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TOP of the best sets of screwdrivers for home with Aliexpress

A selection of the best sets of screwdrivers for accurate and strength work, which are suitable as a home tool. The article will have several types of tools, including for accurate work (microbites 4 mm), as well as popular electric screwdrivers. In offline in stores for simple and high.Quality sets break decent prices. Therefore, it is unambiguous to take in Chinese stores (Aliexpress and others), according to reviews. I compiled a selection of the best reliable sets, at a good price.

At the moment, promotional codes for a 5 discount are available when buying 50 for all Aliexpress products. You can decorate the basket (multimeter or pair of multimeters, plus finishing):

Alisluhi Alimagicfive Aligasanov Aliniknayse Aliboyarova Aliplushevaya

The novelty of 2019 is a set of Jimi screwdrivers in the case.

Great set of screwdrivers with bats and heads. All quality, materials S2 ICRV steel. 8 combinations of using handles and extension cords. All bats and keys are stored in a high.Quality plastic case, plus also a mesh bag for a case. 8 steel bit 9 heads. There is a short ratchet in the kit.

For Banguud there is a coupon: `bg2Screw` (paid delivery 450.3), reduces the cost to 25.80. I did not find analogues on Ali.

▫ Slobes with a built.In twisting spring ▫ Nippers with blades for three types of wire ▫ 70 mm wood on wood with two rows of teeth ▫ knife-strut, combined with a cross-shaped screwdriver ▫ bottle opener combined with a flat screwdriver ▫ sharply sharpened knife 80 mm long ▫ A canned knife with a knife for stripping wires from a braid ▫ scissors with 40-mm blades ▫ Glass breakders

Two of the best options for setting screwdrivers with aliexpress. They are positioned as Xiaomi-Wiha. Bits included from steel S2. Convenient tool for power work and for home use.

Gift set in a wooden magnetic case. A great option to give a enthusiastic person. The set of 24 bits made of steel S2 and a high.Quality screwdriver made of aluminum.

These are one of the best sets with microbites on Aliexpress. A distinctive feature is a thick corrugated bitter of aluminum alloy. There is a turning point and telescopic extension cord. All sets are delivered in the case. It is very convenient for repairing small equipment, for accurate work, for repairing smartphones and laptops.

Kopechek set from a decent company. Rattle for bits 1/4 “. Complex bits can be replaced, but the rattle itself is very comfortable.

Probably the most popular set for accurate work. Supplied in aluminum magnetic case. A thin holder and bits of steel S2 included. A coupon acts for Banguud Bgwiha2.

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Good screwdrivers with a rubberized handle. Made of strong steel. Very convenient for both at home and professional use (repairs, production).

A large and interesting double set of screwdrivers: two aluminum holders for bit (screwdrivers, at size 1/4 “Hex and 4 Mm Microbit) and two sets of bits, respectively. Bits from steel s2. High.Quality set, bit in the case.

Comfortable set with a stand. The kit includes screwdrivers for strength work, for accurate work, piles, extension cords, bats. One of the best sets for Aliexpress.

It is extremely convenient to buy bats in a set by a piece (or lots with different sizes). Lenced bits of different lengths are found on Ali (50. 150mm), I recommend choosing for yourself, the necessary sizes (Torx/HEX/PZ/PH). Pay attention to the type of steel (S2/CRV). Another lot of elongated bit and another. There are lots with microbes separately.

Suitable for use as an everyday/working tool.

Proven and popular screwdrivers with AliExpress

Not always shops nearby can please a good choice of screwdrivers. It’s good that in China you can find quite high.Quality options.

From the so.Called “screwdrivers for accurate work”, first of all, I want to recommend a set from nanch.

In my set, bits from steel s2. Scratch glass without problems.

I have already disassembled 20 folding knives with this set. And this is not the Japanese two.Cassettes to twist;), then the screws are twisted into metal and sometimes sit on the threaded thread. The corresponding Torxes were only a little worn out, there are not enough cheap “plasticine” sets even for one knife.

Bits are elongated. The handle is very seized. The bit holder has a built.In extension cord.

This store sells the same set with CR-V bits for one and a half dollars cheaper, but such insignificant savings make such a choice inexplicable. Unless specially needed battles from more viscous steel.

And if necessary, the bats can be purchased separately.

If you are engaged in the repair of equipment professionally, then you can spend on a set of NANCH screwdrivers on a metal carousel stand for quick access.

Laoa, one of the leading brands among Chinese manual instruments, produces very similar to Nanch 22 in 1 set Laoa 25 in 1.

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I read a detailed review. At first, the handle in this set had problems with the backbone background. In the next generations of the set, the manufacturer corrected this drawback.

If desired, in the same store you can buy bits separately.

Most likely these bits are suitable for recruiting NANCH 22 in 1.

As a compact repair kit, a screwdriver Laoa La615512 with a ratchet mechanism is well suited

Included a pen with “rattle”, 10 bits, an extension cord, a flexible shaft.

Bits can be hidden inside the handle, it turns out a completely option.

Well, if you don’t need to carry a set of bit with you. You can purchase a screwdriver with an elongated bat and pH2 slots.

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I checked. S2 steel has good hardness and withstands the load with dignity.

In this lot there is an option with an additional longer bat with two PH2 sills at the same price. Why not choose it?

If we talk about large screwdrivers used at home, then I have been using Xiaomi Wiha 26 in 1 with pleasure for a long time.

Hard steel bits. Easy to scratch the glass.

13 bilateral bits are hidden in the handle in special slots. Some users over time breaks the mounting mechanism. I am fine.

