July 20, 2019

Size Of Dog Box

How to build a dog house with your own hands


Size Of Dog Box

Even in ancient times, in our society, the opinion was established that a real man in his life should only do what to plant a tree, grow a son and build a house, preferably without confusing anything. We all planted birch trees on school days during school years, we can manage with our son somehow, but building a house is a real male occupation. So that the spirit of the host perks up in you with a new force, we offer you to build a good warm one at your leisure booth for your pet. The same house, only in a reduced format. We will focus on dogs of large breeds, so that both the Labrador and the dachshund in it would be equally comfortable.

Construction Instructions

First, determine the size. Here is a sketchy drawing future booth:

Size Of Dog Box

Follow our step by step instructions with photos and comments, and you will succeed:

Step 1. The construction of any home begins with the installation of the foundation. Naturally, it is not needed for a booth, but it will be useful to warm the floor. As a heater, you can use anything you want – from mineral wool to sawdust. In our case, we made a choice in favor of foam plastic – such material does not let the cold through and does not rot.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 2. On top of the insulation cover with another layer of plywood.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 3. The cheapest plywood is used for the walls, and pine timber is used as bearing beams.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 4. For details of the facade will have to work jigsaw.

How to make a kennel (booth) for a dog with your own hands

The angle of the ridge is 40 °. Three bars connect the front and back parts with metal corners.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 5. Practical tip: cut the wedges from the plywood residue as shown in the photo and fasten it on the bar.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 6. Attach the corner for connecting the roof rail to a straight wide wedge substrate.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 7. Attach plywood to the connecting rails from the inside. For convenience, we recommend using a vice.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 8. Both parts of the booth (upper frame and base) are inserted into each other and completely sheathed with foam.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 9. The cheapest coniferous lining was used for exterior decoration.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 10. On the roof we also mount it on the board with nails.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 11. As a roofing, use a piece of self-adhesive roofing material. We heat the roof surface and press the material tightly.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 12. For better waterproofing, we glue a separate strip along the ridge of the roof.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 13. Since the booth will always be under the open sky, we recommend painting it with a protective varnish at least two times.

Size Of Dog Box

Step 14. Paint the box in any color and populate the pet. He will be happy!

Size Of Dog Box

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3 actual benefits!

Size Of Dog Box

Table of contents:

  1. Dimensioning
  2. Assembly
  3. Options for warm booths
  4. Roof structure

For a dog who lives in a private courtyard, you need your own house – an ordinary booth. Each owner can show imagination in its arrangement, but there are rules that must be taken into account.

Dog box with their own hands: drawings, step by step instructions with photo examples

Of all the buildings in the courtyard, the dog house itself is constructed easier than others. However, everything begins, as in the present construction – with the project. Only here it is a simple drawing that a householder does on his own.


The dog should be placed freely in the booth while lying, sitting, standing. However, it should not be too spacious, otherwise it will be cold in winter. Wood is always chosen as a material: boards, beams, clapboard for cladding. She breathes well, keeps the heat, no other material is suitable for this purpose. To calculate the dimensions of the house should measure the dog, while it should just stand. The data will correspond to the following parameters:

  • the length of the dog from nose to hind legs plus 10 cm is the height of the house;
  • the width of the booth is usually equal to its height;
  • height of the manhole is equal to the height of the dog at the withers minus 10 cm;
  • the width of the manhole corresponds to the width of the dog at the shoulders plus 10 cm.
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So, the dimensions are determined for a specific four-legged friend. You can take the average values ​​and build a booth in accordance with simplified standards. They are separated for small, medium and large dogs. The following parameters are made up accordingly (length-width-height):

  • 700x600x600 mm
  • 1200x800x800 mm
  • 1400x1000x1000 mm.

Based on the size, you can make a competent drawing and imagine what the house for the dog will look like. Board and timber take the following:

The booth can be ennobled and decorated in different ways, but any design must be made elevated by 10 cm above the ground. This will prevent the wood from getting wet, rotting, splitting, cracking.


In addition to the board and the beam will need insulation, if it is decided to build a warm house for the dog. You should also prepare: roofing material (if it will be used), nails, external cladding, for example, lining (you can do without it and just paint the boards). The booth is assembled separately, then installed on the prepared site site. Care should be taken that this place provides the dog with a good overview of all or most of the yard. This is due to its natural quality – to control the territory in which she and her masters live.

Size Of Dog Box

It is important that the floor be without gaps for two reasons:

  • so that the dog’s claws do not fall into them
  • to eliminate even small drafts.

Build a house for the dog with their own hands begins with the floor frame. Metal or wooden legs are attached to it, then a plank is laid. It is better to take a special tongue-and-groove board and tightly drive the parts together. Then according to the drawing frame collected. It is necessary to provide a sufficient number of stiffeners, to which the trim is nailed.

Options for warm booths

Size Of Dog Box

If additional warming is not provided, the lining is better to make a two-layer. The dog will not freeze in the booth of 2 layers of the board, unless it is not room breed. If it is decided to make the insulation, slabs of mineral wool are taken for it and laid outside on the first layer of plating. Then fill the 2nd layer of boards. Insulation, therefore, is between two layers of wooden wall. For interior cladding, you can replace the board with plywood.

Another version of the winter booth: it provides for a tambour. For his device make the increased dimensions of the house. The dog must lie down freely and stand in the bedroom, to which size the vestibule is added. They will be separated by a partition with a manhole, which will protect the second compartment from the cold. Laz at the entrance to the booth and in the partition wall is closed with a curtain of warm material, such as felt or overcoat fabric.

