Smoke Trimmer

The trimmer is smoking Trimmers Unlike lawnmowers, which maintain precise height and allow you to work large areas, trimmers are not able to ensure the exact height of the cut, but


Unlike lawn mowers, which precisely maintain a given height and allow you to work on large areas, trimmers are not able to ensure exact compliance with the cutting height, but they are very maneuverable and allow you to cut grass in hard-to-reach places: under bushes and trees, benches, stairs, etc. And the shape of the surface for trimmers does not matter. These little helpers. A good addition to lawn mowers, because they are more suited for putting the final order on the lawn.

The trims are pretty simple. At the end of the metal pipe-rod, a cutting head is fixed, the main part of which. Plastic bobbin (bobbin) with a supply of special fishing line inside.

Before work, two pieces of fishing line of the required length are pulled out of the reel and fixed. This happens manually, semi-automatically or automatically, depending on the model. When manually releasing the line:

  • Remove the reel;
  • Open the lid;
  • Pull out the “mustache” of the line;
  • Close the lid;
  • Insert the spool and continue working.

If the trimmer uses a semi-automatic line release, the line can be fed in two ways:

  • With the engine running, lightly press the button located on the reel on the ground;
  • With the engine off, press the reel button and simultaneously pull the “mustache” of the line, the line comes out.

Automatic line release (when the line is released automatically when the tool is turned on or during its operation) is the most wasteful.

A bobbin with protruding “whiskers” is driven by a motor with a frequency of about 10,000-12,000 rpm. Under the action of centrifugal forces, the “whiskers” are pulled into strings and turn into sharp knives that move at a speed of about 26 m / s. Thus, a line with a diameter of 1.6 mm can overcome not only soft lawn grass, but also young shoots of raspberries and plums. The capture width ranges from 23 to 40 cm.

There are electric, battery and gasoline trimmers. Electric trimmers are lighter than gasoline trimmers (most of them weigh less than 2.5 kg), quiet, environmentally friendly, turn on at the touch of a button. However, movement when working with such a trimmer is limited by the power cord, and the motor located below increases the load on the hands.

Electric trimmers with a lower position of the electric motor are characterized by low power (from 250 to 500 W), a reel (bobbin) with a line wound on it from 0.8 to 1.5 mm is fixed directly on the motor shaft. They are lightweight and can be operated with one hand. The line can be released manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

Try to avoid mowing with this type of trimmer in wet weather, after rain or dew. The fact is that the cooling of the electric motor takes place through the slots in the plastic case, through which moisture can get inside.

Do not use this trimmer for more than 10 minutes. This could cause the engine to overheat. Take breaks from work.

There are trim tabs not only with a low, but also with an upper engine. Electric overhead trimmers are equipped with more powerful electric motors, some models can use a metal cutter (knife) or plastic knives as a cutting tool.

With this trimmer, you can successfully control weeds and mow everything, including quinoa, burdocks and shrubs. Line release here is semi-automatic or manual, line diameter. From 1.6 to 2.4 mm.

The undoubted advantage of this category of trimmers is that now you can safely mow damp grass without fear of moisture getting on the electric motor. However, you should never mow in the rain!

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Cordless trimmers also have little noise, they are easy to start and stop, they can move freely around the lawn, the disadvantages are the same. Low cutting capacity, higher weight (up to 4.5 kg) and short operating time without recharging. From 15 to 30 minutes. Therefore, they are not yet widely used.

Petrol trimmers are widely used due to their autonomy, high power and performance. These devices are most often used by professionals in their work.

When using a petrol trimmer (petrol cutter), you do not need to worry about the presence of a power outlet and the quality of the mains voltage, be afraid to accidentally cut the extension cable or crush its fit.

The layout of the petrol cutters (however, this partly applies to electric trimmers) differ from each other:

  • Power and type of engine (two-stroke or four-stroke);
  • The shape of the rod (straight or angled, one-piece or split);
  • The shape of the control knobs (D, J or T-shaped);
  • Cutting tool (trimmer head, circular knife).

The braids with a four-stroke engine differ favorably in that gasoline and oil are poured into the engine as in a car. Separately. No preliminary preparation of a two-stroke fuel mixture of gasoline and oil is required.

