edge of the chain completely loses its original shape, sharpening it with a file takes too much time and labor. In such situations, chain sharpening machines are used. Sharpening with a manual machine consists of the following steps:

  • First you need to slightly loosen the chain clamp adjusting screw.
  • The chain is installed in the guide groove so that the links point in the direction of the sharpening stone.
  • The required sharpening angle is set taking into account the purposes of using the chain.
  • Sharpening is performed using one of two methods. One of them is sequential cutting of cutters with constant polarity reversal. The second consists in processing every second incisor: first, the left-sided incisors are sharpened, then the right-sided ones, or vice versa. In the latter case, there is no need for constant polarity reversal, which makes sharpening much faster.

The required level of sharpening is established by using the blunt tooth as a guide. Sharpening should not be done very deeply, as this leads to a decrease in the strength of the link.

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File sharpening

This method is appreciated for the ability to perform work in any, even field, conditions, the simplicity of the procedure and the absence of the need to use an expensive tool. A tool with an exceptionally round section will help to properly sharpen the chainsaw chain with a file. To determine the parameters of the file, you need to know the dimensions of the saw itself, in particular, it is required to determine the pitch of the teeth. For processing the depth gauge of the guide tooth, the use of a flat variation is allowed.

Templates or patterns will give the right direction to the tool and can make work easier. They must be fixed to the treated area. After completing the preparatory work, you can proceed directly to the procedure according to the recommendations of specialists:

  • Secure the chain to the clamp.
  • Align the file for sharpening the chain according to the template.
  • Grind the teeth in one direction at the selected angle. The latter should not change. The working tool itself should be held so that its tip protrudes only a fifth of its thickness. You need to move the file as smoothly as possible, the movements should be light. The reverse must be done idle. It is recommended to turn the tool periodically to reduce the risk of wear on the sharpening side.
  • The angle of inclination of the tool should be right, and the angle of sharpening of the chain of the chainsaw horizontally. sharp, while its changes are allowed in the range from 10 to 30 °. The smallest tooth in the row should be taken as a basis.
  • Turn the tire over and do the same job for the teeth that go in the opposite direction.

Has such a method and small disadvantages. In particular, a lot of time is needed. But on the other hand, you will not need to purchase expensive equipment or special tools.

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How to understand that the chain is dull

The long service life of any chainsaw depends on proper care and use, including the chain headset. The good performance of the latter affects the performance of the device and performance parameters. Failure to sharpen in time can cause some problems in the operation of the saw itself. Most often these are:

  • curves cuts;
  • heavy loads on the saw, as a result of which the wear of the device parts increases, and hence a decrease in the service life of the entire device;
  • increased fuel consumption.

If, as a result of sawing, small dust-like shavings are formed, and the saw itself sinks into the saw with great effort, then the target is dull.

There are other signs of chain bluntness:

  • the speed of the tool has decreased;
  • rough and sharp sawdust is formed;
  • it is necessary to make great efforts to cut wood;
  • the chain has stretched or began to sag.

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain with your own hands

And now, actually, let’s take a look at all the direct methods by which you can produce high-quality, and most importantly, correct sharpening of the chain itself located on the chainsaw. so.

Sharpening the chainsaw chain with an angle grinder with your own hands video

The operational parameters of the cutting tool largely depend on the quality condition of the cutting edge. Correct sharpening angles of the chain extend the life of the equipment, reducing unnecessary stress on the power units. High-quality sharpening of the chainsaw chain can also be carried out at home using improvised tools.

Also, a well-prepared saw is safe equipment and does not lead to traumatic situations. It is often necessary to provide sharpness of the teeth when working with wood professionally. When using equipment for household needs, the need arises much less often to face edging, but it is worth knowing how to sharpen a chainsaw chain with your own hands so as not to waste extra money or time looking for such a service.

Chainsaw sharpening with an angle grinder

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain correctly

A common way to tidy up a tool is with a special kit, which includes the following:

  • a pair of files (round and flat);
  • special shape holder;
  • rigid template for hooks and stoppers;
  • the hook with which the sawdust is removed.

