Stihl 180 Which Chain Fits

The use of classic chainsaws in the harvesting of firewood, sawing trees, cleaning of summer cottages and in construction activities is relevant to this day. Another thing is that the design of the unit is changing, the quality of the materials used is being improved and new technologies are being introduced. And still, the developers are faced with the task of combining several qualities of the tool that are very significant for the user. It is about maneuverability, high power and safety. It would seem that these are mutually exclusive properties, but the MS 180 Stihl chainsaw from German designers seriously approached the standard. in any case, compared to competitors. Of course, it also has disadvantages that users face in different areas of operation. To evaluate the model from different angles, you should familiarize yourself with it closer.

Device and construction

Stihl 180 Which Chain Fits

The chainsaw is designed for domestic use, therefore, its differences include compactness and ease of handling. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with an IntelliCarb carburetor system and a compensator, which makes it possible to optimize the performance of the saw. For the convenience of the owner, the creators provided the unit with a translucent and capacious fuel tank. The model comes in two versions. For simple gardening work, the Stihl MS 180 14 ” chainsaw, the tire length of which is 35 cm, is more likely to fit. The second version, 16 inches, provides a 40-centimeter cut and can be used in construction and logging. In terms of power, both options are comparable.

The features of the functional include the possibility of automatic lubrication. In addition, for safety reasons, the manufacturer provided the circuit with an inertial brake. This means that in the process of work the risks of losing control over the tool are minimized. The ergonomic and safety system also has an anti-vibration effect. Thanks to this addition, the MS 180 Stihl chainsaw, even in the hands of an inexperienced user, will help to cope with time-consuming tasks without serious muscle loads.


Based on official indicators, the model is rather included in the entry-level segment in terms of its capabilities. Despite this, the combination of design features and good power slightly raises the tool class. Technical characteristics of this chainsaw can be represented as follows:

  • Power. 2 liters. sec., which corresponds to 1.5 kW.
  • The volume of the power unit is 31.8 cm 3.
  • Piston stroke. 2.8 cm.
  • The length of the tire is 35 cm in the initial modification and 40 cm in the middle.
  • The capacity of the oil tank is 145 cm 3.
  • Chain pitch. 9.3 mm.
  • Weight. 3.9 kg.

It may not be worthwhile to evaluate these parameters with competitors, since different models may have different materials and structural solutions. However, the cost can be a reliable indicator of the significance of the characteristics that the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw has. The price in the initial version with a cut length of 35 cm is 13 thousand rubles, and the older version is available for 16 thousand rubles.

Additional equipment

A chainsaw is good because in the basic configuration it is well provided with useful options. But additions will not be superfluous. The fastest chain tension, which is implemented by a fairly simple system, is considered the most effective application. The operator needs to loosen the sprocket cover, and then tension using the adjusting wheel. There is a simple tension in the side of the chain. The operation is also performed through the sprocket cover. These systems are useful because the MS 180 Stihl chainsaw is quick and easy to adjust, but not with the hands of the owner, but with a convenient mechanism. Another addition is provided to increase comfort during operation of the model. The fact is that the start of two-stroke engines in a similar technique is often accompanied by jerky forces, loading the joints and muscles. To minimize the undesirable effect, Stihl designers have provided the ElastoStart device. The principle of its operation is the damping function, that is, the trigger element in the handle takes on all the shocks, suppressing excess energy.

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Operational recommendations

The first time after the acquisition of the saw, measures should be taken for the so-called break-in mechanisms. You can work with the tool, but only without using the maximum power level. This period should continue until the third refueling. There are rules to ensure the running-in of individual components. For example, the new chain for the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw the first time of operation should be pulled more often and as much as possible. Also, after each work session, the engine should be left idling for several minutes. It is better not to touch the heated chain after work, and when it cools down, loosen the tension.


Preventive measures in relation to chainsaws involve the implementation of three works. This is a check of the functioning of the devices, an assessment of the quality of fixing parts and the tightness of the structure, as well as cleaning. Functional controls should be regularly controlled by the control and shift levers, the carburetor, as well as the chain brake and the unit as a whole. The quality of the fastening should be checked with particular care at the locations of the splines and spark plugs. You should carefully approach the cleaning of the containers that are supplied with the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw. The instruction, in particular, recommends monitoring the condition of the fuel tank, oil compartment and checking the air filter. Maintenance intervals should be determined depending on the nature of the operation. For example, with daily use of the tool, you should inspect it after each working session. If it comes to checking or cleaning the fuel tank, then you can perform this procedure every month, subject to regular operation.

Equipment repair

The tool has a high work resource, but it is not insured against malfunctions. The manufacturer recommends initially preparing for normal wear of the following parts: saw chain, drive elements, cylinders, spark plug, starting mechanism, damping device. Subject to careful technical care and timely sharpening, you can maintain the maximum performance that the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw possesses. Repair, which will sooner or later become a necessity, can be performed independently, but with some limitations. For example, on their own, the user can replace the saw trap and anti-vibration system elements.

Such opinions about this model mainly indicate ergonomics and sawing quality. Compactness, maneuverability and overall ease of use are the main advantages that the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw has. Reviews, by the way, recommend that beginners familiarize themselves with the anti-vibration system, quick tension mechanisms and other proprietary accessories. It is with their help that users achieve good results in the process. Despite its small size, the chainsaw shows decent performance. Perhaps such opinions are associated with a thoughtful design of the chain mechanism, which makes it easy to cope with any tree.

Criticism of this model mainly refers to the rapid wear of parts and high fuel consumption. For example, the owners indicate that the carburetor ear is wiped through and through during operation, and the shutter leaves the working state in the cylinder cover as soon as possible. Emphasized by users and the low working life of plastic parts, which are abundantly equipped with a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw. The price is 13-16 thousand rubles. also does not add to the unit attractiveness. However, part of the disadvantages is also characteristic of other chainsaws of this class. Unfortunately, in this case, you have to pay for the convenience and functionality with the quality of work items.


Russian builders involved in the construction of wooden houses are well acquainted with the Stihl brand. The company associates with most of the users of its technology with reliability and high performance. But this applies to massive units with increased power up to 9 liters. from. In turn, the MS 180 Stihl chainsaw is positioned as a convenient tool for domestic needs. That is, with its help, you can take care of the garden, carry out repair operations with wood, perform firewood sawing, etc. The design and set of options are completely sharpened to ensure the convenience of a non-professional user. And the owners put these qualities first in the list of advantages of the model. However, for jobs requiring endurance and reliability, this option is not suitable.