Sharpening Chainsaw For Chainsaw Champion

A chainsaw is an indispensable and important tool in the life of each of us, designed for sawing wooden materials, harvesting firewood for the winter, and it is also widely used in the construction industry. Today, this article is intended for an equally important subject, namely, a machine tool, which is intended directly to sharpen tool chains. Here will be presented the best grinding machines, which are in great demand among consumers, and which are able to do their job one hundred percent. So let’s get started.

The main elements of the chain and the reasons for its blunting

In fact, the chain is simple enough (see oil for chainsaw chains). One of its main elements is the teeth, which are located on both the left and right sides, and which alternate. Connect with each other through other links, namely connecting.

They are made directly from specialized steel material. In addition, the upper part of the steel is coated with a chrome hard coating, due to which the service life of the chainsaw is significantly increased (see the running of the chainsaw). Also Important parts of the chain of this kind of tool are:

  • cutting link;
  • lateral and upper faces;
  • depth shear limiter.

Now let’s try to understand the question regarding the causes of blunting the chain itself. Why this happens and what factors influence it. This question is quite serious, since the productivity of the chainsaw itself depends primarily on the sharpness of the teeth on the chain. So, let’s do it in order.

If you own a chainsaw and work feel strong vibrations from the tool and noticed a slow passability of the tool, then be sure that the circuit on your device is dull.

The main reason for this is the intensive and excessive work with the tool (as when harvesting firewood). In addition, it is important to contact directly with the ground or with much harder wooden elements.

In addition, it is worth noting that working with such a chainsaw is highly undesirable, as this kind of neglect can lead to significant problems. Among which are not only significantly increased fuel consumption and slow cutting, but also the effect of vibrations directly on the body, which leads to the destruction of the sprocket and tire.

Models of the best chain sharpening machines. ranking of the best

And now let’s pay due attention directly to such a tool, without which no owner of a chainsaw (see how to choose) can do, namely, a machine for sharpening tool chains.

Today, their diversity is no less than the range of chainsaws themselves, which are produced by various manufacturers. The list is naturally huge.

But you must admit that not everyone can be effective and practical, therefore, below in this paragraph you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the rating of machines for sharpening chains of chainsaws. So let’s get started:

Sharpening Machine Overview GM4P Foreman

The main advantage of this tool is that it is quickly configured directly for work, and also important is its fixation of the immediate chain, which is improved in this new product. over, this model of the machine has a powerful propulsion system, whose power is 650 watts.

It is this feature that allows him to maintain the speed level during the load. In addition, the machine has a backlight, which is simply indispensable when you need to manipulate it directly in poorly lit areas.

This model is the "brainchild" of the Ukrainian "Foreman". The revolving idle speed is 6300 rpm. per minute. Disc thickness is 3.2 mm. And the sizes of grinding wheels are in outer diameter 104 mm. The Bulgarian size is 22.2mm. The power used is 0.65 kW, and the weight category is 3250 gr. As for the rotational angle of the disk, it is equal to 30 degrees, and the disk thickness itself is 3.2 mm.

Manual machine SADKO SCS 85

This model of the machine is at the same time both low-noise and compact. With it, you can quickly and accurately sharpen chains of all types of saws without any problems. over, the machine can carry out work safely and efficiently with links of any size.

Due to the fact that the manufacturer made the machine quite ergonomic and simple during operation, through reliable protection and heavy-duty construction, this model is perfectly used both at home and in large and professional workshops.

Video: Sharpening Chainsaw For Chainsaw Champion

The machine is a product of the world famous brand Sadko (Slovenia). The used power of the model is 85.0 kW. Weight category is 2.5 kg. The outer diameter of the circle is 104 mm, and the inner is 22 mm. The idle speed is 5000 rpm. The oblique angle is thirty degrees.

Tool-grinding machine Proton TE-130

It is a universal machine for sharpening chains of various chainsaws. Its peculiarity can rightfully be considered that it works with any sizes and types of chains. All you need to do is install the necessary disk of the required size directly on the tool, and everything can be operated by the machine.

over, it is not in vain universal because it has special scales, through which you can easily install any drive or chain under any tilt convenient for you. In addition, he even copes with fairly worn chains.

