Stihl 180 Launch With Easy Launch

Dear readers, in this article we will consider the answer to the question: is the Stihl 170 and Stihl 180 the difference is critical, because this is one of the most popular questions that customers have when choosing a chainsaw to work on the garden site. And start by comparing the specifications.

Stihl 180 Launch With Easy Launch

Feature Comparison

If we compare the basic technical characteristics, then these two saws have the same volume of fuel and oil tanks. The weight of the instruments is 3.9 kg. Chainsaws come with completely identical tires.

The main difference between tools in engine power. Stihl ms 180 has an engine displacement of 31.8 cc. cm while its capacity is 2 liters. from. The 170th is equipped with an engine with a volume of 30.1 cubic meters. cm and at the same time gives a maximum power of 1.7 liters. from. Whether this difference will be critical is unambiguous. We can only assume that with a larger power reserve, the ms 180 chainsaw will be a little more reliable.

External differences

In appearance, it is almost impossible to distinguish chainsaws, because they are completely identical. Housing parts, engine crankcase, silencer and carburetor mounted on saws are interchangeable and have the same factory part numbers.

Differences cylinder. piston group

The main difference is hidden inside the cylinders. The inner diameter of the Stihl ms 170 pulsed gas cylinder is 37 mm, while that of the ms is 180–38 mm. But oddly enough, the tool pans are the same.

Both units have comfortable modifications with STIHL ElastoStart technology, which facilitates the launch of the Stihl chainsaw, and a quick chain tension system that allows you to adjust the chain without using keys.

Why is it profitable to buy Stihl MS 180

Video: Stihl 180 Launch With Easy Launch

A video review of the Stihl ms 180 and ms 170 can be seen below. In it, a Stihl specialist talks about the main characteristics and differences of chainsaws.

A comment:

I’ve been using a chainsaw for several years, all this time she only a couple of times has been prankish and that’s all. I solved the problem by cleaning the air filter and the candle. I work as a saw at a construction site and I saw a little old rubbish at home. She saws boards, poles flawlessly. Compared to an electric saw, the Stihl 180 is noticeably more powerful, especially when sawing a round saw. If we take into account that a saw can be sawed for no more than a minute, Stihl is completely out of competition.

Recently it turned out that the saw can be delivered with two tire options, they told me this when I bought a spare chain and it did not suit me. Before this calm, I had several instruments bought from gypsies, cheaply. Type Stihl and Type Husqvarna. Fakes, almost without working on a sawing, ordered a long life. As a result, I just spent the money in vain and still had to go and buy the Stihl 180 from an authorized dealer, which I still have no regrets to this day.

Now Stihl costs a little more than I bought it, but still you should not buy tools from gray merchants. You definitely won’t win anything, but you’ll only lose money. I am completely satisfied with my instrument and I recommend it to all my friends, its price and power are balanced in the best way possible.

September 24, 2016, Tomsk


It starts quickly, it cuts a little, oil doesn’t spill out like on the previous saw when the saw doesn’t work, there is no vibration when sawing for the first time, it figured out quickly (good instruction). The tool is assembled efficiently.


It quickly gets dirty, very often pulling up the chain (it probably hasn’t worked out yet). Really not enough power when working with thick chocks.

A comment:

I use a saw for working in the garden, for sawing and felling bad trees. I saw them for firewood, I also saw old boards for igniting the barbecue, I cut small bushes, it’s enough for these needs, but you can’t cut something serious anymore. In principle, I am satisfied with the saw, but I would like for the best; Gasoline consumption seems a little high, but this is probably due to the low power, you have to constantly gas, and maybe just running in.

May 18, 2014, Izhevsk


A comparative analysis of chainsaws showed that, despite the price, most buyers choose the Stihl MS 180 because of its reliability and practicality. A large selection of spare parts also affects the comfortable operation, since repair is an integral part of the operation of any equipment. Choosing the 180th, you make the right choice.