Another manufacturer of high.Quality screwdrivers cooperating with Xiaomi is atuman.

A large set of Atuman X-3 58 in 1 in a beautiful wooden box can be good for a gift.

Worth such a set of 49.99. The store has a 6500 discount coupon

Well, finally, let’s remember about the electric steers.

One of the most popular Wowstick 1f Pro options

The set itself has a screwdriver, a cover, a charge base, 56 bits, a magnetic rug, a jar for screws, a suction cup and a mediator for disassembling a smartphone

Best direct batteries

The straight line of the screwdriver is convenient for working at a table or on the ceiling. Another narrow form without protrusions is practical for access to remote places where the human hand will not crawl or a shorter Mr. If most of the upcoming tasks relate to these types, then stop your choice on the direct type.

Bosch Go Kit

The German brand “Bosch” offers a direct.Type screwdriver with a built.In non.Removable battery. The model has two wide rubber stripes on the sides for the convenience of holding. The rotation is launched by the slider type button. Three diodes show the battery condition. Its capacity is 1.5 a/h, and voltage 3.6 v. The battery is charged in 90 minutes. The hexagonal cartridge rotates at a speed of 360 rpm and is twisting with a stiffness of 5 nm. This is enough to wrap a screw with a diameter of 5 mm. The masters in the reviews like that this screwdriver can be charged from anything, even if you forgot the adapter at home, since the nest here for connecting the wire belongs to the category of micro USB.

We allocated this screwdriver in the review as the best in configuration with high.Quality bats in this section. The manufacturer provides with it 32 hexagonal nozzles with various slots, which cover all possible needs in the type of hats found on fasteners. You hardly have to buy something else additionally. This is one of the lightest battery screwdrivers in the entire review, since its mass is 280 g.


  • The battery is non.Removable. When it spoils, it is impossible to replace yourself;
  • It will not work to work continuously (when the battery sits, you will have to put the tool for charging).

Rating of the best sets of screwdrivers

We selected the 7 best sets of screwdrivers to our review. They are widely represented in the trading network of our country. When determining the rating places, the opinion of experts and consumer reviews were taken into account.

The best dielectric screwdrivers

Designed to work with contacts under voltage and protection of an electric shock operating from damage. For this, isolation is applied not only to the handle, but also on the screwdriver rod along the entire length.

SHTOK 1000V PH2x125 mm 09206

Chrome-Wanadium alloy from which the working part of the screwdriver is made significantly increases the strength and working resource of the screwdriver. The magnetized tip allows installation on vertical planes. Thanks to a particularly strong insulation, the screwdriver is suitable for working with a voltage up to 1000V. The inserts on the elastomer hilt prevent slippage and reduce the effort when capturing.

Dielectric screwdriver SHTOK 1000V PH2x125 mm 09206

How to choose a high.Quality and reliable set of screwdriver

It is not necessary that the set is from the leading brand, although it also matters. Famous manufacturers usually take care of their reputation and do not save on quality. But their products will be more expensive. It is best to choose German, if the budget does not allow, then the products of the Russian brand. You should not categorically look for Chinese sites that cheaper. As a rule, the buyer will be disappointed. Unknown products of dubious production are breaking out already, if not after the first, then after the second.Third repairs.

The first thing you should FOCUS on when choosing is the purpose of what is planned to do these tools. It can be shock screwdrivers, magnetic or for accurate work.

which, company, choose

The second important point is the alloy. It is preferable to choose tools on a chromovanadiev rod with a rubberized two or three.Component handle, which would not slip in the hand.

which, company, choose

Xiaomi Mijia Wiha 24 in 1

Opens a selection of a set of Xiaomi Wiha 24 in 1 in a stylish metal case. He is depicted in the title photo of the topic. It looks great, it will be a good gift for a home master.

Aluminum case with a retractable mechanism of dimensions 167x67x17 mm. Set 24 bits screwdriver in the case weighs 253 grams.

Measured hardness of Wiha 58 HRC. Bit Material: Instrumental high.Carbon steel with protective coating. Slate in a coating aluminum set.

There is a choice in this lot: only a set of Xiaomi Wiha 24 in 1, a set magnetic rug, a set of a bit with an electric screwdriver, a set of bit with an electric screwdriver magnetic rug.

The best screwdrivers for accurate work

The main application of such a tool is the assembly and disassembly of small nodes and parts. Basically, screwdrivers of this type are distinguished by small dimensions, high strength of nozzles, a large number of bit and expensive cost. During the choice of screwdrivers for accurate work, first of all, you need to look at the quality of the tip.

This screwdriver is characterized by the presence of a huge set of nozzles consisting of 24 units. This set is ideal for accurate work in any conditions, both a beginner and a professional. All the constituent elements of the screwdriver are honed at the highest level, the bats sit in the groove without backlash. The tool along with all the nozzles is remarkably located in an ergonomic case, the material for which was anodized aluminum, and the upper layer is covered with an anti.Corrosion layer. As for the tool itself, it is fulfilled according to European standards and has convenient faces that contribute to convenient holding in the hands. Lightness and simplicity in operation provides a long, strong inventory rod. The back of the screwdriver is equipped with a cap, under which there are nozzles. He is able to easily unscrew his finger. All bits have a magnetized structure and are rigidly fixed in grooves.

which, company, choose

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  • High quality of the tool;
  • A huge set of nozzles;
  • Convenient and ergonomic case;
  • High strength of the rod;
  • Ease of use;
  • The presence of a compartment for nozzles.