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Why the engine is not gaining, either poorly gaining revolutions, does not pull.

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If your engine is not gaining momentum or is not gaining momentum well, does not pull, sneezes and farts, you must agree that this is not very pleasant. Immediately, let’s try to understand the reasons for such a non-healthy behavior of the motor, which I assure you a huge amount, from some kind of wiring or pipe to very delivering troubles with electronics or iron.

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So, we proceed to list the circumstances.
1) Faulty or worn fuel supply system. As with gasoline and diesel engines, this item is always checked first if the engine does not pull and is poor gaining revolutions.
Gasoline engines often fail the gas pump, so it is checked first, and here it is not electronic or mechanical, there are enough examples from life. Even one, who had recently been familiar with a single injection at the Passat, came and complained about the lack of traction, and where do you think the dog was buried? It is true that the petrol pump was slowly dying, as a result, there was not enough fuel, and the hungry engine was no longer that vigorous. Also look at the fuel delivery and distribution system itself, the carburetor, the single injection or the injector, but this is already on the website for the fuel men and not for me. The chainsaw develops poorly revolutions revolutions, no matter how it stalls at. Let them inspect, regulate, repair.
As for diesels, almost always when equipment with nozzles dies, obstacles occur in the header. The death of the nozzle nozzles and the death of the plunger pairs of the injection pump lead to a large loss of engine power, right to the point that it does not start at all.
If you are convinced that the equipment with nozzles is alive, but the engine stubbornly does not want to type revolutions as expected, maybe you have to ignition later, in other words, you need to conjure with the ignition timing, do it earlier.
Air leakage in the diesel fuel system is a true EVIL. It can be sucked in either through killed sealing washers (copper or duralumin), or through a small hole in any of the hoses of the fuel supply system. In general, the leak must be found and neutralized.

Why is chinese brushcutter does not develop momentum?

Repair of Lawn Mower Stihl Gasoline engine Power 1.30 hp At first it smoked and did not develop momentum. And the brushcutter is not land. And gaining momentum with. Displacement is 25 cc. Fuel tank is 0.44 l.

Lawn Mower not gaining momentum, cause of the malfunction and its elimination

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In the video, we will understand why the Elmos trimmer not gaining momentum and why the trimmer has no power. Construction and repair of a gas trimmer is not gaining momentum that video of a gas trimmer. As usual

2) Malfunction of the ignition system. Here it is worthwhile to find out if your engine is troit, if it is troit then read here. If it does not troit, then we will start from the usual, from the distributor. First of all, it’s worth spinning it on a working engine, trying to catch the moment (if it naturally will be), when the engine will work more quickly. If it doesn’t work, look closely at wires and candles, and other electronic crap.
If you have an injection engine, start with the timing marks, because the moment of supplying a spark and fuel injection depends on the correct installation of the injection engine. If the labels are in order, some of the sensors may be out of order, of which there are darkness in the injection motor, starting with a mass air flow sensor, a crankshaft position sensor, a camshaft sensor, an idle sensor, and ending with lambda probes and other electrical lies to be checked on the performance or for you, or the auto electrician to whom you turn.
If your engine starts to pick up poorly after changing the timing belt or timing chain, it may be wrong to install it, because here the tooth is on the left, the tooth on the right plays a huge role, an error of just one tooth can deprive you of pleasure when you press the pedal into the policeman, instead a jerk from a place with a slip, you can get an uncertain shift from a place with an overestimated fuel consumption.

So far nothing has come to mind on this topic, but if you have something to add and want to share your experience, please unsubscribe in the comments, maybe this story has already passed, but it will help and help someone.

Black Smoke From Lawn Mowers MEHANIKABIZ.RU

Why dark smoke comes from the exhaust pipe: prerequisites and consequences

Dark smoke from exhaust pipe it may seem in any car: gasoline or diesel, unprincipled. over, with at least some fuel supply system: carburetor or injector. The appearance of dark smoke indicates the appearance of small defects in the engine, and if they are not fit to be removed, they will develop into severe breakdowns and affect the operation of other systems. As a result, expensive repairs.

Dark smoke, usually accompanied by an increase in fuel consumption and unstable engine operation, it is difficult to start in the morning, especially in cool weather. And the harder it is to press on the gas, the better the dark smoke goes. So what are the prerequisites?

Reasons for the malfunction

First reason. malfunction of the fuel supply system. A lot of combustible mixture is fed into the combustion chamber of the engine, which simply does not have time to burn, from which the emission acquires a thick dark color. This release is even more toxic than normal, because the catalyst does not cope with its own task from an excess of smoke.
The second reason. incorrect operation of the ignition system. The fuel simply does not burn in the combustion chamber and goes straight into the muffler. This situation is accompanied by unstable operation of the motor, in the ordinary language, it begins to troit.

