Squads Metabo for ice discovery. Batabo BS 18 LTX Quick 2013 5 battery.2ah X2 Case

Which screwdriver is better: metabaro or Devolt?

Many eminent manufacturing companies have long won the market of construction equipment. But among the world brands there are those to whom consumers pay more attention. This article will help to understand the question of which screwdriver of the presented better: Devolt or Metabo, and will reveal their characteristics.

Network and battery tools of the company Metabo can be found in any country in the world. The company produces a tool for repair, construction work and for home use. All products are thoroughly checked, high.Quality components are involved in the assembly.

The developers of the German concern were the first to create a battery for 4 Ah screws. An expanded warranty is valid for the entire product. Some models of screwdrivers are developed taking into account complex climatic conditions.

Advantages of ice discovery under a screwdriver

When comparing a manual tool for drilling ice with an ice discovery under a screwdriver, the latter wins the mechanical in several parameters:

  • Saving time and effort. Search for a successful place for fishing will not take much time and will require much less effort if you attach a screwdriver to the icebore. The usefulness of the tool is especially felt when drilling ice with a thickness of more than 50-60 cm.
  • Simplicity of use. Strictly vertical installation of the tool and insignificant physical efforts. That’s all that is required to create holes.
  • Functionality. Using different screws for ice discovery under a screwdriver, you can create holes of the desired size in ice of any type (dry, wet, dense, loose, etc.E).
  • Low noise. The tool works quietly enough and the drilling of the holes does not scare away the fish.
  • Universality. Shurovyrt can be used not only for winter fishing, but also for its intended purpose: for repair, construction, household needs.

Iceoburov with screwdrivers also has a significant drawback: with severe frosts (from.10), the battery quickly discharges and stops starting the tool. For this reason, the spare battery should always be available, and it is recommended to hold it in a warm

Adapter for ice discovery for screwdriver

Adapter is a necessary thing for any ice block. He has to play the role of a connecting element between a screwdriver and directly a working drill. Using an adapter, you can process the usual manual ice drift into an electric one, correctly calculating the dimensions and diameter of all components.

The adapter for a screwdriver on the ice drift consists of two halves:

  • Hexagonal or four.Sided from the side of the screwdriver (about 2.6 cm);
  • Round shaft for the drill (about 6.8 cm), in which the hole for the mounting bolt is drilled. Standard landing diameters. 18 mm or 22 mm.

If desired, each fisherman can make an adapter itself, choosing a steel rod for it for a suitable diameter and asking the milling mill to turn one edge into a shank for attaching to a screwdriver. It remains only to drill a hole for fixing the adapter with the ice unit pipe.

What power should be a screwdriver

If you select the tool on performance, then here you need to push off from the voltage. The power should be at least 18 in. For drilling dense ice, many acquire more powerful models with a voltage of 36 in. This characteristic determines the strength capabilities and the ability of the ice discovery to penetrate the thickest layers.

Screwdrivers with a high torque are expensive and weigh a lot. For budget models, manufacturers found a way out. Adapter with a built.In gear gearbox. The device reduces the output speed, this leads to a decrease in the load on the tool itself. The adapter from the side of the drill is equipped with a special shaft and a hexagonal head for a screwdriver. With the help of it, it becomes possible to make a full power tool from any screw for manual use. Just need to compare their size.

Experienced lovers of winter fishing note that in most cases there is enough screwdriver power, the main thing is when drilling holes Convenience in circulation. They are obtained in the form of a cylinder with even edges without dangerous cracks and chips. When using it does not create excess noise that repels fish.

Which drill is suitable for working with a screwdriver

All screwdrivers are designed for right.Sided drilling and tightening fasteners. BU should choose with this direction. The small part of the domestic icevods is equipped with a rotation system to the left side. If the owner has just such an instance, then for a screwdriver of it Better to change.

The adapter is designed to connect a screwdriver and drill. Both tools will be useless without it. With proper diligence and skill from ordinary ice discovery, with the help of an adapter, you can make an electric version. Of course, if everything is calculated correctly.

The design of the adapter (adapter) includes:

Which drill is suitable for working with a screwdriver

Experienced users say unequivocally. With right rotation. This is due to the fact that all screwdrivers are designed precisely for standard drilling and twisting screws to the right. Yes, they also have a reverse mode, but the cartridge and internal coupling are not intended for large loads with left rotation.

