Stihl chainsaw carburetor adjustment ms 211

Advantages and disadvantages

First of all, the tool fully corresponds to its power category. Correctly adjusted motor is able to provide a full drive of the working headset with a sufficiently large reserve of torque.

Despite the small displacement of the power unit, the designers were able to reduce fuel consumption by 20% and implement the exhaust gas cleaning technology by 70%.

The model combines in its design:

  • moderate cost with practical application;
  • work comfort and productivity;
  • full operation of the saw in difficult weather and climatic conditions with maintainability;
  • the possibility of using standardized parts of the working set from other similar models.

The wide range of spare parts, the operational work of regional service departments is positively noted.

Disadvantages affecting the working and operational characteristics of the Stihl MC-211 saw have not been found since the start of production. Certain comments on the adjustment of the fuel equipment, the interchangeability of the elements of the working set are mostly subjective.

The price point of the Stihl MS 211 C-BE version with a more durable carbide chain is a thousand rubles higher. The assortment of sales of used models consists of offers.

Features of practical application

The Stihl 211 saw is characterized by the highest performance for its power class, economy of maintenance, reliability of working units and component systems.

The range of its application extends to a wide range of works related to the preparation of firewood, cutting of construction and commercial timber, the formation of crowns of decorative and fruit trees.

The design of this tool is based on the concept of maximum comfort and safety of work of increased complexity.

This is facilitated by:

  • ergonomic product design;
  • special handle configuration;
  • excellent balancing;
  • efficient operation of the emergency brake.

Solution of repair and restoration problems

There is no shortage of spare parts and consumables for Stihl brand chainsaws. High maintainability and easy access to the systems of the tool allows its owners to eliminate operational failures and malfunctions with their own hands. The key to the popularity of the products of this brand is the high quality of consumables and components.

Stihl Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment


With a dead weight of 4.3 kg, the saw is characterized by small dimensions.

A significant volume of the body is occupied by a two-stroke internal combustion engine with a working volume of 35.2 cm3, which develops a power of 2.3 hp in operating modes.

  • The fuel is a metered mixture of motor gasoline with Stihl branded oil in a ratio of 50: 1, which enters the carburetor from an internal 270 ml tank.
  • The resource of the power unit is increased due to the manufacture of parts of the connecting rod-crank group from forged steel, thin-layer chrome plating of the cylinder mirror, precision assembly.
Model STIHL MS 211
Manufacturer STIHL
Manufacturing (assembly) Germany
The birthplace of the brand Germany
Saw application Professional
Power, h.p. (kw) 2.3 (1.7)
Engine volume, cm3 35.2
Chain pitch, inches 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1,3
Number of links, pcs fifty
Fuel tank volume, l 0.27
Oil tank volume, l 0.2
Tire length, cm (inches) 35 (14)
Warranty, years one
Weight, kg 4.3
Instructions Download
stihl, chainsaw, carburetor, adjustment

Structural differences

The model compares favorably with similar developments:

stihl, chainsaw, carburetor, adjustment
  • perfect vibration protection system;
  • a double-circuit air filter with a pre-cleaning system;
  • reduced fuel consumption by 20%.

2-MIX technology has reduced the percentage of toxic compounds in exhaust gases by more than half.

The characteristics of the working set determine the suitability of the tool for felling and sawing trees with a diameter of more than 30 cm.The design of the saw, which was successful in all parameters, served as the basis for creating technically advanced versions.

Fixing A Chainsaw That Bogs & Hesitates By Replacing The Carburetor. Stihl MS211

Chainsaw STIHL MS 211. the branded model for the discerning user

In the market for imported chainsaw equipment, each new model of the Stihl brand becomes a real bestseller. The light, economical and comfortable chainsaw Stihl MS 211 was no exception. This model was created taking into account the operating experience of previous models and the best samples of the European range.

The tool formally belongs to the household category, however, during its development, new design solutions and know-how were used, which allowed the MS 211 model to come close to the top lines of consumer ratings.

Working headset

The powerful powertrain takes advantage of the 14 ” guide rail. The cutting chain is lubricated by automatic oil supply from the built-in 200 ml tank.

The headset is equipped with an emergency stop device for the saw and a catcher, which prevents injury to the operator if the chain breaks or leaves the guide groove. A stretched or damaged chain must be replaced.

