August 10, 2019

Step-By-Step Construction Technology Do-It-Yourself Dog Box

Before building a dog house with your own hands, you need to decide what you would like to build, whether it is suitable for a pet in terms of size and how it will turn out in financial terms. It is also necessary to choose the right place where it will be located, so that the animal has comfort at any time of the year.

Choosing a place to build a booth

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the direction of the wind, or rather, from where it most often blows. The kennel should not be blown, otherwise the animal will be cold, and rain and snow will fall inside. It is better to place the booth on a light area, but at the same time there should be a tree or other structure, from which there will be a shadow. This is necessary so that in summer, in hot weather, the dog may not rest in a heated kennel.

The dog house should be installed on a raised place, then the flowing water will not be able to accumulate under it. A booth is being built on the south side of the plot and close to the entrance to the house. In this case, the dog must see from the kennel most of the yard and the gate or gate. This criterion must be met. Dogs always choose the positions in which they have the maximum visibility, even if they live in small apartments.

Selection of booth sizes

Before you build a dog house with your own hands, you need to decide on its size, as it must fit the parameters for an adult dog. A tight or, on the contrary, too large kennel will not be convenient for a pet, it will feel uncomfortable in it.

In height, a dog house is made 15-20 cm taller than a dog at the withers (litter thickness is not taken into account). When an animal is sitting in a kennel, it should not reach its head to the ceiling.

Step-By-Step Construction Technology Do-It-Yourself Dog Box

The length of the house is selected so that it is 15 cm longer than the length of the animal, starting from the base of the tail, and ending with the nose. The width of the booth is determined by the size of the dog when it lies on its side with legs extended. To do this, make measurements from the withers to the tips of the front paws, and add 20 cm. The entrance is 5-10 cm less than full height, and the width is 10 cm wider than the volume of the dog’s chest.

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When building a booth you need to focus on the climate zone of residence. In warmer climates, you can add 5-10 cm to the size of the house so that it is free and not hot. For the northern regions of the kennel is better to sheathe insulating materials.

If you focus on the breeds of dogs, the size of the booths can be divided into several groups:

For small breeds of dogs, such as pugs, dachshunds or Pekingese, a kennel will be as part of the decor for the villa or apartment.

Drawing drawing booth

In order not to be mistaken with the calculations during the construction of the dog house with your own hands, it is necessary to make a detailed drawing of the building. It specifies the size of the structure, taking into account the parameters of the animal. It will also help to calculate the required amount of building materials.

Before you make a drawing, you must measure your pet in length, width and chest girth.

Step-By-Step Construction Technology Do-It-Yourself Dog Box

Tools and consumables for the booth

For the construction of a dog house is best suited wooden building materials. It is from them that you can build a normal microclimate building, since the tree has good air circulation.

For work you will need:

  • Floorboards.
  • Bars – 10 × 10 cm, 10 × 5 cm and 5 × 5 cm.
  • Wall paneling or board, 2 cm thick for walls.
  • Roofing material, but not iron.
  • Moisture resistant plywood.
  • Insulation mineral.
  • Nails or screws.

Insulating materials should choose only natural, but not on the basis of fiberglass. Boards should be ostrugannyh, without protruding knots that the animal does not hurt.

From construction tools you will need:

  • Measuring tape and pencil.
  • Hacksaw.
  • Hammer or screwdriver.

If the booth will be painted or varnished, then you still need paints, varnish and brushes.

Step-By-Step Construction Technology Do-It-Yourself Dog Box

Construction of dog kennels

When choosing which one to build a booth, you should focus on ensuring that the dog is comfortable and safe in it. In appearance, a kennel can be with or without a tambour, with a dual-slope or single-sloped roof.