This means that your drill should also be with right rotation, while some domestic stamps have a design against the clockwork. If you have just such a drill, then for a screwdriver you will need to either change it or overload an expensive electric tool in the return. Below we will tell you which screwdriver is better to choose for ice discovery.

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Type of screwdriver engine for ice discovery

Brush. These are standard engines that use coal brushes. Their cost is low, but they are very subject to overheating during intensive operation. The brushes will have to be replaced regularly, and although this can be done at home on your own, it still takes time.

Brightless. The name speaks for itself. The brushes in the engine design are absent. Such devices are more expensive. Both the entire tool, and maintenance, and components. However, for professionals this is the best option, since excellent resistance to overheating and high performance fully justify the high price.

Additional characteristics of screwdrivers

Noise and vibration. After a long time, these aspects will begin to irritate, however, when drilling holes, there is too little time to cause inconvenience, so you can not FOCUS on these parameters not to FOCUS.

The weight. If the screwdriver was selected for repair, then the weight would be very important, because when working it is kept by weight. But we are going to drill ice, the weight of the screwdriver will be on the screw, so this parameter does not require close attention.

Equipment. Often screwdrivers are sold without a charger, which will have to be purchased separately. Here, FOCUS on your own preferences, it happens that it is cheaper to purchase them separately than to look for a complete set.

Popular manufacturers of the power tool

Most manufacturers of professional tools are foreign brands, but there was a place for Russian brand.

German company producing some of the best screwdrivers suitable for fishing. They are distinguished by a high torque and high price, if finances are not an acute topic for you, then feel free to choose the drill of this brand.

A large American brand specializing in the production of a semi.Professional and professional power tool. One of the first to have begun the popularization of brilliant engines.

Another German manufacturer of power tools, pay special attention to its line of products in blue. This is a powerful professional tool.

Japanese company produces both household power tools and professional. Differs in high quality and meticulously worked out details.

Domestic manufacturer of power tools for household use. Decent quality for low cost.

Remember that it is impossible to save excessively on the acquisition of such a power tool as a screwdriver for an ice.Block, since the low power of cheap products will not allow you to fully enjoy the fishing process, and an openly cheap tool can completely ruin your leisure time, having failed at the most crucial moment.

Important! It is necessary to transport your screwdriver in a special bag to protect it from blows and scratches, as well as so that it does not freeze so quickly. Do not wrap the tool in old fur coats or specially sewn insulated bags. After work the screwdriver will be very warmed up, and if it is placed in heat, condensation is formed on the internal nodes, which, under systematic exposure, can disable the device. Buy a quality and reliable bag for carrying without unnecessary heaters.

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Tips and useful information on choosing and operating

Experts advise paying attention to the following nuances:

  • In the absence of an additional handle in the unit, you can use an adapter with a welded handle. The finished design allows you to save on the main equipment, to purchase a more budget model.
  • If the scorchor is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, then with winter fishing it is better to have a spare with you. While the main one is used, the second should be warm.
  • Some masters replace the standard screwdriver with a gaykovert. The latter has a high.Strength case and better work.
  • During the creation of the holes, the ice ax rotates in the opposite direction from the movement when unscrewing the cartridge at a screwdriver.
metabo, discovery, quick, 2013

The selection and decision to acquire an expensive or economical apparatus remains with the future owner. Buying a budget model often causes re-acquisition of fishing devices due to low wear resistance, breakdowns and the impossibility of drilling the required number of holes within one day. Cheap. Not always high quality and reliable.

Rating of the best screwdrivers for ice discovery for winter fishing in 2022

On the shelves of construction stores you can find a large number of screwdrivers with different costs and characteristics. But in order not to make a mistake with the purchase, you should choose proven models. Based on consumer reviews, you can make a list of models that differ in quality, it includes tools that have different price category, which makes it possible to choose the one who is coming to any user.

The category of inexpensive, budget models will include those whose cost does not exceed 10 thousand. Rub.

The Hitachi DS18DVF3 model is easy to use, has an ergonomic case and a weight of 1.7 kg, which makes it comfortable and comfortable. Air cooling is provided, which protects the working mechanism from hypothermia, the desired mode of operation is selected using a double.Sided gearbox and an electronic revolutionary adjustment system. Two batteries, a manual lamp, a charger, a set of bits, a holder for nozzles, as well as a portfolio resistant to shock are included with the device. Using a quick.Shot device, the device receives a full charge for 40 minutes.