Gas engine

If the engine has a carburetor fuel supply system, in order to get rid of dark smoke, it is necessary to clean and blow the carburetor nozzles with compressed air. Often such a procedure is enough. If after what the black the smoke is not lost, you have to spend money on repairs. change the needle in the carburetor, adjust the level of gasoline in the fuel chamber, etc.

Black smoke and the car will not start.

Why the engine does not start (the car does not start)

Why walk-behind tractor blows white smoke

Why the walk-behind tractor starts snow-white smoke. One reason for this is the oil air filter. Motoblock and

If the engine has an injection feed system fuel, you need to clean the fuel system. Clogged nozzles cannot correctly inject fuel, hence the jerking of the engine. Turnovers are constantly jumping, there is no stable operation. In this case, diagnostics and repair of the nozzle will be required. On the site you can consult with specialists.

Diesel engine

Diesel itself is different from gasoline. Even in good condition, the engine will have a black exhaust hue. If the color intensity is much higher, the particulate filter is most likely clogged and needs to be replaced or cleaned (regenerated). The procedure for cleaning the particulate filter is done in any car service. The second reason may be the failure of the high pressure pump.


the appearance of more serious malfunctions. The catalyst eventually dies completely, and will need to be replaced, but it is not cheap. You can, of course, ride without it, but the inspection will not work.

If oversupply fuel supply the injector will be prohibitive, water hammer may occur. a fairly serious breakdown, after which it will be necessary to overhaul the engine. And further. In diesel engines, fuel combustion is accompanied by high pressure. An excess of fuel in the combustion chamber can cause the unit to rupture, and this is a serious breakdown.


Black smoke from the exhaust pipe is just a warning signal about the appearance of minor malfunctions. It’s not worth delaying them, and it’s better to fix it right away than to go broke overhauling the engine later.

Wheel petrol lawn mower. Prevention, repair, maintenance. Preparing for the season.

Any equipment, especially gardening, working in rather difficult field conditions, requires maintenance. Even its simple and minimal maintenance significantly increases the life of this equipment, and the work itself is made simpler and more hidden. And the engines start up “half a bump”, and work powerfully and without rattling and rattling.

Such a minimal service to its equipment can be provided by its owner himself, without the need to take it to a specialized service. Using the example of this article, I will talk about the necessary work that needs to be done on a gas mower. Other petrol mowers will have the same effect.

After last season and wintering in a cold shed, the lawnmower needs both cleaning and lubrication. External cleaning was done in the fall, before storage, but now it is necessary to carry out it more thoroughly and prepare the lawn mower for the battle with grass and weeds.

First of all, it is necessary to remove the protective covers from the engine of a gasoline lawn mower. This will provide easier access to the main nodes and facilitate the work. We will also be able to inspect the starter device, remove dust, dry grass particles and other debris from under the casing that interferes with normal cooling of the motor. And it, as you know, is airy and it is the cleanliness of the engine that affects its quality.

The engine cover (in my model MTD SP 48) is fastened with 4 self-tapping screws (pos. 1 in the photo). Pass the starter handle through the opening and remove the casing.

Now we can remove the starter device and gain access to the main engine components. To do this, unscrew the 3 screws that secure the starter starter and the flywheel fan cowl.

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The starter is carefully cleaned of debris and inspect the starter cable. If it is damaged, you will have to change it to a new one, having disassembled the launcher itself. Light “disheveled” cable can be restored using any elastic glue (rubber, PVA). Those. one that would stick together the villi, but at the same time the place of gluing remained elastic.

Having removed the fan cowl, the cowl itself and the fan blades are thoroughly cleaned of debris using a hard brush with a long pile. Now let’s move on to the engine nodes.

The mower’s ignition system is designed like this. A permanent magnet is integrated in the engine flywheel. When it “flies” past the magneto poles (pos. 2 in the photo), the magnetic flux closes and an electromotive force is induced in the magneto coil. Using an electronic circuit, this pulse is shortened in time and a powerful pulse is formed, sufficient for electrical breakdown of the spark plug gap (item 1)

Namely, the quality of the spark provides ease of starting the lawnmower engine. Therefore, we do such operations.

First, unscrew the spark plug and inspect it. If in the previous season the lawnmower had to work hard, then it is better to immediately replace it with a new one, but if the old one still looks decent. The new one will still be better. Of course, first you need to check the gap between the electrodes of the candle. It is optimal to expose it by bending the L-shaped electrode to 0.5. 0.6 mm, no more. Otherwise, the magneto power may not be enough, and the spark will be either weak or it will not be at all.