Begin construction by preparing the necessary parts, referring to the drawing:

  • Bars, 120 cm long – 5 pcs.
  • 80 cm bars – 8 pcs.
  • Floor boards 8 pcs. – 15 × 80 cm
  • Racks for walls of 45 cm – 8 pcs.
  • Rafters on 55 cm – 6 pieces, with the cut corners from 2 parties under 45 °.
  • Roof boards 10 pcs. – 15 × 150 cm.
  • Moisture-resistant plywood on the walls – 120 × 240 cm, 1 sheet, not less than 9 mm thick.
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A bar is used with a cross section of 10 × 10 cm, as the booth is calculated by parameters for a large dog. Cladding of walls can also be made of boards, 2.5 cm thick. If wall insulation is being made, then another plywood sheet will be needed to close the insulation material.

  • Going to the base of the booth.
  • Walls are installed.
  • The roof is made.
  • Warming is carried out.
  • Sheathed finishing material.

Summer version of the dog house

Collect the booth with their hands start with the frame for the floor. Two bars of 120 cm and two 80 cm each are fixed in a rectangle. To reinforce the frame along its middle, we fix a transverse beam, 120 cm long. We lay floorboards. All fasteners (nails, screws) should be fastened tightly so that there are no protruding caps and sharp ends.

Of the eight racks and bars of 80 cm is the front and rear frame of the kennel. In the back part 4 vertical planks are placed at equal distance. In front of the same four vertical racks define the entrance to the booth. Laz in the kennel can be centered or offset to one side. Taking into account the parameters of the pet, the width of the entrance is measured. After that, the frames are fixed on the base.

Connect the front and rear walls with two bars of 120 cm, setting them on top. On the design of the booth wall panels are made of moisture resistant plywood.

On top of the frame, rafters for laying roofing are installed at an equal distance. They are mounted horizontally on 5 boards on each side. They are laid bottom-up with a small overlap, that is, "herringbone." The bottom boards should protrude 2.5 cm behind the side walls, and 15 cm from the ends of the house. A kennel is ready for summer living or a warm region.

Insulated booth

If the dog house will be used in a cold climate zone, it is recommended to insulate it. This will additionally require bars, natural insulation, vapor barrier film, building stapler, boards (clapboard or moisture resistant plywood).

Laying insulation material is made after the manufacture of a rough floor booth. On the ready basis fasten bars on all perimeter. Their thickness must be no less than thermal insulation, so that the floor does not tamp down the insulation. Steam insulation material and fastens with a stapler. A heater is laid on top of it and covered with vapor barrier. After that, a clean floor is laid.

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Outside the walls of a doghouse lined with clapboard. A vapor barrier film is fixed to the inside of the walls. After that, a heater is installed and the vapor barrier is closed again with brackets. The walls are sheathed inside with boards or moisture-proof plywood.

The roof of the booth is also insulated. A thick cloth or silicone canopy is hung over the entrance to the kennel to protect the animal from the wind.

Equipment for the kennel in the aviary: features and benefits

In the enclosure for the dog must be a booth. For regions with a cold climate, the kennel is insulated with natural insulating materials. The roof is usually made shed that it was easier to get out inside. Booth set on the height of the brick. Before her make wooden flooring.

To prevent the dog from freezing even on the coldest days, the booth will be equipped with panel or film heaters, and it is also possible to install a cable heated floor.

Infrared panel heaters are convenient and safe to use. They are easily fixed and have a thickness of only 2 cm. The maximum heating temperature is 50 °, which allows not to close it with a protective frame. The panel is equipped with a thermostat and has good fire characteristics.

Due to the silent type of work, infrared panel heaters will not cause inconvenience to the pet. In addition, they are not afraid of high humidity.

Film heaters have low power consumption, but they evenly heat the surface and do not dry out the air. Mount them so that they are reliably protected from mechanical damage. It should be installed only on a flat surface, and the places where the wires are connected are carefully insulated.

You can also use heating cables, radiators with batteries or connect heating elements (batteries) to the central heating of the house. In the latter case, a protective grill for the heater is required so that the animal does not suffer.

Care of the booth and how to teach her a dog

In the summer you need every month to carry out sanitary cleaning of the kennel from parasites and dangerous bacteria. In the rest of the seasons, it is enough to clean up once in 3 months. It is possible to run a dog in a booth only after complete drying of the preparations.

If the pet does not want to live in a kennel, then it must be lured to her. Put inside your favorite toys or treats. You can also give food only near the booth.

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