  • Professional tool;
  • Convenient;
  • Easy;
  • Good equipment;
  • The presence of air cooling;
  • Price;
  • Possibility of choosing the operating mode.

The shock model of the Dreve-shuruvrusta intercosa DAU-13/18VK of Chinese-made is convenient in use due to the fact that manufacturers have thought out the structure of the structure. For use, no additional skills will be required, the operating instructions, charger, batteries are included with the unit (2 pcs.) and a suitcase. The assembly quality makes the device reliable and durable, allowing you to use it in almost any conditions and at various temperatures.

Как Избежать Поломок Metabo LTX BL при Зимней Рыбалке?

The Japanese company Makita produces high.Quality and non.Expensive DF331DWYE screwdriver, which is distinguished by a long period of service and ease of use. It also has a small weight (1.1 kg), which is very convenient when transporting manually. For security purposes, manufacturers have provided blocking the inclusion button, and for greater comfort of operation in the dark, there is point backlight. As for the revolutions, their maximum number reaches 1700 rpm, the kit includes a suitcase for storage and transportation and two batteries.

  • Quality;
  • Long service life;
  • Light weight and dimensions;
  • The presence of backlight;
  • The presence of two batteries;
  • Portfolio for storage.

Blackdecker BL186KB-QW-a model with a strong rubberized housing, small weight and compact dimensions, supplemented by backlight. Making its use convenient at any time of the day anywhere. The brilliant engine significantly increases the performance and life without overheating during operation. The rotational moment is regulated using 22 provisions. In the set with the device itself there are two batteries, a charger and a suitcase for storage.

  • Power;
  • Performance;
  • The presence of components;
  • Strength;
  • Backlight;
  • The ability to regulate a twist.

Another model of Makita is perfect for use on winter fishing. The device allows you to adjust the number of revolutions and shots, which is very convenient when using. The number of rotations in the tool reaches 54 nm. Among additional functions, the presence of backlight can be distinguished. The package of this model does not include a case, batteries and a charger, they will have to be purchased separately, there is also no handle. The weight of the device is only 1.8 kg, the maximum speed is up to 1900 rpm, the Li-Ion batteries are suitable for work.

Scurget for ice discovery

In addition to the main functions, the screwdriver can be used and not entirely. Many take this fishing tool for drilling holes in ice. We will tell you which screwdriver to choose for ice discovery and which company is suitable for this.

Metabo wb 18 ltx bl 125 quick Обзор аккумуляторной УШМ Метабо

Place Model
one. Interskol DAU-13/18V Prices Review
2. Dewalt DCD777D2T-QW Prices Review
3. Makita DF033DWAE Prices Review
4. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 3.5ach x1 lihd box Prices Review
5. Dewalt DCF620D2K Prices Review
6. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 5.2ah X2 Case Prices Review
7. Dewalt DCD791P2 Prices Review
eight. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 4.0ah X2 Case Prices Review
nine. Makita DDF481RF Li-Ion 3.0 A h 18 in x1 case Prices Review
ten. Metabo BS 18 L Bl 2.0ach x2 case Prices Review

TOP-12 rating of the best screwdrivers for ice discovery 2021-2022

Place Name Price
TOP-6 best battery screwdrivers for ice discovery with a high spinning moment
one DeWALT DCD991NT Find out the price
2 Makita DDF481Z Find out the price
3 DeWALT DCD796D2 Find out the price
4 Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I Find out the price
5 DeWALT DCD996P2 Find out the price
6 Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 Find out the price
TOP-6 of the best battery screwdrivers for an ice ax with a high spinning moment
one DeWALT DCD791NT Find out the price
2 DeWALT DCD791D2 Find out the price
3 Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I LIHD Find out the price
4 Makita DHP458RFE Find out the price
5 Makita DHP451RFE Find out the price
6 Makita DDF481RTE Find out the price

When choosing a screwdriver for ice discovery, you need to pay attention to some parameters:

  • Power. It should be at least 18 watts. But it is best to choose models whose power is 36 watts, because the more powerful the tool is, the easier it is to cope with the thick layer of ice.
  • Torque. The minimum indicator is 50-70 nm, but if financial capabilities allow, it is better to choose a model with 80-90 nm. The higher the torque, the easier the drilling process will occur.
  • Strength and reliability. Preference should be given to proven stamps of foreign and domestic manufacturers who have established themselves from the best side.
  • Additional handle. Thanks to her, Ice Bour can be held with two hands. This will protect the limbs from unnecessary injuries that will spoil the whole impression of winter fishing.
  • Battery and its capacity. Nickel-metallogidride is optimally suitable for a screwdriver, as it has high frost resistance. The battery capacity should be at least 2.5-3 Ah for quick drilling.