Now let’s get magneto. If before that the lawn mower started without problems, then it will be a brain to clean and check the wires. If there were problems before, check the gap between the magneto and the flywheel. The smaller it is, the better the spark will be. But you can not press magneto close to the flywheel. There is an easy way to check and set such a gap. We take an aluminum beer can and cut a strip out of it. After loosening the magneto fastening and laying a strip of aluminum between its poles and the flywheel, we press the magneto and tighten the bolts. After that we take out a strip with pliers. I used this method many times and it always gave a good result.

Now we will examine the brake system. (item 3 in the photo). It is designed to quickly stop the engine when it is turned off. The brake pad is pressed against the flywheel of the motor, while simultaneously closing the ignition wire to ground.

Of course, both the block and the flywheel should be beaten clean. If necessary, the brake pad is replaced or adjusted. The cable and brake spring are also cleaned and lubricated. It is convenient to use grease in aerosol cans.

Changing the oil in the crankcase. It must be produced according to the instructions for the gas mower, but at least once a season, even if you mowed a little. Because the oil is oxidized and its lubricating properties deteriorate.

To drain old oil, the lawn mower is tilted towards the drain hole (item 1 in the photo), placing a block of wood or something else under the wheels. In order to prevent the old oil from draining into the protective casing, a small groove is cut out of the plastic bottle along which the old oil drains into the installed container without staining the casing. When all the oil drains, the hole is closed and new oil is poured through the oil filler neck to the required level. Use oil with a viscosity recommended by the manufacturer. Usually it is 10W40 for 4-stroke engines. It makes no sense to use more liquid and expensive grades, since the engine does not have an oil pump and lubrication is done by oil mist. And the operation of the lawn mower occurs at positive temperatures. And expensive oils show their properties only in extreme situations.

Assembly and installation of all casings is carried out in the reverse order.

The final stage of the “inspection” is the revision of the knives. At various forums one can meet mutually exclusive opinions, sharpen them or not sharpen them. I am a supporter of "do not sharpen." Of course, if there are bulges and bends on them left by stones that you tried to mow, then they must be removed. But to sharpen the edge to razor sharpness does not make any sense. And the arguments here are. Firstly, for example, the trimmer’s fishing line is generally round. And nothing, he cuts the grass perfectly. Secondly, the grass itself is better when it is not cut, but plucked. The cut off grass tip usually turns yellow and dries. And nipped off. quickly overgrows, healing the wound. And thirdly, no matter how you sharpen your knives, after half an hour of work they will go into their normal working condition. Those. it will be the edge of the metal with a rounding of 0.5 mm in diameter. In this state, they will be workers for a very, very long time. The knife cuts the grass with the force of impact, inertia, and not sharpness. Therefore, only the most visible burrs with a file or an abrasive bar should be removed from the knife, and this will be enough.

Well, that’s basically it, our lawn mower is ready for summer work.

Typical mowing problems

The lawn mower is an indispensable assistant in the summer cottage and your own house. The technique is used not only for treating the lawn, but for wild grass. There are two types of summer cottage machinery:

  • gasoline model;
  • electric option.

There are many reasons for the failure of equipment. Among which are:

  • problems with the battery. Its discharge is partial or complete;
  • the motor belt is often deformed;
  • problems at startup creates a soot deposit on the spark plug;
  • failure of the mower can be caused by a malfunction of the fuel distribution mechanism;
  • as well as piston wear. component of the power unit.

About what needs to be done in order for the equipment to come to life, read below.

The most common malfunctioning petrol lawn mowers

Idle power unit. It is necessary to check the fuel. It is possible that due to its absence, the engine will not start. The cause of engine failure can be a candle. The deposit must be removed and the engine restarted.

The power unit wound up, but immediately stalled. The cause of the failure may be insufficient oil in the crankcase. Because of this, the piston or crankshaft is often jammed. Try manually cranking it. Often such actions give a positive result. Then, before restarting, add the missing oil.

To revitalize the unit, it may be enough just to pump fuel with a primer into the carburetor. Maximum speed control will help. Then pull the cord gently towards you. Twenty centimeters will be enough and a sharp jerk to pull on yourself.

Often problems arise with incorrect positioning of the air damper, when is the first test run of the motor. It is recommended to fully open the shutter.

Cause of engine failure may serve as an air filter. It is necessary to disconnect the wire from the spark plug on a disconnected mower. Then remove the filter by first unscrewing the cover. Rinse it with gasoline and dry it. Put in place, restart the motor. If the operation is unsuccessful, replace the old filter with a new one.

We remind you. scheduled replacement of the air filter is carried out after 25 hours of operation of the equipment. If the mower is running on battery power, check its charge level.

