Stihl 180 Which Side Is Unscrewed

The Stihl MS180 chainsaw is not the cheapest to repair and has some factory defects, but at the same time it is lightweight, compact and high-speed. It is convenient in work.

  1. Remove the breaker by unscrewing the two nuts by 19 with a candle wrench.
  2. Remove the tire and chain, first loosening the tensioner.
  3. Turning the lock of the top cover to the left, remove it.
  4. We turn off the head of the two muffler nuts on 8, remove the muffler plate, the muffler and the muffler reflector along with two stud bolts.
  5. Unscrew the 2 carburetor nuts. Remove the filter housing with the air filter itself.
  6. Move the choke lever to position 1.
  7. We press the trigger of the gas and fix the carburetor lever in this position with a finger. Slightly pulling on ourselves, we lose traction.
  8. Pry off the suction lever with a screwdriver and take it out (pulling it to the left) from the hole in the housing.
  9. We remove the traction from the lever and the carburetor, remove the lever to the side so that it does not interfere.
  10. We remove the carburetor and disconnect the fuel hose. We stifle it with a suitable size with a nail.
  11. We take out the plastic ring-seal and remove it so as not to lose.
  12. We put the saw to one side, pry the retaining ring with a screwdriver, remove the stopper, the drive sprocket washer and the sprocket itself.
  13. Using the same “Russian key”, we remove the clutch by unscrewing it clockwise (left-hand thread) with a sharp blow of the hammer on the chisel. You need to put the chisel in the place shown in the figure. Otherwise, you may break the clutch.
    Stihl 180 Which Side Is Unscrewed
  14. Unscrewing the clutch, remove the large washer while remembering which side it stood (the convex side should be on the engine side).
  15. Remove the oil pump drive.
  16. We take out three plugs from the chainsaw handle, prying them with a large slotted screwdriver.
  17. We squeeze shock absorbers from the case with the same screwdriver.
  18. Remove the handle of the case.
  19. Unscrew the gas tank cap and drain the gas. Unscrew the oil cover and drain the oil.
  20. We hook the wire clips of the lids from the tanks using a hook.
  21. Torx 25 turn off the screws of the starter cover and remove it.
  22. We turn the saw over and unscrew the fastener of the 4-bolt engine.
  23. We remove the engine by pre-pressing the rubber of the adapter inside the case.
  24. Turning over the body, pull out the oil pump hose.
  25. We remember the location of the groove of the pump and the depth of its location in the housing and knock it out with a small hammer on the large flat screwdriver laid flat on the pump.
  26. The depth of the pump in the housing is determined by the location of its gear. It should be in the same plane with the center of the shaft relative to the table.
  27. Unscrew the four screws securing the crankcase, pry it with a screwdriver, remove.
  28. We take out the crankshaft with the piston.
  29. Remove the snap ring from the piston and knock out the piston pin.
  30. We remove the stopper from the crankshaft, on the other hand we unscrew (not completely) the flywheel nut and, with a light blow of the hammer on the nut, remove the flywheel.
  31. We remove the oil seals.
  32. Putting the crankshaft bearing on a vise, hammer blow through a soft strip of aluminum, knock out the crankshaft axis. We do the same thing on the other hand.
  33. We assemble the chainsaw in the reverse order, without forgetting to lubricate the engine crankcase with a thin layer of sealant.

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