TOP-4 best Metabo batteries for price/quality for 2021-2022

In 2021-2022, the need for home tools increased: the pandemic literally forced people to do repairs and engage in construction. For this reason, it was not difficult to identify leaders in terms of price/quality ratio.

Powermaxx BS 2014 Basic 2.0ah X2 Case 34 N m

Powerful and compact power tools-drill and screwdriver 2-in-1. Despite its small dimensions and a shortened design, it is very powerful and copes well with the task. With it, you can climb even in hard.To.Reach places.

The manufacturer offers 2 operating modes, cartridges with a diameter of 1. 10 mm, the maximum number of idle speeds is 1400 rpm.

Of the possibilities, it is worth noting the drilling, reverse, fixing the spindle, electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation.

Обзор MetaboMetabo BS 18 LTX BL I

Cloting button on the inclusion and light indication is provided.

Drill-shuruvret has 2 lithium-ion batteries in the kit and is sold in a spacious case. Free space allows you to place a lot of necessary tools and devices for work in it.


  • Convenient and light;
  • 2 batteries in the kit;
  • Spacious case-chekol;
  • Suitable for drilling in hard.To.Reach places;
  • Auto shutdown when jaming the drill.

Powermaxx BS 2014 Basic Li-Ion 2.0 A h 10.8 in x2 box 34 N m

Drill-spacecraft with a fast-packed cartridge with a diameter of 1-10 mm, two work modes, miniature dimensions and a shortened design for access to hard-to-reach places.

For the nozzle of the bit, a spindle is used, which is based on the hexagon: due to this, work without a drilling cartridge becomes possible.

The design also provides a dot lighting lamp, the power of which is enough to work even in complete darkness.

The voltage of the battery is 10.8 V, capacity. 2 A h. The kit includes 2 lithium-ion batteries: the main and spare.

The capabilities of the unit. Drilling, reverse, fixation of the spindle, electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation.


Metabo BS 18 LTX BL Quick: второе впечатление

Powermaxx bs 12 2.0ach x2 case 40

An unstressed drill-shuruver with fast-packed cartridges of 1-10 mm. It is very miniature, light, efficiently collected, comfortably lies in her hand and does not slip.

Users note the convenience of working with the tool in poor lighting and in conditions of lack of space.

The device works on a 2 Ah battery with a voltage of 12 V. The kit includes 2 batteries with a warranty period of 3 years.

With it, you can quickly and without much effort screw the screws or drill holes in any surface.

Additional opportunities. Reverse, spindle fixation, electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation.

There is also an indication of the battery charge, backlight and lock button. The device set is packed in a convenient case with several departments.


metabo, discovery, quick, 2013

BS 18 l 2.0ach x2 case 50 N m

The drill-shuruvret works for the battery and its characteristics allow you to cope even with the most difficult work tasks.

Its advantages are the maximum torque of 50 N m and the voltage of the battery 18 in. Also, users note the diameter of the cartridge 13 mm: most analogues are limited by more modest numbers.

Using this device, you can quickly and effortlessly make holes with a diameter of up to 20 mm in wooden surfaces and up to 10 mm in metal.

The rotation frequency is regulated, and the power button is blocked if necessary.

For the convenience of work, the work area is illuminated and the charge indication. In addition, the tool is convenient in work, although heavier than some analogues, and is easy to operate.


  • A separate switch for different modes (drilling, twisting);
  • Holds the charge well;
  • Powerful;
  • Convenient location of the backlight;
  • Small weight and dimensions.

Popular models of metabaro screwdrivers

Below is a rating of the best tools from a German company.

Metabo PowerMax Bs 2014 Basic 2.0ah X2 Case 34 N m

Small-sized drill-shuruvret. Thanks to a shortened design, it is possible to use in limited space. 2 powerful batteries, spindle with a hexagon. Using bit without a cartridge, point lighting lamp, button on the power button. Crying for wearing on a belt, case.

