Stihl Fs 120 Trimmer Review

Stihl Fs 120 Trimmer Review

The Stihl FS120 is equipped with a 1.8 hp Stihl engine, which is why it belongs to the class of professional units.

4-MIX technology makes the engine not only more economical, but also much more environmentally friendly, because it reduces the level of toxicity of the exhaust, and also allows you to work much quieter.

The main purpose of the Stihl FS120 lawn mowers is mowing grass, dense vegetation in any area, including tuberous.

Engine power is enough to clear a plot of up to 30 acres from a young shrub. But for this purpose it is necessary to install special knives.

The weight of the unit is 6.3 kg., Therefore, shoulder straps are used for ease of use. The standard boom length allows you to evenly treat the area around the operator.

The Stihl FS120 is equipped with a vibration damping system, which makes working with it even more comfortable.

Standard equipment

  • STIHL 4-MIX gasoline engine;
  • Stihl FS 120 Shoulder Strap for ease of use
  • Manual fuel pump;
  • Automatic decompression;
  • Vibration damping system;
  • Handle with controls located on it;
  • The handle with two handles for convenient operation;
  • Protective glasses.

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Operation and storage

The Stihl FS120 trimmer works on a mixture of gasoline and engine oil in a ratio of 1:50 (oil: gasoline). Component components are mixed in a separate container, and then poured into the tank.

Do not store the mixture for more than 3 months, as it quickly becomes worthless. It is recommended to use only AI branded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90 and engine oil for two-stroke engines from Stihl.

The instruction contains all the necessary recommendations regarding the composition and concentration of constituent components.
Sharpening of the cutting tool is carried out using a file, but with strong wear it is best to consult a specialist. After 5 regrinds, it is advisable to balance the device.


The main advantages of lawn mowers are:

  1. Continuous work can be done;
  2. Low weight trimmer;
  3. Simplicity and efficiency in operation;
  4. 4-MIX gasoline engine adapted for mowing any vegetation;
  5. Significantly more economical, maneuverable and more functional than a lawn mower.

User’s manual

A detailed description of the rules of operation and maintenance of the Stihl FS120 lawn mowers can be found in the instructions—>

Video review

Below are video reviews that show how to use the Stihl FS 120 lawn mowers.

Owner reviews

“Using the Stihl FS120 is much easier than manually mowing. A bit heavy, but it’s good that you can attach it to belts. Easy to bend around various bushes and trees. At first it seemed noisy, then it got used to it. Damage for the entire season of use was not. I didn’t carry out any serious maintenance, I just wash the grass and that’s all. ”