Roof structure

The roof of the booth can be built with his own hands very quickly, if it is shed. It is advisable to provide a roof slope for rainfall runoff. Like walls, it is covered with two rows of boards or plywood and a board with insulation between them or without it. Also the roof can be built dvukhskatnoy. They make the ridge and rafters of the timber, then the flooring. If the roof is not rigidly attached to the booth, it will be possible to remove it and do the cleaning in the house.

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The territory for a dog can be limited to an aviary, which is easy to make from wooden or metal posts and a chain-link mesh. It should be noted that the use of wood for a dog house and for supporting pillars implies its pretreatment with an antiseptic composition.

Dog box Dog enclosures

What is a booth for

Dog house is very important. After all, if you keep a dog on the street, then it needs its own home, where it can relax, hide from snow and rain, hide from the sun and wind. Of course, such a necessary structure must be built with certain requirements.

Choosing a place under the dog booth

Choosing a place for building a house for a dog is very important. Attention should be paid to the fact that the place should be on a hill, in no case in a lowland. When it rains, the dog’s place should remain dry, agree that it’s not very pleasant to sit in a puddle, much less sleep in it. Most of the dogs that are kept on the street are guards and guards, so choose the place of the site from which you can see all the space of the yard as clearly as possible. If the dog sees too little, he will not live in this place, he needs a good overview of the territory. The booth should still be in the light, but there should be a shadow near where the dog can hide in the heat.

Determine the size of the dog house

So you chose suitable place for a booth, now it is necessary to determine the size of the future home for the dog. The booth must be sufficiently free. Your four-legged friend should be free to sit inside and have a margin of up to 10-15 cm. The dog should be able to lie inside the booth with legs extended, i.e. add 20-30 cm to the length of the dog. Also, the dog should turn freely inside the booth i.e. its width should be sufficient for this.

How to make a house for the dog with their own hands

The entrance to the booth should be such that the animal could enter on straight paws, otherwise you will spoil the dog’s bones and this can lead to the incorrect formation of the skeleton.

Dog enclosure

If you want to limit the movement of the dog on the site, then for this you need to build aviary. As a rule, an aviary is a fenced plot with a roof and floor, with three blank walls and one of the grid. Inside the enclosure install booth. Bowls of water and food are installed in the doghouse. The size of the enclosure is determined based on the size of the dog for which it is intended. On average, from 6 to 10 m2. Accordingly, for medium sized dogs (50 cm at the withers) it is 6 m2, and for large dogs (65 cm at the withers and above) it is 10 cm2. The parties of the open-air cage do in the ratio 2: 3. If 2 dogs live in the aviary, then multiply the area suitable for one dog by 1.5.

The open side enclosure is placed to the south, southeast or southwest. With this orientation aviary will be bright and warm, natural ultraviolet disinfection will occur, and the blank walls on the north side will be hidden from the cold winds. Give great importance to the floor of the aviary. The boards of the base of the enclosure should not move and "walk". This can lead to injury to the dog if it pinches the nail or paw in the gap formed by the weight. Boards should be polished and fitted very closely.

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If you make a dog enclosure correctly, then it will very quickly fall in love with its cozy street house.

The dog is one of the few animals sincerely attached to man. She is content with the fact of communication with the owner. There are many cases where the dog died after losing the owner. For such selfless dedication of four-legged friends love, feed and care, creating them suitable living conditions. And if you often have to go out of town, in the country, or you have a private house, then you should think about how to make a dog house, thus providing it with protection from external influences.

General comments about the doghouse

For all the apparent simplicity of such a structure is not primitive. It may have a different appearance; examples of this are shown in the figure below. But in any case, in its manufacture should be guided by the requirements of the functionality and convenience of the four-pet. It should be noted that the place for the booth should be chosen fairly quiet, where there are no constant winds, and away from the location of other animals.

Size Of Dog Box

The shape of the booth can be any, although there are special preferences here – it is better to do a kennel with a flat roof, dogs often use it as an observation point behind their territory. The dimensions of the kennel are determined by the size of the animal. How they are related to the height, width and length of the structure allows us to understand the figure:

Size Of Dog Box

Choosing the design of the booth, it is worth paying attention to the following points. A kennel is often made of several compartments. Their scheme is shown below.

Size Of Dog Box

One of them serves as a kind of vestibule, preventing direct wind penetration into the “warm room”. In this case, the above dimensions of the booth should be slightly increased by adding to the area of ​​the vestibule. Manhole inside the partition separating the premises from each other, it is better to make closer to the back wall.

In order to create favorable conditions for your pet, walls can be made of insulation, in any case, this should be the floor. Foam or mineral wool is commonly used as insulation. But what is necessary to provide necessarily – so this is a removable or reclining roof. She will allow to carry out cleaning, including if necessary to make disinfection inside the booth.

A house for a true friend: we make a dog booth by ourselves

Or the evacuation of a pet in case of his illness.

A drawing of a booth that meets most of the requirements affected is shown in the figure below.

Size Of Dog Box

How to make a booth

Now you can consider how to make a dog house with your own hands. When mounting it, direct contact of the floor with the ground is avoided, for which use either special bars or supports that act as a foundation.

Size Of Dog Box

Based on them, a warmed floor is initially made, and then racks are mounted on it vertically, on top of which the strapping is performed: the roof will be held on it.

Size Of Dog Box

The resulting frame is insulated, sheathed with boards or OSB, impregnated with an antiseptic and treated with means that protect the wood from weathering. That’s the way you can make a dog house. Additional information about this is shown in the video:

With frequent trips to the country or permanent residence in a country house, you need to take care of the construction of a dog house, if you have one, of course. The case is quite simple, and you can cope with it yourself if you have the basic tools and skills to master them.

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