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The universal attachment of the work set allows the installation of smaller bars and chains. Such re-equipment is advisable when working in hard-to-reach places or when sawing hard and sticky wood.

Petroleum chain oils are preferred due to their stable performance. The properties of vegetable lubricants are less perfect, since during long-term storage the density of these compounds increases.


Chainsaws of the household category, identical in performance and cost, are represented by products from well-known manufacturers. These are branded chainsaws. ECHO CS-350TES-12 “, Hyundai X 380, Husqvarna 236, Hitachi CS33EA and their similar versions.

Chainsaw Stihl MS 211. characteristics, an overview of the advantages and disadvantages.

The Stihl MS 211 chainsaw is the next after the MS 180 in the household chain of chainsaws from the well-known German manufacturer. the Stihl company. She is not as popular among the people as the junior model, in my opinion, undeservedly. For work in the garden, when building your own home, this model is better suited than the 180th in view of the higher power, lower fuel consumption than the classic 180th (and not the C-BE). Of course, using this saw is as impractical as the MS180 for felling. Below I will give the technical characteristics of the Stihl (Stihl) MS 211 chainsaw and give a small review in comparison with the Calm 180.

Technical characteristics of the Stihl MS 211 chainsaw

Specifications MS 211
Power 1700 W / 2.3 HP from.
Chain pitch 3/8 inch
Maximum bus length 40 cm
Engine volume 35.2 cc cm
Noise level 110 dBA
Features and Capabilities chain brake
Design manual
The weight 4.3 kg (without bar and chain)
Fuel tank capacity 0.28 l
Oil tank capacity 0.18 l
Build country USA

Let’s compare the Stihl MS 180 and MS 211 chainsaws on some points that, from my point of view, deserve attention.

Weight: The difference in weight between these two models is negligible. only 400 grams. That you will agree is not a great indicator for this type of instrument.

Fuel consumption: Since the 211st Stihl model has an engine with 2-MIX technology, fuel consumption compared to the classic MS180 model, that is, without the C-BE prefix, will be approximately the same, or even less. It is difficult to say more precisely, since ideal conditions are needed for comparison, such as the same sharpening of chains, the same material for sawing and other factors.

Air filter: The 211 has a more advanced pre-cleaned air filter, which means fewer filter cleanings, which means more stable saw operation.

Tire fastening: I have not personally encountered it myself, but according to credible data, fastening with two bolts, as on the Sthil 180, looks preferable due to the fact that one nut, if not tightened to the end, can unscrew.

Price: The price of stihl 211 is, of course, higher compared to the 180. And spare parts in case of breakdown will cost more. Therefore, if you need to saw boards, small bars or branches, then it is better to take the 180th, if something is more serious, then you should take a closer look at Stihl MC 211.

Current setting

Experienced operators in the process of work may notice that the internal combustion engine of the chainsaw has begun to work worse. Sometimes it is enough to turn the screws H and L alternately in one direction or another by a small step of 1/5. 1/6 of a turn and immediately check the result of adjusting the carburetor in real work. This is one of the easy ways to get a good setup.

The video material contains information on how to tune the carburetor of a chainsaw and check the tuning result.

Stihl chainsaw carburetor setting ms 660

Stihl does not use ready-made components from third parties to assemble its chainsaws. Therefore, the original Stihl MS 660 chainsaws are equipped with carburetors manufactured by this company. Chinese chainsaws may have carburetors manufactured by Walbro, Rezer, Kimoto, Cingcong, as well as other unknown manufacturers.

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How to Adjust the Chainsaw Carburetor. Chainsaw Maintenance. Dismantling the carburetor chainsaw Chinese Stihl 660 does not adjust the carburetor on. Part 11

In this video, we will answer the question of how to set up or adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw with your own hands.

What is the difference between the Stihl MS 660 carburetor and the Stihl MS 650

Stihl MS 660 and MS 650 belong to the same class of powerful professional chainsaws, close in technical characteristics and design. The Stihl MS 660 has a combustion chamber volume of 91.6 cc with a power of 7.1 hp.

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Stihl MS 650. 84.9 cc and 6.7 hp They have externally almost identical carburetors, which are regulated according to the same algorithm.

The design differences are that the carburetors of the Stihl MS 650 chainsaw use calibrated holes in the jets and channels of a smaller diameter.