Stamping markings aids in the correct positioning of the toolholder to facilitate automatic alignment at the desired angle. It is attached to the top of the teeth and stops. In this position, the round file falls under it and is in close proximity to the blunt blade.

The holder helps to keep the file at the desired height, since you need to sharpen the chainsaw chain with a protrusion of 1/5 of the diameter above the blade. When editing the cutting tooth, only a round tool is used, because this is exactly the contour of the cutter. When choosing such a set, buyers are advised to pay attention to the value of the chain pitch.

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Do-it-yourself sharpening will be much more comfortable if you hold the tire fixed in the yew. Also, in their absence, a clamp is suitable for such an operation, because it is important to ensure maximum immobility of the workpiece. After that, we begin the process with smooth movements of the file exclusively from ourselves a couple of times. Reattach the holder to the next tooth.

You shouldn’t press too hard to the tooth. It is recommended to periodically rotate the handle of the abrasive tool around the axis so that wear from work is carried out evenly. For each tooth, the pressure must be formed with approximately the same effort. Thus, it will be possible to sharpen the entire diameter evenly.

It is more convenient to walk along all the edges turned in one direction, and then, turning around, process the remaining ones on the other side. In order not to get lost, you can mark the first processed link with a marker, pencil or crayon.

At the second stage, work with limiters is carried out. A template is mounted on top of the link so that it leaves a stop in the hole. In this operation, a flat file will be in demand.

There are other types of templates available on the market that are universal and do not have a holder.

This toolkit is also useful for two sharpening operations. Installation is carried out in such a way that the link is accessible in the hole. The round file has to be operated in such a way that it is above the roller and under the blade. It is important to maintain maximum parallelism to the side edges.

During the processing of the limiter, we determine the type of wood. For denser ones, they are processed through a hole marked Hard, and for soft ones. through Soft.

How to file a saw chain correctly

The main advantage of this method is its economy, since, in fact, the file is quite inexpensive. over, most likely even that this kind of tool is in the arsenal of any owner. But it is worth noting that not every file can be suitable for sharpening, since it first of all, or rather its diameter, must correspond to the width of the chain itself. In order to make it easier for you to navigate, we give the following indicators:

  • If the chain size is 1.3 mm then you need a 4 mm file;
  • If the chain diameter is 1.6 mm, then the file is 5.2 mm;

A flat file is also used directly so that you can, through its use, remove the so-called limiters with which the cutting teeth are located.

It is worth noting that the process of direct sharpening itself should be carried out at a certain right angle on the cutting tooth. It is important that each tooth of the chain has a factory notch, in fact, on which data is indicated on exactly at what angle this manipulation should be performed.

In addition to the cutting tooth itself, each chain link has a certain kind of limiter, which actually determines the permissible depth of their very entry into the wooden material. It is worth noting that sharpening of these limiters should be done extremely rarely, moreover, only when necessary.

An important role in direct sharpening is played by the so-called clamp. Which is a kind of mechanism designed specifically for fixing and directly securing the saw bar. Basically, it is hooked either to the extreme corner of the table or to the workbench. Since a perfectly set saw guarantees a high quality sharpening.

Also of great importance is the pattern, which has specific rollers directly for the movement of the saw and it is hooked on the saw tire. You can choose the angle of direct sharpening yourself, and then fix it by means of a piece.

The process itself consists in your chaotic movement by means of a file directly in the groove of this kind of device. It is worth noting that such a “tool” will reduce the very possibility of incorrect sharpening to a minimum.

For this reason, if you are going to perform this kind of manipulation for the first time, the best thing you can do is use the method presented above. But, nevertheless, we will nevertheless acquaint you with the direct features of the chainsaw with this method.