Do not doubt that this particular model at the highest level is able to cope with any tasks reliably and quickly.

Sharpening Chainsaw For Chainsaw Champion

Universal machine SADKO SCS 180

If you want to sharpen your chain with lightning speed and most importantly, then in this case you definitely need this model of the machine. Undoubtedly, this will be the best choice for you, since this kind of tool has no analogues in the whole world. This model is equipped with an engine, namely an electric, which 6,000 rpm, agree that a significant indicator.

For efficient operation, it needs 180 watts. over, its main feature is the ability to adjust the direct sharpening angle. In addition, one cannot fail to mention the “highlight” of this model, namely, a transparent screen that performs a one hundred percent protective function. It is this feature that not only makes work more comfortable and protects you while working with the machine.

It is also worth noting the main characteristic data of the model. First of all, I would like to note that it is the "creation" of the company Sadko (Slovenia). It has a brush type of motor (synchronous).

Chain feed is manual. Has a revolving number of idling at 6000 rpm. The oblique angle is thirty degrees. Has a single drive model. The required power is 0.18 kW. Weight category of the machine: 2.2 kg. In fact, you can see on the video:

Directions Stern CSS 220

The price of this machine ranges from 1400-1600 rubles. He will become an indispensable assistant in your household. It refers to fairly simple and inexpensive tools. Its pitch is from 1/4 to 3/8 inch. In addition, it is a high-quality mechanism, the operation of which ensures the highest accuracy of direct grinding.

Also great for workshops or chain saws. The main advantage of this is that its entire complex is small.

In addition, it is quite easy both in operation and in maintenance.

We have collected chainsaws for you, with the best price-quality ratio.

The best chainsaws you will find in another article.

Check out the review of Russian-made chainsaws. All these articles will help you choose exactly the chainsaw that you need.

Features and selection of tools for sharpening chains of chainsaws

First of all, what should be emphasized is the fact that the machines are both electric and manual. In this paragraph, we will consider just the second type. A manual machine for sharpening chainsaw chains, the price of which ranges from 1300 to 2500, depending on the manufacturer and model.

It is perfectly installed directly on the tire (guide). Such tools are a kind of gauge, but, nevertheless, their functionality contributes to a significant increase in accuracy in work.

The main thing to remember is that before you start work you must read the instructions for the machine for sharpening chainsaw chains, and it contains a set of basic rules for use, as well as tips for safe operation of the device and other important points.

In addition, you can make a sharpening machine for chainsaw chains with your own hands, for this you will need: special type template and file sets.

The best way, of course, is to buy the most complete set, which consists of the necessary elements. And now we make a direct device for sharpening chains of chainsaws with our own hands.

You must first fix target, this is necessary in order to form a cutting quality edge. It will be best if you fix the tire directly in a vice. So you simply simply securely fix each link. After this, it is necessary to sharpen directly the tooth blades and blades (end).

But, it is worth noting that a homemade machine for sharpening chains of chainsaws has its own characteristics that require strict implementation. Absolutely all sets for a home-made design are designed for certain circuit configurations. 1.3mm link width and 3/8 ”pitch. Sharpening speed is low. But remember that if the chain is damaged very much, then you will not be able to sharpen it manually by hand.

To summarize

In this article, you familiarized yourself with the best models of machine tools, and also learned how to sharpen manually. I think that now you are convinced that the machine is actually no less important in the economy than a chainsaw, as one cannot exist without the other almost fully.

But if you are not yet the owner of this kind of assistant, then just think about purchasing it. Undoubtedly, you can save money and not purchase such a tool, but make a machine for sharpening chains of chainsaws with your own hands.

But think about what you will do if you need to make a quality sharpening of a badly damaged chain, because you won’t do it with your hands.

If all this does not bother you, then you can think about how to make a full-fledged circular sawmill with your own hands at home.