The original German carburetor on the Stihl MS 660 chainsaw does not apply to consumables that must be replaced after a certain service life. The service life of which it is capable may exceed the resource of the chainsaw as a whole.

Chainsaw carburetor adjustment ensures efficient operation of the tool at full power with economical fuel consumption. Adjustments must be made with clean fuel and air filters. For a larger number of carburetors, adjustment is carried out with 3 screws: for high and low speed and idle speed adjustment.

The H and L screws adjust the ratio of the mixture of gasoline and air, which is determined by opening the throttle valve of the carburetor. On Stihl chainsaws ms adjusting the carburetor instructions for the Stihl chainsaw ms 660. When the screws are unscrewed, the mixture is enriched, and the speed falls accordingly, when tightened, the mixture becomes leaner. the speed increases.

Designation H refers to the maximum speed screw that controls the main jet, L refers to the minimum speed screw that controls the idle jet. The S screw is used to fine-tune the idle speed. The article discusses in detail the adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor with three adjusting screws, as well as the adjustment of the Stihl 180 chainsaw carburetor with one screw. Sometimes, to simplify tuning, the number of available carburetor adjusting screws is reduced.

Chainsaw carburetor tuning is divided into two stages. basic (factory settings), carried out with the engine off. and the final, produced on a running warm engine. The exact value of the angles of rotation should be taken from the operating instructions for the particular chainsaw. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions may result in engine damage.

DIY Stihl MS 660 chainsaw carburetor adjustment

All carburetors on Stihl MS 660 chainsaws are factory set at equipped stands. This ensures the best operating parameters of the internal combustion engine in all modes. Settings get lost very rarely. Before adjusting, you need to make sure it is necessary. Deterioration of the internal combustion engine can be caused by other reasons:

  • Clogged air filter.
  • Spark extinguishing grille and muffler outlet pipes clogged with carbon.

If there are no problems with them, or they have been eliminated, and the internal combustion engine does not work normally, they begin to adjust.

The carburetor of the Stihl MS 660 chainsaw has three adjusting screws:

  • LA for idle speed control.
  • H for adjusting the fuel supply at high speeds (main screw).
  • L to adjust the fuel and air proportions (mixture quality screw).

The L and H screws are located side by side, LA away from them. All of them are marked on the body.

Chinese Stihl IGNITION and Carburetor Tuning.

In this video I will show you how to properly install the ignition on a chainsaw and how to set up the carburetor for benz.

Basic carburetor adjustment.

The adjusting screws for maximum H and minimum L turns are slowly turned clockwise until they stop, then turned back 2 turns, other settings are also possible

Checking and adjusting idle speed.

Husqvarna Saw Carburetor Adjustment.

For the break-in mode, so that the parts receive sufficient lubrication, the carburetor setting of the Husqvarna chainsaw is made so that the maximum speed is 600-700 rpm. below working. If it is not possible to set the operating maximum frequency by the tachometer, you should not change the presets with the H screw. It is forbidden to exceed the value of the maximum number of revolutions by the manufacturer. If, after completing the adjustment, the saw chain moves when the engine is idling, turn the screw T counterclockwise to bring it to a complete stop.

For accurate adjustment, the saw must be warmed up for at least 10 minutes, set on a flat surface. The tire should point away from the person making the tune. At the initial stage, the highest idle frequency should be found. To do this, screw L is smoothly turned first from left to right, then vice versa. When the maximum revolutions are found empirically, screw L should be unscrewed counterclockwise by a value from 1/8 to a quarter of a full revolution.

Idling is adjusted by the nozzle marked with the letter T. It must be turned from left to right until the chain starts to move. Then gently feed in the opposite direction until the rotation of the chain stops. Screw H is considered to be installed correctly if the noise of the saw at full throttle without load remains small. If the exhaust is too smoky and the saw makes a lot of noise, the mixture is too rich. It is necessary to turn the H jet clockwise until the correct sound is set. How to properly tune the carburetor, you can watch the video below.