Can check safety lock. If installation is incorrect, the mower will not start. Experts advise regularly inspect the bottom surface of home appliances. Various malfunctions in this part can cause the engine to fail.

If your efforts were unsuccessful, contact the service center for advice and assistance from specialists who can carry out any repair of the lawn mower, in particular its engine.

In custody

In case of failure of home appliances, call the numbers listed below. Address specialists of the company. We will carry out a consultation, we will help to eliminate malfunctions in a short time. We provide quality parts. Take the technology under our constant control! For questions of interest, you can come to the office of the company and find out the details of cooperation on the spot.

The mower does not start, does not gain momentum, does not collect grass

Using a gasoline lawn mower to mow the lawn, you must be careful and follow the operating rules exactly. After completion of work, the device must be cleaned, as even a slight clogging can block the moving mechanism. If frequent breakdowns of the mower occur: a review and solution of problems can be found by reading this article.


The main reason for the failure of the mechanism can be called misuse. Having knowledge of the principle of operation and mechanisms of gardening technology, you can fix the problems yourself. But it’s better to consult a specialist, especially in case of serious damage. Among the failures that occur most often, the following can be distinguished:

  • Unusual garden technology noise. This usually happens due to loosening of the bolts or poor fixing of the housing. It is necessary to carefully inspect all nodes and tighten the bolts. If the noise resembles a whistle. most likely a foreign object has got into the mechanism. It is necessary to turn off the mechanism and remove a foreign object;
  • The case shakes unnaturally during operation. Most likely, the cause is a malfunction of the cutting element that needs to be replaced;
  • The mower does not start. First you need to check if there is enough gasoline in the tank. If everything is okay with this and the engine is not working, a possible cause may be a defective spark plug. In other cases, it is recommended to consult a specialist, since it will not be easy to repair the mower yourself;
  • The engine does not gain momentum and immediately stalls. The cause may be jamming of the mechanism. If this happens due to lack of lubrication, it is necessary to add oil to the crankcase and set the mechanism in motion;
  • Rough lawn surface. This means that the cutting elements are dull and cut grass poorly. It is necessary to sharpen knives, and it is better to replace them with new ones;
  • The mower does not ride or movement is difficult. First of all, you should check whether the cutting height is selected correctly.

All of these malfunctions can be eliminated independently without contacting specialists.


It is worth listing a few tricks thanks to which you can keep your garden equipment in excellent condition and minimize the need for special maintenance.

  • If the lawnmower has not worked for a long time, it is necessary to drain the stagnant gasoline, as shown in the photo;
  • Gently pour high-quality gasoline into an empty tank with a watering can;
  • If necessary, add a carburetor swap primer and set the maximum speed.

Lawn Mower Does Not Start

  • If the engine does not start, check the position of the choke. If the air temperature exceeds 30 ° C, you need to set the middle position;
  • With long-term operation of the equipment, it is necessary to take breaks for 5 minutes to avoid overheating of the engine;
  • It is necessary to check whether gasoline got on the spark plug;
  • If the gas in the tank is stagnant, it is worth changing it to a new one;
  • It is necessary to check whether the filter passes air well; if necessary, rinse it;
  • You can pump fuel into the carburetor using a primer.

If the mower does not ride, check the drive belt. it may be worn out and needs to be replaced.

The mower is not gaining momentum

The cause may be such malfunctions:

  • It is necessary to inspect the muffler. perhaps it is clogged;
  • The grass is wound on a shaft and this does not twist the knife, as shown in the photo;
  • Rust on the mechanism and parts;

If the mower does not work at full power, it is necessary to disassemble and clean the mechanism.

Lawn Mower Does Not Collect Grass

The cause of this may be malfunctioning or blunt knives. In order to avoid this situation, you need to install new knives every season. You can do with sharpening knives at an angle of 30 °.

When sharpening, you must protect yourself with special glasses and protective gloves. After sharpening, you need to test the balancing of the knives.

Knives are incorrectly adjusted

This can be seen on the uneven surface of the lawn. Before making any adjustments, you must turn off the mower and wear protective gloves.

The gap between the cylinder and the knives should be uniform in all areas and not exceed the thickness of the sheet of office paper. Even to control the gaps, the same paper is used. It is inserted between the cylinder and the knife, after which the drum rotates. It is necessary to adjust the knives until the paper is cut evenly at any point on the knife.

To summarize

After reviewing the information, we can conclude that with proper work with garden equipment and timely maintenance, most of the problems can be avoided. If the trouble nevertheless happened and the lawn mower does not work at full capacity, you can try to fix the breakdown yourself or contact a service center.