For mowing large areas, it is more correct to use braids with a straight bar and T-shaped handles, which distribute the load on the arms more evenly. It is desirable that the engine power is also higher.

Many, especially women, choose powerful electric trimmers when choosing a trimmer for fear of not coping with starting a gasoline engine with a recoil starter. But recently, these fears can be put aside. The breakthrough was made by the American firm MTD, which equipped its petrol cutters with engines with the AST system (Advanced Starting Technology. Advanced starting technology). These are not just well-known solutions. For example, an integrated decompressor or rich injection. Engines marked AST are equipped with a powerful spring accessory that helps to start the engine without straining the hand and even when pulling out the starter cord slowly.

When buying a trimmer, you need to determine in advance which tasks you want to solve with its help. After all, working under bushes, processing the edges of the lawn and flower beds, mowing grass along the fence impose different requirements on the tool. Your physical data also affect the choice. The weight of the selected model depends on them. Do you need a knapsack attachment or can you keep the trimmer at all times. And if several people will work with the scythe, then height adjustment is needed.

When comparing different models of trimmers, the following indicators stand out: power; ease of starting the engine and feeding additional line; convenient location of controls.

The efficiency of a trimmer can be judged by such an indicator as the ratio of mass to power. It is desirable to have as much power as possible per unit mass of the tool.

Pay special attention to ergonomic design so that caring for the lawn is not a hard work. The more comfortable the trimmer handles or handlebars, the higher not only controllability, but also safety. The fastening belts significantly reduce the load on the hands during work, a sufficiently long detachable bar allows you to increase the coverage area, and if necessary, transport the tool in the trunk of the car without problems.

Working with the trimmer

Manufacturers do not recommend working in sandals or barefoot as this can lead to injury. Clothes and shoes for working with trimmers must reliably protect your feet from damage.

No special skill is required when working with the trimmer. Just grip both handles correctly and run evenly along the surface.

Line (usually 1.3-1.6 mm), which trimmers are tucked in. Special. Fishing line is not suitable for this purpose.

The trimmer must be cleaned after use. Clean the ventilation slots, line and spool regularly using a soft brush or dry cloth. Use a blunt scraper to regularly remove dirt from under the guard.

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Store the instrument in a warm, dry place and protect it from dust and dirt.

How to choose a grass trimmer

The number of models presented on the market today impresses with its diversity, which, at first glance, is quite difficult to understand, but, in fact, it is quite possible.

Types of trimmers

The first thing you have to decide on when thinking about how to choose a grass trimmer is its appearance. Modern trimmers can be:

  • Electric;
  • Gasoline;
  • Rechargeable.

The lowest cost and lightest weight are models powered by electricity. They do not require additional fuel costs and regular recharging and are an excellent option for a small outdoor space. The disadvantages of such devices include their not too high power and territorial limitations, which is determined by the length of the cord.

2. Gasoline
The best option for processing large areas will be a petrol trimmer. With impressive power, these units are capable of operating efficiently in all weather conditions, but they also need to be refueled frequently and maintained regularly. The negative point is also the exhaust gases that the equipment emits during operation.

3. Rechargeable
Battery models attract with their autonomy and mobility. Yielding power capabilities to gasoline models, they, nevertheless, are quite suitable for medium-sized areas.

Main technical characteristics and functionality of trimmers

The cutting system of the trimmer can be represented by line or knives. It is recommended to choose models with a line if you intend to work mainly with grass. For bushes and trees, a knife unit should be preferred.

The usability of the device is highly dependent on the shape of the handle. For example, a D-handle is best suited for working on a walkway or hedge. Fighting wild bushes and thickets is easiest with the J-handle, and the T-shaped handle will keep you from fatigue for a long time when mowing even the largest lawn. Regardless of the shape of the handle, its rod must be telescopic, this will make the device as comfortable as possible for any user.

When choosing a unit, special attention must also be paid to the following characteristics:

  • Cutting width (gold standard 30-35 cm);
  • Type of drive (a shaft with a gearbox is considered a more reliable option than a cable);
  • Functional.
Smoke Trimmer

For gasoline models, the tank capacity is important and the number of engine strokes should be given preference to a large tank and a 4-stroke engine. Among the electric trims, the lower engine units are more compact and balanced, while the oversized models with the engine at the top offer more power. If your choice fell on a rechargeable device, then you should take a model with a charge that will last you more than an hour.