And so, in the process of sharpening, you should not remove the chain from its place, since the manipulation is carried out on the chainsaw. It is also important that it is necessary to use a special disc that can work with metal material and the diameter of which must be at least 2.5 mm. But remember that in no case should the disc be new, but rather used and have rounded edges.

Chainsaw sharpening school.Your saw will cut faster after this video

It is also important that you yourself can determine the immediate angle by means of which the sharpening will be carried out. Remember that a wedge, namely a wooden wedge, must be installed between the chain and the lower part of the bar. This process requires immediate skills. This is a very effective way and with such an ode of sharpening the chain will be able to serve you from 4 to 7 such manipulations.

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Chain and cutting tooth arrangement

Consider a little the structure of the chain, or rather the cutting teeth, and even more precisely their sharpening. It has 2 faces, smoothly merging into one another. Also, the cutting tooth has a cut limiter, which, when sharpening, will also need to be cut.

The tooth is sharpened at an angle, it is important to position the disc of the angle grinder in such a way as to sharpen the teeth, and not blunt and cut them simply.

So, we need an angle grinder, an abrasive disc for metal and the petrol or electric chain saw itself. The chain must be put on the tire, that is, be at your workplace, be sufficiently tensioned. this will be much more convenient.

There are at least 20 cutting teeth on the chain, they are located at a distance of about 2-3 cm from each other, it all depends on the type and length of the chain. We will not go into these details, we just need to find them and sharpen them. Installed teeth through one to the right / left by the side cutting part.

We find a tooth and carefully examine and feel it, here you need to understand how it is sharpened and how it needs to be sharpened with an angle grinder, how to hold the disc. We will visually divide it into a side cutting part and an upper one. We insert the disc there at an angle of 45 degrees and pre-try it on. Sharpening takes place in a split second, you do not need to drive the disc for a long time, you will just ruin the tooth.

The disc must be at the angle of the sharpening of the tooth

When you are noticed, you can turn on the angle grinder, of course not near the tooth. And first turn it on, then bring it for sharpening. With light movements, gently slide the disc along the inner side of the side edge and also along the top, smoothly leading the disc parallel to sharpening. It takes a fraction of a second, we do it 2-3 times. There is no point in writing further, you need to feel it through experience. Just a little, once we go through the cut limiter, cutting it down, quite a bit, by a couple of tenths of a millimeter. And on top and on the side of the tooth.

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Today, there is practically no man who would not have such a unique and most powerful tool for gardening and construction work like a chainsaw (see how to choose a chainsaw). In fact, this device is the best mechanism for performing complex and large volumes of work, such as cutting down a tree. Its capacity is sufficient to carry out its activity for at least twelve hours practically without stopping (see the rating of the most reliable chainsaws). Therefore, it is not at all surprising that in our time chainsaws have such a high level of popularity and demand. But, despite all its positive characteristics, this device, or rather its integral part, such as a chain, can become dull through long-term operation. Naturally, as they say, it’s not a big deal, since it is very simple and quick to sharpen it with your own hands.

It is this topic that this article is intended for. Here you can learn about the very direct mechanism of the chain, as well as how and through the use of which you can quickly sharpen “your tool” for work. And also a couple of tips will be presented to your attention that will definitely come in handy. So, let’s get down to this topic.

Additional recommendations

First of all, you must remember that before making direct sharpening, it is necessary to determine its level, starting from the most, let’s say, “blunt” cutter, since it is a kind of reference point in this process.

It is also important to remember that you do not need to get too carried away with manipulation and deeply grind your chain. Since in this way you simply violate its direct functionality, and its immediate strength and the strength of the link, including.

It is also important that most experts recommend, after direct sharpening, blowing the chain itself by using compressed air. And after such a process, put it in oil for several hours, but it must be clean.

Mini chainsaws are indispensable for gardening and hiking. They are lightweight and compact.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw with Elegant Efficiency [smoother & straighter cuts]

In contrast, carbon sawmills are industrial equipment used in woodworking.

Those who do not want to buy a circular sawmill can make it with their own hands. Read about this in our article.