Setting and adjusting the carburetor Stihl 211

The Stihl 211 saw needs carburetor adjustment the first time it is used or when changing to seasonal modes. Follow the instruction manual carefully during debugging. Correct adjustment of the tool in a complex with high-quality fuels and lubricants will allow you to use the saw at full capacity, fully using it for any type of work. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video, which describes in detail about adjusting the carburetor:

Adjusting the carburetor step by step

  • We check the condition of the air filter. We remove it and either clean it or change it. If the air filter is clogged with dirt and sawdust, the chainsaw will not work normally.
  • We check the condition of the muffler. It should be clean and unforgotten. Read more about cleaning the muffler HERE.
  • Before you start adjusting the carburetor, you should fill the fuel tank at least half.
  • If the chainsaw is capable of starting, then let it run for a few minutes so that it warms up. If the adjustment is carried out “cold”, then the mixture will be re-enriched after warming up.
  • It is necessary to start the adjustment by adjusting the idle speed-screw L. It is highly desirable to have a tachometer, then focus on 2700 rpm. If not, then we need to find the highest idle rpm. In this case, the chain should not rotate. If it still turns (the chain, of course, not the Earth), then we achieve its stop by rotating the screw T. The sound of the chainsaw should be like listening to the file below. idle.wav
  • We regulate high rpm. screw H. If we rotate it clockwise, then the rpm will increase, and if counterclockwise, it will fall. We twist it until there are dips in the ignition. After that, we turn it out about one-fifth of a turn. The sound of the chainsaw when working at maximum speed should be the same as when listening to the file below. revs.wav
  • We check how the chainsaw is gaining momentum. She must type them smoothly and quickly. If the revolutions grow slowly, then slightly unscrew the screw L.
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If you have any questions, write in the comments or better in the VK group.

Remember that the optimal carburetor setting is:

Chainsaw Stihl (Stihl) 211: characteristics, features

Chainsaws of the German brand Stihl with each new modification provide owners with an improved design and excellent performance. Stihl 211 chainsaws take their place in the model range, which, for some reason, users completely undeservedly deprive of attention. Manufacturers created this saw, taking into account all the disadvantages of previous developments, as well as the wishes of buyers. Stihl 211 is light enough, efficient, economical. The tool belongs to the category of household tools, but its design and capabilities allow solving rather difficult tasks, which makes this saw necessary for any private household.

“Poor mixture”

There is an excess of air in the “lean” mixture, which is not good either, since it has its drawbacks. Namely: insufficient energy in the flash (which means a loss of power as a result), excessive heating of the cylinder due to insufficient lubrication and high rpm, which leads to scuffing, and there it is not far to “jam” the engine.

Tuning the carburetor of a Chinese chainsaw

The position of the screw L, at which it is loosened by one and a half turns from the fully clamped position, is considered standard for “Chinese” carburetors. For screw H. one revolution from the same state. In many videos, the L screw is called the adjustment of the quality of the mixture, and the H screw is called its quantity. Idle speed is adjusted in the same way as described above with a warm engine.

stihl, chainsaw, carburetor, adjustment

Purpose, design and principle of operation of the carburetor.

The carburetor is needed to prepare the air-fuel mixture to power the engine. If the proportions in this mixture are not correct, the motor will malfunction. If the proportion is not observed in the direction of increasing the amount of fuel, the mixture is called oversaturated, if, on the contrary, there is little fuel, it is called lean. Both of them do not affect the operation of the engine in the best way.

In different models of chainsaws, carburetors differ in design, but they are similar in principle of operation. The air stream moves at high speed through the air duct. A damper blocking the channel allows you to change the speed of the air stream. The fuel is fed through the nozzle into the channel, where it mixes with the incoming air, forming an air-fuel mixture. The resulting mixture enters the engine.

The pressure in the float chamber, where the fuel is located before mixing, is practically equal to atmospheric pressure. But a vacuum is created in the air channel, due to which the fuel is drawn into the air stream. The more the damper is opened, the faster the air moves, and the amount of fuel also increases. the engine speed increases. So, in a simplified way, you can imagine the principle of the carburetor.

Chainsaw carburetor adjustment is required for efficient, smooth operation of the tool, getting maximum output and at the same time economical fuel consumption. Before making adjustments, check the fuel and air filters. they must be clean. On most chainsaws, adjustment is carried out with three screws: idle, high speed, low speed. The following signs indicate the correct setting of the carburetor:

  • The chain does not move when idling.
  • The engine accelerates smoothly and quickly.
  • The sound of the engine running is smooth, similar to the sound of a four-stroke engine.

Adjusting the carburetor should be treated with all possible care, because errors in the settings can lead to very serious consequences, up to the occurrence of engine malfunction. If you are not completely confident in your abilities, you need to contact the service center.