Stihl Chain 180 File Which

Although a chainsaw is designed for sawing wood, it does not mean that its cutting tool is eternal. Over time, the chain becomes dull and requires sharpening. In the framework of the article, we will consider how to determine the time when it was time to sharpen the chain of the chainsaw. Ways: file, machine tool, angle grinder. Why the chain and other interesting questions are quickly dull.

When to sharpen

There are a number of points that will tell you when it is time to sharpen the chain of the chainsaw:

  1. Work went slower
  2. Excessive load on the saw
  3. Increased vibration
  4. Fine chips

It is difficult for beginners to notice the first 3 points, so it is recommended to monitor which chips fly out of the cut.

Fine chips, especially brown, are a guaranteed sign of blunting.

Sharpening methods

Sharpening can be done with your own hands or resort to the services of specialist services. Not having the desire to sharpen the chain yourself, it is better to contact the servicemen. They will do it efficiently, quickly and not expensively.

On the contrary, having the desire to learn how to grind yourself, it is worth considering all sorts of ways to choose the right one.


Manual method. file

Sharpening a chain of a chainsaw with a file is the easiest, cheapest and slowest way. Typically, a tool is sold in a kit that comes with a template and a round file. Structurally, the details and completeness may vary depending on the manufacturer, but the principle of operation is the same for all.

Stihl Chain 180 File Which

The template allows you to select the desired sharpening angle. It is mounted above the chain. The question arises. how to determine the angle? Visually nothing! For this purpose, the manufacturer sells the chain in a box on which all the necessary parameters are indicated, including the angle.

File. This is the main tool that you will need for manual sharpening. The diameter of the file is selected depending on the chain:

  • Chains in 1/4 ″ increments. require a file with a diameter of 4 mm (used much more often).
  • Chains in increments of 0.325. require a file with a diameter of 4.8 mm.
  • 3/8 ″ chain. file with a diameter of 5.2 mm is required.
  • Chain in 0.404 increments. 5.5 mm file.
  • 3/8 ″ Picco Chain. A 4.0 mm file is required. These chains are mounted on Stihl 180 chainsaws as standard.
  • 1/4 ″ Picco Chain. 4.0 mm file required.
  • To sharpen the depth gauge, use a flat file.

File Sharpening Algorithm

  1. Apply chain brake.
  2. Clamp the chainsaw tire in a vice (guarantee of good sharpening).
  3. Set the template to the desired angle (look at the packaging from under the chain). The arrow of the template should look at the nose of the chainsaw.
  4. Mark the tooth from which you begin to sharpen, so as not to turn the process into endless.
  5. Grind the tooth in the direction of the arrow.
  6. Go to the next tooth.
  7. Sharpen the stopper if necessary.

Video: Stihl Chain 180 File Which

In the chain, on each link there are limiters, they are sharpened only when necessary, when problems arise when working with a chainsaw. The limiter is sharpened approximately every 2-3 tooth sharpenings. For example, only the teeth are sharpened 2 times, and the teeth and stops are 3 times sharpened.

Hopeless way. angle grinder

Surprisingly, according to statistics, Internet users are interested in how to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw with an angle grinder. Professionals do not recommend using this method, because there is a great risk of damage to the chainsaw tire.

The result of sharpening an angle grinder is unpredictable, and requires filigree accuracy, so it is worth resorting to it only as a last resort.

Sharpening algorithm angle grinder:

  1. Apply chain brake.
  2. Tighten the tire.
  3. Fasten a disc with a thickness of not more than 2 mm to a used angle grinder.
  4. We sharpen the teeth at the right angle, if necessary, limiters.

The algorithm shows that there is no stencil, so the angle will have to be taken by eye. it is better to take an angle grinder small and with speed control. it’s more convenient to work. A used disc with a worked edge will allow for more accurate sharpening.

The modern way. with an electric machine

It is impossible to sharpen the chain with a file constantly, because it is impossible to achieve uniform grinding of the teeth. Over time, one tooth will become shorter, the other longer. Then do it or not, you have to resort to the help of a sharpening machine. In nature, there are both mechanical and electrical.

Sharpening a chain of a chainsaw with an electric machine is a pleasure (manual for a long time, so there is much less pleasure). The process is simple. The machine is adjusted to the required angle, the smallest tooth is taken as the basis and the serial sharpening of all the teeth begins, one after the other.

This method is considered the most effective:

  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Uniform sharpening

The machine has the ability to configure the necessary parameters for sharpening any chain: level, angle, work on the pattern (the smallest tooth). These features make the machine an indispensable tool for any specialized service providing such services.

The algorithm for working with the machine is very simple and is described in the instruction manual for the tool. But still, consider how to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw with a Topsun machine. It is interesting in that it allows you to sharpen the chain without removing the chainsaw from the tire. Such a machine will be indispensable for foresters, where they constantly have to grind.


  1. Loosen chain clamp adjustment screw
  2. Install the saw in the machine (links should be directed to the grinding stone)
  3. Set the desired angle (for each saw its own, but in most cases. 30 degrees)
  4. Choose the grinding option: through the tooth or sequentially. Professionals prefer the first, because it minimizes the likelihood of error, and in itself such an approach is more convenient


  • Do not forget to take the shortest tooth as a basis
  • After sharpening with compressed air, clean the chain from chips and grease the teeth with oil


Chainsaw chain sharpening example video