Stihl 361 Doesn't Develop Turnovers

The Stihl MS 440 chainsaw is an indispensable tool for professional lumberjacks and advanced logging enthusiasts. German build quality, the reliability of individual parts, all this sets it apart from competitors.


  • The main advantage of the SStihl 440 saw is its powerful 2-Mix two-stroke engine with an air control valve. It reduces exhaust emissions. Engine displacement is 70.7 cm 3. Power is 5.4 hp, which is equivalent to 4 kW. The engine idles at 2500 rpm. Such impressive characteristics of the working unit allows you to use the saw to handle different types of wood brutal and density. It does not get bogged down in a soft birch, does not stall when sawing a hard and durable oak log.
  • Saw weight without headset and tire 6 kg. One hand can’t hold, but such a mass will give confidence when working with logs of large diameter.
  • In the basic configuration, the chainsaw is equipped with an 18 inch tire with a branded red-hot chain with a square tooth for 66 links. The chain bar is tensioned clockwise with the adjusting screw. It is possible to install a longer or shorter tire.
  • The Stihl MS 440 chainsaw is equipped with a modern pump for supplying engine oil to the chain. There is a "economy mode", which reduces its consumption.
  • The 7-tooth working sprocket has an instant lock function when the brake is applied.
  • Unlike other models, on the Stihl MS 440, the cutter depth limiter is installed at the factory.
  • Falling from a small height will not spoil the saw, as the chainsaw mechanisms are protected by a metal crankcase.
  • The function "winter-summer" allows you to use a chainsaw all year round.
  • The volume of the oil tank is 275 ml. Consumption is high, you must constantly monitor its level. 780 ml gas tank made of transparent plastic provides a long battery life. New tank covers close half a turn.

Video: Stihl 361 Doesn’t Develop Turnovers

For regular operation of the chainsaw, it is recommended to dilute gasoline with Stihl branded oil in a ratio of 50: 1.

  • Starter with a lightweight stroke allows you to start the saw without making serious efforts. The engine starts literally from “half a revolution”.
  • A chainsaw is sold in customized form. Carburetor adjustment is not required.
  • The air filter cleans the air for engine operation, which positively affects the service life.
  • The case is assembled to high German standards. There are no unnecessary details, creaks and rattles. The start and lock keys are set in the usual place for most users. They are small in size, so they are convenient to press. To the left of the handle is a control key. With it, you can turn the saw on and off, raise and lower the throttle. At the top is a decompression button for quick launch of the saw at any time of the year.
    Stihl 361 Doesn't Develop Turnovers
  • The handle is sheathed with hard and durable rubber, for a reliable grip during operation.

The noise level of the Stihl MS 440 chainsaw during operation is 101 dB. This is the norm for a tool of this power..

For more information about the complete set, appearance and device of the Stihl MS 440 chainsaw, see the video review. It talks about the technical characteristics of the chainsaw, shows the assembly process.


The chain resource is enough for a long time, but the lubricating oil is consumed quite quickly. The saw is easy to start in any weather. The main thing is not to buy cheap oil for diluting gasoline. In general, the Stihl MS 440 chainsaw is a worthy tool for professionals in their field.


A saw of such a high class is designed for the needs of professional loggers. It has a powerful engine, an impressive resource of operating time without breakdowns, and high quality workmanship of the main work units. Performing even the most difficult tasks with the Stihl MS 440 saw is a pleasure. The quality declared by the manufacturer is fully true. A chainsaw is definitely worth the money.