Metabo PowerMax Bs 2014 2.0ach x2 bag 34 n m

Compact and ergonomic tools. Drilling mode, using bit without a cartridge. Reverse, spindle fixation, bag.

Metabo BS 18 L 2.0ach x2 case 50 N m

Best Metabo Scurget for User Reviews. Recommended for professional use. High.Quality assembly, conveyor twisting of self.Tapping screws. Bit attachment nest, two batteries, charger, case.

Metabo PowerMaxx SB 2.0ah X2 Case 34 N m

Shock drill-shuruvret. Backlight indicator, clip on the belt. With a compact size, quite powerful. The maximum number of beats per minute 21,000, drilling with a blow. Reverse, spindle fixation, electronic adjustment of rotation frequency.

Metabo PowerMax Bs 2014 2.0ah X1 BAG 34 N m

Light, powerful, hook for the belt, comfortable compact bag. In 2018, he entered the rating “Best Metabo Scurgets”. Spotlight lamp, lock button. Electronic rotation frequency adjustment, charger, bag.

Metabo BS 14.4 10mm 2.0ah X2 CASE 40 N m

Excellent torque, convenient supply control, hinging hook on clothes. Reverse, spindle fixation, drilling mode. Spotlight lamp, lock button.

Metabo BS 18 10mm 2.0ah X2 Case 48 N m

Powerful, reliable, price quality, low noise. Overload protection, battery voltage 18V. There is a removable battery, a nest for attaching bit, reverse, fixation of a spindle.

Metabo BS 18 L Quick 2.0ach x2 case 50 N m

Removable cartridge, spindle under the bit with a neodymium magnet. If you choose between the brands Dewallt, Makita or Metabo screwdriver, which preference is better to give to the latter option. Rubberized case, indication of the charge level on the battery. Using bit without a cartridge, point lighting lamp, button on the power button.

Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I 5.2ah X2 CASE 120 N m

In 2020, he entered the top 5 of the best screwdrivers of metabolo for professionals. Impulse mode, work in the rack of the drilling machine. Reverse, safety clutch, spindle fixation, electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation. Charger, additional handle, case. Beskilateral (Brightless) engine.

Metabo BS 18 L Bl Q

The next Hero of our top is Metabo BS 18 L Bl Q. This is a light and compact screwdriver, the torque of which reaches 60 Newton meters, which allows it to effectively drill ice. Also, this tool can be used with drills in a diameter of up to 13 millimeters. The device with the device includes 2 batteries with a capacity of 2000 mAh, so such a screwdriver will allow you to drill many holes in the ice. And thanks to the presence of lighting, it will be possible to comfortably fix the Ludobourns and highlight the working surface in the dark without the use of additional lighting equipment. Of the other features of this screwdriver, it is worth noting a reliable brilliant engine, as well as the Metabo Quick system, which provides a quick change of holder and instrumental nozzle for any work. And also, the battery blocks of this screwdriver have LED backlight, thanks to which you will always be aware of the remaining charge. Those who have already acquired such a screwdriver speak extremely positive about it both during the drilling of ice and when used in construction work. Buyers like a screwdriver for its power, ease of use and high.Quality assembly. So, if you need a powerful, compact and convenient screwdriver in your work, I recommend paying attention to this model.

  • Battery voltage: 18 in.
  • Battery capacity: 2 x 2 A ∙ h.
  • Torque: 25. 60 N ∙ m.
  • Speed: up to 1850 rpm.
  • Backlight.
  • Weight: 1.2 kg.


The ice ax means a tool that can facilitate and simplify the process of winter fishing. If you were drowned with a dozen holes on winter fishing, then you understand how it is not easy to do, especially if ice is with a thickness of 1m. A quick achievement of the goal allows you to save a fisherman and make not only the process of fishing fish comfortable, but also for a shorter time to increase the area of ​​searching for fish, which in winter this means a lot. In winter, an indispensable assistant on fishing is an indispensable assistant on fishing. We have already told which Echo sounder to choose for winter fishing.

The necessary characteristics of a screwdriver for working on winter fishing

Think about and imagine what difficulties you will encounter when operating a screwdriver on a frozen pond? After short.Term estimates, the following three factors come to the head:

To confidently work in such conditions, it must meet certain requirements. Consider these requirements depending on each factor separately.

