Stihl 180 Chain How Many Links

Chainsaw Stihl MS 180; the standard of quality and reliability of the last decade Advantages, disadvantages, price, technical characteristics, analogues, adjustment, instructions, detailing and reviews of the owners of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw.

Saw headset

Stihl 180 Chain How Many Links

Chainsaws of various modifications are equipped with branded tires with a length of 14 and 16 inches, respectively, with STIHL Oilomatic 3/8 inch saw chains. Oil for cooling and full lubrication of the cutting mechanism is fed from a 150 ml tank into the cut by an unregulated oil pump.

The list of mandatory equipment includes a saw chain tensioner and a chain locking system that is triggered by a kickback or other traumatic moment. The chain stops in the shortest possible time from a light blow to the back of the protective barrier.

To date, calm headsets in terms of quality and durability are at the level of the best world and European samples.

Carburetor adjustment

Correct adjustment of the fuel equipment allows you to combine economical fuel consumption and maximum traction characteristics in the operation of the power unit.

The factory adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor is carried out according to the average parameters, therefore, taking into account external factors, it needs additional adjustment.

The standard setup sequence is shown in the instructions. In order to adjust the carburetor for maximum performance and economy, you must first clean the air intake filter and warm up the engine to operating temperature.

The main reasons for the drop in thrust, excessive smoke, increased consumption of the fuel mixture are eliminated by changing the quality and quantity of the fuel-air emulsion with the adjusting screws.


Over the past decade and a half, the design of the chainsaw has not become obsolete, moreover, it meets the basic requirements of the current regulatory standards.

The indisputable advantages of the Stihl MC 180 Model:

  • Affordable price for a wide range of consumers;
  • Optimal indicator of specific gravity;
  • Ergonomic body configuration, shape and location of handles, providing a reliable grip of the tool when performing labor-intensive and complex sawing work;
  • Operation, low-cost in terms of fuel consumption and the cost of the repair range;
  • Stability of the working parameters of the tool throughout the entire service life;
  • High maintainability and interchangeability of unified spare parts and consumables with models from previous years.
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How to eliminate the risks of acquiring a counterfeit product?

In the domestic market, there are a small number of more or less successful copies of popular branded chainsaws, which are an order of magnitude inferior to proprietary designs in terms of reliability and durability.

Maintainability and information support

  • The Stihl model 180 chainsaw differs from prototypes in its high maintainability. Using commercially available spare parts, the owner can perform quite complex repairs with his own hands.
  • The supplied operating instructions provide easy-to-read information on preparing the tool for operation, maintenance, and self-help methods for finding and eliminating faults found.


The Stihl MC 180 model has the optimum overall dimensions and weight parameters. The compact and easy-to-use chainsaw weighing 3.8 kg stands out from the general range for its excellent body design, reliable grip, comfortable vibration and operating noise levels.

The tool is equipped with a standard, economical and easy-to-maintain 2-stroke carburetor ICE. With a working volume of 31.8 cm3, the unit operating in operating mode develops power up to 2 hp. The engine runs on a standard fuel mixture, a 50: 1 oil to gasoline ratio.

The manufacturer guarantees the stability of operating parameters provided that high-quality high-octane gasoline and branded semi-synthetic motor oil are used. In the absence of the necessary consumables, it is allowed to use analogues of other brands that are identical in characteristics.

The advantages of the carburetor drive:

  • Economical fuel consumption in operating modes;
  • Reliable start-up independent of temperature factors;
  • Stability of idle, as well as working speed under load;
  • High torque coefficient;
  • Easy service access to carburetor set points and air intake filter.

The use of high-quality materials, innovative metalworking and assembly technologies contributes to a significant extension of the overhaul and operational life of the Stihl МС 180 chainsaw.