To a large extent, the functionality of the trimmer also depends on the number of complete attachments with which the lawnmower can replace the garden shears, scythe, edger, cultivator and even a snow blower. The presence in the model of the function of blocking the engine from overheating will protect the device from premature failure, and the turning of the cutting system and the wheels will make working operations especially convenient and not too tiring.

Cordless Trimmers

Rechargeable the trimmers work thanks to the built-in battery, which requires regular recharging every 20-30 minutes.


  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Virtually silent.
  • Maneuverable.
  • Mobile.
  • No fuel required.
  • Can be used in hard-to-reach places.
  • They have a low cost.


  • Requires constant charging.
  • They have little power.
  • Suitable for small and short grass.
  • Suitable as an additional tool.
  • Small selection.

Features of the operation of different types of trimmer

Like all tools, trimmers require careful storageand compliance with all operating rules. After work, the tool must be cleaned, grass dust and debris removed. Remember that the electric trimmer requires regular breaks to allow the engine to cool down and rest. For mowing shrubs and tall grass, you need to use special attachments. Also, in rainy or wet weather, and even when there is a lot of dew on the grass, electric trimmers, especially with a lower engine, cannot be used.

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Working with petrol trimmer, when servicing it, you must use gear lubricant, observe the correct ratio of gasoline and engine oil. Many models, during operation, independently control engine overheating and automatically turn off. When curling bushes or grass, it is best to use a garden shears.

What is a trimmer

Not so long ago, manufacturers began to offer a tool such as trimmer. We can say that this tool belongs to a type of lawn mower and is a version of the modern mechanized scythe, still very often the trimmer is called an electric scythe. This design was invented in 1972. Due to its practicality and ease of use, it quickly gained popularity among many owners of country houses and summer cottages.

The trimmer consists of a long barbells, to which the engine is mounted; the cutting takes place at the expense of the working head. The trimmer cuts with a special line. With strong rotation, the line forms a string and at high speed cuts the grass very quickly and efficiently. In an area planted with a lot of shrubs and trees, a lawn mower can do little to help, and the trimmer does an excellent job of hard-to-reach places thanks to its compactness, maneuverability and lightness. It is practical and functional garden tools, which is indispensable to maintain proper order on green lawns.

The main criteria for choosing a trimmer

To get it right pick up this tool, you need to decide for what purposes you need it.

  1. The most important indicator power and engine type. If you need to work on a large area with abundant vegetation and plants that have thick stems, of course, you need to choose a trimmer with a powerful engine, petrol are best suited. They will cope with this task seamlessly. If this is a small lawn near the house, then you can use electric or battery. It must be remembered that the electric trimmer must not be used in rain or wet grass.
  2. You also need to pay attention to cutting element trimmer. It can be a fishing line or a metal knife. It is more convenient to use the fishing line in those areas where there are stones, and the metal knife on flat lawns, without stones and any plantings. In addition, knives can be of different shapes, it all depends on what needs to be processed.
  3. You also need to know that there is a straight and curved view of the motor rod. The first option is more reliable and practical, this, of course, is reflected in the cost of the instrument. The second type is not as practical and durable.
  4. When choosing a trimmer, it is advisable to pay attention to handle shape. The semi-circular handle is mainly intended for difficult and inaccessible places, and the T-shaped handle is convenient for the flat and open surface of the site.
  5. Considerable importance is attached to tool weight. For minor jobs, it is best to choose a lighter and more compact machine, this will ease the burden on the hands and allow you to cut faster.

Petrol trimmers

Gasoline the trimmers are equipped with powerful air-cooled engines. Their work requires a special fuel, which consists of gasoline and engine oil; it is mixed in certain proportions. Correctly respected proportions will ensure high-quality performance and durability of the tool motor. The petrol trimmer is considered a professional tool and is designed for large volumes of work.


  • Mobility The trimmer can move in any direction without restrictions, which makes work convenient and uncomplicated.
  • High performance. Large areas can be dealt with in a short time.
  • Power.
  • Convenience and practicality.


  • The presence of exhaust gases.
  • Tall noise level and vibration.
  • It is more difficult to maintain than other types.
  • Enough high price.
  • Enough heavy weight.