Characteristics for work under a large load

Agree that the rotation of the drill in the ice requires a rather great effort from the screwdriver. My tests showed that an unit with a torque of at least 60 nm can cope with such work. The same figure is confirmed by other fishermen who already drill the holes with a screwdriver. Therefore, when buying, you need to build on this value.

But in this place it is necessary to make such a reservation: not all the screwdrivers, which will have a moment over 60 nm, will suit us. Among them there are those in which a large torque is achieved due to the shock mechanism. It helps well with the screwing of nuts and bolts, but is absolutely useless when drilling ice. Therefore, for winter fishing, models reaching a high torque due to the blow are not suitable.

Large loads also require a screwdriver to be a professional class, since only in this case it can last a long time. The following manufacturers are made by a professional tool:

The household class is not suitable, so all sorts of bison, calibers, enchors and other Chinese do not consider.

If you used to drill manually, you can remember how you sometimes shave the drill during this process. Now imagine what will happen if the shame occurs when drilling with a screwdriver, the hands can easily break. To protect yourself from this, it is necessary that the screwdriver has an additional handle, which is installed on the back of the main. So you can confidently hold the device, grabbing it on both sides. Thanks to this, the hands will remain intact.

We will summarize this part like this: a large load requires a professional unstressed screwdriver with a torque of 60 nm. And for convenience and safety, an additional handle in the kit is also needed. We dealt with a large load factor, we proceed to the need for continuous work without recharging.

Characteristics for prolonged autonomous work

Nobody will bring you a rosette on a pond, so the workpiece of the screwdriver will depend on the amount of a stored charge. The charge reserve is equal to the capacity of the battery and is measured in ampere hours. I think you understand that for drilling ice on winter fishing it is better to purchase a screwdriver with an increased battery capacity, and this is at least 3 ah. And it is necessary that there are at least two of them. Although, as I already wrote, we need a professional class apparatus, and they are always equipped with at least two batteries.

Having bought a screwdriver with a 3 Ach battery, you can drill at least 100 holes, and if 5 Ah, then 150-170. Although this indicator, as mentioned above, also depends on the thickness of the ice.

Thus, when buying, we prefer devices with the most capacious batteries as possible. Now time to move to such a factor as cold.

Characteristics for work in cold conditions

This item is closely connected with the previous one, since it is again about the capacity of batteries, which becomes smaller at low temperatures. Therefore, such a condition again requires the purchase of a screwdriver with a large capacity battery.

Also in this paragraph it should be said about the types of batteries. There are three of them:

There is an opinion that in the cold nickel-cadmium and nickel-metallhydrid batteries feel better than lithium-ionic. However, my tests show that modern lithium-ion batteries also feel good in the cold.

But even if it turns out that your lithium-ion batteries will refuse to work in a cooled state, then they can simply be kept warm. “And where to get the warmth on winter fishing?”. You ask. And I will answer: you yourself are a heat source. Do in your jacket, sheepskin coat (or what you go fishing there) additional internal s for batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are light, so it will be convenient to keep them there. When you need to drill another hole, take out the battery. When you sit down to fish, you remove.

And the next moment on this item is that nickel-cadmium batteries have a capacity of not more than 2 Ah, and nickel-metallhydridge no more than 2.5 ah. Lithium-ion may have 5 ah. Based on the fact that we need to have more than 3 Ah, we discard nickel-cadmium and nickel-metallidride types to the side, especially since they are gradually ceased to produce as morally obsolete.

So, having examined the three main factors that will influence the work of a screwdriver in winter fishing, we found out that we will need a professional unstressed screwdriver with a torque of at least 60 nm, lithium-ion batteries from 3 ah and an additional handle in a set.

What models meet these requirements?

Metabo HPT (Hitachi) DB3DL2M 3.6v hexagonal gear screw 1/4 “Li-Ion 1.5ahx2

This is a product for a special order. Taking into account the restrictions on the return. Delivery and return policy

On the tool DB3DL2 3 extends a lifelong warranty on the Metabo HPT lithium-ion tool.Battery screwdriver 6V It differs in an improved chain protection so that the engine operates longer, in the body of the new structure with an improved LED backlight. It easily transforms from a straight line to a pistol, which makes it an ideal tool for touching to reach the place. He offers electricians, installers, carpenters and other professionals an excellent power ratio for various fasteners.

Cm. “Related goods” to learn about other possibilities, in addition to this order, a certain amount / type, or use “search” for a wider range of possibilities.