Model Stihl MS 180
Manufacturer Stihl
Manufacturing (assembly) Germany
Homeland of the brand Germany
Saw class Household
Power, h.P. (kw) 2.0 (1.5)
Engine volume, cm3 31.8
Chain pitch, inches 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1.3
Fuel tank volume, l 0.25
Oil tank volume, l 0.15
Tire length, cm (inches) 35 (14)
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 3.8
Instructions Download
Detailing Download

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From this moment on, you know where the highest quality and most reliable chains for chainsaws are sold (we set the price for them low in Ukraine). The design of the device provides for the presence of a tank with oil for automatic lubrication of the bar and the saw chain without the latter, it will quickly fail. You can also purchase all kinds of lubricants of famous brands from us.

Saw chain reviews “Stihl”

Chainsaw MC 180 has a chain, which implies compliance with the rules of operation. Thus, with long interruptions in work, this part of the tool may become unusable. Users say that this possibility can be eliminated by storing the chain in an oil bath. Buy Stihl saw in kiev at the best price from stihl ms 180 (35) rollomatic-e chainsaw 45 cm chain pitch. For this type of saw, the manufacturer recommends using a chain that measures 3/8 “by 1.3 mm. Experienced users emphasize that it is permissible to operate the tool with a chain of the following sizes: 12, 14 and 16 “.

Possible problems during operation

Stihl. The MS 180 chainsaw, the cost of which can be 15,000 rubles, must be used very carefully. Why the Stihl 180 chainsaw won’t start. Obstacles for inexperienced craftsmen may appear at the first start. If you are used to working with the Russian brands Druzhba and Ural, then due to inexperience you can simply fill a candle. This effect can appear if the starter is stretched too many times. If you are faced with not starting chainsaw Stihl-180, then after you figure it out, you will understand that the instrument will start from a cool state without problems. To do this, it will be necessary to move the lever to the last position, after 2 times pull the starter slowly. Then pull it swiftly a couple of times, and then the saw will definitely start. You shouldn’t leave gasoline in the tank unless you plan to work with inventory for a few days. It is recommended to use up the tank 100%. Experts recommend choosing such equipment for those users who want to become the owners of not very expensive, but reliable and high-quality equipment.

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In search of an answer to the question of why it might not start chainsaw Stihl-180, you need to use the above tips.

Description chainsaw brand MS 180-14

In order not to have to receive spare parts for the Stihl 180 chainsaw, you need to use the tool with the greatest care, following the annotation provided by the manufacturer. The aforementioned equipment variant has a 14-inch tire and a lower price. The manufacturer advises using this equipment for construction with the introduction of sawn timber, also for the preparation of firewood.

Chainsaw chain STIHL MS 180

How to calculate correctly chainsaw chain links so as not to be mistaken in the selection.

Sharpening saw chains:

Before sharpening the chain, it must be cleaned of dirt. Then you need to choose one link as a starting point. Place the chainsaw on a stable surface.
Sharpening can be done in several ways:

Manual chain sharpener

How to use files and tools for manual chain sharpening read here: Chainsaw chain sharpening file. Sharpening devices.
See chain sharpening

See on chain sharpening with an electric machine

Stihl Battery Operated Children’s Saw

Battery Operated Toy Chainsaw

Suitable for children from 3 years old
length 40 cm
batteries included.

Tool Market official dealer in Ukraine Consultation and sales by phone: (044) 362-41-31

Stihl MS 181 (35) chainsaw. STIHL GTA 26 Cordless mini-chain saw. Stihl MS 211 (35) chainsaw. Stihl MS 181 C-BE (35) chainsaw

Production: USA.

Stihl MS 180 (35) chainsaw

Cylinder displacement 31.8 cm³ Tire length 35 cm Specific weight 2.6 kg / kW Power 1.5 / 2 kW / hp. STIHL Oilomatic chain pitch / type 3/8 “P / Picco Micro 3 Rollomatic bar, length 30 cm Weight 3.9 kg Tank volume 0.25 l Chain pitch 3/8” P Vibration level left / right 6.6 / 7, 8 m / s² Number of revolutions Pmax 9.000 rpm

Produced by STIHL Holding AG Co. KG factory in China