Stihl 361 Starts And Stalls

The professional chainsaw tool of the well-known standard quality of its products of the Stihl brand does not need special advertising. High performance, efficiency and reliability in difficult and extreme operating conditions are demonstrated by the popular Stihl MS 361 chainsaw.

The universal tool created on the basis of the popular MS 360 model is designed for large-scale volumes of logging and sawing operations, longitudinal and transverse cutting of building wood, and the creation of wooden landscape design elements.

Stihl 361 Starts And Stalls

Photo: Stihl MS 361 chainsaw

Design features

The product of the 361 series differs from the previous model by its lower weight and increased turnaround and operational life. Saw provides significant assistance in the construction of log cabins. A tool with the same power and performance is included in the working set of emergency and rescue units of the Ministry of Emergencies.

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The professional status and advanced functionality of this model require a sufficiently powerful power unit with a large supply of torque, a reinforced cutting unit and high reliability of components and assemblies.

Benefits of Upgrading

The professional Stihl MC 361 saw successfully combines the classic layout with the implementation of the most advanced technical solutions.

Видео: Stihl 361 Starts And Stalls

  • Along with the standard operating properties of its class, the advantages of an economical power unit with a vortex formation of the fuel mixture are used.
  • The design of the spring vibration damper, which repeatedly reduces the level of low- and high-frequency oscillations of the instrument at different operating modes, is improved. This model is equipped with an adjustable oil supply system designed to lubricate the cutting chain.
  • The saw’s package includes the Ematic system and QuickStop emergency brake device, which stops the chain movement in a split second in case of emergency.

The advantages of this model are optimized operation of the engine with a 4-channel cylinder, the presence of an accelerating primer pump in the fuel system, and an electronic ignition system controlled by the built-in microprocessor.

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High standard of operational reliability

The advanced saw of the MS 361 model is distinguished by a more perfect and ergonomic design, stability of idling and operating modes, a fast set of maximum revolutions, and an economical consumption of gasoline-oil combustible mixture.

With qualified maintenance, the number of failures and malfunctions of this model per volume of work performed is minimal. The situation when the engine does not start. most often, this is a consequence of poor maintenance, savings on fuel quality or gross errors made during operation.


The Stihl saw model MS 361 is equipped with a compact and economical carburetor engine with a displacement of 59 cm3 and an output of 4.6 hp.

The power unit is equipped with modern air purification and vibration protection systems, as well as an effective exhaust silencer at 115 dB. The autonomy of the saw is increased by increasing the volume of the fuel tank to 0.69 liters.